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schestowitz "Bad Apple"Dec 16 00:45
TechrightsSocial@: Dec 16 00:45
schestowitz"can you pass the rss for Miro?"Dec 16 00:46
schestowitz"you can get any youtubers videos in rss feed and add them to miro. I think I did it with this but if that doesnt work just search it with your favourite, privacy respecting search engine."Dec 16 00:46
TechrightsSocialError processing the URL: HTTP/1.0 403 ForbiddenDec 16 00:46
schestowitz "many Thanks it works!"Dec 16 00:46
TechrightsSocial@: Dec 16 00:46
schestowitzPotholer is one of my fav youtubers among 100 or so that I am subscribed to. He's a former journo. He also has a channel called potholderdebunks where he's more loose. I watched all his videos.Dec 16 00:47
schestowitz"Rotten to the core. " 16 00:59
TechrightsSocial@: Dec 16 00:59
qu1j0t3schestowitz: "Fortune (November, 1949) offers "A Key to the Automatic Factory" in pointing out that "the computers that direct guns might also direct machines." How persistently the face of murderous violence associates itself with know-how! It is hard to say why the public target of such a factory should be any happier than the recipient of a bomb or shell. And it has long been plain that Dec 16 01:22
qu1j0t3the executives of production and selling have been thinking in military terms, smashing public resistance with carefully planned barrages followed by shock troops of salesmen to mop up the pockets.Dec 16 01:22
qu1j0t3schestowitz: guess who wrote thisDec 16 01:22
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schestowitzqu1j0t3: heyDec 16 07:07
schestowitzyou tell ME :-)Dec 16 07:07
schestowitzBTWDec 16 07:07
schestowitzI saw some major rants about Friedman the other dayDec 16 07:07
schestowitzCan't get the link offhandDec 16 07:07
schestowitzBTW, I found out more about abuses of "foreign" workers hereDec 16 07:07
schestowitztypical groups for underclassDec 16 07:08
schestowitzI say good things about the filipino community, especially in discriminatory places like here and elsewhere. I don't use the word "filipino" or whatever to refer to people -- they should not be defined by ethnicity or nationality but rather but what they are as characters.Dec 16 07:08
schestowitzI am especially sensitive to racism in the sense that I can stop it and circumvent it, but the road to educating people is long. Maybe one day these words will be blurred out of existence and distinguishers will be trait- and behaviour-based. Alas, now I just ramble too much and veer on an off-topic tangent, so I'll wrap this up.Dec 16 07:08
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schestowitzMinceR: hitchens is deadDec 16 09:02
schestowitzhitchens said something like "people tried to convert me" when I was in terminal conditionsDec 16 09:03
schestowitzLast night I had to pretend to be agnosticDec 16 09:04
schestowitz 16 09:05
TechrightsSocial@satipera (satipera)'s status on Friday, 16-Dec-11 09:03:43 UTC - @Schestowitz why was he a great man?Dec 16 09:05
schestowitzHe helped put in words some things that some of us agreed with (putting some of the views on the war aside)Dec 16 09:06
schestowitz 16 09:07
TechrightsSocial@satipera (satipera)'s status on Friday, 16-Dec-11 09:05:49 UTC - I disagreed with a lot that he said and agreed with some of it but let's not get carried away.Dec 16 09:07
schestowitzUnderstoodDec 16 09:07
schestowitz 16 09:07
TechrightsSocial@Luke Slater (reality)'s status on Friday, 16-Dec-11 08:52:32 UTC - @schestowitz I think you're forgetting back doors. The real ones. Most places have them. My back door key is bent though. :'(Dec 16 09:07
schestowitzThat you might need a warrant and consent for :-)Dec 16 09:07
MinceRi don't pretend to be agnostic, i am agnostic :>Dec 16 09:18
MinceR(well, except for myself -- i know that i'm a god :> )Dec 16 09:18
schestowitzLOLDec 16 09:18
MinceRfor example, if i pray, i can hear itDec 16 09:20
schestowitzyeah, it's like it says on the tinDec 16 09:30
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schestowitz"is single-level cell (SLC) falling out of favor?" 16 11:00
TechrightsSocial@: Dec 16 11:00
MinceRIntel offers both SLC and MLCDec 16 11:02
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schestowitz "Who knows? But I'm not bothered by it, since it's so easy to mute him if his posts are not interesting."Dec 16 14:36
TechrightsSocial@: Dec 16 14:36
schestowitzHeh. I used to take it as a compliment when people erroneously thought this was automated because I just read and write quickly. Filtering stuff out is easy and I encourage that if it makes one happier.Dec 16 14:37
schestowitz 16 14:39
TechrightsSocial@: Dec 16 14:39
schestowitz 16 15:22
schestowitz"Dec 16 15:23
TechrightsSocial@: Dec 16 15:23
schestowitz┬┐Free GNU/Linux? If you want a really trully free software according to the FSF you have to install those ones that said @flam3boy (-Alessandro-) and remember to say always "GNU/Linux" instead only "Linux" :PDec 16 15:23
schestowitzPeople may think that is really different but it's not. For example:Dec 16 15:23
schestowitzBlag is based on Fedora, really is not different at all. Its almost the same as Fedora but with a free kernel.Dec 16 15:23
schestowitzThe distro you have to choice is depends on what you want to do with it.Dec 16 15:23
schestowitzUbuntu I call it a "final" distro, I tried to change things from basis(lets say from /etc and so on) and usually didn't respond so well or as expected.Dec 16 15:23
schestowitz"Linux Mint" is the same as Ubuntu or Debian depending on the version, more beautiful, nicer, but a bit "heavy" for my taste(and for low machines!).Dec 16 15:23
schestowitzFedora is good choice: Free repositories, except for the Linux kernel that has blobs. I like it, and even more if you want to experiment a bit. I like it more if you use Freedora! (free Linux kernel + Fedora).Dec 16 15:23
schestowitzThere are lots of choices: Gentoo, Blag, CentOS, etc.Dec 16 15:23
schestowitzNot all of them are totally free.Dec 16 15:23
schestowitzOther operative systems "non-GNU/Linux" are FreeDOS, ReactOS, etc.Dec 16 15:23
schestowitz"Dec 16 15:23
MinceRwhat's the difference between Freedora and Blag?Dec 16 15:28
schestowitzblag seems to rarely be updated when Fedora is released... maybe it's neglectedDec 16 15:32
schestowitz 16 15:32
TechrightsSocial@: Dec 16 15:33
schestowitzqu1j0t3: 16 20:19
TechrightsSocialTitle: Gates Keepers :: Love and the Gates Foundation .::. Size~: 32.61 KBDec 16 20:19
TechrightsSocialTitle: Gates Keepers :: Young love and the Gates Foundation .::. Size~: 25.37 KBDec 16 20:19
schestowitzread the conclusionDec 16 20:19
schestowitzappallingDec 16 20:19
schestowitzThe LOLer: "    Without the efforts of philanthropists like Bill Gates, American public education would still be held hostage by the special interest groups and union leadership that are more interested in protecting jobs than they are about protecting the integrity of the teaching profession.  Parents should embrace both the new Common Core Standards as well as the reforms in teacher evaluations.  Our children deserve better.Dec 16 20:19
schestowitz"Dec 16 20:19
schestowitz Dec 16 20:20
TechrightsSocialTitle: September 2011 | . .::. Size~: 39.74 KBDec 16 20:20
schestowitzThey got a whole magazine nowDec 16 20:20
schestowitzmoney buys resultsDec 16 20:20
qu1j0t3wow.Dec 16 20:20
qu1j0t3what a load of utter bollocks.Dec 16 20:21
qu1j0t3that's so messed up it's scary.Dec 16 20:21
qu1j0t3well, we all know what happens when nobody "protects jobs". ... those unions one day will protect these self-same children AGAINST the depredations of madmen like Gates. if they survive this latest round, that is...Dec 16 20:21
qu1j0t3at least it's easy to identify agents if they write as bluntly as thatDec 16 20:22
qu1j0t3pretty incompetent :)Dec 16 20:22
schestowitzSeattle BSDec 16 20:28
schestowitzIt's just a long organised dismissal of critics of Gates lobbyistsDec 16 20:28
XFaCEqu1j0t3: more bollocks 16 20:38
TechrightsSocialTitle: UMG claims "right to block or remove" YouTube videos it doesn't own .::. Size~: 76.71 KBDec 16 20:38
XFaCEschestowitz: Do you know that Gates is god?Dec 16 20:38
XFaCEschestowitz: Can you substantiate the claims I've seen that state that Bill is autistic?Dec 16 20:39
XFaCEMore accurate, on Autistic spectrum?Dec 16 20:39
XFaCENot against people with ASD of course, becuase I would be the biggest hypocrite there is, but it would help explain aspects of Bill's often uncaring behaviourDec 16 20:41
schestowitzI don't think that mattersDec 16 20:42
schestowitzAnd I heard similar claims made about RMSDec 16 20:42
schestowitzIt's just a character assassination thingDec 16 20:43
XFaCEschestowitz: Looking at Encyclopedia Dramatica, they don't link ASD with RMS; they do with GatesDec 16 20:43
XFaCEschestowitz: I know ED isn't really objective of course :)Dec 16 20:44
XFaCEschestowitz: 16 20:45
TechrightsSocialTitle: Bill Gates - Encyclopedia Dramatica .::. Size~: 68.84 KBDec 16 20:45
XFaCEschestowitz: It would really explain his behaviour in many cases (wouldn't excuse it of course)Dec 16 20:45
qu1j0t3XFaCE: i don't think there is any doubt that Bill Gates rates 'dangerous sociopath' on the autism spectrum.Dec 16 21:08
qu1j0t3XFaCE: most ppl are very ignorant about Gates, and there is a natural human tendency to hope for the best, when the truth is very horribleDec 16 21:08
qu1j0t3XFaCE: it's just such a _comfortable_ narrative to accept, that he is working for all of usDec 16 21:09
qu1j0t3ditto ObamaDec 16 21:09
XFaCEI never accepted either of those assumptions :)Dec 16 21:09
qu1j0t3Gates is one of the most accomplished criminals of the 20th C... has few real competitors. Many of his competitors manage to stay completely out of the public eye.Dec 16 21:10
qu1j0t3XFaCE: I know.Dec 16 21:10
XFaCEWhy does a criminal rich guy who abused the system suddenly think he owes the general population anything?Dec 16 21:10
qu1j0t3the Forbes rich list has been a very useful shield for the megarich :)Dec 16 21:10
qu1j0t3XFaCE: right.Dec 16 21:10
XFaCEAnswer, he doesn'tDec 16 21:10
qu1j0t3and it goes on from there. anyone who doubts his criminality only has to look at the evidence that's in the public record.Dec 16 21:11
qu1j0t3his 'philanthropic' career is just more of the same.Dec 16 21:11
schestowitz"Omnomnom eaten Apple!" 16 22:11
TechrightsSocial@: Dec 16 22:11
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schestowitz"It's one of the coolest ingredients " 16 23:03
TechrightsSocial@: Dec 16 23:03
MinceR 16 23:24
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeDec 16 23:24

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