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qu1j0t3 28 00:34
TechrightsSocialTitle: FBI Building App To Scrape Social Media - Slashdot .::. Size~: 212.74 KBJan 28 00:34
schestowitzyeahJan 28 00:58
schestowitzFBI - world policeJan 28 00:58
schestowitzThe torture chambers too have branches worldwide, pick a brochure today (CIA)Jan 28 00:59
schestowitz 28 01:01
TechrightsSocialTitle: FBI in the market for app to monitor social networks .::. Size~: 36.11 KBJan 28 01:01
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schestowitz "Why does it seem like KDE is just reinventing their own wheel these days? KIO and Akonadi do basically the same thing (except Akonadi does it worse); now what does KSecretService provide that KWallet doesn't already? :/"Jan 28 13:42
TechrightsSocial@: Jan 28 13:42
schestowitzI struggle to see how KDE, as a market leader, can actually find things to improve. Many just copy KDE.Jan 28 13:42
MinceRi think those times are overJan 28 13:42
MinceRgone with 3.xJan 28 13:42
schestowitz "I'm using on Fedora and I like it. Never had much luck with Kmail."Jan 28 13:43
TechrightsSocial@: Jan 28 13:43
schestowitzMinceR: SOme KDE apps could be improved.Jan 28 13:43
schestowitz 28 15:29
TechrightsSocial@Steve_Horn1022: MT @schestowitz #ALEC Model Bill Behind Push To Require #ClimateChange Denial Instruction In Schools #ALECExposedJan 28 15:29
TechrightsSocial@: Jan 28 15:29
schestowitzit's good to know that some politicians exist that work for people and not for funding for the next campaignJan 28 15:29
schestowitzdidn't know of independents... now that Ron Paul has been coopted 28 15:46
TechrightsSocialTitle: Bernie talks about the job crisis (The Ed Show on MSNBC)       - YouTube .::. Size~: 125.4 KBJan 28 15:46
schestowitzhe gains traction among 28 15:58
TechrightsSocialTitle: Progressivism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 75.15 KBJan 28 15:58
schestowitz 28 16:35
TechrightsSocial@FFII: @schestowitz You mean the champion of "unprecedented openness" in Government! #opendataJan 28 16:35
schestowitzThat too. For people to trust those in power we must start with free access and transparency, standards, etc.Jan 28 16:36
schestowitz<>Jan 28 16:47
schestowitz<quote>Jan 28 16:47
TechrightsSocialTitle: iPhone 4S's Siri Is a Bandwidth Guzzler - Slashdot .::. Size~: 261.39 KBJan 28 16:47
schestowitz"'Siri's dirty little secret is that she's a bandwidth guzzler, theJan 28 16:47
schestowitzdigital equivalent of a 10-miles-per-gallon Hummer H1.' A study byJan 28 16:47
schestowitzArieso shows that users of the iPhone 4S demand three times as muchJan 28 16:47
schestowitzdata as iPhone 3G users and twice as much as iPhone 4 users, who wereJan 28 16:47
schestowitzidentified as the most demanding in a 2010 study. 'In all, Arieso saysJan 28 16:47
schestowitzthat the Siri-equipped iPhone 4S "appears to unleash data consumptionJan 28 16:47
schestowitzbehaviors that have no precedent."'"Jan 28 16:47
schestowitz</quote>Jan 28 16:47
schestowitzNot just inferior, overpriced products compared to Android but rake upJan 28 16:47
schestowitzthe connection charges as well. How thick must you be to pay throughJan 28 16:47
schestowitzthe nose for Apple products?Jan 28 16:47
schestowitz 28 16:55
TechrightsSocial@FFII: @schestowitz Obama should launch a 1.5 B$ stimulus fund for #FOSS development to appease the voter segment. ;-) #openJan 28 16:55
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schestowitz 28 19:54
TechrightsSocial@metacode: @keithfrankish consider following @GMWatch and @schestowitz they 'll give you a better insight on Bill Gates and the globalist agendaJan 28 19:54
schestowitzresponse to 28 19:54
TechrightsSocial@keithfrankish: Bill Gates. Maybe I'm naive (in fact, I am) but this guy is a bit of a hero to me. 28 19:54
TechrightsSocial@: Jan 28 19:54
schestowitzThe corpolrate PR told him it's a "hero" LLLJan 28 19:54
schestowitzSo yesterday's criminals are today's heros?Jan 28 19:54
schestowitz*heroesJan 28 19:54
qu1j0t3wow.Jan 28 20:01
qu1j0t3yeah.Jan 28 20:01
qu1j0t3well, you can buy that.Jan 28 20:01
qu1j0t3for everything else, there's mastercard™Jan 28 20:01
schestowitzpiggybacking jobsJan 28 20:01
qu1j0t3for the rest of us, there's Mastercard™Jan 28 20:01
schestowitzunless wewish to support wikileaksJan 28 20:12
schestowitzterrifying the lites, so it must be terorismJan 28 20:13
schestowitz*elitesJan 28 20:13
schestowitzwhat if class warfare was renamed class terrorism to strengthen the concept?Jan 28 20:16
qu1j0t3LOLJan 28 20:30
qu1j0t3"Today the streets of london erupted in class terror as violent anarchists, under the cover of 'student protest', began demollishing public property"Jan 28 20:30
qu1j0t3inb4 banning protestJan 28 20:31
qu1j0t3inb4 twitter blockJan 28 20:31
qu1j0t3!/ComicBookGrrl/status/162336777540091904Jan 28 20:50
TechrightsSocial@ComicBookGrrl: Newt Gingrich vows to establish a moon colony if elected. I guess step two is building a Death Star to blast the poor people left on earth?Jan 28 20:50
qu1j0t3!/thinkprogress/status/161683181647568896Jan 28 20:53
TechrightsSocial@thinkprogress: Romney's tax return reveals he has a Swiss bank account 28 20:53
TechrightsSocial@: Jan 28 20:53
schestowitzthey all do..Jan 28 21:40
qu1j0t3yes, so one assumes the recent 'crackdown' was probably not the guys at the top? can't be bothered researching itJan 28 21:47
schestowitzJust had a long discussion about bananasJan 28 21:51
schestowitzWith young earth creationists it's interestingJan 28 21:51
schestowitzthe loons among them pretend the banana was created for man by GodJan 28 21:51
schestowitzI said:Jan 28 21:51
schestowitzBanana is such an amazing fruit. It's a 'domesticated' fruit, much like cows in the animal kingdom. We humans refined them over generations to fit our needs. The banana has ridged for the grip, it's bent on purpose, and it's easy to peel because people selected and bred them for these chracteristics over hundreds of years, like they do with breed of dogs or farm animals. Some fruit is very wild and raw, but banana is one of Jan 28 21:51
schestowitzthose great things that adapted to us rather than the other way around. With the seeds so small that they require no removal (like pits/kernels) it's easy to put in a shake, carry in a bag without it rotting, and it's easy to eat it cleanly (unlike the fruit banana was derived from, which tasted worse and was hard for human to eat).Jan 28 21:51
qu1j0t3LOLJan 28 21:52
qu1j0t3oh manJan 28 21:52
qu1j0t3that's the most depressing thing i've heard for a while.Jan 28 21:52
schestowitz"Very cool! Well, let me tell you that I foresee the East taking over the West... over the long run. I thought about moving to Asia in 2009. I even talked about it to a friend today (half an hour on the phone)."Jan 28 21:56
schestowitz"I have a cousin in Florida who's an architect ( ). I built a site for him 11 years ago and he doesn't get much business anymore. The West is dying. It's too deep in debt and it's going bankrupt rapidly."Jan 28 21:57
TechrightsSocialTitle: Daniel Sorogon | Architect & General Contractor .::. Size~: 2.54 KBJan 28 21:57
schestowitzThe UK is not doing *too* badly in comparison. The debt is not unbearable like in the US.Jan 28 21:58

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