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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: February 22nd, 2012

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schestowitz>> Google is not alone in this, it's a systemic issue. Hammering onlyFeb 22 18:27
schestowitz>> on Google and not on the powers that condone this merely helpsFeb 22 18:27
schestowitz>> Amazon, MS, others.Feb 22 18:27
schestowitz> Feb 22 18:27
schestowitz> I figured it might be a distraction, but am no longer able to easilyFeb 22 18:27
schestowitz> follow all of the intrique and misdirection.  There is sure a lot ofFeb 22 18:27
schestowitz> misdirection.Feb 22 18:27
schestowitzRight now Google is being portrayed as a FRAND abuser and MS plays "victim", using that POS Florian and his spin that he spams journos for.Feb 22 18:27
schestowitz> M$ has used the "victim" tactic a lot in the past but never gotFeb 22 18:39
schestowitz> traction till lately.  MS Florian is part of that and he seems to getFeb 22 18:39
schestowitz> more attention that the others combined.Feb 22 18:39
schestowitzMS PR is grooming up like they groomed Miguel de Icaza.Feb 22 18:39
schestowitz>> MS PR is grooming up like they groomed Miguel de Icaza.Feb 22 19:08
schestowitz> Feb 22 19:08
schestowitz> There are hundreds of voices on one side in the media and then on theFeb 22 19:08
schestowitz> other, there is M$ Florian.  It's not appropriate that he is given soFeb 22 19:08
schestowitz> close to 50% of the time.Feb 22 19:08
schestowitzMS PR briefs him and uses him as a mouthpiece. Since the MS sponsorship was revealed he does not seem to be quoted as much.Feb 22 19:08
schestowitz> De Icaza is another lap dog, I'm sure the Mono problem has not yetFeb 22 19:08
schestowitz> gone away.Feb 22 19:08
schestowitzI try to ignore it now, it's going away without Novell paying for PR and pulling strings. Xamarin is a POS.Feb 22 19:08
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