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DaemonFCapparently instead of that crappy Google Custom Search, they will use real Google with a referral ID like Ubuntu doesNov 06 00:00
DaemonFCI'm OK with thatNov 06 00:01
DaemonFCI hated Google Custom SearchNov 06 00:01
DaemonFCand them hijacking Opera with itNov 06 00:01
DaemonFCit's unusable Nov 06 00:01
DaemonFCmissing features + tons more adsNov 06 00:01
sebsebsebDaemonFC: reading thatNov 06 00:01
sebsebsebDaemonFC: about to see first screenshot in fullNov 06 00:02
sebsebseb,but uhmmNov 06 00:02
DaemonFCCSE is meant for sites like WINE to avoid having to index themselvesNov 06 00:02
sebsebsebyeah Mint are so doing the right thing it seemsNov 06 00:02
DaemonFCnot meant to be a browser search Nov 06 00:02
sebsebsebDaemonFC: mint site now having a server issueNov 06 00:03
sebsebsebor for me anywayNov 06 00:03
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[evan/@evan] SHUT UP THAT IS JUST A RUMOUR I DO NOT DO THATNov 06 00:04
sebsebsebDaemonFC: I think Mint may become much more popular than UbuntuNov 06 00:04
sebsebsebI hope so actsualleyNov 06 00:04
sebsebsebDaemonFC: also that would be quite funny really a Ubuntu based distro becoming much more popular than Ubuntu itselfNov 06 00:05
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DaemonFCwithout Ubuntu as an upstream, they'd have to base on DebianNov 06 00:06
DaemonFCit's the problem with a parasite killing the hostNov 06 00:06
sebsebsebDaemonFC: you calling Mint a parasite?Nov 06 00:06
sebsebseband yeah well they got their Debain based version as wellNov 06 00:06
sebsebsebfor quite a while nowNov 06 00:07
DaemonFCthey base on Ubuntu, they drain users and take advantage of Ubuntu's hard workNov 06 00:07
DaemonFCif they kill it, they will need to replace that workNov 06 00:07
DaemonFCsame relationship with Ubuntu and DebianNov 06 00:07
sebsebsebDaemonFC: and Ubuntu take advantage of Debian loads yeahNov 06 00:07
sebsebsebDaemonFC: Mint will start providing more of their own stuff nowNov 06 00:10
sebsebsebsince what Ubuntu is doingNov 06 00:10
sebsebsebso they will become even more of their own distro nowNov 06 00:10
sebsebseb:DNov 06 00:10
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sebsebsebit won't just be say 99% Ubuntu and 1% Mint for the Ubuntu based versionNov 06 00:11
sebsebsebit will be more like 98% Ubuntu and 2% Mint or something like thatNov 06 00:11
sebsebseb:DNov 06 00:11
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sebsebsebDaemonFC: also it seesm that Mint are still complelty not bothering with UnityNov 06 00:14
sebsebsebDaemonFC: in fact with Mint 11 I treid to instal lit, but nope I coudn't just do thatNov 06 00:14
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DaemonFC 06 00:23
TechrightsBot-trTitle: The DRM graveyard: A brief history of digital rights management in music | .::. Size~: 85.78 KBNov 06 00:23
sebsebsebDaemonFC: Mint will do waht Ubuntu should have done really,  as in used Gnome Shell and  patched it a bit making more user friendly.Nov 06 00:24
sebsebsebit seemsNov 06 00:24
DaemonFC"Customers soon discover that each of these tracks downloaded from iTunes--even the new, DRM-free ones--has the user's personal information embedded."Nov 06 00:29
sebsebsebDaemonFC: anyway got this link given in another channel: 06 00:30
TechrightsBot-trTitle: - View Single Post - [SOLVED] Gnome Shell Themes fail .::. Size~: 19.83 KBNov 06 00:30
DaemonFCthey got one detail wrongNov 06 00:31
DaemonFCthe DRM'd music in Walmart's store was not MP3Nov 06 00:31
DaemonFCit was WMANov 06 00:31
DaemonFCwhen they dropped the DRM, they changed to MP3Nov 06 00:31
DaemonFC'What happens to the music you paid for if that company changes its mind?Nov 06 00:32
DaemonFCAnswer: It PlaysForSure (TM).Nov 06 00:32
DaemonFClolNov 06 00:32
DaemonFC-guy on SlashdotNov 06 00:32
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DaemonFC 06 00:35
TechrightsBot-trTitle: SCO Zombie Creaks Into Motion Again - Slashdot .::. Size~: 145.06 KBNov 06 00:35
schestowitzPlaFoShizzleNov 06 00:35
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] Auto-de-fé dos cépticos - #ecotretas #greenterrorism 06 00:36
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Auto-de-fé dos cépticos .::. Size~: 64.34 KBNov 06 00:36
DaemonFCit's easier to kill a zombie than SCONov 06 00:40
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[evan/@evan] That's not clear. Do you mean the internal URLs to people's profile pages on the site, or their "homepage" links to other sites?Nov 06 00:43
DaemonFC 06 00:43
TechrightsBot-trTitle: MS Traces Duqu Zero-Day To Font Parsing In Win32k - Slashdot .::. Size~: 146.46 KBNov 06 00:43
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[evan/@evan] Also, I'm not sure that either one should be nofollow.Nov 06 00:44
DaemonFC"MS has traced the Duqu zero-day to a vulnerability in font parsing in win32k. Many file formats like HTML, Office, and PDF support embedded fonts, and in NT4 and later fonts are parsed in kernel mode!"Nov 06 00:45
DaemonFCwould you expect anything less from Microsoft?Nov 06 00:45
DaemonFCit probably was done that way because parsing fonts in the kernel was significantly faster with slow mid-90s processorsNov 06 00:47
DaemonFCIn the 90s, Microsoft was trying to pack everything they could into kernel mode to make it a bit fasterNov 06 00:47
DaemonFCNow, they're trying to get everything they put there back out into user space because it opened up literally thousands of exploits that wouldn't have been possible otherwiseNov 06 00:48
DaemonFCthe Duqu "zero day" has been exploitable in every version of WIndows released since 1996Nov 06 00:49
DaemonFCit isn't newNov 06 00:49
DaemonFC 06 00:53
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Music Industry Pushing For BT To Block Pirate Bay - Slashdot .::. Size~: 151.8 KBNov 06 00:53
DaemonFCthey'll have an easier time getting the UK to do thisNov 06 00:53
DaemonFCat least until E-TYRANT passes in the USNov 06 00:53
FaitherDaemonFC: I'm getting more and more scared of our gvtsNov 06 00:57
Faithergovts^ Nov 06 00:58
Faitherthe german one is lobbying for trojan use...Nov 06 00:58
DaemonFCthey're already using themNov 06 01:00
Faithereven in other countriesNov 06 01:04
Faithergerman trojan is being used in other EU member statesNov 06 01:05
Faitherthat isNov 06 01:05
Faitherand SwitzerlandNov 06 01:05
FaitherxdNov 06 01:05
FaitherI've become so paranoid that I encrypted all my HDDs and put my bootloader/partition on a thumb driveNov 06 01:08
DaemonFCyou know their malware only targets WindowsNov 06 01:12
DaemonFCright?Nov 06 01:12
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DaemonFCnot only that, the stupid fucks only target certain executable names to be keyloggedNov 06 01:12
FaitherDaemonFC: You shold read the german articles xDNov 06 01:12
DaemonFCPidgin isn't one of themNov 06 01:12
DaemonFCFirefox, Opera, IE, and Chrome areNov 06 01:12
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] !NaNoWriMo cheeseburger: #humourNov 06 01:13
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Of course that character - Loldogs, Dogs 'n' Puppy Dog Pictures - I Has A Hotdog! .::. Size~: 78.69 KBNov 06 01:13
DaemonFCbut using Chromium you'd be safe from the keyloggerNov 06 01:13
DaemonFCuntil they add that executable to the listNov 06 01:13
FaitherDaemonFC: They also claim to have trojans for other platformsNov 06 01:13
DaemonFC:PNov 06 01:13
Faitherwell they aren't the brightest, CCC pointed that outNov 06 01:13
Faitheraccording to forensics done on two troans they re using a single (now publically know) private key xDNov 06 01:14
DaemonFCI've seen more impressive malware from Russia and ChinaNov 06 01:15
DaemonFCGerman malware seems to have been written by Visual Basic-wielding 15 year olds in comparisonNov 06 01:15
Faitherpretty muchNov 06 01:15
DaemonFCsome malware even attacks and removes competing malwareNov 06 01:16
Faitheryes installing anti virus and other funny things xDNov 06 01:16
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DaemonFCone of them was hauling around a modified AVG antivirus engine designed to make sure the system was free of other malware before it installed itselfNov 06 01:17
DaemonFCnow that is some quality malwareNov 06 01:17
DaemonFC:)Nov 06 01:17
Faither:)Nov 06 01:18
FaitherGerman government is now looking for qualified personel to start its own trojan departmentNov 06 01:18
FaitherEthics blown out of the windowNov 06 01:20
Faitherall that matters is that we're save from those terrorists Nov 06 01:20
schestowitz!google german minister plagiarismNov 06 01:21
TechrightsBot-tr[1] - German defence minister resigns in PhD plagiarism row | World ... | 06 01:21
TechrightsBot-tr[2] - German Minister Resigns Over Plagiarism Scandal - | 06 01:21
TechrightsBot-tr[3] - German defense minister's plagiarized PhD dissertation visualized | 06 01:21
TechrightsBot-tr[4] - German minister resigns amid plagiarism scandal - | 06 01:21
schestowitz:-)Nov 06 01:21
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[wikileaks2/@wikileaks2] Visa, WikiLeaks-Datacell lawyers to meet at Icelandic embassy on Wednesday | Daily Mail 06 01:21
TechrightsBot-tr@: Nov 06 01:21
Faitherschestowitz: there are several minister who resignedNov 06 01:22
Faitherbut maybe that's why they are now pushing for stricter copyright law xDNov 06 01:23
Faitherstricter -.-Nov 06 01:23
Faitheris that even a word in english? xDNov 06 01:23
Faitherlooks odd to meNov 06 01:24
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Faitherschestowitz: and sorry again that I had to run but I was being picked up earlier going to a bd-partyNov 06 01:25
DaemonFC`Jabba just hit the reset button on my computerNov 06 01:25
FaitherxDNov 06 01:25
Faitherwb thenNov 06 01:26
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Faitheror not xDNov 06 01:26
Faitherwb now? ^ ^Nov 06 01:26
DaemonFCghostNov 06 01:26
Faithernow i won't be able to sleep tonight, i was always told ghosts wouldn't exist ;)Nov 06 01:27
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[wikileaks2/@wikileaks2] We thank the people of Iceland for their unyeilding support 06 01:31
TechrightsBot-tr@: Nov 06 01:31
DaemonFC 06 01:31
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Homepage | Ubuntu .::. Size~: 31.56 KBNov 06 01:31
DaemonFCWe are cloudNov 06 01:31
DaemonFC:PNov 06 01:32
DaemonFCWe are Borg!Nov 06 01:32
FaitherIsn't "ground-braking CLOUD technology" some sort of an oxymoron?Nov 06 01:34
DaemonFCcuriosity is the source of wasted CD-RsNov 06 01:36
DaemonFCevery time they say they fixed a pile of bugs Nov 06 01:36
DaemonFCand turns out they added a new pileNov 06 01:36
FaitherUbuntu never worked "out of the box" for any systems I installed it onNov 06 01:37
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] Solar Power + Hand Cranked Portable AM/FM Radio - Free Shipping - DealExtreme - #preppers 06 01:38
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Solar Power + Hand Cranked Portable AM/FM Radio - Free Shipping - DealExtreme .::. Size~: 74.83 KBNov 06 01:38
FaitherI'd always have to use some sort of work around which in turn broke the update to a new version...Nov 06 01:38
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[wikileaks2/@wikileaks2] Hands off WikiLeaks! Big Obama protest, Australian Parliament house, Nov 17. 06 01:41
TechrightsBot-tr@: Nov 06 01:41
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DaemonFCdownloading a Fedora 16 RC 5 ISONov 06 01:55
DaemonFCI am curious about GNOME 3.2 and the last Fedora 16 compose I tried was so broken that it consistently crashed within minutes of booting upNov 06 01:56
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[wikileaks2/@wikileaks2] You can use your MasterCard with Nazi cult Aryan Nation, but not with WikiLeaks: compare: 06 02:01
TechrightsBot-tr@: Nov 06 02:01
TechrightsBot-tr@: Nov 06 02:01
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[wikileaks2/@wikileaks2] The Global Square: an online platform for our movement 06 02:21
TechrightsBot-tr@: Nov 06 02:21
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DaemonFCthis computer player base has walls that spell out BACONNov 06 03:19
DaemonFC 06 03:21
TechrightsBot-trNot a web page! Aborting image/png typeNov 06 03:21
DaemonFC 06 03:37
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Linux, Open-Source Affected In AMD Cutbacks? - Page 2 .::. Size~: 52.25 KBNov 06 03:37
DaemonFC 06 03:46
TechrightsBot-trTitle: AMD fires 1,400 workers. Who is in danger if AMD disappears? « daemonfc .::. Size~: 41.79 KBNov 06 03:46
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DaemonFC`that was weirdNov 06 04:38
DaemonFC`my computer just rebooted itselfNov 06 04:38
DaemonFC`then crashed when loading KDENov 06 04:38
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] No gravy in Spain?Nov 06 05:48
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] !tzaf & good night !identiverseNov 06 05:54
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DaemonFCSysinfo for 'ryan-desktop': Linux 3.1.0-7.fc16.x86_64 running KDE Development Platform 4.7.3 (4.7.3), CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 945 at 800 MHz (5986 bogomips), HD: 3/909GB, RAM: 2641/7988MB, 167 proc's, 34.51min upNov 06 07:08
amarsh04sysinfo on Debian requires monoNov 06 07:32
DaemonFCfor Konversation? :)Nov 06 07:37
DaemonFCRyan Farmer destroyed Mark's base in War Commander!Nov 06 07:37
DaemonFCUnstoppable war machine!Nov 06 07:37
DaemonFCDIE!!!!Nov 06 07:37
DaemonFC:)Nov 06 07:37
DaemonFCwhy would a sysinfo script need Mono?Nov 06 07:39
DaemonFCyou can make those in anythingNov 06 07:39
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azalynany articles yet on the mono removal?Nov 06 07:41
azalyni'm sure a bunch of people are happy, and others are probably upsetNov 06 07:42
azalyni enjoy reading about drama like that.. heheNov 06 07:42
*DaemonFC is listening to I Can't Decide by Scissor Sisters on Ta-Dah (FLAC) [Amarok]Nov 06 07:42
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] #Wine 1.3.32 Has Been Released | What’s New | Download 06 08:53
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Wine 1.3.32 Has Been Released | What’s New | Download | LinuxNov .::. Size~: 50.68 KBNov 06 08:53
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[diablod3/@diablod3] #OccupyOakland: video shows journalists, legal observers seeking seek safety, then arrested 06 09:03
TechrightsBot-trTitle: #OccupyOakland: video shows journalists, legal observers kettling themselves to seek safety, then they're arrested - Boing Boing .::. Size~: 26.36 KBNov 06 09:03
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] Thirsty [IMG] 06 09:08
TechrightsBot-trMissing content type. Ignoring.Nov 06 09:08
MinceRgeekingsNov 06 09:12
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] College near Mangalore hosts three-day #Debian meet #indiaNov 06 09:17
TechrightsBot-trTitle: The Hindu : States / Karnataka : College near Mangalore hosts three-day Debian meet .::. Size~: 44.91 KBNov 06 09:17
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[harishpillay/@harishpillay] Sigh. Back on the road again - now to San Diego for ISO/IEC JTC1 Plenary on behalf of 06 09:23
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] #Canonical Hiring Chromium Browser Engineers 06 09:26
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Canonical Hiring Chromium Browser Engineers « Ubuntu Forecast .::. Size~: 13.12 KBNov 06 09:26
schestowitz 06 09:26
TechrightsBot-tr@Schestowitz (schestowitz)'s status on Sunday, 06-Nov-11 09:21:55 UTC - Semantic Desktop in GNU/Linux #gnu #gnome #linuxNov 06 09:27
TechrightsBot-tr-> Title: GNOME and the Semantic Desktop – LINUX For You Magazine .::. Size~: 82.73 KBNov 06 09:27
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] Why #Ubuntu Should Just Focus on the Desktop Market 06 09:28
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Why Ubuntu Should Just Focus on the Desktop Market | TechSource .::. Size~: 91.93 KBNov 06 09:28
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] Occupy protesters declare #GoldmanSachs guilty, get arrested like #madoff but bigger, more friends in govt. #usNov 06 09:31
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Occupy protesters declare Goldman Sachs guilty, get arrested | McClatchy .::. Size~: 71.67 KBNov 06 09:31
MinceR 06 09:35
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Master Foo Discourses on the Unix-Nature .::. Size~: 3.37 KBNov 06 09:35
oiaohmInteresting that Ubuntu is starting to see the light on MonoNov 06 09:43
oiaohmNext question how long until the light on the audio stack clicks.Nov 06 09:43
schestowitzpulseaudio?Nov 06 09:44
oiaohmpulseaudio vs jackaudio vs alsaNov 06 09:44
oiaohmNightmare from hell.Nov 06 09:44
schestowitzhell yeahNov 06 09:45
schestowitzno, seriously...Nov 06 09:46
schestowitzwhat's the matter in Ubuntu with sounds? Works ok for me..Nov 06 09:46
schestowitz 06 09:46
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Linus Torvalds: Software and Process Patents Don't Make Sense | Muktware .::. Size~: 31.05 KBNov 06 09:46
schestowitz:-) linux ftwNov 06 09:46
msb__Someone I was talking with recently fixed their audio problems by getting rid of pulseaudio and using alsa.  I don't remember the details.  The person helping said that pulseaudio frequently causes difficulties.Nov 06 09:49
oiaohmmsb__: Yep I deal with a few people running windows applications in wine where that is the only option.Nov 06 09:50
oiaohmWine requirement for highly correct timing and sending half done stuff older pulseaudio versions don't like.Nov 06 09:50
oiaohmmsb__: also going to get interesting with alsa providing information to access raw alsa that pulseaudio cannot delete either.Nov 06 09:53
msb__With alsa I can't use TV sound (Line input) to record a TV show on disk using mencoder, and microphone sound (Mic input) to talk via VOIP -- IHU -- at the same time.Nov 06 09:54
oiaohmmsb__: not always trueNov 06 09:56
oiaohmThat does come down to alsa config and hardware.Nov 06 09:57
msb__But my sound chip has 3 input channels, so it might be possible if I understood the alsa API and was able to select a channel properly in mencoder, and a different one in IHU (which might require a little hacking to get more audio menu options).Nov 06 09:57
msb__Anyhow, with pulseaudio I wasn't able to get either to work.Nov 06 09:58
oiaohmmsb__: sometimes is really horid with alsa such as creating virtual sound cards.Nov 06 10:01
oiaohmSo the locking ends up split.Nov 06 10:01
oiaohmmsb__: Yes doing that really needs to be made simpler.Nov 06 10:01
msb__oiaohm: I've never even heard of virtual sound cards or locking -- way over my head.Nov 06 10:02
oiaohmmsb__: alsa supports taking a single sound card.  And making like line in and line out and mic and speaker  respond to OS as if they are on two different sound cards.Nov 06 10:03
msb__The guy leading the Trinity Desktop (KDE3) project favors alsa.Nov 06 10:03
oiaohmBut doing it requires knowing your way around asound.confNov 06 10:04
oiaohmIe something like that should be simple.Nov 06 10:04
schestowitz 06 10:04
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Gates prepares return to witness stand - ZDNet .::. Size~: 105.47 KBNov 06 10:04
oiaohmYou don't always want the sound card as 1 piece.Nov 06 10:04
msb__oiaohm: Why not?Nov 06 10:05
msb__oiaohm: I am very naive in this area.Nov 06 10:05
oiaohmIt splits the mixer controls.   msb__Nov 06 10:06
msb__oiaohm: What's the good of that?Nov 06 10:06
oiaohmThink about it 2 applications using the same sound card.Nov 06 10:07
oiaohmOne adjust volume it can stuff the other up.Nov 06 10:07
oiaohmWhen they are split as two cards.Nov 06 10:07
oiaohmTrue independant controlNov 06 10:07
msb__Ah, yes, I've encountered that.  xmms and mplayer volume controls interact with each other.Nov 06 10:08
oiaohmNow think you are now running a sound out to speakers and line in for a background feed and a mic.Nov 06 10:09
oiaohmLast thing you want is mixed up volume controls.Nov 06 10:09
oiaohmmsb__: Yes I have done audio desks using Linux.Nov 06 10:09
oiaohmSo I most likely know too much the Linux audio stack can be got do.Nov 06 10:12
msb__oiaohm: Can you point me to a manual that explains this and tells me what system or library calls to make (in C) to access the various input channels of alsa and my audio chip separately?Nov 06 10:13
msb__Running two or more apps that produce sound seems to be no problem.  I can play mp3s while talking on voip and it all comes through the speakers ok.Nov 06 10:14
oiaohmUmmNov 06 10:15
oiaohmyou are not going to like the next answer.Nov 06 10:16
oiaohmRead the source of alsa lib.Nov 06 10:16
oiaohmI sorry to say the case is no one has really bothered writing a manual that is anywhere near correct.Nov 06 10:16
oiaohmIts that bad that at times driver developers get it wrong.Nov 06 10:17
oiaohmSo adding even more problems.Nov 06 10:17
msb__This stuff is great! 06 10:18
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Master Foo and the Unix Zealot .::. Size~: 3.54 KBNov 06 10:18
oiaohmReally esr annoys me.Nov 06 10:21
oiaohmBecause that is incorrect in many ways.Nov 06 10:21
oiaohm"he condemned programmers to a thousand hells of buffer overruns, heap corruption, and stale-pointer bugs" Also missed is that Patriarch Ritchie invented away to detect all of those.Nov 06 10:22
oiaohmProgrammers using C incorrectly condemned self to hell.Nov 06 10:23
MinceR:>Nov 06 10:24
oiaohmAll the patriarchs behind unix did try to fix there mistakes.Nov 06 10:24
oiaohmDid everyone listern?Nov 06 10:24
oiaohmReally if we all did we would not be human.Nov 06 10:24
oiaohmI did have the enjoyment of being in the room with Patriarch Ritchie talking about compliers and other things.Nov 06 10:26
msb__Geoffrey James wrote three little books -- The Tao of Programming, The Zen of Programming, Computer Parables.  Very good.Nov 06 10:27
*iophk (~unknown@unaffiliated/iophk) has joined #techrightsNov 06 10:27
msb__ 06 10:28
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Documentation - AlsaProject .::. Size~: 15.44 KBNov 06 10:28
msb__The link "Overview of ALSA" gives 404 Not Found!Nov 06 10:29
msb__However, it is in the wayback machine:  Nov 06 10:29
msb__ 06 10:30
TechrightsBot-trTitle: The AGNULA project - Alsa, Jack and Ladspa .::. Size~: 74.29 KBNov 06 10:30
oiaohmmsb__: of course esr does not say that the master foo bit is from the book "The art of Unix programmin  By Eric S. Raymon"Nov 06 10:31
oiaohmmsb__: of course esr does not say that the master foo bit is from the book "The art of Unix programming  By Eric S. Raymon"Nov 06 10:31
schestowitz 06 10:38
TechrightsBot-tr@Schestowitz (schestowitz)'s status on Sunday, 06-Nov-11 09:36:47 UTC - Rooney has died. Here he is explaining Windows' "Start to shut down" logic friend's grandpa struggled with it 2 days agoNov 06 10:38
TechrightsBot-tr-> Title: RIP Andy Rooney: A look back at his classic Bill Gates rant - GeekWire .::. Size~: 78.04 KBNov 06 10:38
msb__Ooh, neat!  That book seems to have found its way to my disk some how.Nov 06 10:38
oiaohmmsb__: really not so much is one of the more mass replicated coding books because its under creative commons.Nov 06 10:40
msb__Phew!  I can breathe easy now!Nov 06 10:41
msb__With the right use of technology and a good economic system, there would be plenty for everyone, so all information could be free, as it wants to be.Nov 06 10:43
msb__No worrying about IP.Nov 06 10:43
iophkIs there a way to get the Any Rooney piece in HTML5?   The geekwire page goes only to Flash.Nov 06 10:44
iophk*AndyNov 06 10:45
oiaohmReally wrong.  msb__Nov 06 10:46
oiaohmPart of IP is respect to author.Nov 06 10:46
oiaohmmsb__: just because something is free does not mean credit to author can be skipped.Nov 06 10:46
msb__Author can be respected by always giving credit to her/him.Nov 06 10:47
msb__But information is so easy to duplicate that it requires a police-state to prevent info-sharing.Nov 06 10:47
oiaohmmsb__: respect is respect.Nov 06 10:48
oiaohmIf someone wants to keep there info from being shared.  I am fine with them having that.Nov 06 10:49
msb__On economics, we have the recent fascist/colonialist/imperialist attack that destroyed Libya as a nation and murdered its leader.Nov 06 10:49
oiaohmI will just go and support someone else who will willing share with me.Nov 06 10:49
oiaohmReason why I like creative commons stuff so much.Nov 06 10:49
msb___Because_ it had the highest standard of living in Africa, and the most democracy.Nov 06 10:49
oiaohmReally I would not say too much about libya yetNov 06 10:50
oiaohmThe have not had open ellections yet.Nov 06 10:50
oiaohmOf course I am crossing fingers everything there turns out OK.Nov 06 10:50
msb__They never will.  The NATO puppet govt would surely lose.Nov 06 10:50
schestowitz 06 10:51
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Safe as Windows: Smartphones' security nightmare • The Register .::. Size~: 30.29 KBNov 06 10:51
msb__The US and other fascist nations were behind the massive bombing and the fake "rebellion".Nov 06 10:51
oiaohmmsb__: Really rebellion was not fake.Nov 06 10:52
msb__Qadaffi was helping to organize the African nations against colonialism.Nov 06 10:52
oiaohmAgain not exactly true.Nov 06 10:52
iophkFound one: 06 10:52
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Andy Rooney on Bill Gates       - YouTube .::. Size~: 91.85 KBNov 06 10:52
oiaohmQadaffi was funding mercerys without country bindings.Nov 06 10:53
msb__"Rebels" were supported by US and other fascist/colonialist nations.Nov 06 10:53
oiaohmReally not true either.Nov 06 10:53
oiaohmHow do you know a goverment has done really the wrong thing.Nov 06 10:54
msb__ 06 10:54
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Libya Truth (DnB Soundtrack)       - YouTube .::. Size~: 116.05 KBNov 06 10:54
oiaohmWhen lots of the population are leaving the area unarmed asking for protection.Nov 06 10:54
msb__ 06 10:54
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Libya and Imperialism: Dan Glazebrook, Lizzie Phelan, Harpal Brar (EN, FR, PT)       - YouTube .::. Size~: 96.66 KBNov 06 10:54
msb__NATO bombing will do that.Nov 06 10:55
oiaohmFunny enough msb__ I have a simple question.  How did the USA know exactly how many tanks Qadaffi had.Nov 06 10:55
msb__oiaohm: Please watch those videos.Nov 06 10:55
oiaohmThe USA supplied them.Nov 06 10:55
oiaohmUSA just took back exactly what it gave with Nato strikes.  msb__Nov 06 10:56
msb__oiaohm: Please watch those videos.Nov 06 10:56
oiaohmI expect this to be normal messed up information.  Network connection a little slow at the momement.Nov 06 11:00
oiaohmmsb__: you are aware the arms embargo is still in place with libia.  So since the main fighting is over no new ammo supplies or guns are entering.Nov 06 11:01
oiaohmmsb__: Really have you read the stuff about stalin.Nov 06 11:03
oiaohmThe positive spin version.Nov 06 11:03
msb__The imperialist takeover is complete.  The fascist nations will have their military bases in Libya again, and the oil profits will go to wealthy corporations and businessmen instead of to the Libyan people.  There will be a totally corrupt puppet government instead of the participatory democracy that Qaddafi had.Nov 06 11:04
msb__Serbia was destroyed in a similar way for similar reasons, by the same fascist psychopaths.Nov 06 11:05
oiaohmProblem here there is one right the people of libia did not have.Nov 06 11:06
oiaohmThe right to a fair and unbias trial for crimes.  msb__Nov 06 11:06
oiaohmPeople in Cuba and China both have that right msb__Nov 06 11:07
msb__They will have that far less now.  Especially the 30,000 that were recently murdered by NATO and its "rebels".Nov 06 11:07
msb__A lot more democracy in Cuba than in China, I think.Nov 06 11:07
oiaohmThere is a reason why the arms embargo is still in place msb__Nov 06 11:07
oiaohmChina you do have a legal right to a fair trial.Nov 06 11:08
MinceRdepends on which China.Nov 06 11:08
msb__So the people can't fight back.Nov 06 11:08
oiaohmYou don't have the right to vote anyone in.Nov 06 11:08
MinceRi'm pretty sure there's more democracy in RoC than in Cuba. :>Nov 06 11:08
msb__You can't tell just from the laws and the nominal political structure.Nov 06 11:09
oiaohmmsb__: to be correct the punshment for a China offical doing a trial in a bias way.  Is 1 strip of all rights.  Two 15 years in jail then finally execution.Nov 06 11:09
oiaohmWorst execution by vote of the people.Nov 06 11:09
oiaohmSo yes they can vote to rip you limb from limb and be allowed.Nov 06 11:09
oiaohmChina there are fair trials.Nov 06 11:10
oiaohmNo one is game todo anything else.Nov 06 11:10
oiaohmPlease note that law is old china law first documented 2000 BCNov 06 11:10
msb__In the US, both parties are bought and paid for by the ultra-wealthy.  So the candidates selected by the parties and offered to the voters never serve the people's interest.Nov 06 11:10
oiaohmSo the complete population know that law and will enforce it.Nov 06 11:11
oiaohmAlso hong kong still has ellections for all posts.   msb__Nov 06 11:12
oiaohmSo china it is part where.Nov 06 11:12
oiaohmYes the ultra-wealthy buying way out of trouble does not happen in china.Nov 06 11:13
oiaohmYou can infact buy your way into trouble in china.Nov 06 11:13
msb__When I compared Cuba and China I meant "P"RC.Nov 06 11:13
oiaohmI am not kidding about buy way into trouble in the PRC.Nov 06 11:13
oiaohmOne Australian business man ended up facing a possible death sentence for bribing an offical in china.Nov 06 11:14
msb__Which China?Nov 06 11:14
oiaohmPRCNov 06 11:14
oiaohmYes in PRC a bribe get caught doing it as a Chinnese person it is death.Nov 06 11:15
msb__Aren't workers locked into plants for 16hrs/day in PRC?Nov 06 11:15
oiaohmAs a forin national You can be forbin from return to china.Nov 06 11:15
oiaohmChina locking people in plants for 16 hrs/day  will see you dead.Nov 06 11:16
MinceRi suspected you meant PRC, in which case i don't see much point to the comparison -- then it's just one totalitarian dictatorship vs. anotherNov 06 11:16
oiaohmThe max in China is 14 hours a day.  MinceRNov 06 11:16
oiaohmmsb__: Nov 06 11:16
msb__Oh, well that's ok then.Nov 06 11:17
oiaohmBut that has the requirement of full medical and food.Nov 06 11:17
oiaohmAnd failure to pay wages is also death.  msb__Nov 06 11:17
MinceR(also, fully communist one vs. one that's communist in most places except for the few zones where it has a functioning economy)Nov 06 11:17
oiaohmLets just say china has some of the most capital offencese on earth.Nov 06 11:17
msb__Such as for being in a disapproved religious group?Nov 06 11:18
oiaohmNo you cannot be killed for being part of a religious group PRC hates.Nov 06 11:18
oiaohmThey have to re educate you.Nov 06 11:19
oiaohmThey are not allowed to kill you for decenting views.  But they are allowed to keep you contained for your own safety.Nov 06 11:19
msb__Let me be sure I understand this:  oiaohm and MinceR, you both like the government and economic system of Communist China?Nov 06 11:19
oiaohmSome of PRC laws I like.Nov 06 11:19
MinceRmsb__: i don'tNov 06 11:20
oiaohmLike not paying workers equals boss dead.Nov 06 11:20
oiaohmOr otherwise badly punished.Nov 06 11:20
oiaohmBut there untollerence for decenting views I do find a little strange.Nov 06 11:20
oiaohmYes just because someone is in hong kong they can almost say what every they like.Nov 06 11:21
msb__But is there a law for the minimum fraction of the profits that must be  paid as wages?Nov 06 11:21
oiaohmYet leave hong kong they end up in a retraining camp.Nov 06 11:21
oiaohmmsb__:  There is a minimum wage in china that must be paid.  But its more complex than ours.Nov 06 11:24
oiaohm 06 11:24
TechrightsBot-trTitle: List of minimum wages in People's Republic of China - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 26.71 KBNov 06 11:24
oiaohmYes the min wage is set on the cost of living in that area of china.  msb__Nov 06 11:24
msb__I will let you two debate the virtues of Communist China, while I observe in amazement.Nov 06 11:24
oiaohmThe more expensive it is to live in a area the more money you min wage is.Nov 06 11:25
msb__But no max profit of the business owner?Nov 06 11:25
MinceRmsb__: what supposed "virtues" did i mention?Nov 06 11:26
msb__MinceR: But you are not beating on oiaohm the way you did on me when I approved of Nicaraguan socialism.  Or was that schestowitz?Nov 06 11:28
oiaohmmsb__: Funny enough it legal to hold stop work meetings in china if you believe you are being under paid.Nov 06 11:28
oiaohmmsb__: without no punishment from the goverment for doing so and the boss cannot fire or replace you for doing so either.Nov 06 11:28
oiaohmChina has some very interesting work place releation laws to say the least msb__Nov 06 11:29
oiaohmNot everything about china system is bad.Nov 06 11:29
oiaohmOk china allowance for workers to sign away work place health and safety for higher pay packet is not what I call good.  msb__Nov 06 11:30
msb__MinceR: Checked the log.  That was you disapproving of Nicaragua socialism.  So why are you so quiet now?  Do you like "P"RC communism better?Nov 06 11:31
oiaohmmsb__:  PRC communism is not pure.Nov 06 11:31
oiaohmIts mixure of stacks of older non communism things.Nov 06 11:31
MinceRmsb__: i've already told you i disapprove of communism. i've also told you whyNov 06 11:31
MinceR(both practical implementations and the idea)Nov 06 11:32
oiaohmLike the right not to kill decenting people is a old law of china.  msb__Nov 06 11:32
oiaohmGoing back to when china had kings.Nov 06 11:32
MinceRmsb__: also, i'm not particularly interested in the way PRC pretends to care for their slaves.Nov 06 11:32
msb__I also disapprove of communism.  Nov 06 11:32
oiaohmPlease not the stuff that interst me most in the PRC laws is from pre communism.  msb__Nov 06 11:33
oiaohmChina had laws for a very very long time.Nov 06 11:33
oiaohmThink about it a place that some of the oldest laws data from 4000 BC msb__Nov 06 11:34
oiaohmBefore most of the places we would be from would have even thought of the idea of law.Nov 06 11:35
msb__Human rights groups report that Falun Gong practitioners in China are subject to a wide range of human rights abuses; hundreds of thousands are believed to have been imprisoned extra-judicially, and practitioners in detention are subject to forced labor, psychiatric abuse, severe torture, and other coercive methods of thought reform at the hands of Chinese authorities.Nov 06 11:36
msb__ 06 11:36
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Falun Gong - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 244.84 KBNov 06 11:36
oiaohmmsb__: Yes that is what china calls reeducation.Nov 06 11:37
oiaohmNot a good process.Nov 06 11:37
oiaohmDon't kill you.Nov 06 11:37
oiaohmBut you might end up wishing they did.Nov 06 11:37
msb__Severe torture.  Same as US, same as Israel.Nov 06 11:39
msb__The unmistakeable sign of the psychopath in charge of the government.Nov 06 11:40
oiaohmReeducation define of Severe Torture is different to the USA.Nov 06 11:40
oiaohmIe no water boarding.Nov 06 11:40
msb__US sends prisoners to other countries to be, e.g., slowly boiled alive.Nov 06 11:40
oiaohmNo boiling alive either.Nov 06 11:40
MinceRdon't you mean they don't think waterboarding is torture? :>Nov 06 11:41
oiaohmAny torture process that might kill or leave long term harm is not allowed in the china system.Nov 06 11:41
oiaohmSo that drop of water dropping repeated on you head to get you to change mind is legal.Nov 06 11:41
MinceRwhich torture process might not leave long term psychological harm?Nov 06 11:41
oiaohmMore correct long term physical harm or lowing of IQ.Nov 06 11:42
msb__And which "re-education" process?Nov 06 11:42
oiaohmmsb__: basically US and Isreal have more options for torture because if they kill them opps.Nov 06 11:42
oiaohmChina system opps kill them the one doing the torture is now dead.Nov 06 11:43
oiaohmLike breaking of bones is not allowed in the china system either.Nov 06 11:43
oiaohmOf course does don't mean the china torture is going to be a walk in the park.Nov 06 11:44
msb__I think this is the weirdest conversation I've ever seen in techrights!Nov 06 11:44
oiaohmRe-education in china is using any means without doing them physical or IQ harm to change there mind.  Since china wants them back as productive people.Nov 06 11:45
msb__How about screwing giant wood screws into the prisoner's eyeballs?  I'll bet wonderful PRC forbids that too.  Praise be!Nov 06 11:46
oiaohmYep that is forbin.Nov 06 11:46
oiaohmBecause a blind person is expensive to take careoff as well.Nov 06 11:46
oiaohmYou really don't know torture that well.Nov 06 11:46
msb__How about railroad spikes into the brain?Nov 06 11:47
oiaohmYou are aware that the correct electromagic freq can turn on every single pain cell in your complete body.Nov 06 11:47
oiaohmWithout doing your body any damage.Nov 06 11:47
MinceRtranslation: PRC wants to turn them into obedient slaves, not corpsesNov 06 11:47
MinceRso much better!Nov 06 11:47
msb__But not into the brain areas that would prevent them from following work orders.Nov 06 11:47
oiaohmRailroad spikes to brain might kill the subject.Nov 06 11:48
MinceRoiaohm: it might screw up your central nervous system though.Nov 06 11:48
msb__See, MinceR, I knew we could be pals on something!Nov 06 11:48
MinceR:>Nov 06 11:48
oiaohmThe massive pain will cause you to black out.Nov 06 11:48
oiaohmBut no long term damage as long as the level is keept low.  MinceRNov 06 11:48
MinceRit might also cause you to be insensitive to pain on the long term. or worse.Nov 06 11:48
oiaohmA solider than cannot feel pain.Nov 06 11:49
MinceRi didn't catch the "level is kept low" part in "massive pain"Nov 06 11:49
oiaohmIs that always a bady.Nov 06 11:49
MinceRoiaohm: that's a soldier who will accidentally mutilate himself.Nov 06 11:49
oiaohmThe magnetic field power low will not damage human.Nov 06 11:49
MinceRreally, being unable to feel pain is _not_ a good condition.Nov 06 11:49
msb__That's bad.  Soldiers are only supposed to mutilate "the enemy".Nov 06 11:50
oiaohmRepeated exposure may increase tollerence to pain.  msb__Nov 06 11:50
oiaohmBut it does not make the pain sensors non functional MinceRNov 06 11:50
oiaohmSo solider you kick in nuts and he laughs basically but still knows you did kick in nuts enough todo damage.Nov 06 11:51
oiaohmReally is no different to what shallon monks in china do to themselves anyhow MinceRNov 06 11:52
oiaohmRemember we are talking the population of china class of normal.Nov 06 11:52
oiaohmHave a poor felling of pain is normal.Nov 06 11:52
oiaohmmsb__: basically china ways of creating pain are far more creative.Nov 06 11:54
msb__Let's hear it for creativity in torture methods!Nov 06 11:54
oiaohmAt least when people do get out of china torture and get away they still can walk and otherwise function.Nov 06 11:55
oiaohmAnd if the system was stop some time in future the people are still alive to be freed.Nov 06 11:56
msb__And they love Big Brother!Nov 06 11:56
oiaohmReally there are asian countries near china that a lot of people mix up on.Nov 06 11:57
oiaohmworse they are meant to be democaries.Nov 06 11:57
msb__However, since they believe that 2+2=5, they are not able to do accounting work.Nov 06 11:57
oiaohmAnd some of those countries have the ones of people being physically bound to there work areas.  msb__Nov 06 11:58
oiaohmand some cases not being feed proper food either.Nov 06 11:58
oiaohmYes even that the re-education people are being touchered in nasty ways they are still proper feed.Nov 06 11:58
msb__That's important when the time comes to cut them up and sell their organs.Nov 06 11:59
oiaohmThat is one of the interesting things in china.Nov 06 12:00
oiaohmIt don't happen.Nov 06 12:00
oiaohmDoctors does not like the punishment for it.Nov 06 12:00
oiaohmYou get caught cutting up someone and selling there organs.  You will be cut up alive and without pain killers of any form.Nov 06 12:01
oiaohmBasically you have a higher risk in most westen countries of being cut up for organs than in china.Nov 06 12:02
oiaohmOf course this is not true for some of the near by countries.Nov 06 12:02
oiaohmCan you see what I am getting about with china there are more ways to be legally killed than any other country.  msb__Nov 06 12:03
oiaohmFunny part is very few people are legally killed per year compared to the USA.Nov 06 12:03
MinceRoiaohm: it's enough if your central nervous system disregards pain signals as noiseNov 06 12:04
MinceR131251 < msb__> However, since they believe that 2+2=5, they are not able to do accounting work.Nov 06 12:05
MinceRthey could still do accounting in a communist state :>Nov 06 12:05
msb__That would work!Nov 06 12:05
MinceRthey could direct a planned economy. nobody would notice the difference.Nov 06 12:05
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] The problem with #Anonymous - timely thoughts on the people behind *that* mask #guyfawkes #owsNov 06 12:05
TechrightsBot-trTitle: The problem with Anonymous | TechnoLlama .::. Size~: 93.53 KBNov 06 12:05
oiaohmMinceR:  shaolin monks do that to themselves as part of there training.  So that constian pain is only paid attention to.Nov 06 12:05
oiaohmMinceR: Ie pulse right freq worst damage you end up just like a Shaolin monk that the china class as normal.Nov 06 12:06
oiaohmMinceR: but it takes years for the brain to learn to disreguard.Nov 06 12:06
oiaohmmsb__: by the way bad accounting numbers can also equal death in china.Nov 06 12:07
oiaohmmsb__: ie 2+2+5 in books could equal attempting to cook books so dead.Nov 06 12:07
oiaohmOpps 2+2=5Nov 06 12:08
oiaohmYes I really wonder how long heads of USA business would last if they had to operate by china laws of business for a while.Nov 06 12:08
oiaohmA cases like enron or the recent ninga loans in china you would have seen the executioners very busy.Nov 06 12:10
msb__So how did all that melamine get into food exports from China, and the ethylene glycol mixed into the glycerine that killed thousands of children?Nov 06 12:10
oiaohmmsb__: Little nasty fact about china law.Nov 06 12:11
msb__Do tell.Nov 06 12:11
oiaohmI export I kill oversea people I am guilt of nothing.Nov 06 12:11
msb__!!!!!!!Nov 06 12:12
oiaohmThe cases of melamine and glycerine harming people inside china saw a few people facing death row.Nov 06 12:12
oiaohmThe exported cases by china law no one was gulity.Nov 06 12:13
oiaohmCountries importing from china should be aware of this.   So should do heavy quality control on what they get.Nov 06 12:14
oiaohmmsb__: any particular reason why the law is oddly this way.Nov 06 12:14
oiaohmFunny enough a cannon ball is a export when it fired from a cannon to another ship.  msb__Nov 06 12:15
msb__Maybe Chinese law is based on the Talmud.Nov 06 12:15
oiaohmThis is a oddity of Zen.  msb__Nov 06 12:16
msb__What?  Where is the connection with Zen?Nov 06 12:17
oiaohmChina was ruled by Zen Buddists at one time.  msb__Nov 06 12:17
oiaohmThere are still some very strange sections in there laws because of it.Nov 06 12:18
msb__Did Zen Buddhists say it's ok to kill anyone who isn't Chinese?Nov 06 12:18
oiaohmNoNov 06 12:18
oiaohmBut importer is responsable to check quality of goods.Nov 06 12:18
oiaohmNot exporter.Nov 06 12:19
msb__So it's ok for exporter to lie, cheat and kill if he can get away with it?Nov 06 12:19
oiaohmAs long as it not breach of agreement yep.Nov 06 12:19
oiaohmIe if you forgot to put in agreement that product has to be free of comtamination that is your problem as the importer.Nov 06 12:20
msb__And if exporter forgets to put into agreement that if importer is in a bad mood he cannot blow exporter's brains out, then too bad for him?Nov 06 12:22
oiaohmNo that would be direct volicenceNov 06 12:22
msb__But lethal poisoning is OK?Nov 06 12:23
oiaohmBecause you should check if food is poisoned or other ways bad.Nov 06 12:23
oiaohmSo you have a fair chance of not killing yourself.Nov 06 12:23
msb__I swear this is the best IRC channel.  Now I am learning contract law!Nov 06 12:23
msb__But many poisons are undetectible, likewise deadly viruses.Nov 06 12:24
oiaohmThere is part Zen ethics here.  If you know the other party cannot detect it you have to tell them.Nov 06 12:25
oiaohmOr offer to provide the gear to test for it.Nov 06 12:25
msb__So is buyer expected to run every test for poison known to man?Nov 06 12:25
oiaohmAnd not tell them why you offering the gear.Nov 06 12:25
oiaohmBasically yep.  msb__Nov 06 12:26
msb__oiaohm: Come on, you _have_ to be making this stuff up!Nov 06 12:26
MinceRoiaohm: i doubt shaolin monks get constant pain in every part of their bodyNov 06 12:27
oiaohmNow if you wrote in your contract the item had to be provided free of contamination.Nov 06 12:27
oiaohmMinceR: Winter cold triggered they live without heating.  Nov 06 12:27
MinceRif winter cold triggered that in their core, they were already dead.Nov 06 12:27
oiaohmMinceR: If you stay in cold for long enough you pain sensors turn on.Nov 06 12:28
MinceRin your heart?Nov 06 12:28
oiaohmEven in heart.  Of course we are talking a week of exposure +.Nov 06 12:29
oiaohmOf course not cold enough to cause frost bite or other bad problems.Nov 06 12:29
oiaohmMinceR: basically don't pick a fight with a proper born and raised shaolin monk.Nov 06 12:30
MinceRwell, i'm no martial artistNov 06 12:31
oiaohmMinceR:  they also thicken there skin by hitting it to trigger it to grow thicker as well.Nov 06 12:31
msb__I must go now and sit and meditate on how thankful I am not to live in the PRC.  Back in a few.Nov 06 12:32
oiaohmMinceR: human body is design to discourage us staying in the cold.Nov 06 12:33
oiaohmOf course lack of cold tollerance is a disadvantage if you are staking someone out.Nov 06 12:33
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msb__OK, I'm back.Nov 06 12:56
schestowitz\0/Nov 06 12:56
msb__Yes, Roy, gone for a while and see what we've done to your channel!Nov 06 12:57
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schestowitzI read itNov 06 13:00
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cubefc1kf.shNov 06 13:20
MinceR 06 13:33
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msb__  This is super great!  It changed the way I do business!  I laughed so hard I did my business while I was reading it!Nov 06 14:25
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] RT @kuro Occupy Oakland: second Iraq war veteran injured after police clashes #ows !USANov 06 15:34
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Occupy Oakland: second Iraq war veteran injured after police clashes | World news | .::. Size~: 92.11 KBNov 06 15:34
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] Seems the #watchdogpressisdead in Sweden: ... cause & effect: Sweden is the birthplace of the Pirate Party #karmaNov 06 15:43
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] RT @wikileaks2 Karl Rove key consultant for Swedish governing party 06 15:43
TechrightsBot-tr@: Nov 06 15:43
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] Canadian clocks went back last night so I'm not as behind as i might be :) !NaNoWriMo #daylightsavingsisstupidNov 06 15:46
XFaCEI really really dislike DSTNov 06 15:47
XFaCEDiablo-D3: Do you have to put up with it where you are?Nov 06 15:47
Diablo-D3I live in the US.Nov 06 15:49
XFaCEDiablo-D3: Some of US has DST...Nov 06 15:49
Diablo-D3pretty sure all of it does except for like some county in indianaNov 06 15:50
XFaCEDiablo-D3: FunNov 06 15:51
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] Now to see if I can crank out a few thousand words before heading out to Whole-Lotta-Gelata for the 1:00pm !NaNoWriMo write-in #amwritingNov 06 15:51
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*lenngray ( has joined #techrightsNov 06 16:29
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] SEED SAVERS TOUR 2011 - Digressão pelas Sementes Livres | GAIA - #pt #seeds #preppers 06 16:46
TechrightsBot-trTitle: SEED SAVERS TOUR 2011 - Digressão pelas Sementes Livres | GAIA .::. Size~: 38.1 KBNov 06 16:46
*Faither ( has joined #techrightsNov 06 16:55
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rysiek/@rysiek] Why oh why do Polish on-line notebook shops have such dismal search/browse capabilities?..Nov 06 17:03
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[wikileaks2/@wikileaks2] WikiLeaks: La verdadera función del periodismo que es exponer la corrupción y luchar por la justicia 06 17:21
TechrightsBot-tr@: Nov 06 17:21
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[creativecommons/@creativecommons] RT @mozilla: Watch the closing @Mozilla Festival session on Air Mozilla: #mozfest #mozillaNov 06 17:28
TechrightsBot-tr@: Nov 06 17:28
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[silner/@silner] R» @tonybaldwin: Goldman Sachs Threatens Small Community Bank For Banking With #OWS Protestors #OccupyWallStreet - 06 17:38
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Goldman Sachs Threatens Small Community Bank For Banking With OWS Protestors  | MTR .::. Size~: 124.01 KBNov 06 17:38
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riddic-ArmBoxXFaCE: I wouldn't mind DST so much if the US hadn't broken sync with the rest of the worldNov 06 17:41
riddic-ArmBoxthanks to that my oncall shift went from 5am to 5pm last week ... :/Nov 06 17:41
schestowitz"Counterpoint: what will be left of the desktop market in general in five years? Mobile devices seem to be the foreseeable future of computing. Canonical can't rely on enterprise or gamers like Microsoft can for their desktop market. I agree with the article that it's probably too late, and that it threatens to splinter the core product and waste resources, but at this point, it may be a risk they'll have to take."Nov 06 17:51
schestowitz 06 17:51
TechrightsBot-tr@: Nov 06 17:51
schestowitzriddic-ArmBox: yeahNov 06 17:51
schestowitzgets dark here around 5 nowNov 06 17:51
schestowitzand the morning has more light hours, which isn't helping if you sleep till lateNov 06 17:51
schestowitz 06 17:52
schestowitz"Nov 06 17:52
schestowitzIf individuals could still contribute, those who own or run the corporations could still donate in their personal capacity.Nov 06 17:52
schestowitzWhat is needed is state funding of political parties in proportion to the number of seats they hold (and election expenses in proportion to the number of seats they are contesting). Or better still, abolition of political parties so that citizens voted on the policies and track record of the person they are voting for.Nov 06 17:52
schestowitz"Nov 06 17:52
TechrightsBot-tr@: Nov 06 17:53
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*Ziomatrix ( has joined #techrightsNov 06 18:01
schestowitzHi allNov 06 18:02
Ziomatrixwhat's upNov 06 18:04
schestowitzSky and RupertNov 06 18:04
ZiomatrixNews Corp is still imploding in the UK? I think they swept in under the rug quite well stateside.Nov 06 18:07
schestowitzSaved by the "looting"Nov 06 18:09
schestowitzIt got Rupert off the media radar when it was the #1 issue in the newsNov 06 18:09
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[silner/@silner] Damn! Amazon's had a pretty good security rep up till now ~ via +Jack Schofield on Twitter http://w... 06 18:09
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Twitter .::. Size~: 38.79 KBNov 06 18:09
TechrightsBot-trError processing the URLNov 06 18:09
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Silner Wilner - Google+ - Damn! Amazon's had a pretty good security rep up till now ~… .::. Size~: 43.05 KBNov 06 18:09
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*Ziomatrix ( has joined #techrightsNov 06 18:14
ZiomatrixUbuntu latest packaged distro can no longer fit on a CD. What's your opinion on M$, Linux, Mac cross platform software?Nov 06 18:17
*XFaCE has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Nov 06 18:17
Ziomatrixpotential legal issues aside if it's written in a more open language.Nov 06 18:18
Ziomatrixschestowitz: can you repost those links from before?Nov 06 18:19
schestowitzwhich ones specifically? I don't quite follow...Nov 06 18:20
Ziomatrixschestowitz: my client closed before and I was wondering if you posted any news concerning Murdoch?Nov 06 18:27
schestowitzI haven't recentlyNov 06 18:28
schestowitzIt's also outside the scope we focus onNov 06 18:28
schestowitzI wrote about him today.. but i's still a draftNov 06 18:28
Ziomatrixschestowitz: It's great to know one of the most popular desktop distros finally removed Mono.Nov 06 18:30
schestowitz 06 18:35
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Linux Today - Canonical/Ubuntu Considers Dumping Mono From Ubuntu LTS .::. Size~: 56.94 KBNov 06 18:35
iophkThat appears to be just a blog entry, is there a real article on the topic?Nov 06 18:37
*sebsebseb (~3seb@unaffiliated/sebsebseb) has joined #techrightsNov 06 18:41
sebsebsebhiNov 06 18:41
schestowitziophk: ysNov 06 18:42
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[creativecommons/@creativecommons] We helped write the ch. on open data! RT @michaelmaness: 6 chapters, over 20k words for the data journalism handbook in 48 hours #mozfestNov 06 18:43
iophkOne written since the decision to dump the garbage Mono?Nov 06 18:44
iophkThe one linked to from the blog comment is from before the decision.Nov 06 18:44
schestowitzI put some links upNov 06 18:45
schestowitzthe one about triumph over monoNov 06 18:46
schestowitzomgubuntu covered itNov 06 18:46
schestowitzthe site's founder, joeyNov 06 18:46
*Ziomatrix ( has left #techrights ("wIRC")Nov 06 18:47
*_Goblin ( has joined #techrightsNov 06 18:47
sebsebsebschestowitz: Linux Today linked to the one about how Ubuntu may drop Mono/BansheeNov 06 18:47
sebsebsebschestowitz: the first oneNov 06 18:48
sebsebsebschestowitz: from the 4th or whateverNov 06 18:48
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[gotunandan/@gotunandan] There is always a bigger fish (???) 06 18:49
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Vahid A - Google+ .::. Size~: 137.45 KBNov 06 18:49
schestowitzsebsebseb: yes, they missed the one that confirms itNov 06 18:51
sebsebsebschestowitz: yepNov 06 18:51
XFaCEschestowitz: 06 18:51
TechrightsBot-trTitle: CBC's "The National" Opening (March 6, 1991) - George Bush Sr. Postwar Speech Story       - YouTube .::. Size~: 90.57 KBNov 06 18:51
schestowitzI saw it got into their front page through some twitter alertNov 06 18:51
schestowitzXFaCE: thanksNov 06 18:52
XFaCEschestowitz: Err, for the video link?Nov 06 18:52
schestowitzbookmarked for l8erNov 06 18:52
XFaCEkNov 06 18:54
XFaCEhow's it going today?Nov 06 18:54
schestowitzIt's alrightNov 06 18:55
schestowitzspent a lot of my morning chatting to someoneNov 06 18:55
schestowitzThen was out in the sun afternoonNov 06 18:55
schestowitzNow I need to sort some LDAP stuff out, do some research, check contracting stuff...Nov 06 18:55
schestowitzNot exciting thoughNov 06 18:56
schestowitzI have blog posts for tomorrowNov 06 18:56
XFaCESunny there too, huh?Nov 06 18:57
XFaCEGood weather hereNov 06 18:58
sebsebsebXFaCE: schestowitz cold hereNov 06 18:58
schestowitzyes, but..Nov 06 18:59
schestowitzIf you have frontal exposure to the sun, it's tolerableNov 06 18:59
schestowitzI went to 'Salford beach'Nov 06 18:59
schestowitzIt's what they call some parts of the quaysNov 06 18:59
schestowitz 06 19:00
schestowitzNear the BBCNov 06 19:00
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Welcome | MediaCityUK .::. Size~: 16.13 KBNov 06 19:00
schestowitzA very modern area 06 19:01
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Images | MediaCityUK .::. Size~: 9 KBNov 06 19:01
schestowitzHere you can see the 'beach' 06 19:02
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Location | MediaCityUK .::. Size~: 9.81 KBNov 06 19:02
schestowitz"The Quays already attracts millions of visitors each year. The Lowry arts centre – opened in 2000 – is Manchester’s most popular tourist attraction. The area is also home to Old Trafford (Manchester United’s Football Ground), Imperial War Museum North and Lancashire County Cricket Club."Nov 06 19:02
schestowitzThey used to have a crappy siteNov 06 19:02
schestowitzThis one seems to be a revised oneNov 06 19:03
*DaemonFC (~ryan@unaffiliated/daemonfc) has joined #techrightsNov 06 19:18
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[sebsebseb/@sebsebseb] !tzag Evening !IdentiverseNov 06 19:20
DaemonFCI was playing around with the new GNOME ShellNov 06 19:24
DaemonFCFedora seems to be packing in more extensions for people who want multitasking oriented desktops as opposed to application-oriented Nov 06 19:25
DaemonFCthey don't always work well thoughNov 06 19:25
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] I love Sundays: it's when I declare weekly blog bankruptcy, and blat the thousands of posts I've failed to that I can start againNov 06 19:26
DaemonFCOMG Mono blocked me from commentingNov 06 19:39
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] Atlas Shrugged Part 1 (Full Movie) - YouTube - #movies vi@iangeldard 06 19:40
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Atlas Shrugged Part 1 (Full Movie)       - YouTube .::. Size~: 87.39 KBNov 06 19:40
*XFaCE has quit (Quit: Leaving)Nov 06 19:40
DaemonFCThey don't seem to quite grasp how disqus worksNov 06 19:42
DaemonFC:PNov 06 19:42
azalyni hate disqus.Nov 06 19:47
azalyni use noscript, and it's a pain in the ass to enable scripting just for viewing comments.Nov 06 19:47
azalyni really miss the era of websites that 'broke gracefully' when javascript is disabled.Nov 06 19:48
azalynwith fallbacks and what not.Nov 06 19:48
DaemonFCapparently when you say anything bad about Mono, you get blocked Nov 06 19:48
DaemonFCbut they don't seem to be able to remove any comments you already madeNov 06 19:48
iophkDaemonFC: which forum blocks?Nov 06 19:49
DaemonFCOMG UbuntuNov 06 19:49
iophkAh.  Mono guard there tooNov 06 19:49
DaemonFCI didn't use swearing, I didn't use any personal attacksNov 06 19:49
DaemonFCI just stated that Mono was huge, infringed on patents, and was a liabilityNov 06 19:50
DaemonFCand next thing you know, "You have been blocked from commenting on this site"Nov 06 19:50
schestowitzyou devil you!Nov 06 19:51
DaemonFCI guess I will launch a personal attack nowNov 06 19:51
DaemonFCOMG Ubuntu is staffed by a bunch of mono-loving big blubbering vaginasNov 06 19:51
DaemonFCB-)Nov 06 19:51
iophkIt's also a bad imitation of Java.Nov 06 19:52
DaemonFCThey posted a new article on how Banshee can play DVDsNov 06 19:53
DaemonFCwhich isn't newNov 06 19:53
DaemonFCI tried Banshee when it got video support in 2008Nov 06 19:53
schestowitzwho did?Nov 06 19:53
schestowitzDavid?Nov 06 19:53
DaemonFCand played a DVD with isNov 06 19:53
schestowitzHe's part of their teamNov 06 19:53
DaemonFCJoeyNov 06 19:53
schestowitz!google banshee omgubuntuNov 06 19:53
TechrightsBot-tr[1] - OMG! Ubuntu!banshee | OMG! Ubuntu! | 06 19:53
TechrightsBot-tr[2] - OMG! Ubuntu! | Everything Ubuntu. Daily. | 06 19:53
TechrightsBot-tr[3] - Banshee 1.9.0 released - OMG! Ubuntu! | 06 19:53
TechrightsBot-tr[4] - Banshee becomes Ubuntu 11.04 default music player - OMG! Ubuntu! | 06 19:53
azalynDaemonFC: that's sexist.Nov 06 19:53
DaemonFCanyway, this article was from todayNov 06 19:53
DaemonFCsuggesting it's a new featureNov 06 19:53
DaemonFC 06 19:53
schestowitzazalyn: it is, but DaemonFC isn't pcNov 06 19:53
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Banshee Adds DVD Playback .::. Size~: 33.38 KBNov 06 19:53
azalynyou can diss them if you want, but you don't have to hate women in the process.Nov 06 19:54
*schestowitz nodsNov 06 19:54
azalynschestowitz: i'm not 'pc' either.Nov 06 19:54
schestowitzazalyn: DaemonFC is gay, so he likes making fun of female anatomyNov 06 19:54
azalyni'm bi.Nov 06 19:54
schestowitznpNov 06 19:54
azalynbeing gay doesn't mean you have to be a jerk. ;PNov 06 19:55
schestowitzDiablo-D3 also uses such languageNov 06 19:55
DaemonFCJoey Sneddon is a Dawn by proxyNov 06 19:55
schestowitzin the past we had a bot autoban peole who use swear wordsNov 06 19:55
DaemonFChe'll hop into bed with anything that gets near UbuntuNov 06 19:55
DaemonFCand shave its backNov 06 19:55
schestowitzbut we disabled itNov 06 19:55
schestowitzDaemonFC: tackle his argument, don't insult himNov 06 19:56
schestowitzJoey is actually OKNov 06 19:56
DaemonFCbeing polite gets you bannedNov 06 19:56
schestowitzCompared to others from that siteNov 06 19:56
azalynthe oracle v google thing regarding java shows that we probably shouldn't trust java either.Nov 06 19:56
azalyni think all these 'frameworks' are more trouble than they are worth.Nov 06 19:56
schestowitzpython is also a bit of a frameworkNov 06 19:56
schestowitzwe need more machine codeNov 06 19:57
schestowitzoctave is also a frameworkNov 06 19:57
azalyni like the vala/genie approach. just use a preprocessor. you still get a nice more user friendly language.. but it's compiled, and implemented on top of CNov 06 19:57
azalyn(and glib)Nov 06 19:57
azalyni don't really like python much either.. it's been slow for me.. over the years. all of these managed code languages, and interpreters, seem to always screw with my memory usage.Nov 06 19:58
azalynso do the javascript VMs in browsers. which is why i like using noscript.Nov 06 19:58
DaemonFC"GTK+ 3, GTK+ 2, GTK# 2, QT4. Then there's the libnux crap. They're trying not to default to having useful applications like Cheese because that would bring in all of Clutter which GNOME Shell is based on but Unity is not." <snip> -meNov 06 20:00
DaemonFCon UbuntuNov 06 20:00
azalyni've started to suspect recently that maybe i have some kind of motherboard bug or something.. because my laptop doesn't seem to exhibit the same slowdown problems...Nov 06 20:00
azalyneven so, only garbage collected languages seem to screw up on my main PC. anything written in C or another compiled language performs better.Nov 06 20:00
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lxoliva/@lxoliva] @wikileaks2 why, of course! assassinating one of the minions is no big deal, it's getting at the masterminds that hurtsNov 06 20:01
amarsh04azalyn - it could be cache or memory controller constraints when lots of memory has to be addressed in a short space of timeNov 06 20:03
amarsh04I prefer compiled code. This machine is stuck on an old version of python because a library for a program I use stopped working for me with later releasesNov 06 20:04
amarsh04python doesn't handle versioning of libraries so wellNov 06 20:05
azalyni don't think it's just that... i think something is defective. because it's just kind of broken..Nov 06 20:06
azalynboth my laptop and desktop use AMD cpu's from around the same era.. they're both AMD64, based on the same microarchitecture.Nov 06 20:07
azalynand yet the laptop doesn't have the issue.Nov 06 20:07
azalynmemory controller is integrated into the cpu.. so unless the desktop cpu is defective, not sure what could be the issue.Nov 06 20:07
azalynwhen i run memtest, i don't get any errors or problems.Nov 06 20:07
amarsh04oh, ok...Nov 06 20:08
azalynthe only symptom is that when i have a lot of tabs open in the browser on the desktop machine, and/or lots of python apps, or java apps... everything just gets really slow, and the mouse starts lagging and such.Nov 06 20:08
azalynand of course, enabling javascript in the browser worsens the issue a lot. so it really seems to be specific to applications that have garbage collection of some sort..Nov 06 20:10
azalynthat seems to be the only common indicator. and yet my laptop is immune. i have less memory on this laptop, and yet it runs surprisingly well, and is consistently responsive.Nov 06 20:10
amarsh04you haven't tried re-creating the swap space for the desktop machine?Nov 06 20:11
azalyni used to think it was proprietary nvidia drivers back in the day.. but this laptop is using them, and like i said, it's fine here.Nov 06 20:12
azalynamarsh04: i've reinstalled the desktop several times.. this problem has been present across three different installs.Nov 06 20:12
azalynthe last time i tried just eliminating swap entirely. since i figured swap was causing it..Nov 06 20:12
amarsh04oh, ok...Nov 06 20:12
azalynon my most recent install, i have swap again now.Nov 06 20:13
azalyni did discover that my desktop nvidia card had defective vram. and i thought that was the cause. but now i've since switched to a radeon 4850... and the issue still haunts me..Nov 06 20:14
azalynit could be a coincidence.. perhaps the ati drivers just suck at managing video memory.. and the nvidia drivers only broke because of my bad vram..Nov 06 20:16
azalynbut that would be an extraordinary coincidence.. to have the same symptoms caused by two different problems on different video cards.Nov 06 20:16
*jono ( has joined #techrightsNov 06 20:17
*jono has quit (Changing host)Nov 06 20:17
*jono (~jono@ubuntu/member/jono) has joined #techrightsNov 06 20:17
azalyni'm going to try switching to opensource radeon drivers soon. to see if that improves things..Nov 06 20:17
amarsh04I've only run the open source radeon driversNov 06 20:18
amarsh04good support in #radeonNov 06 20:18
azalyni have a gaming machine now, with a radeon hd 6950.Nov 06 20:20
azalynso i've been thinking it would be a good idea to start using opensource drivers on my desktop.Nov 06 20:20
azalyni also have another motherboard. i could try switching boards. i'm worried the other motherboard may not have AMD-V support though.. hopefully i'm wrong.Nov 06 20:20
azalynit's a pretty crappy board, but it does support everything i need.Nov 06 20:21
*DaemonFC has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)Nov 06 20:22
azalynwell.. assuming it has amd-v.Nov 06 20:22
azalynswitching motherboards is a pain in the ass as you know. so it would be lots of trouble to go through only to find out that it doesn't support it.Nov 06 20:22
amarsh04I've stayed away from doing more than switching cards, disks and ramNov 06 20:23
amarsh04must go...Nov 06 20:24
schestowitzlater mateNov 06 20:27
azalynideally i wouldn't mind getting one of those fancy new 'amd fusion' desktops.Nov 06 20:29
azalynlike the AMD A8-3800Nov 06 20:29
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[sebsebseb/@sebsebseb] Read on !Mageia blog on 22nd that #Mageia 2 is being delayed: I think it's the right thing to do so that it can be released with #Gnome 3.4!Nov 06 20:29
Diablo-D3[02:56:29] <azalyn> the oracle v google thing regarding java shows that we probably shouldn't trust java either.Nov 06 20:30
sebsebsebwell at least one of those has comei n here ^ the other two didn'tNov 06 20:30
Diablo-D3it depends how you define javaNov 06 20:30
Diablo-D3oracle doesnt own javaNov 06 20:30
Diablo-D3sun already screwed oracle on thatNov 06 20:30
Diablo-D3its not about software licenses or patentsNov 06 20:31
azalyncpu is a bit weak, but slightly better than what i have, so i'd be fine with it. but the gpu in that chip is apparently one of the best integrated gpus out there.Nov 06 20:31
Diablo-D3its about letting people use it.Nov 06 20:31
Diablo-D3azalyn: btw, yes, the fusions are nice if you need a low number of chipsNov 06 20:31
Diablo-D3its kind of pointless in a desktop thoughNov 06 20:31
Diablo-D3a 970 board from a reputable vendor + the slowest athlon II x2 is cheaperNov 06 20:32
azalyni want low power use.Nov 06 20:33
azalyni like that these are 65watts.Nov 06 20:34
azalynor the one i mentioned. the 3800Nov 06 20:34
azalyna8-3800Nov 06 20:34
*DaemonFC (~ryan@unaffiliated/daemonfc) has joined #techrightsNov 06 20:34
azalynand now that i remember... it's actually far more powerful than my current cpu, not slightly.. since it's a quad core, and i have a dual core right now.Nov 06 20:34
schestowitzI have a virus on my system, adobe readerNov 06 20:34
schestowitzHow do I delete this easily and cleanly?Nov 06 20:35
schestowitzit's slow like molasses... and okular is betterNov 06 20:35
schestowitzall my applications use it by defauly, but plasma is doing stupid and opens PDF from folderview with readerNov 06 20:35
schestowitzdoesn't seem to obey standard KDE file association, uses other configsNov 06 20:36
abeNd-orgi like foxit pdf (on windows), tabbed interfaceNov 06 20:36
azalynoh, and it's 32nm. vs my current 65nm cpu.Nov 06 20:36
schestowitzabeNd-org: okular works on Linux and has feature parity almostNov 06 20:36
schestowitzreader uses ugly gtk and has tabsNov 06 20:36
azalynyou sure it's not motif? lulzNov 06 20:37
schestowitznope, they fixed it, I thinkNov 06 20:37
schestowitzold one was bad enoughNov 06 20:37
azalynhow did it get on the system in the first place?Nov 06 20:37
schestowitzThey they outsourced to IndiaNov 06 20:37
schestowitzAnd it was made bloated but at least with feature parityNov 06 20:37
azalyni use evince.Nov 06 20:37
schestowitzit's goodNov 06 20:37
schestowitzbut I prefr qtNov 06 20:37
Diablo-D3azalyn: the slowest athlon II x2 + a 970 is even lower powerNov 06 20:37
schestowitzthey probably share the rendering engineNov 06 20:37
schestowitzSun open-soruced one, no idea if it's used mucNov 06 20:38
schestowitz*muchNov 06 20:38
azalyni usually use gtk apps, but i will use qt if there is a really good app.Nov 06 20:38
schestowitzk3b?Nov 06 20:38
azalynmy bittorrent client is a qt4 app. qBittorrentNov 06 20:38
schestowitznot ktorrent?Nov 06 20:38
schestowitzit's the only oneI ever used... for legit stuffNov 06 20:38
azalynfor burning CDs, i've just been using cdrecord on the command line.. oddly enough.. for writing images it's super easy..Nov 06 20:38
azalynjust 'cdrecord -dao blah.iso'Nov 06 20:39
azalynand enter.Nov 06 20:39
schestowitz!google cdrecord gplNov 06 20:39
TechrightsBot-tr[1] - Cdrtools - why do Linux distributions ... - Cdrtools (Cdrecord) - BerliOS | 06 20:39
TechrightsBot-tr[2] - InfraRecorder | 06 20:39
TechrightsBot-tr[3] - cdrtools - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | 06 20:39
TechrightsBot-tr[4] - cdrecord - how the distributors are responding [] | 06 20:39
azalyni used to use k3b sometimes.. i had it here on my laptop, but it had weird issues.Nov 06 20:39
Diablo-D3deluge > *Nov 06 20:39
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[sebsebseb/@sebsebseb] Just re did 2 !Mageia #Mageia dents from Wednesday October 26th. Hopefully #Identica doesn't all of a sudden lose loads of sent dents again!Nov 06 20:39
Diablo-D3and btw, schestowitz, cdrecord is deadNov 06 20:40
*iophk has quit (Quit: Leaving.)Nov 06 20:40
Diablo-D3it was replaced with wodimNov 06 20:40
azalynschestowitz: i don't actually use the cdrtools package. i use cdrkit. but i still use the 'cdrecord' symlink as the command.Nov 06 20:40
azalyni'm just used to it.Nov 06 20:40
schestowitzblech, ms hired HoppeNov 06 20:40
schestowitzso now I ead a paper co-wrriten with himNov 06 20:40
azalyni don't see why commands have to change names. that's just silly.Nov 06 20:40
azalynthat's like saying that 'sed' should've changed it's command to something else because 'sed' is from at&t unix..Nov 06 20:41
msb__azalyn: what distro, DE, brand of display card/chip are you using? Nov 06 20:41
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[silner/@silner] R» @sebsebseb: Read on #Mageia blog, 22nd #Mageia 2 being delayed: I think it's the right thing 2 do so it can be released with #Gnome 3.4Nov 06 20:41
azalynfilenames are not trademarks. and i doubt they could be covered by trademark law.Nov 06 20:41
azalynor commands.Nov 06 20:41
schestowitzlameNov 06 20:42
schestowitz:-)Nov 06 20:42
*iophk (~unknown@unaffiliated/iophk) has joined #techrightsNov 06 20:42
schestowitzgimpNov 06 20:42
iophkUse wodim instead of cdrecordNov 06 20:42
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[silner/@silner] R» @chicagonpg: Good 2 see Linux Mint #1 on Distrowatch « Been like that 4 most of last 4 months, bar Ubuntu 11.10 post release week, no?Nov 06 20:43
azalynmsb__: on the desktop with the problems? gentoo. xfce. radeon hd 4800. -- i've also had the same problems white using kde3, and the previous video card was an nvidia card and had the same issue.Nov 06 20:43
msb__azalyn: do you run a system monitor like the one from kde4?Nov 06 20:43
azalynhm, i don't think so..Nov 06 20:44
*iophk has quit (Client Quit)Nov 06 20:44
azalynactually it's a radeon hd 4850, sorry.Nov 06 20:44
msb__That will tell you cpu, ram, swap usage.Nov 06 20:44
msb__azalyn: So you can see what's used up when it slows down.Nov 06 20:45
azalynall i know is that whenever i've had issues, killing firefox always made it better. or chromium.. or all python apps, etc..Nov 06 20:45
msb__azalyn: It's called ksysguard, lives in /usr/bin/ksysguardNov 06 20:46
azalynbrowsers seem to cause the issue more often because i keep lots of tabs open..Nov 06 20:46
azalynlike i said though, i suspect this is a hardware issue, not a software one.Nov 06 20:47
msb__That will cause Firefix to take a lot of cpu every 6 seconds or so.Nov 06 20:47
azalynbecause this laptop under the same kinds of workload never slows down.Nov 06 20:47
azalyneven a bit.Nov 06 20:47
msb__Please install and run that monitor, it's an enormous help in diagnosis.Nov 06 20:47
azalyneven for hardware issues?Nov 06 20:48
msb__YepNov 06 20:48
msb__Without it, you don't know what your system is doing.Nov 06 20:48
msb__ksysguard ver. 4.6.0Nov 06 20:48
msb__or 4.6.00Nov 06 20:49
azalynDiablo-D3: as i mentioned, i have issues with interpreted apps, that's why i don't use deluge anymore. i used to.Nov 06 20:49
msb__It also shows a ps readout, and tells you how much ram and cpu various apps are using.Nov 06 20:49
azalyni also used to use ktorrent. but i gave up on it after awhile.. i don't recall why, i just didn't like it.Nov 06 20:49
azalynqBittorrent is very much like uttorrent, and it's multiplatform, so i can use it on all systems.Nov 06 20:50
azalynmsb__: and it has 45 dependencies... :|Nov 06 20:50
msb__are you lacking in system disk space?Nov 06 20:50
azalynno, i'm just ocd.Nov 06 20:51
msb__Well, take a pill and install it.  8^)Nov 06 20:51
msb__You can always yank it out later.Nov 06 20:52
Diablo-D3azalyn: meh, it worksNov 06 20:52
Diablo-D3at leastNov 06 20:52
Diablo-D3its the least shittyNov 06 20:52
Diablo-D3I was running utorrent for awhile in wine, but it broke for some reasonNov 06 20:53
*lenngray has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)Nov 06 20:53
msb__I like vuze.Nov 06 20:53
azalynmsb__: are you trolling? :PNov 06 20:53
msb__For what?Nov 06 20:53
msb__Is vuze politically incorrect?Nov 06 20:54
azalynit's probably one of the most hated clients.Nov 06 20:54
azalynbecause of bloat.Nov 06 20:54
msb__Really?  Why?Nov 06 20:54
azalynand some people think they've sold out by turning it into some kind of media service or whatever.Nov 06 20:54
azalynbut really, it's mostly the bloat.Nov 06 20:54
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rysiek/@rysiek] ♻ @wikileaks: Klu Klux Klan good, WikiLeaks bad, says MasterCard and VISA more info: 06 20:54
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[mrdenticator/@mrdenticator] Yesterday top #statustician is marjoleink with 107 dents!Nov 06 20:54
TechrightsBot-tr@: Nov 06 20:54
msb__Well, it has a lot of features.Nov 06 20:55
azalyneven azureus before it was considered a huge pile of bloat.Nov 06 20:55
azalynutorrent has all of the important stuff that azureus had, and is so much lighter.Nov 06 20:55
msb__I have 8GB of ram and plenty of disk, never go into swap, so bloat is a non-issue for me.Nov 06 20:56
msb__oops, brbNov 06 20:56
DaemonFCRyan FarmerNov 06 20:57
DaemonFCSince most people don't seem to understand, I'll spell it out.Nov 06 20:57
DaemonFCThere's no legal way to use anything that needs libdvdcss under US law, this includes Banshee "DVD playback".Nov 06 20:57
DaemonFCSpecifically.Nov 06 20:57
DaemonFC17 U.S.C. §§ 512, 1201–1205Nov 06 20:57
DaemonFC 06 20:57
TechrightsBot-trError processing the URL: HTTP/1.1 404 Not FoundNov 06 20:57
DaemonFCUnless you want to commit a US felony, you can't use or distribute libdvdcss.Nov 06 20:57
DaemonFCThe only licensed players that can descramble the css encryption on a DVD are:Nov 06 20:57
DaemonFCLinDVD (Sold to OEMs only)Nov 06 20:57
DaemonFCFluendo DVD Player (Which is like $30 iirc and it a player, not a library that can be used by Banshee.)Nov 06 20:57
DaemonFCThere's no legal way to use Banshee in the United States, to play commercially sold DVDs thanks to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act cited above. In this regard, it's also illegal to use mplayer, or VLC to do the same.Nov 06 20:57
DaemonFCBanshee can operate without libdvdcss, it can't play DVDs.Nov 06 20:57
DaemonFCVLC can operate without libdvdcss, but it can't play DVDs/Nov 06 20:57
DaemonFCMplayer can operate without libdvdcss, it can't play DVDs.Nov 06 20:57
DaemonFCIf you want to move on from criminal law (the kind that sends you to prison) to civil law (the kind that can get you sued), you can move on to patent infringing codecs (unless you bought a license from Fluendo or live in a country that doesn't recognize US patents, there's no way around this.) and the Microsoft patents that Mono infringes (Banshee requires Mono.Nov 06 20:57
DaemonFCUsing Banshee to play DVDs involve:Nov 06 20:57
DaemonFCA US felony.Nov 06 20:57
DaemonFCInfringement of patents on MPEG-2, a52, mp3, and Mono.Nov 06 20:57
DaemonFCUsing anything else seems to involve:Nov 06 20:57
DaemonFCA US felony.Nov 06 20:57
DaemonFCInfringements of patents on MPEG-2, a52, and mp3.Nov 06 20:57
DaemonFCAnd a partridge in a pear tree.Nov 06 20:57
DaemonFCI eagerly welcome comments unlike the snivelling little weasel that likes to ban people for stating the truth, even when it poops their party. ;)Nov 06 20:57
azalynmsb__: i have 4GB of ram.Nov 06 20:58
azalynand given my aforementioned problems on the desktop, it's not a matter of 'how much' memory. i could have 32 GB and i would likely still have the same issues.Nov 06 20:58
azalynso personally i try to stay away from non-compiled apps as much as possible.Nov 06 20:58
azalynwith my next pc build, i hope to get that amd fusion A8-3800 i mentioned earlier. and maybe a 2x4GB ram kit.Nov 06 20:59
azalynDaemonFC: it's questionable whether any .net patents would stand up in court.Nov 06 21:02
azalynwith java we're lucky in a way that there is now a court case to decide the matterNov 06 21:03
DaemonFCit still involves a US felony to play back DVDs on Linux without lindvd or fluendo dvdNov 06 21:03
azalynsince it means that if google wins, then it pretty much sets a precedent that java is officially open.Nov 06 21:03
DaemonFCno matter what your software of choice isNov 06 21:03
DaemonFCor how you will use itNov 06 21:03
azalynsure, but that may not stand up in court either. the dmca has weakened. the iphone jailbreaking case showed that users *can* circumvent digital locks as long as they're not doing it to violate copyright or anything.Nov 06 21:04
azalynthe PS2 jailbreaking case might go a similar road, and strengthen that precedent.Nov 06 21:05
azalynfrom there, it would only take a few more cases to completely crush the DMCA's power.Nov 06 21:05
DaemonFCI like it when the envelope gets pushed, I'm just not sure I want to be the defendant Nov 06 21:06
azalynthat's true.Nov 06 21:06
azalynbut shuttleworth could presumably defend such a case in court.Nov 06 21:06
azalynalthough perhaps he'd prefer to play it safe.Nov 06 21:06
azalynin the case of the DVD format, it's a lot easier to argue that there is no harm in distributing the library, because CSS is completely broken, we essentially have the private signing keys.. it's not like blu-ray where they have key revocation and bd+Nov 06 21:08
azalynwith dvd, nothing will fix the drm, it's just officially broken forever. so the prosecution would have a difficult case to make.. they'd have to argue that stopping users from playing their legally purchased discs is worth it even though the cryptography is broken.Nov 06 21:09
azalynit's an impossible case to argue.Nov 06 21:09
schestowitzDaemonFC: did the omg'ers delete your commands?Nov 06 21:11
schestowitz*comments?Nov 06 21:11
schestowitzor just the account?Nov 06 21:11
DaemonFCno, they blocked one of my google accounts from posting moreNov 06 21:11
DaemonFClameNov 06 21:11
DaemonFCI just used anotherNov 06 21:11
msb__azalyn: Firefox takes more cpu and ram when flash is active.  You can kill flash by doing     killall plugin-containerNov 06 21:16
msb__azalyn: Next time you got to a flashy page, or reload one you're on, flash will be reloaded.Nov 06 21:17
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laforge/@laforge] #dhl claims to have delivered a parcel to me personally at my apartment on nov 3rd, despite me having been in stockholm from 2nd to 4th :(Nov 06 21:18
DaemonFCFedora 17 is removing the GNOME Fallback modeNov 06 21:30
DaemonFCbecause upstream GNOME 3.4 isNov 06 21:30
DaemonFCnow that the shell can work with llvmpipe, they don't feel the Fallback mode is neededNov 06 21:30
DaemonFCjono: Since llvmpipe could most likely run Unity, you figuring on dropping Unity 2d and freeing up a bunch of space? :)Nov 06 21:31
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[sebsebseb/@sebsebseb] !Mageia #Ubuntu !Mandriva !Mint !PCLOS !Fedora are the #Linux #distros I am most interested in these days when it comes to what's going on!Nov 06 21:31
sebsebsebDaemonFC: can already  virtual machine Unity since 11.04 if set up rightNov 06 21:32
sebsebsebget something from repoNov 06 21:32
sebsebseband can do itNov 06 21:32
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[pietercolpaert/@pietercolpaert] RT @ pietercolpaert: @bobvdv @Tuinslak zal die zo meteen doorsturen :)Nov 06 21:49
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[silner/@silner] MT @GeordieGuy: routinely, 3rd party services monitor trends and the result is like Twtitter's trends but w/ controversial stuff back inNov 06 22:08
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rysiek/@rysiek] and should I get an ATI/AMD, a nVidia or an integrated Intel HD 3000?.. help, !lazyweb !debian !linuxNov 06 22:09
azalynATI/AMD ^Nov 06 22:22
azalynmsb__: i'm well aware of that. that's why i use noscript.Nov 06 22:22
azalyni regularly kill the flash plugin, in both chromium and firefox. whenever i *do* allow it. (like on youtube)Nov 06 22:23
azalynfor chromium, i even came up with a one-liner so i can do it on demand.Nov 06 22:23
azalynkill `pgrep -f chrom.*flash`Nov 06 22:24
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azalynwhich gets the process id automatically and then kills it. :)Nov 06 22:24
msb__Hmm, never heard of prgrep.  Thanks!Nov 06 22:25
Kryczekah, windows stuffNov 06 22:31
azalynmsb__: comes bundled in the same package as ps, free, and top.Nov 06 22:33
azalynso you should already have it.Nov 06 22:33
msb__I do, just never heard of it.Nov 06 22:33
msb__Kinda wrote my own, with ps and grep.Nov 06 22:34
azalynlulzNov 06 22:34
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MinceRgnNov 06 23:00
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schestowitznnNov 06 23:29
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