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schestowitzscientes: since ages agoFeb 18 00:51
scientesqu1j0t3, slashdog has always been like thatFeb 18 00:51
qu1j0t3well, yes and no.Feb 18 00:53
qu1j0t3it's much worse than years agoFeb 18 00:54
qu1j0t3now it's unabashedly microsoft prFeb 18 00:54
qu1j0t3i guess i started reading it mid-90sFeb 18 00:54
scientesI know an adament linux user that still goes to slashdotFeb 18 00:54
qu1j0t3in those days you could count on some pushback to microsoft's BSFeb 18 00:55
qu1j0t3at that time it was more generally accepted that they were just criminalsFeb 18 00:55
qu1j0t3now, it seems forgottenFeb 18 00:55
scientescause its the next web bubble IMHOFeb 18 01:02
scientesbubble 2.0Feb 18 01:02
qu1j0t3aren't we on to 3.0 by now?Feb 18 01:04
scienteszyanga just started dropping out of the sky a few days agoFeb 18 01:06
qu1j0t3zyanga?Feb 18 01:22
scientesfarmville and other fabulous innovations of time-wastingFeb 18 01:24
scientesthey went publicFeb 18 01:24
qu1j0t3oh, zynga.Feb 18 01:24
scientesyes, its fucking insaneFeb 18 01:24
qu1j0t3yeah, scumbags.Feb 18 01:24
scientesahh, spelled it wrongFeb 18 01:24
qu1j0t3 18 01:25
TechrightsSocialTitle: Zynga sues for Vostu for copying its games.  Pot calling the kettle black? | Gamezebo .::. Size~: 78.66 KBFeb 18 01:25
qu1j0t3zynga sounsd like a horrible place to work for.Feb 18 01:25
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schestowitzI got back last night at 1am and went straight. My best friend Mike and his fiancée invited me over.Feb 18 09:09
schestowitz 18 11:42
TechrightsSocialTitle: Near Death Experiences Explained!       - YouTube .::. Size~: 131.55 KBFeb 18 11:42
schestowitzIt is expected to be very sunny here tomorrow, but the temperature will drop again at -2 and I think, provided that I feel fell, I can go do some esercise.Feb 18 14:55
schestowitz[00:54] <qu1j0t3> now it's unabashedly microsoft prFeb 18 14:56
schestowitzan activist from India has just emaild me an articleFeb 18 14:56
schestowitzI think you might wanns see it:Feb 18 14:56
schestowitz 18 14:56
TechrightsSocial@: Feb 18 14:56
schestowitzI assured him we would cover it, but I try to see what except Russia I can relate this trick toFeb 18 14:57
MinceR 18 16:57
TechrightsSocialTitle: My pastor told me that no one of true faith could lose in an argument against a non-believer via .::. Size~: 1.71 KBFeb 18 16:57
schestowitzMinceR: Fry ftwFeb 18 17:05
MinceRindeedFeb 18 17:06
MinceRthe top rated comment links to the videoFeb 18 17:13
oiaohmschestowitz: its still two steps forwards 1 step back.Feb 18 17:30
oiaohmschestowitz: the deployment of 2 is going ahead.Feb 18 17:30
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roy_I think I cought a group cheatingFeb 18 17:37
roy_But I cannot prove itFeb 18 17:37
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roy_TheyThey dent us access to their dataFeb 18 17:37
roy_They*dentFeb 18 17:37
roy_They> Hi Roy,Feb 18 17:37
roy_They> The answer to your question is simple.Feb 18 17:37
roy_They> We need to be better than the best method for 3D out there to make a claim.Feb 18 17:37
roy_TheyDan and others in the lab still cite/refer to the same work from Faisal R. Al-Osaimi, who now uses texture, illumination, etc.Feb 18 17:37
roy_They 18 17:37
roy_TheyI was never able to get hold of the proprietary data they were using to train EDMs and then obtain those good results on (very few subjects in their database with thousands of instances). Basing my assessment on what I saw in the literature surveys (3-D), including those from the group who NIST commissioned to do the FRGC, it is not uncommon to get recognition rates of 60%-90% for 3-D. I left three such surveys in paper form Feb 18 17:37
TechrightsSocialTitle: DBLP: Faisal R. Al-Osaimi .::. Size~: 15.72 KBFeb 18 17:37
roy_Theywith a collegue. The surveys at hand hadn't not yet considered the work from Al-Osaimi, but they did embody work that includes BBK. Their main complaint at the time was the extensive use of proprietary data, small datasets (beards or glasses alone would help solve the problem), and hence their raise detre for FRGC. If one cannot falsify the claims based on their data (let alone code), must one assume the proof is self-evident? I Feb 18 17:38
roy_Theycontacted 3 people in their department (contact authors, several times) and only once, a few weeks later, I received a reply (which was unhelpful). If their seminal work was so promising, it is hard to understand why they would stop working along the same lines and publications become more scarce, e.g. 18 17:38
roy_TheyAgain, I'm not allowed to express more than mere suspicion. It's just that it always smelled (to me at least) more like magic. I read for many hours throughout my recent two-day journey through London about PCA-based methods for 3-D verification and they are said to reach around 90% recognition/verification success (although I cannot recall which group made and published this claim, not without revisiting the surveys).Feb 18 17:38
roy_They> The concept was communicated before, so now its show time, i.e. its eitherFeb 18 17:38
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roy_They> the method beats the previous, or we move to the next project (I haveFeb 18 17:38
roy_They> one in the pipe).Feb 18 17:38
roy_TheyIf the goal is to exceed 98% verification rate and beat a Ph.D. thesis from two years ago, then I don't think we are near. That would mean getting it right more than one in 50 times, including in cases of partial matching.Feb 18 17:38
TechrightsSocialTitle: Machine Vision and Applications, Volume 22, Number 6 - SpringerLink .::. Size~: 45.38 KBFeb 18 17:38
roy_They> BTW mid 90's or not, a TR should be written and published.Feb 18 17:38
roy_TheyYes, there are already hundreds of pages on this and they can be abbreviated accordingly to highlight the key findings.Feb 18 17:38
roy_They> BTW 2. I would have expected that smoothing should be minimal, and supportFeb 18 17:38
roy_They>  should be maximal for best performances.Feb 18 17:38
roy_TheyIn previous experiments it was shown empirically that smoothing could improve performance, especially when the data was a little noisy by its acquisitive nature (in 3-D, scanners are said to produce different results depending on illumination an the scene, although it depends on the quality of the scanner, e.g. Minolta for FRGC).Feb 18 17:38
roy_TheyImportantly, it is never research if it can only ever succeed. Whether something can be at least falsified, ruled out, or even invalided here remains to be seen, but at least we gain better understanding of the potntial of the tools at hand. I try to always view the results blindly, regardless of the outcome, and provide an objective assessment, not an idealogical one. Being a sceptic, I also can't accept claims at face value, Feb 18 17:38
roy_Theyso I usually try to replicate them even if it's a collaboratory validation effort like the ones we used to do in Manchester, KCL, UCL, and Oxford (each group could run the others' tools on MRI data, so there would be no cheating).Feb 18 17:38
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oiaohmroy_They: there is a problem with that.  What if the MRI data used is defective. You always want more than once point of data.Feb 18 17:41
oiaohmonce/oneFeb 18 17:41
oiaohmYes  science the repeat ablity clause is very simple to over look. Feb 18 17:42
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schestowitzoiaohm: if they let me have their data to recheck..Feb 18 17:53
schestowitzthey hard even wanted to discuss what they had doneFeb 18 17:53
schestowitzthey's from Aussie BTWFeb 18 17:53
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schestowitz"Feb 18 18:24
schestowitz> An IT guy from Nova University, has websites with Google ads that earn overFeb 18 18:24
schestowitz> $100 dollars/day.Feb 18 18:24
schestowitz> Feb 18 18:24
schestowitz>  I showed him your site and he said if a Google ads were placed between eachFeb 18 18:24
schestowitz> of your stories, you would make a lot more money.Feb 18 18:24
schestowitz> Feb 18 18:24
schestowitz>  It is done in Word Press by inserting Google's ad code in the right place.Feb 18 18:24
schestowitzGoogle ads do not pay as much as people believe, and it very much depends on the target audience too (in my own site the ads are not even close to paying the hosting bills). In my own sites I prefer not to use obstructive ads; they're not fair to readers. They're also not a real source of income and I am sceptical of people who claim to make a living from those (without providing some proof). Yesterday I was hanging out with Feb 18 18:24
schestowitza friend for 6 hours and an old friend of him came by and stopped dropping lies about how much he earned. My friend played along just to be polite, but it was such BS art that that he had to call it BS. I am generally one of those who think that words are cheap :-)Feb 18 18:24
schestowitz"Feb 18 18:24
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schestowitzjust created a list of sites that I recently worked on for clients... 18 18:52
TechrightsSocialTitle: Web Architecture @ -   About .::. Size~: 11.71 KBFeb 18 18:52
schestowitzFinally added sites to index, also in web site and 18 18:54
schestowitzBeck to computer science for now... might start a new project soon (research)Feb 18 18:55
MinceR 18 18:55
TechrightsSocialTitle: What a difference a few thousand years can make via .::. Size~: 1.66 KBFeb 18 18:55
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schestowitz> Ok, lets carveout a short report out of your hundreds  of pages review,Feb 18 19:42
schestowitz> or if you prefer, publish the long version (after I review it) andFeb 18 19:42
schestowitz> carveout aFeb 18 19:42
schestowitz> short version for some conference.Feb 18 19:42
schestowitz:-)Feb 18 19:42
schestowitzI have just finished an experiment that uses geodesic distances and GMDS on about 60 pairs, three iterations on each. The verification performance was still in the nineties and the same problematic pairs are still indistinguishable (in the sense that correct classification cannot be made).Feb 18 19:52
schestowitzAt the beginning of the year I put together the notes I had taken and uploaded them to because the file is very large. It should be simple to pick out some of the key results to present these. This report does not contain work from the past 1.5 months.Feb 18 19:52
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting application/pdf typeFeb 18 19:52
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schestowitz"Very good, a very certain " 18 20:46
TechrightsSocial@: Feb 18 20:46
qu1j0t3"American manufacturing won’t be coming back. Although 404,000 manufacturing jobs have been added since January 2010, that still leaves us with 5.5 million fewer factory jobs today than in July 2000 – and 12 million fewer than in 1990. Feb 18 21:02
qu1j0t3schestowitz: 18 21:02
TechrightsSocialTitle: The factory jobs aren't coming back -   2012 Elections - .::. Size~: 153 KBFeb 18 21:02
qu1j0t3"In the 1950s, more than a third of American workers were represented by a union. Now, fewer than 7 percent of private-sector workers have a union behind them. If there’s a single reason why the median wage has dropped dramatically for non-college workers over the past three and a half decades, it’s the decline of unions.Feb 18 21:03
schestowitzsending abroad the jobs of the working class, creating or sustaining the working class neither at home nor overseas, just taking all its income and putting in in fewer hands (white collar)Feb 18 21:10
schestowitzcommunism for the (99%), capitalism for the rest :-)Feb 18 21:11
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schestowitzqu1j0t3: good newsFeb 18 21:39
schestowitzshe spoke to her dad and..Feb 18 21:39
schestowitzyou know..Feb 18 21:39
qu1j0t3wowFeb 18 21:40
qu1j0t3schestowitz: :)Feb 18 21:40
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scientes<qu1j0t3> schestowitz: 18 22:44
TechrightsSocialTitle: The factory jobs aren't coming back -   2012 Elections - .::. Size~: 153.04 KBFeb 18 22:44
scientesneither are the resources...Feb 18 22:44
qu1j0t3truFeb 18 22:46
qu1j0t3lucky everyone started recycling thoroughly in 1980Feb 18 22:47
qu1j0t3nobody could have predicted!Feb 18 22:47
schestowitzqu1j0t3: the East has all the resources nowFeb 18 23:06
schestowitz!google rare earthFeb 18 23:06
TechrightsSocial[1] - Rare Earth | 18 23:06
TechrightsSocial[2] - Rare earth element - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | 18 23:06
TechrightsSocial[3] - Rare Earth (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | 18 23:06
TechrightsSocial[4] - Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the ... | 18 23:06
schestowitzqu1j0t3: R spoke to her father today, a long talk it was. She sought his acceptance of a future wedding between us, maybe as early as this year. His response was positive.Feb 18 23:06
qu1j0t3wow.Feb 18 23:06
qu1j0t3yeah i inferred this from aboveFeb 18 23:06
qu1j0t3rare earths are just a part of the problemFeb 18 23:06
schestowitzI've not envisioned myself having a religious wedding, I think she'll prefer that, he family is Roman CatholicFeb 18 23:07
qu1j0t3every time we put extractive resources in landfill we're fucking over humanityFeb 18 23:07
qu1j0t3or burn themFeb 18 23:07
schestowitzThat being the case, I never foresaw myself marrying in religious garments, but it's safe to assume that I'd have a wedding anywhere the spouse prefers (my parents would travel along, they really love traveling and they are cosmopolitan).Feb 18 23:08
schestowitznext time I baptise my goddaughterFeb 18 23:08
schestowitzqu1j0t3: Earth will get alongFeb 18 23:08
schestowitzit's mostly rock anywayFeb 18 23:08
schestowitzsome molten, some covered in "stuff"Feb 18 23:09
qu1j0t3schestowitz: i can use that to justify any crimeFeb 18 23:10
qu1j0t3"oh the sun crashes into us soon... "Feb 18 23:10
qu1j0t3"so let's go shopping..."Feb 18 23:10
schestowitzoh, my text lacks tonal elementsFeb 18 23:29
schestowitzI was being totally cynical thereFeb 18 23:29
qu1j0t3hehFeb 18 23:36
schestowitzwhen we call Earth just a "lump of stone" it burps up some lava, burns some humans and says, "hey, it's just a lump of flesh"Feb 18 23:38

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