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schestowitzjust been chatting to someone from the NHS...Dec 02 02:24
schestowitz"Dec 02 02:24
schestowitz> Your job/ jobs sound quite exciting.Dec 02 02:24
schestowitzDepends which job. The most profitable one is actually very easy but potentially boring. Sometimes it only requires that I stay awake and pass time (e.g. by reading) unless or until there is an event that needs my intervention. I have held this type of job since I was 20. It's based on particular skills -- once that are not required persistently. Contrariwise, research work is stimulating, rewarding, and open-ended, but like most Dec 02 02:24
schestowitzacademic jobs it cannot match "industry" in terms of pay and the number of work hours expected is sometimes higher than what's officially stated (completely the opposite of the former type), e.g. reviewing journal papers, helping students, communication among peers. The latter is more professionally unique and can help created new businesses (offshoots/startups), so it would be unwise to give up on. It also requires many years of Dec 02 02:24
schestowitzstudying and training, not just industrial experience (which is peripheral to quantifiable qualification, publications list, reputation, etc).Dec 02 02:24
schestowitzAcademics are both cynical and eccentric about many things because many do sincerely take pleasure in what they do but they also know the creases and folks, not to mention areas of occasional corruption (like dodgy award-granting).Dec 02 02:24
schestowitz> I work for s private non-for-profit organisation commissioned by the nhs.Dec 02 02:24
schestowitzI can totally relate :-)Dec 02 02:24
schestowitz'Dec 02 02:24
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schestowitz"Dec 02 08:18
schestowitz> I was brought up in an academic setting as my dad is an academic and soDec 02 08:18
schestowitz> is my brother. My dad is a scientist in its entirety; my brotherDec 02 08:18
schestowitz> however; similarly to yourself ( correct me if I am wrong) isDec 02 08:18
schestowitz> linking his work at Academia with quite a lucrative business based onDec 02 08:18
schestowitz> the findings of his research.Dec 02 08:18
schestowitz> Neither of them can be labelled as typical academics ( the stereotype).Dec 02 08:19
schestowitz> My dad is the most down to earth person and takes pleasures out of lifeDec 02 08:19
schestowitz> wherever he can, at the same time he works and writes and publishesDec 02 08:19
schestowitz> articles most nights. My parents travel a lot, play tennis, swim, skiDec 02 08:19
schestowitz> and do all sorts, they are as far from boring as it gets:)Dec 02 08:19
schestowitz>  Dec 02 08:19
schestowitz>  Dec 02 08:19
schestowitz> What can you relate to?? working for a non-for profit organisation or NHS ??Dec 02 08:19
schestowitzA lot of what I do is non-for profit in nature. I promote some causes at great expense and personal sacrifice, but it is rewarding to be - say - in the front page of a magazine and to be thanked by strangers. Academia does not bring much of the fulfilment people are led to believe in because journals and conference papers/proceedings have a very narrow scope, a very small target audience (tiny even!), and they require a massive Dec 02 08:19
schestowitzamount of work to compile and maintain. For me, publishing online comes first (I wrote nearly 20,000 blog posts in 5 years) and the welfare/wellbeing of people is a matter of precedence in research, too. My background is in MRI, CT, etc. (mostly brain analysis) although some projects may vary and there is dependence on funding. The 5-year ERC grant I am on seems to favour causes I don't believe in, even if these are favourable to my Dec 02 08:19
schestowitzcareer, Thus the occasional cynicism. :-)Dec 02 08:19
schestowitz"Dec 02 08:19
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schestowitz "artists can use many media.... even dust."Dec 02 23:51
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