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schestowitz> Hi, Roy,Dec 31 12:12
schestowitz>Dec 31 12:12
schestowitz> I used to live near Malmö.  Some friends still live there.  Many whoDec 31 12:12
schestowitz> are able have emigrated to Växjö or elsewhere out of fear.  TheDec 31 12:12
schestowitz> largest ethnic minority in Malmö is Swedish.  It is a fairly violentDec 31 12:12
schestowitz> and high crime area.  Some of the crimes are bizarre like toddlersDec 31 12:12
schestowitz> biting each other to death (multiple incidents).  Or grade schoolersDec 31 12:12
schestowitz> murdering each other (multiple incidents).  Then there are the usualDec 31 12:12
schestowitz> muggings and burglaries, murders/executions and drug sales.  There areDec 31 12:12
schestowitz> worse areas though in Stockholm and Copenhagen.  For example, last IDec 31 12:12
schestowitz> heard there was no problem with daylight, business district gang rapesDec 31 12:12
schestowitz> like near Copenhagen.Dec 31 12:12
schestowitzThere was some atheist channel of someone called Pat Condell. I like his humour, but some racists flock into that channel. Anyway, he said that crime in Sweden is often caused by Islamic population/neighbourhods but never reported as such in the news simply because it would not be politically correct. I don't know if there was truth in that. It seemed divisive - a game of generality.Dec 31 12:12
schestowitz Dec 31 12:12
schestowitz> There is a lot of discrimination.  Last time I passed through, I hadDec 31 12:12
schestowitz> to sit within hearing distance of an arab business man who was loudlyDec 31 12:12
schestowitz> proclaiming in great detail how he refuses to hire ethnic Swedes soDec 31 12:12
schestowitz> that he can skirt employment taxes and laws.Dec 31 12:12
schestowitzI wrote the paragraph above before I even read your second one, which does lead me to thinking. However, Scandinavia is not without its portion of crime, notably -- in my mind -- the incident where a Finnish school boy shot his classmate. A YouTuber whom I followed for years warned about him long before that incident, saying this chap's views were a hazard.Dec 31 12:12
schestowitzHere in the UK we have some serious issues where racist groups gain power by divisive measures, much like the Nazis did when they exploited the poor economy (it took 4 years since the Great Depression for them to rise to power, think 2008 till 2012). Basically, crime here involves people from all ethnic groups (a friend of mine and myself went to view the riots to see it for ourselves), but ethnic minorities correlate with a certainDec 31 12:12
schestowitzeconomic class or underclass. The press misreports a lot of this to help fuel suspicion among people. Had blacks and whites realise that this is class war, they would stop suspecting one another and start to concentrate on the real thieves (1%), the real crooks (e.g. clergy), the corrupt politicians, and then get rid of them, working jointly towards this goal. The racist agenda has always provided a great distraction for those in power,Dec 31 12:12
schestowitzeven if they release this agenda in small measurable doses while pretending -- for the cameras -- that they are against discrimination.Dec 31 12:12
schestowitzPolitics of hate divide people, as in divide and conquer. The real issues hardly change (proprietary software, banking cartel, war crimes), but we are led to looking at the wrong problems - domestic issues are class warfare, not ethnicity.Dec 31 12:12
schestowitzJust IMHO.Dec 31 12:12
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