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schestowitzBeen using it through RC 1 & RC 2. Solid as a rock and easier to handle than most Linux distributions. Package installs and updates are intuitive. An excellent introduction to the realm of BSD.Jan 16 09:06
schestowitzThe sensation of stability is such that you gain the impression that it is the rock your house is built on.Jan 16 09:06
schestowitzMost impressed. Updating takes a looooooong time compared to something like Debian, but the PBI process is still young and I'm sure there will be rapid advances now that a reliable base is present.Jan 16 09:06
schestowitz 16 09:06
TechrightsSocial@: Jan 16 09:06
schestowitz" [...] Probably this should be read too: [...] @Eternal Tyro Thanks bro !!!" 16 09:07
TechrightsSocialTitle: About FreeBSD's Technological Advances .::. Size~: 16.49 KBJan 16 09:07
TechrightsSocialTitle: FreeBSD Advocacy Project .::. Size~: 23.32 KBJan 16 09:07
TechrightsSocial@: Jan 16 09:07
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schestowitzNew injury :-( Today I went swimming, running, and started working on competition-related activities. I went running despite the ankle still being sore and now both my ankles -- not just one -- are sore. I need to recover from this by the weekend and then run 6KM competitively. :-)Jan 16 15:06
schestowitzre FOSDEM 16 16:50
TechrightsSocial@Sander (sandersch)'s status on Monday, 16-Jan-12 16:45:02 UTC - @schestowitz but it's a lot of fun IMHO. You get to meet interesting people.Jan 16 16:50
schestowitzWell, why travel to a conference to meet people when many nice people live enarby?Jan 16 16:50
schestowitznearbyJan 16 16:50
qu1j0t3!!Jan 16 16:51
schestowitz 16 16:59
TechrightsSocialTitle: Y'ALL GONNA DIE !!! Eventually.       - YouTube .::. Size~: 115.45 KBJan 16 16:59
schestowitz>> Microsoft is about to lay off marketing people shortly.Jan 16 17:21
schestowitz> Jan 16 17:21
schestowitz> Interesting. Microsoft has always had emphasized marketing over goods quality. The fact they are now cutting into their sales force signals a decline, which IMHO is welcomed for all the harm they have done in the market towards competitors, Linux included.Jan 16 17:21
qu1j0t3schestowitz: 16 17:28
TechrightsSocialTitle: The rise of the unelected: democracy and the new separation of powers - Frank Vibert - Google Books .::. Size~: 53.51 KBJan 16 17:28
schestowitzqu1j0t3: `nusJan 16 17:54
schestowitzqu1j0t3: just got this by mailJan 16 17:54
schestowitzand responded:Jan 16 17:54
schestowitzRe: [Infographic] Bill Gates is Better Than BatmanJan 16 17:54
schestowitz> Hello Roy,Jan 16 17:54
schestowitz> Jan 16 17:54
schestowitz> The first name in wealth for most people is Bill Gates. So imagine how surprised we were to learn that Bill Gates isn't even close to the wealthiest man in the world -- because he's given almost half of his money to charity. Through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates is projected to save the lives of 7.6 million children under 5 by 2019 through his support of international vaccinations and healthcare alone. Check Jan 16 17:54
schestowitzout some more statistics and see why we think Bill Gates is better than Batman.Jan 16 17:54
schestowitz> Jan 16 17:54
schestowitz> Redefining the Action Hero: Bill Gates is Better Than BatmanJan 16 17:54
schestowitz> 16 17:54
schestowitz> Jan 16 17:54
TechrightsSocialTitle: Redefining Action Hero: Bill Gates is Better Than Batman (Infographic) | Frugal Dad .::. Size~: 108.62 KBJan 16 17:54
schestowitz> We've had a great response so far with this graphic, so please feel free to share in on your site or come over to to weigh in. Have a great week!Jan 16 17:54
schestowitz> AdamJan 16 17:54
schestowitzThis graphic is a piece of propaganda and a lie. Gates has gotten richer through his promotion of patents disguised shrewdly as "giving". People who play along with the bribed-for media campaign he runs (Gates spends $300ml per year on this reputation laundering - media expenses alone!) should be ashamed of themselves because they do more harm than good.Jan 16 17:54
schestowitz"cmon, the kid just wanted a trip to the US on the government's dime... ;-) " 16 18:00
schestowitzhehJan 16 18:00
TechrightsSocial@: Jan 16 18:00
schestowitz 16 18:01
TechrightsSocial@: Jan 16 18:01
schestowitzqu1j0t3: no idea why I got that emailJan 16 18:01
schestowitzI can guess that your comment in Quora had the author sent to a reality checkJan 16 18:01
schestowitzso he decided to confront me by emailJan 16 18:01
schestowitzI wonder if Billie paid for that piece of propaganda. He pays for so much of it (lots of blogs he bribes)Jan 16 18:01
qu1j0t3schestowitz: i expected some blowback ; fuck em.Jan 16 18:02
qu1j0t3schestowitz: if they can't cope with the idea of questioning media consensus on Gates then fuq emJan 16 18:02
schestowitzat least they might see the other sideJan 16 18:02
qu1j0t3unlikely.Jan 16 18:02
schestowitzmight help them rethink or research properly next timeJan 16 18:02
qu1j0t3still too much propaganda/paid PR/money worship in the air.Jan 16 18:02
qu1j0t3cultural crap, indoctrinated over decadesJan 16 18:02
schestowitz[18:02] <qu1j0t3> schestowitz: if they can't cope with the idea of questioning media consensus on Gates then fuq emJan 16 18:02
schestowitz+1Jan 16 18:02
schestowitzmedia=as in corporate pressJan 16 18:02
schestowitznot all media is hisJan 16 18:03
schestowitzbut he bribes blogs tooJan 16 18:03
schestowitzwhich I have disdain forJan 16 18:03
schestowitzlike CrosscutJan 16 18:03
schestowitzAllAfricaJan 16 18:03
schestowitzetc.Jan 16 18:03
schestowitzThey poisoned everythingJan 16 18:03
schestowitzI don't even find much time to cover it anymore, maybe I should make an effort againJan 16 18:03
schestowitzI come to Luton on Tuesday the 7th of February :-)  just when Tim suggested that I can visit that evening/night. My goddaughter.. :-)Jan 16 18:42
schestowitz I'll now sort out the train ticket shortly. :-)Jan 16 18:43
qu1j0t3!/qu1j0t3/status/158977342004396033Jan 16 18:46
TechrightsSocial@qu1j0t3: .@NerdViking Most people aren't ready to question media consensus on Gates and Gates Foundation, I guess.Jan 16 18:46
schestowitzthey're afraidJan 16 19:18
schestowitzthey need to provide proofJan 16 19:19
schestowitzthe media does not provide itJan 16 19:19
schestowitzthe solution is, provide research that does show what's happening, make it available and easy to findJan 16 19:19
schestowitz"Not good in any way that will make the world a better place." 16 19:39
qu1j0t3rightJan 16 19:39
qu1j0t3as if throwing money around made the world a better place.Jan 16 19:40
qu1j0t3!!!!!Jan 16 19:40
qu1j0t3tainted moneyJan 16 19:40
qu1j0t3and self interestJan 16 19:40
TechrightsSocial@: Jan 16 19:40
TechrightsSocialrightJan 16 19:40
TechrightsSocialas if throwing money around made the world a better place.Jan 16 19:40
TechrightsSocial!!!!!Jan 16 19:40
TechrightsSocialtainted moneyJan 16 19:40
TechrightsSocialand self interestJan 16 19:40
qu1j0t3hm.Jan 16 19:40
qu1j0t3interesting.Jan 16 19:40
schestowitzI think the bot likes youJan 16 20:27
schestowitzis that an Easter egg you put in it? :-pJan 16 20:27
schestowitzThe past 4 days have been so cold here (the river is frozen in the morning), but at least it's sunny, so I got a bit of a tan that I didn't have in December.Jan 16 20:37
schestowitz"Absolute power corrupts absolutely. " 16 20:38
TechrightsSocial@: Jan 16 20:38
qu1j0t3schestowitz: no, not an easter egg. but very curious.Jan 16 20:49
schestowitzI saw this bug beforeJan 16 21:08
schestowitzand I was kidding :-)Jan 16 21:08
schestowitz> I am so pleased with the stats you have no idea.Jan 16 22:25
schestowitz> Jan 16 22:25
schestowitz> I have a stat counter in the Overview and the figures are abdominal. VisitsJan 16 22:25
schestowitz> average about 200 daily and Page Views are somewhere around 800. I have notJan 16 22:25
schestowitz> gotten to 300 Daily Visits in a long time. Now your figures are gigantic inJan 16 22:25
schestowitz> comparison and make me feel this is a truly worthwhile hobby.Jan 16 22:25
schestowitz> Jan 16 22:25
schestowitz> Thanks for compiling it on a yearly basis for 2011.Jan 16 22:25
schestowitzIt is even more than that when search engines are taken into account.Jan 16 22:25
schestowitzI have enormous respect for people who take care of other people. I gravitated towards the medical aspect of computing as soon as I could and after I had graduated with a computer science degree.Jan 16 23:10
qu1j0t3schestowitz: well that's two bugs to fix. i want to do an update soon.Jan 16 23:19
schestowitzit's from a convo I was having..Jan 16 23:30
schestowitz"In my previous E-mails to you I laid bare my opinions (as densely as I could) when it comes to some different nations and you accepted my views for what they are, irrespective of whether you agree with those or not (and although it would be preferable if we agreed on everything, what's most important is that we accept and respect one another's opinions)."Jan 16 23:31
schestowitzThere's a type of people I can't be bother arguing with anymore.Jan 16 23:31
schestowitzthose who are like Murodch's cubesJan 16 23:31
schestowitzDissent against unfamiliar opinionsJan 16 23:31
schestowitz"The objectification of women is a peer-accepted norm where the male -- if capable of subjecting women to his will (to an extent men too, as in bossing at work) -- then he will be seen as the alpha male, not for his ability to do sociable and humanist things but for commanding others, possibly in malicious ways (like leading an army, sleeping with many girls, etc.). This norm gets extended to social status one can get by Jan 16 23:38
schestowitzmistreating women or disregarding their feelings (as though they are mere objects), which is often essential for that status. It is common knowledge that high figures in armies need to have a low value for human life, be ruthless, merciless, and vicious. Only this way can they fathom the energy to make "progress" (oppress others). In a sense, the same goes for people who objectify women; they need to be able to face the sight Jan 16 23:38
schestowitzof crying girls, for example, and just proceed with their life unhurt and without guilt. This makes up a very rogue element of society which is sociopathic and unhealthy to coupling, including family-building."Jan 16 23:38
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