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IRC: #boycottnovell-social @ FreeNode: December 3rd, 2011

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schestowitzYouTube is changing the layout of all channels now.Dec 03 00:14
schestowitzMine:Dec 03 00:14
schestowitz 03 00:14
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schestowitz"Dec 03 08:45
schestowitzMoved to Ex online about 6 months ago from very crappy hosting co. Not my first choice but I don't get final say, 40 accounts at the moment. The problem with the ex online was started when the company we had move us setup a account to act as main contact point and they never setup a fwd so someone would get the email notices. Then the owner killed the CC used for the billing and didn't let me know to change it. Ex online sent Dec 03 08:45
schestowitzemail notices but they were never read (no fwd) so we found out when they disabled all the accounts Thursday AM except mine (The joys of being Admin). What is most annoying are the emails that they send. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.Dec 03 08:45
schestowitzDear Xxx XxxxxxDec 03 08:45
schestowitzIt has been my pleasure to work with you. This is a response to your question in service request xxxxxx-xxxxxx, described below.Dec 03 08:45
schestowitzPer our conversation, you called in to find out why your Administration Center is disabled and you are unable to manage your users. I want to let you know that I am working diligently on your issue, and resolved it right away. I will contact you right away once issue has been resolved. This common issue may take up to 3 to 5 days but usually resolve rather quickly. If I am unable to reach you by phone, I will leave a Dec 03 08:45
schestowitzvoicemail and send an email. If you have any questions, please take action with my direct phone number and extension below.Dec 03 08:45
schestowitzNow that I have resolved your issue today, with your permission I will be closing this Service Request. However, if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this particular matter you may contact us back within 14 days and we will be happy to reopen the SR. If you contact us back beyond 14 days, we will create a new SR."Dec 03 08:45
schestowitzSincerely,Dec 03 08:45
schestowitzXxxxxxxDec 03 08:45
schestowitz"Dec 03 08:45
schestowitz 03 08:45
TechrightsSocial@: Dec 03 08:45
schestowitz"Dec 03 08:46
schestowitzSpoken to upper management about migrating?Dec 03 08:46
schestowitzHow many accounts?Dec 03 08:46
schestowitzFrom kde-pim to Exim4-Heavy and similar, there's any number of programmes and server OS's more stable, secure and consistent to do the job.Dec 03 08:46
schestowitz"Dec 03 08:46
schestowitz"Dec 03 08:46
schestowitzThe only problem you have is management and it isn't going away.Dec 03 08:46
schestowitzI'd be looking round.Dec 03 08:46
schestowitzkde-pim and groupware would handle all your needs standing on its ear.Dec 03 08:46
schestowitz"Dec 03 08:46
schestowitz"Dec 03 08:46
schestowitzThe owners are good, first slip in +3 years and IT is one of my lower jobs.Dec 03 08:46
schestowitzNon windows for users is not an option, to much needed software that is windows only. they also wont run under Wine/Crossover.Dec 03 08:46
schestowitz"Dec 03 08:46
MinceRschestowitz: pongDec 03 10:46
schestowitzName a US politician who created or invented somethingDec 03 13:14
oiaohmschestowitz: Dr. Benjamin FranklinDec 03 13:16
oiaohmschestowitz: I guess mean limit to living?Dec 03 13:17
schestowitzyeahDec 03 13:17
schestowitzMcCain was a war veteranDec 03 13:18
schestowitzBut killing people is not creationDec 03 13:18
schestowitzI'm sure there are some, I just can't think of any at the moment. Ron Paul was a GP, but this is services.Dec 03 13:19
oiaohmNormally inentors and politicians don't mix in any country.Dec 03 13:22
oiaohmPoliticician have too much red tap for inventors likings.Dec 03 13:22
schestowitzprobably, but that ought to be pointed out and something be done about itDec 03 13:23
oiaohmCongress in the USA does run a yearly award for the best inventions of the year.Dec 03 13:24
schestowitz 03 13:26
TechrightsSocialTitle: European court advisor slams software copyrights • The Register .::. Size~: 26.51 KBDec 03 13:26
schestowitzthe invention part should not be a preconditionDec 03 13:27
schestowitzIts absence is a symptom thoughDec 03 13:27
schestowitzDumb people who are good at speaking and not at actually doing run nationsDec 03 13:27
schestowitzAnd it looks as expected, piss-poorDec 03 13:27
MinceRsmart people might not be so interested in running statesDec 03 13:32
schestowitzRunning states is for people with a small pecker perhapsDec 03 13:34
schestowitzThe rest can just live their lives without obsessing over their insecuritiesDec 03 13:35
abeNd-orgrunning a state is for those who thought simcity/populous/master of orion was not enough for themDec 03 14:22
schestowitz 03 14:46
TechrightsSocialTitle: 451 CAOS Theory » Ubuntu on the move more than in decline .::. Size~: 50.64 KBDec 03 14:46
schestowitzNotice that Canonical staff is very sensitive to it being mentionedDec 03 14:46
schestowitzmaybe afraid about their jobsDec 03 14:46
schestowitzSaying it's declining leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy situationDec 03 14:46
schestowitzand Ubuntu has been dethroned now, while according to MS measures Linux gains share on the desktop as a wholeDec 03 14:46
oiaohmReally the trend top 10 distrobutions holding the most keeps on growing.Dec 03 14:47
schestowitzquite the headline: 03 14:58
TechrightsSocialTitle: Linux News: Mobile Apps: Can't Find the Bathroom? Just Ask Google .::. Size~: 62.87 KBDec 03 14:58
schestowitzoiaohm: what about the overall numbers?Dec 03 14:59
oiaohmIf you look at the distrowatch numbers the flow of percentages are heading most of the time to the top 10Dec 03 15:00
oiaohmOk its going to be a long while yet until the top are spliting 50 percent of the market.Dec 03 15:01
oiaohmBut that is the path its heading on.Dec 03 15:01
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schestowitz 03 15:46
TechrightsSocialTitle: Why Hasn't Google Put ChromeOS Out to Pasture? .::. Size~: 46.04 KBDec 03 15:46

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