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IRC: #boycottnovell-social @ FreeNode: November 17th, 2011

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TechrightsSocialTitle: God of the Paradox       - YouTube .::. Size~: 121.09 KBNov 17 09:24
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schestowitz 17 15:48
schestowitz"Indeed. I see the enormous sales figures of these knowledge jailing ebook readers as one biggest current threats to society. The frustrating this is that these machines can also read Open Standards based books without DRM, and also DRM-free PDFs. But the distribution system doesn't use these, so only a tiny fraction of ebook reader owners will use the freedom protecting formats. #swindle #kindle #drm #defectivebydesign"Nov 17 15:48
TechrightsSocial@: Nov 17 15:48
schestowitz"Ordinarily I would object to such restrictive formats. Truth is, I buy all my books from Amazon anyway, so would never run in to any issues over wanting to switch format."Nov 17 15:48
schestowitz"I think that inux mint have a hard task nw and in the future, ubuntu every new version is more unstabe and slowly I recomended a the mint developers that the best way is LMDE. "Nov 17 15:48
schestowitz 17 15:48
TechrightsSocial@: Nov 17 15:48
schestowitz"Two things: I figure the switch to Mint is more a move against Ubuntu than for Mint, and I can't see Mint being consider more "pure" Linux than Ubuntu when the latter is more conservative in integrating proprietary solutions. Anyway, it's early days yet."Nov 17 15:48
schestowitz"I really like Amarok. Annoyed that it's only on KDE :( " 17 15:49
TechrightsSocial@: Nov 17 15:49
schestowitzMinirok is good tooNov 17 15:49
schestowitz> Hi, Roy,Nov 17 18:02
schestowitz> Nov 17 18:02
schestowitz> There is less and less remaining:Nov 17 18:02
schestowitz> Nov 17 18:02
schestowitz> 17 18:02
TechrightsSocialTitle: Nokia staff reductions confirmed | News | YLE Uutiset | .::. Size~: 42.86 KBNov 17 18:02
schestowitz2000 patents passed by Steve & Steve to a patent troll north of the border. B&N complained about it.Nov 17 18:02
schestowitz 17 18:14
schestowitz"@Sam there are two categories of problem with buying ebooks from Amazon: 1. the fact that they know what you browsed and bought, and 2. the fact that you are restricted in what you can do with the ebook once you've got it. Problem 1 affects all book purchases from Amazon, regardless of their format. Problem 2 only affects ebooks however, so in buying ebooks you lose a whole lot of other rights that you would have had if you Nov 17 18:14
TechrightsSocial@: Nov 17 18:14
schestowitzhad got a physical book instead. A physical book you can lend, resell, donate, scan into a computer, tear to pieces, and read in the same way in 100 years that you can today. None of those freedoms exist with Amazon's ebooks however, at least not in any comparable or meaningful way. Don't get me wrong though, I think ebooks in general are great, just not the DRM that so often goes with them. #swindle"Nov 17 18:14
schestowitzWhen writing abut Linux devices I try to disregard the DRM side/aspect at the higher point of the stack. Linux on devices is one foot in the door and if Amazon did not have Linux for this malicious purpose, it would have used some proprietary OS, which in no way helps FOSS in any way whatsoever.Nov 17 18:16
schestowitzheh. just got mail from an agent of a company that got 9 million dollarsNov 17 20:04
schestowitz under embargo they want me to prepare an interview with themNov 17 20:04
schestowitzHi Roy,Nov 17 20:05
schestowitzI can send you a release once finalized if you agree to the embargo. WouldNov 17 20:05
schestowitzyou also like to chat with Luke?Nov 17 20:05
schestowitzPaulinaNov 17 20:05
schestowitzOn 11/17/11 8:21 AM, "Roy Schestowitz" <> wrote:Nov 17 20:05
schestowitz> >-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----Nov 17 20:05
schestowitz> >Hash: SHA1Nov 17 20:05
schestowitz> >Nov 17 20:06
schestowitz>> >> Hi Roy,Nov 17 20:06
schestowitz>> >> Nov 17 20:06
schestowitz>> >>[...]Nov 17 20:06
schestowitz>> >> Nov 17 20:06
schestowitz>> >> Thank you for your time, and please let me know if you'd like to chatNov 17 20:06
schestowitz>> >> with Luke,Nov 17 20:06
schestowitz> >Nov 17 20:06
schestowitz> >Sounds good. Keep me in the loop.Nov 17 20:06
schestowitz> yes, by email if possible. I can send questions.Nov 17 20:07
schestowitz> Hi Roy,Nov 17 20:07
schestowitz> Nov 17 20:07
schestowitz> That's fine! Please send your questions over and I'll send them over forNov 17 20:07
schestowitz> Luke to answer.Nov 17 20:07
schestowitz> Nov 17 20:07
schestowitz> PaulinaNov 17 20:07
schestowitz 17 22:25
TechrightsSocial@Zeusoft: @schestowitz Certainly.Nov 17 22:25
schestowitz[19:52] <Faither> Your recent blog posts are hard to read with no paragraphes in between.Nov 17 22:26
schestowitz[20:04] <schestowitz> in 17 22:26
schestowitzNov 17 22:26
schestowitz[20:05] <Faither> yesNov 17 22:26
schestowitz[20:07] <Faither> also you might take the increased radiation you are exposed to while flying which makes those scanners an even greater risk for people who fly a lot (pilots, stewardesses,...)Nov 17 22:26
schestowitz[20:07] <Faither> ok... i doubg they have to pass thos scanners aswellNov 17 22:26
schestowitz[20:07] <Faither> but there are people who have to and also fly a lotNov 17 22:26
schestowitz[20:08] <Faither> bad examples chosen on my partNov 17 22:26

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