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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: November 2nd, 2011

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schestowitz 02 08:05
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schestowitz"downloading now. gonna try it out on an old Toshiba satellite. My only worry is how it handles wireless ."Nov 02 08:05
schestowitz"Puppy Linux is awesome. It revived an ancient computer I bought in 1999. I run Puppy on several computers."Nov 02 08:05
schestowitzthe version I use seemed to support it looselyNov 02 08:05
schestowitzthe version I use seemed to support it looselyNov 02 08:07
schestowitz"If one configures it accordingly win7 is not that slow. I ran it on a P3, and it did it's job" 02 08:10
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schestowitzthen it acts badly and looks butt uglyNov 02 08:10
schestowitz 02 08:12
schestowitz"That would be cool if it was worth the expense. Afaik no study has ever found that computers improve student performance (and some even find that it can reduce performance). There are preliminary statistics that reworking our educational system to fit around technology (instead of retrofitting technology onto our existing structure) can improve performance but we'll have to see if it works in the long run (but there are certainly Nov 02 08:12
TechrightsBot@: Nov 02 08:12
schestowitzadvantages to the new approach beyond performance)."Nov 02 08:12
schestowitz"Nov 02 08:12
schestowitzThere's no justification for the expense and energy consumption of paper texts. Paper manufacture consumes vast quantities of electricity. Paper texts are expensive and limited. Schools are better off putting them money towards networks and storage so they can acquire and distribute current and future electronic publications.Nov 02 08:12
schestowitzFree software is a prerequisite for lowered costs because current text publishers demand digital handcuffs to protect their revenue stream, despite greatly reduced costs to themselves. Non free publications also eliminate personal privacy and institutional independence. The miracle of fishes and loaves has come true for educational material but yesterday's fishmongers don't want it to happen.Nov 02 08:12
schestowitz"Nov 02 08:12
schestowitz"Something like the iPad has a production cost around 230 dollars. (Source)."Nov 02 08:12
schestowitzThe "recommends WIndows 7" part is an advert Microsoft pays for. We have leaked material to show this.Nov 02 08:14
schestowitz"Well, #nokia hasn't lost me yet. I love their phones and I actually like the look of the #WindowsPhone UI. As soon as they come up with a worthy successor of the #N8 (fantastic camera, usb-on-the-go, expandable memory that is not incorporated into th"Nov 02 08:16
schestowitz 02 08:16
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schestowitz"My sister just ordered the #N9. Cannot wait to hold it in my hands... You might want to check out the MeeGo-powered N9"Nov 02 08:16
schestowitzEither my server flags Diaspora messages as spam or Diaspora had some malfunction preventing one from getting notifications for 24+ hoursNov 02 08:20
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