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schestowitz 22 00:17
TechrightsSocial@Jose R Rodriguez (metztli)'s status on Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 23:59:43 UTC - "girl with her face turned away but her breasts perfectly visible…& #Shuttleworth saying…‘this…s what I want[ !Ubuntu]desktop to look like’"Feb 22 00:17
schestowitztrue storyFeb 22 00:17
*qu1j0t3 scratches headFeb 22 01:34
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schestowitz "Because he wanted to make it better, Heavymetalmixer, and so he did. "Feb 22 08:53
TechrightsSocialNot a Diaspora post?Feb 22 08:53
schestowitzreshareFeb 22 08:53
*scientes has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)Feb 22 10:03
MinceR 22 10:40
TechrightsSocialTitle: kern/165381: [cpufreq] powerd(8) eats CPUs for breakfast .::. Size~: 10.03 KBFeb 22 10:40
MinceR 22 12:32
TechrightsSocialTitle: Glory, Glory Hallelujah | Fredo and Pidjin. The Webcomic. .::. Size~: 15.91 KBFeb 22 12:32
MinceR 22 13:41
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeFeb 22 13:41
MinceR 22 15:34
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeFeb 22 15:34
schestowitzI now have 5 bins in my kitchen, in order to better facilitate recycling that I've been doing for years.Feb 22 16:22
qu1j0t3:)Feb 22 16:23
qu1j0t3schestowitz: we put maybe 60-70% of our waste as recycling, but it's not segregatedFeb 22 16:24
schestowitzMinceR: dented that one about politiciansFeb 22 16:24
schestowitzqu1j0t3: it sets an example and gets it started I thinkFeb 22 16:24
schestowitzLike, here it's expected from everyone to recycleFeb 22 16:24
schestowitzcompanies can develop around itFeb 22 16:24
schestowitzto use particular componentsFeb 22 16:25
schestowitzprofiting from wasteFeb 22 16:25
qu1j0t3schestowitz: it costs our building more to send to landfill, so the incentives are correct.. they tend to ask residents to recycle more.Feb 22 16:27
schestowitzToday I bought lots of capsules for the first time. Vitamins. Seems like placebo for the most part, but OH suggested that I try them. Got 60 tablets of vitamin D & calcium,90 of vitamin C, 60 of vitamin E, some of A, and iron.Feb 22 16:27
schestowitzPlacebo galore? Money down the drain?Feb 22 16:28
schestowitzmy mate Joe thinks so, he's a personal trainerFeb 22 16:28
schestowitzqu1j0t3: there need to be a situation where capitalism is sorting this outFeb 22 16:28
schestowitzmaking it favourable, financially, to recycleFeb 22 16:28
schestowitzpenalties for pollution are one attempt at itFeb 22 16:29
schestowitzpeople have morals and care for the envirinmentFeb 22 16:29
schestowitzcorps care about bottom line, they have no feelingsFeb 22 16:29
schestowitzUnless there's PR toll or penaltyFeb 22 16:29
schestowitz...So after a morning chat I made a change of plans and went to town centre in order to purchase those vitamins OH advised me to get. I went to three supplements stores and found what was suitable.Feb 22 16:30
schestowitzthose things are most likely "money down the drain"... vitamins I can get from fruit too, seems to be mostly made in the US by some "herb" brandsFeb 22 16:30
schestowitzI do know that omega 3 is a bit of a scam given that most people can get enough of it by just eating real foods, proper dietsFeb 22 16:31
schestowitzanyway, I wrote 5 posts today, time to publish them...Feb 22 16:33
qu1j0t3schestowitz: absolutely.Feb 22 16:33
qu1j0t3schestowitz: i know the UK has  a problem with random dumpingFeb 22 16:33
schestowitzmy friend joe said it's an american and canadian thingFeb 22 16:33
qu1j0t3schestowitz: i suppose it's a problem more or less everywhereFeb 22 16:33
schestowitzover-medicatingFeb 22 16:33
schestowitzvitamins are like drugs for the healthyFeb 22 16:33
schestowitzto medicate for those who cannot be sold expensive drugsFeb 22 16:33
schestowitzprevention as the selling point,.. inoculationFeb 22 16:34
schestowitz> Hi Dr. Schestowitz,Feb 22 16:35
schestowitz> Feb 22 16:35
schestowitz> Thank you for checking in. I'll look into it and keep you posted.Feb 22 16:35
schestowitz> Feb 22 16:35
schestowitz> Best,Feb 22 16:35
schestowitz> SteveFeb 22 16:35
schestowitzThose OIN lackeysFeb 22 16:35
schestowitzThey ask me to send questions to KiethFeb 22 16:35
schestowitz*KeithFeb 22 16:35
schestowitzand after several weeks they still don't have answers, so what do they ask me to write these for?Feb 22 16:35
schestowitz 22 16:39 Why I never voted [IMG] 22 16:39
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeFeb 22 16:39
schestowitz"Agreed. Its funny how people keep thinking that only voting will result into change. Look how it went down with Obama. Ive started to think that people need to upset the ruling elite and their sponsors by denying support for their corrupt system of present day democracy. Sure, it would be one hell of a ride that one, but Ive started to see it as the only way out of this system. Not voting doesnt mean you dont give shit, it Feb 22 16:39
schestowitzmeans you dont support the options given us by the party elites and their sponsors."Feb 22 16:39
qu1j0t3LOLFeb 22 16:40
qu1j0t3voting is the only thing that /can't/ effect change.Feb 22 16:40
qu1j0t3it's what it's for.Feb 22 16:40
qu1j0t3it's designed as the "no change" option.Feb 22 16:40
*qu1j0t3 looks through Guillotine cataloguesFeb 22 16:40
schestowitzI would love to vote for some candidates, but they are marginalised and they only complain about it. They say, "this is not a democracy" yet they run in this system which they call undemocratic. For now, taking it to the streets and exposing the malfunctions in the system (on the Net, to peers, etc.) seems more productive use of time.Feb 22 16:40
schestowitz> Hi, RoyFeb 22 16:43
schestowitz> Feb 22 16:43
schestowitz> Google is in a position to gather lots of information.  There is a lotFeb 22 16:43
schestowitz> of potential for abuse.Feb 22 16:43
schestowitzGoogle is not alone in this, it's a systemic issue. Hammering only on Google and not on the powers that condone this merely helps Amazon, MS, others.Feb 22 16:43
schestowitz> -------- Original Message --------Feb 22 16:43
schestowitz> Subject:     dru: Google tracks your search history, how to stop thisFeb 22 16:43
schestowitz> before they unify their privacy policyFeb 22 16:43
schestowitz> Date:     Tue, 21 Feb 2012 22:53:58 -0500Feb 22 16:43
schestowitz> From:     David Black <>Feb 22 16:43
schestowitz> Reply-To:     David Black <>Feb 22 16:43
schestowitz> To:     Dru List <>Feb 22 16:43
schestowitz> Feb 22 16:43
schestowitz> Feb 22 16:43
schestowitz> Feb 22 16:43
schestowitz>            On March 1st, Google will implement its new, unified privacyFeb 22 16:43
schestowitz>            policy. Until now, your Google Web History (your GoogleFeb 22 16:43
schestowitz>            searches and sites visited) was cordoned off from Google'sFeb 22 16:43
schestowitz>            other products. This protection was especially importantFeb 22 16:43
schestowitz>            because search data can reveal particularly sensitiveFeb 22 16:43
schestowitz>            information about you (your location, interests, age, sexualFeb 22 16:43
schestowitz>            orientation, religious beliefs, health concerns, and more).Feb 22 16:43
schestowitz>            If you want to keep Google from combining your Web HistoryFeb 22 16:43
schestowitz>            with the data they have gathered about you in their otherFeb 22 16:43
schestowitz>            products you may want to remove all items from your WebFeb 22 16:43
schestowitz>            History and stop your Web History from being recorded in theFeb 22 16:44
schestowitz>            future. Here's how you can do that?Feb 22 16:44
schestowitz> Feb 22 16:44
schestowitz> Feb 22 16:44
schestowitz> Feb 22 16:44
schestowitz> 22 16:44
TechrightsSocialTitle: How to Remove Your Google Search History Before Google's New Privacy Policy Takes Effect | Electronic Frontier Foundation .::. Size~: 28.01 KBFeb 22 16:44
schestowitzqu1j0t3: at the end we decided that I'll try Asia later this year and see if I like itFeb 22 16:46
qu1j0t3schestowitz: thailand / ex senior dev at work emigrated there from Ca.Feb 22 16:50
qu1j0t3schestowitz: sounds like similar advantages to brazil.Feb 22 16:50
qu1j0t3schestowitz: high quality of life, low cost.Feb 22 16:51
schestowitzI thought California at firstFeb 22 16:51
schestowitzthen I realised CanadaFeb 22 16:51
qu1j0t3hahahahahaFeb 22 16:51
schestowitzCali is a messFeb 22 16:51
qu1j0t3yes.Feb 22 16:51
schestowitzsouth cli esp.Feb 22 16:51
schestowitzqu1j0t3: yes, brazil would be goodFeb 22 16:51
schestowitzprovided you have a job up northFeb 22 16:51
schestowitzand you have few expenses down southFeb 22 16:51
schestowitzthen you can buy a lot more with the income you getFeb 22 16:52
schestowitzlabour, goods, vacations...Feb 22 16:52
qu1j0t3'the suicide nets. They are everywhere, surrounding every worker dormitory and factory. When Weir asked Foxconn workers about the nets, they said simply, “That’s for workers’ safety.”Feb 22 17:44
qu1j0t3schestowitz: "ABC News got the invite after years of requests. That’s right, Apple called Weir, offering him, essentially, an all access pass to the plant floors where Apple builds its key products. Apple’s abrupt about face from secretive to open — at least when it comes to labor — was likely triggered by, first, intense public scrutiny, and then its own decision to invite an auditFeb 22 17:44
qu1j0t3 of its Chinese factories by the Fair Labor Association. So Apple reached out, not surprisingly, to ABC News. Its parent company ABC is, as Weir himself was quick to point out, owned by Disney, which has a strong relationship with Apple that includes the Steve Jobs Trust owning substantial shares in the company. Feb 22 17:44
qu1j0t3“We expected to find some real horror stories, and didn’t. That said, what is acceptable on a Chinese assembly line is soul-crushing by American standards,” said Weir.Feb 22 17:44
qu1j0t3so...Feb 22 17:45
qu1j0t3let's follow the moneyFeb 22 17:45
schestowitzheheFeb 22 18:01
schestowitzThe AmericanDream(R)Feb 22 18:01
schestowitzshort-term gainsFeb 22 18:01
schestowitz> I presume Jenny was Golden Retriever; a great family dog. The breed is veryFeb 22 18:02
schestowitz> popular here in the U.S. with its intelligence and eager to please attitude.Feb 22 18:02
schestowitz> Feb 22 18:02
schestowitz>  A friend of mine owns a Golden Retriever and she has the hallmark beautifulFeb 22 18:02
schestowitz> golden-colored coat. She is the sweetest and most gentle dog; the perfectFeb 22 18:02
schestowitz> family dog because he has twins and a third child. Feb 22 18:02
schestowitz> Feb 22 18:02
schestowitz> The dog is ideal and could even  be a wonderful watch dog. She would lick aFeb 22 18:02
schestowitz> burglar to death with kisses.Feb 22 18:02
schestowitz> Feb 22 18:02
schestowitz> Who in your family, if anybody, was Jenny's favorite?Feb 22 18:02
schestowitzProbably my sister.Feb 22 18:02
qu1j0t3schestowitz: yes my family owned themFeb 22 18:21
qu1j0t3schestowitz: great dogsFeb 22 18:21
qu1j0t3schestowitz: still a favourite of mine and mrsfb'sFeb 22 18:21
schestowitzours died some years agoFeb 22 18:22
schestowitzshe was 19 IIRCFeb 22 18:22
schestowitzOH bought one last yearFeb 22 18:22
schestowitz"The first (Samsung) Tizen phone will probably be announced next week in Barcelona at the MWC ;) " 22 18:24 #Intel has been very quiet about #tizen - any phones in the pipeline?Feb 22 18:24
schestowitz "good find"Feb 22 18:24 #Ubuntu 12.04: Three new features sneak in to make things interesting 22 18:24
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Ubuntu 12.04: Three new features sneak in to make things interesting | TechRepublic .::. Size~: 133.75 KBFeb 22 18:24
schestowitz"This makes it look like many of the complaints about Canonical not listening -- see comments to Mike Hall'sblog -- might be invalid. "Feb 22 18:24
schestowitz "Michael Hall makes no reference to the Fabian article in his blog. Do you have some other information connecting the two? In my opinion, Fabian's article needs to be retitled "Ubuntu: you’re doing it wrong for Fabian A. Scherschel." The vast majority of #ubuntu users and contributors do not share his view. "Feb 22 18:25 Canonical in damage control over Fab's post #ubuntuFeb 22 18:25
schestowitzmehFeb 22 18:25
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Criticism: You’re doing it wrong | Michael Hall's Blog .::. Size~: 69.41 KBFeb 22 18:25
schestowitzLOLFeb 22 18:25
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Ubuntu: you’re doing it wrong | Dehype .::. Size~: 167.01 KBFeb 22 18:25
schestowitzCanonical starts to annoy meFeb 22 18:25
schestowitzpretending not to respond to legit concerns Feb 22 18:25
schestowitzwhen in fact Fab spoke for many of usFeb 22 18:25
schestowitz"Guys (and gals), the source for #ubuntu is out there. If you honestly feel that #canonical is evil, then that source can be useful. Make something good with it. Change the world. "Feb 22 18:25
schestowitzLOLFeb 22 18:25
schestowitzcanonical has staff walk around the site and dismiss criticsFeb 22 18:26
schestowitzcanonical is NEVER wrongFeb 22 18:26
schestowitz"Partly agree, except for the slight problem that #ubuntu is not a company, and RIM's business model would have to be completely changed for them to adapt/survive. As far as I can tell RIM are hell-bent on remaining closed and their entire empire has been built on that quicksand. " 22 18:26 How RIM could learn from Ubuntu, and why it needs to before it’s too late #ubuntu #gnuFeb 22 18:26
TechrightsSocial-> Title: How RIM could learn from Ubuntu, and why it needs to before it’s too late .::. Size~: 74.5 KBFeb 22 18:26
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schestowitz">From what I've seen #canonical does a good job listening to the #ubuntu contributor community. And, those who get the most attention are those that bring forward constructive and actionable feedback. " 22 21:16 #Ubuntu 12.04: Three new features sneak in to make things interesting 22 21:16
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Ubuntu 12.04: Three new features sneak in to make things interesting | TechRepublic .::. Size~: 133.3 KBFeb 22 21:16
MinceRschestowitz: lolFeb 22 21:17
MinceRwell, if "listening" means "in one ear, out the other", then yesFeb 22 21:18
schestowitzMinceR: recall the "meritocracy" gate of 2010 or 2009Feb 22 21:21
schestowitzRemember, no democracyFeb 22 21:21
schestowitzMarkocracyFeb 22 21:21
schestowitzwe listen, but Mark can override decisions in his blog postsFeb 22 21:22
schestowitz"here be dragons"Feb 22 21:22
schestowitzAnd, IMHO, many decisions are imposed from aboveFeb 22 21:22
schestowitznot mushroomed belowFeb 22 21:22
schestowitzFor instanceFeb 22 21:22
schestowitzUbuntu AndroidFeb 22 21:22
schestowitztotal surpriseFeb 22 21:22
schestowitzI had no ideaFeb 22 21:22
schestowitzUnity was imposedFeb 22 21:22
schestowitzno voting on itFeb 22 21:22
schestowitzmenu buttoms to leftFeb 22 21:23
schestowitzand many other things, like notification widgetsFeb 22 21:23
schestowitzqu1j0t3: BTW, we decided we'll probably marry next year, so we have plenty of time to decide where to move careers etc.Feb 22 21:23
MinceRwell, the android thing is not without precedentFeb 22 21:24
qu1j0t3right schestowitzFeb 22 21:24
qu1j0t3schestowitz: ya gotta get to know someoneFeb 22 21:24
schestowitzRight, it's no VegasFeb 22 21:25
schestowitzBut it's more complicated than that. She has a CS degree, we try to work out how/whenFeb 22 21:27
schestowitznot a question of if, but like I said, with a buffer large enough to accommodate for transitions it'll be easierFeb 22 21:28
schestowitzMinceR: the Canonical gangs is doing PR in disporaFeb 22 21:28
schestowitzthe latest from randall againFeb 22 21:28
schestowitz"Feb 22 21:29
schestowitzHello there #Ubuntu Diasporians!Feb 22 21:29
schestowitzYou're an #Ubuntu contributor and we (the #Ubuntu Global Contributor Community) need your help! (Or, you're an #Ubuntu user. Guess what? We still need your help!)Feb 22 21:29
schestowitzThe #Ubuntu Global Jam is happening on March 2-4th 2012. Our goal is to get every team in the world jamming at an Ubuntu event.Feb 22 21:29
schestowitzGeneral information about the Ubuntu Global Jam can be found on the Ubuntu Global Jam Wiki. 22 21:29
schestowitzPlease go to the Ubuntu Loco Teams Portal this week and register (or join) an Ubuntu Global Jam event in your area: .Feb 22 21:29
schestowitzIf there is no #Ubuntu local community team in your town, start one! the world needs #Ubuntu teams everywhere. Hint: That's every city, town, and village. Look outside. See a team? If not, that's a BUG. Fix it.Feb 22 21:29
TechrightsSocialTitle: UbuntuGlobalJam - Ubuntu Wiki .::. Size~: 20.84 KBFeb 22 21:29
TechrightsSocialTitle: Home | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal .::. Size~: 17.13 KBFeb 22 21:29
schestowitzIf you have any questions, I'm here to help.Feb 22 21:29
schestowitzCheers, Randall Ross Ubuntu Buzz Generator. (from Vancouver)Feb 22 21:29
schestowitz"Feb 22 21:29
schestowitz"Ubuntu Buzz Generator"Feb 22 21:29
schestowitzput that in the resume!Feb 22 21:30
MinceRvibrator controller application? :>Feb 22 21:31
schestowitzwhat can the controller do? Two-mode on/off?Feb 22 21:33
MinceRprobablyFeb 22 21:34
MinceR 22 21:34
TechrightsSocialTitle: Recipe:Black brick emanating clouds of black smoke - RationalWiki .::. Size~: 17.21 KBFeb 22 21:34
schestowitzMinceR: vibrators are for pussies anywayFeb 22 21:35
schestowitz[sarcasm]Feb 22 21:35
MinceRand for relatively quiet call alerts :>Feb 22 21:36
schestowitzfor Dick Cheney's lifeFeb 22 21:36
schestowitz 22 21:37
TechrightsSocialTitle: Hitler gets a BSOD       - YouTube .::. Size~: 127.78 KBFeb 22 21:37
schestowitz 22 21:43 #Ubuntu 12.04: Three new features sneak in to make things interesting 22 21:43
schestowitz"From what I've seen #canonical does a good job listening to the #ubuntu contributor community. And, those who get the most attention are those that bring forward constructive and actionable feedb"Feb 22 21:43
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Ubuntu 12.04: Three new features sneak in to make things interesting | TechRepublic .::. Size~: 133 KBFeb 22 21:43
schestowitzhere's my issueFeb 22 21:44
schestowitzhe responds to anything I post about Canonical and UbuntuFeb 22 21:44
schestowitzlike he's monitoring meFeb 22 21:44
schestowitzand if it's something negative, then he 'decorates' the threadFeb 22 21:44
schestowitzsometimes by dismissing the messengerFeb 22 21:44
schestowitzit can be quite agitating at timesFeb 22 21:44
schestowitz 22 22:00
TechrightsSocial@fredmcclimans: @nigelcameron Last I checked, most dictatorships claim to be "democratic"... #Twitter #Censorship #techrights @rmackFeb 22 22:00
schestowitz 22 22:00
TechrightsSocial@MeraSB: I'm really interested to hear ideas about how #netfreedom can become an important platform issue in the next election #techrightsFeb 22 22:00
schestowitzthey hijacked out hashtag tofayFeb 22 22:00
schestowitzsome conferneceFeb 22 22:01
schestowitz 22 22:01
TechrightsSocial@MeraSB: #Microsoft at #techrights event says: Join the efforts of the GNI, they're important #netfreedomFeb 22 22:01
schestowitzMicrosoft at #techrights event?Feb 22 22:01
schestowitzReally?Feb 22 22:01
schestowitz 22 22:01
TechrightsSocial@nigelcameron: .@rmack states she believes #Twitter will only respond to censorship requests from democratic countries. Really? #techrightsFeb 22 22:01
schestowitz 22 22:02
TechrightsSocial@nigelcameron: .@rmack at #techrights appealing to #Valley companies to take #CSR seriously. <but GNI is not delivering. Time passing. 22 22:02
TechrightsSocial-> Title: NO TITLE .::. Size~: 0.37 KBFeb 22 22:02
qu1j0t3schestowitz: wait, wait--- why is a censorship request any more valid when it comes from a so-called 'democratic' country??????Feb 22 22:14
qu1j0t3schestowitz: wouldn't that put the 'democratic' description on shakier turf??Feb 22 22:14
schestowitzpeople are brainwashedFeb 22 22:24
schestowitzthey get disciplined to respect censorship from their own rulersFeb 22 22:24
schestowitzthe human mind is feeble and gullibleFeb 22 22:24
schestowitzyou just need to use your words rightFeb 22 22:24
schestowitzNoam Chomsky has some good talks about itFeb 22 22:24
schestowitzOne example is, call one thing "terrorism" and its censorship "action against radicalisation"Feb 22 22:25
schestowitzyou cannot argue against that, can you?Feb 22 22:25
qu1j0t3radicalisationFeb 22 22:29
qu1j0t3was always a good word for "waking the fuck up"Feb 22 22:29
qu1j0t3schestowitz: i see the mainstream tech blogs are full ofthe apple reputation laundering story. ABC newsFeb 22 22:31
schestowitzcan you provide an example?Feb 22 22:32
schestowitzI write stories about this subject these days, to make Linux the preferred alternative to Win32Feb 22 22:33
qu1j0t3there are piles of linksFeb 22 22:42
qu1j0t3clearly it's a dtermined barrageFeb 22 22:42
qu1j0t3notice - the relationships between the corporates involved, outlined aboveFeb 22 22:42
qu1j0t3ABC/Disney/AppleFeb 22 22:42
qu1j0t3 , Feb 22 22:53
TechrightsSocialTitle: Nightline 2/21: Apple's Chinese Factories: Exclusive Full Episode - Nightline - ABC News .::. Size~: 21.72 KBFeb 22 22:53
qu1j0t3and othersFeb 22 22:53
TechrightsSocialTitle: Apple's Foxconn Operations Exposed in ABC Report [VIDEO] .::. Size~: 108.27 KBFeb 22 22:53
qu1j0t3“In our increasingly secular societies, many young people no longer keep the Lenten season in any special way – that’s why the Pontifical Council for Social Communications has come up with a new idea to focus hearts and minds on the challenges contained in Pope Benedict’s Lenten message for 2012.Feb 22 23:06
qu1j0t3‘Starting on Ash Wednesday, themes from that papal message will be posted on Twitter each day during Lent and over the coming months other papal speeches and documents are likely to be tweeted in a similar way, hoping to attract the media-savvy generation and entice them to find out more.’”Feb 22 23:06
schestowitzmehFeb 22 23:21
schestowitznot too interestedFeb 22 23:21
schestowitzalthough I should be more respectful towards those who areFeb 22 23:21
schestowitzharmlessFeb 22 23:21
schestowitzseason-based, use pagans can join the celebrationFeb 22 23:21
schestowitzmy desktop [screenshot] 22 23:23
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeFeb 22 23:23
schestowitzI didn't upload full-res, need privacyFeb 22 23:23
schestowitz context in 22 23:28
TechrightsSocialTitle:  » Blog Archive   » IRC Chat/Communication Panel .::. Size~: 34.67 KBFeb 22 23:28
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schestowitzI've begun taking vitamins, not just eat bananas and avoid coffee (I'm on tea now). Yesterday a friend passed me this: 22 23:56
TechrightsSocialTitle: Dream On: Why Sleep is So Important (Infographic) | Coupon Codes | Promotional Code | Frugal Dad .::. Size~: 46.45 KBFeb 22 23:56
schestowitzVery informative.Feb 22 23:56

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