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MinceR:)Feb 17 06:30
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schestowitzOne of my friends, who works in the same field, has been checking whichFeb 17 09:59
schestowitzleading universities have openings that are worthwhile.Feb 17 09:59
schestowitzI am merely exploring all the options that we have and assessing their pros and consFeb 17 10:01
schestowitz> I hope you get the geography thing sorted.  Even though I am from theFeb 17 10:02
schestowitz> US I would suggest Canada nowadays, if you feel compelled to move.  IFeb 17 10:02
schestowitz> visited a few times finally and find it reminds me of the good thingsFeb 17 10:02
schestowitz> of the US.  Though it too is now heading into the uptight securityFeb 17 10:02
schestowitz> theater.  But even better would be to stay where one of you has theFeb 17 10:02
schestowitz> home native advantage.Feb 17 10:02
schestowitz> Feb 17 10:02
schestowitz> If you go on tour, the best times to visit Finnish Lapland is eitherFeb 17 10:02
schestowitz> the end of March/beginning of April or the mid- late part of July.Feb 17 10:02
schestowitz> For the former, there is bright blue skies over bright snow and ratherFeb 17 10:02
schestowitz> warm air. Lots of skiing or other winter activities, but without theFeb 17 10:02
schestowitz> chill.  For the latter, there is biking, hiking, fishing and wildFeb 17 10:02
schestowitz> berry picking and light 24 hours a day.Feb 17 10:02
schestowitzI am checking all those options not because I am at a position where I need to find a new job. I usually get jobs easily, without even being required to undergo interviews. Over the years Google tried hiring me several times too... :/Feb 17 10:03
schestowitzGoogle no longer gives many perks to staffFeb 17 10:03
schestowitzand some, like Gosling, are leavingFeb 17 10:03
schestowitz 17 10:18
TechrightsSocial@Schestowitz (schestowitz)'s status on Friday, 17-Feb-12 10:12:27 UTC - #Vista8 's five biggest enemies #microsoft #linux #gnu #googleFeb 17 10:18
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schestowitz 17 11:10
TechrightsSocialTitle: THE DARK SANTORUM RISES       - YouTube .::. Size~: 149.72 KBFeb 17 11:10
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MinceRscaryFeb 17 12:52
schestowitzToday I finally received my Organ Donor card. I planned to add myself to the Registry in 2003, but back then the process was complicated and even snail mail forms did not have the desired effects. I also had the 5th challenge of Mr. Fitness (situps). I think that I underperformed with 107 repetitions in 2 minutes because I took pauses rather than just do it at maximal speed/pace.Feb 17 16:07
schestowitzI think I should get back to writing more about exercise. I am still an avid writer, I write a great deal, especially in my 20s... not just publicly but also private notes to people and noted to myself.Feb 17 16:12
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schestowitz> No, don't be so discouraged!  The best thing for you to do is look up some Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> references in papers and email the researchers directly.  I don't have a clue!  Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> I'm not a PhD and have been in production rather than research for years.  You Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> also have way better qualifications than any young person I know.  There are Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> whole worlds of work I don't know about, especially with mega companies like Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> Google.  You have to look and ask around some more and you should go for the Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> best of your citations.  Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> The bad thing about moving here is the H1B stuff and growing police state Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> nonsense.  H1B ties you to a single job  company in a way that leads to Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> exploitation.  If that job is rewarding and you land in a nice place it's not Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> a bad deal.   If your job sucks and you land in a hole, you might want to pick Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> up and leave.  Either way, you end up on the grind stone, perhaps more than Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> you would like. Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> There are good places to live here, and interesting research despite savage Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> attacks by idiot politicians.  I'm afraid that attack is universal and not Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> just confined to the US.  Some of the work being done here in the US is unique, Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> as I ran into when doing my thesis work.  Wisconsin, for example, was Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> developing fantastic CZT detectors that overcame energy resolution problems Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> with timing and could be used for wonderful imaging as a compact Compton Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> device.  You might also be interested in the work being done by Rock Mackie Feb 17 17:39
schestowitz> (spelling!) who founded Tomotherapy.  They use Windows shit and need a Feb 17 17:40
schestowitz> migration in a bad way but also are building first rate therapy and imaging Feb 17 17:40
schestowitz> machines.  I think you will find such unique work in any field.   The North West Feb 17 17:40
schestowitz> coast is a nice place to live, as is Boston and a few other places around the Feb 17 17:40
schestowitz> US.  Feb 17 17:40
schestowitz> Feb 17 17:40
schestowitz> Like I said, hit your references and ask the giants.  You are world class and Feb 17 17:40
schestowitz> could be useful anywhere.  Feb 17 17:40
qu1j0t3:)Feb 17 17:41
schestowitz the thing isFeb 17 17:50
schestowitzand the relevanceFeb 17 17:50
schestowitzto carry on with techrights I need to have a steady daytime job without too much hassleFeb 17 17:50
schestowitzso as long as I carry on like this, I can do all the tweeting and bloggingFeb 17 17:51
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schestowitzwb, scientesFeb 17 18:25
scientesheyFeb 17 18:25
scientesi'm about half-way through a very thourough interview process with a local telecomFeb 17 18:26
scientesbut even that has not changed my lazinessFeb 17 18:26
schestowitzahaFeb 17 18:27
scientesit would be a kick-ass job, and pretty coolFeb 17 18:28
scientesthey do colocation and DSL, and are lauching fiber-to-the-premisesFeb 17 18:28
scienteslots of dns+emailFeb 17 18:28
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qu1j0t3schestowitz: slashdot is just a stream of microsoft PR 17 20:34
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