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schestowitz 25 01:13
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schestowitz 25 01:13
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schestowitz""You have the right to be surveiled. You have the right to give us your private information. You have the right to unencrypt your Hard Drive when we want to see it..." " 25 08:10 White House pushes online privacy bill of rights #WhiteHouseFeb 25 08:10
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schestowitzI'm being lazy and relaxed (wearing a sweatshirt) in preparation for the fast rope-skipping, which is not something that I'm exceptionally good at.Feb 25 08:44
schestowitzToday at the Midland Hotel I did 485 at the skipping, maximum in 5 minutes. This is mostly about technique and pace, which I lack (I don't practice with rope). I finally gathered the courage to put heavy weights (not maximum, just 110KG) on my shoulder today and test to see whether/how it's healing (tissue needed to grow, I believe I tore some). It seems like full recovery is imminent, so it's a lot less horrible than I Feb 25 13:41
schestowitzfeared. My back was aching a bit yesterday (because of a long run), but this too is healing.Feb 25 13:41
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schestowitzI wanted to ask someone, do you have any recommendations regarding salt intake? Some say it's very much unhealthy.Feb 25 14:00
oiaohmschestowitz: depends on what work you do and genenics.Feb 25 14:01
oiaohmschestowitz: 25 14:03
TechrightsSocialTitle: Salt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 164.35 KBFeb 25 14:03
oiaohmschestowitz: basically too little salt can kill you in a day.  Too much salt is a lot slower death.Feb 25 14:03
oiaohmschestowitz: Australians taking on the kokoda trail are reminded to take salt tablets as well as water so they don't end up dead.Feb 25 14:05
oiaohmschestowitz: too much salt will turn up as high blood presure and other things.  Ie good medical every 6 to 12 months normally will detect if you are having too much.Feb 25 14:06
schestowitz[14:03] <oiaohm> schestowitz: basically too little salt can kill you in a day.  Too much salt is a lot slower death.\Feb 25 14:28
schestowitzOh, I see...Feb 25 14:28
schestowitzyes, it's all very complicatedFeb 25 14:28
oiaohmschestowitz: No nerve messages once your body does not have enough salt.Feb 25 14:28
oiaohmYes loss of salt is one of the fastest way to die.Feb 25 14:29
schestowitzI've just asked my fiancee about it. It's her profession now, even though originally - like me - she did computer science (medicine is a lot more interesting)Feb 25 14:29
schestowitzoiaohm: of drinking too muchFeb 25 14:29
schestowitzdiluting the bloodFeb 25 14:29
oiaohmYep diluting and stripping the salt.Feb 25 14:30
schestowitzIIRC, it's to do with dentsity in membranes and suchFeb 25 14:30
oiaohmNasty fast way to die.Feb 25 14:30
schestowitzAllowing one to penetrate other cells... can't recall the long scientific term for it nowFeb 25 14:30
schestowitzBut extremities aside, what about diet?Feb 25 14:31
schestowitzThere was a while when people said, don't put too much salt or east salty foodsFeb 25 14:31
schestowitzAnd I started putting a lot of salt in my foodsFeb 25 14:32
oiaohmAgain that is genetics.Feb 25 14:32
oiaohmYou genetics set how fast you lose salt.Feb 25 14:32
oiaohmSo sets how much you need to replace.Feb 25 14:32
oiaohmSo some people have to eat hell loads of it just to stay fine.Feb 25 14:32
oiaohmOther people its too much.Feb 25 14:33
oiaohmAlso activity also effects salt loss rate.  schestowitzFeb 25 14:33
oiaohmbasically I alter my salt intake based on the kinds of work I am doing.Feb 25 14:34
oiaohmMy genenics are interesting because I lose water really quickly.  But I don't loss salt at anywhere near the normal rate.Feb 25 14:34
oiaohmschestowitz: I end up with high salt really simply leading to high blood presure .Feb 25 14:36
schestowitzare some races solvent/tolerant when it comes to salt?Feb 25 14:37
oiaohmNot exactly race.Feb 25 14:37
oiaohmLot of coastal people who lived as fishermen have a higher tollerance.Feb 25 14:38
oiaohmYet the same race that lived inland don't have it.Feb 25 14:38
oiaohmSo game of loto schestowitzFeb 25 14:38
oiaohmBody seams to adjust how much it holds onto salt based on where you grew up basically.Feb 25 14:39
oiaohmI don't technically sweat as much due to generics.  Since I am losing water without it going threw sweat glans.Feb 25 14:41
oiaohmSo how much salt is in sweat is a factor and how much you sweat is a factor.  schestowitzFeb 25 14:42
oiaohmMy generic error is not unique to any particular race.  Its one of those errors that hits the complete human population randomally.Feb 25 14:45
schestowitzoh, that's right, proximity to salty water in one's ancestryFeb 25 14:45
schestowitzsome genetic issues are random chanceFeb 25 14:46
schestowitzlike sperm selectionFeb 25 14:46
schestowitzalthough radiation can make things worseFeb 25 14:46
oiaohmTo be correct salt tollerence can change massivelly generation to generation.Feb 25 14:46
schestowitzsome of it is hereditary and affects most eggs/spermFeb 25 14:46
oiaohmIf your mother had low salt intake while she was carring you.  Basically you can be programmed that salt is rare.Feb 25 14:47
oiaohmIts mixture of genenic and raising.Feb 25 14:48
oiaohmNow prediction of your exposure effects on your body......  Yep its simpler just todo blood tests.Feb 25 14:49
oiaohmAnd blood presure readings.Feb 25 14:49
oiaohmMine is stuffed up because salt was rare I grew up on a property here in Australia that for the first 10 years of my life I never saw a rain drop.Feb 25 14:50
oiaohmBasically using sweat last option due to the way my body is programmed.Feb 25 14:51
oiaohmMarfans fault allows radiation cooling by increasing blood flow to skin.  Resulting in water loss.  Yes has I get hot I turn red..Feb 25 14:53
oiaohmOnce my skin is almost blood red then I sweat.Feb 25 14:53
oiaohmThis alters my salt loss massively compared to most other people schestowitzFeb 25 14:54
oiaohmYet other blood relations who grew up on the area that had normal rainfall and salt with the same DNA fault have normal loss rate.  schestowitzFeb 25 14:55
oiaohmschestowitz: dna sets what options your body has.  But it does not set how those options are turned on or off.Feb 25 14:56
oiaohmAlso they don't turn blood red when hot.Feb 25 14:57
oiaohmschestowitz: salt is one of those complete horid things.  You have todo metrics on your own body and basically work out how it set.Feb 25 14:59
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schestowitz[14:50] <oiaohm> Mine is stuffed up because salt was rare I grew up on a property here in Australia that for the first 10 years of my life I never saw a rain drop.Feb 25 15:47
schestowitzadelaide area?Feb 25 15:47
oiaohmNo inland queensland.Feb 25 15:47
schestowitzoiaohm: interestingFeb 25 15:47
schestowitzI guess sweat glands and hair also very much depend on lifestylFeb 25 15:48
oiaohmYep.Feb 25 15:48
oiaohmAnd deoderent.Feb 25 15:48
oiaohmBasically lifestyle is a huge effect.Feb 25 15:48
oiaohmas well.Feb 25 15:48
schestowitzoiaohm: 25 15:59
TechrightsSocialTitle: More Microsoft Lock-in Under the Guise of ‘Standards’ | Techrights .::. Size~: 89.55 KBFeb 25 15:59
schestowitzcan you issue a complains, please?Feb 25 15:59
schestowitz*compla9intFeb 25 15:59
oiaohmschestowitz: they are forced to review every 3 years.Feb 25 16:03
oiaohmschestowitz: so every 3 years we get a chance to be a pain.Feb 25 16:03
oiaohmAnd in the COE process it must be released to the public for complaints.Feb 25 16:04
oiaohmschestowitz: fun part we can play with anti-discrimination law.  Feb 25 16:08
oiaohmschestowitz: on going arguement. 25 16:09
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schestowitzwill you respond to them?Feb 25 16:13
oiaohmIts fun at the moment.Feb 25 16:16
oiaohmThey only compared to MS Office 2010.Feb 25 16:16
oiaohmschestowitz: what is the mistake about doing that?Feb 25 16:16
oiaohmMS Office 2010 is only for Windows.Feb 25 16:16
oiaohmMS Office 2011 is MacFeb 25 16:16
oiaohmJust to be evil by law COE must support more than 1 OS.Feb 25 16:17
oiaohmYes opps.Feb 25 16:17
oiaohmschestowitz: fun part is redhat is offically in the COE this time.Feb 25 16:24
schestowitzoh, it is?Feb 25 16:25
schestowitzThen tell them LO and OOo run in all platformsFeb 25 16:25
oiaohm 25 16:29
TechrightsSocialTitle: Reviewing the Common Operating Environment Policy | AGIMO Blog .::. Size~: 75.22 KBFeb 25 16:29
oiaohmYes the battle is on in  many fronts at moment.Feb 25 16:29
oiaohmMostly agimo is being ripped into lack of tested before preping the COEFeb 25 16:30
oiaohmThe COE is not law yet schestowitzFeb 25 16:30
schestowitzI seee.Feb 25 16:30
schestowitzSee my commentFeb 25 16:30
schestowitzI quote youFeb 25 16:30
schestowitzoiaohm: 25 16:31
TechrightsSocialTitle: More Microsoft Lock-in Under the Guise of ‘Standards’ | Techrights .::. Size~: 91.68 KBFeb 25 16:31
oiaohmschestowitz: its a on going battle.Feb 25 16:33
oiaohmEach year we are getting more ground.Feb 25 16:33
oiaohmNext year the Linux Conference Australia will be in canbra ie the capital.Feb 25 16:34
schestowitzok, but we need to keep the pressure upFeb 25 16:39
schestowitzthey notice thisFeb 25 16:39
schestowitzon both sidesFeb 25 16:39
schestowitzfor evil to triumph all it takes is for goof folks to do nothingFeb 25 16:39
schestowitzSee what MS did when it got exposed over OOXMl fraudsFeb 25 16:39
schestowitzand still, it couldn't avoid massive complaintsFeb 25 16:40
schestowitzThat also shattered MS statusFeb 25 16:40
schestowitzMade them more enemiesFeb 25 16:40
schestowitznever a good thing among the IT crowdFeb 25 16:40
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schestowitzRed Hat feedback from the legal team is a lost causeFeb 25 17:10
schestowitzthey only comment on trivial stuffFeb 25 17:10
schestowitzRe: Steve Jobs and Tim Cook had an iLove-child...Feb 25 18:25
schestowitz> And it's name was Stove Cook:Feb 25 18:25
schestowitz> Feb 25 18:25
schestowitz> [quote]Feb 25 18:25
schestowitz> Steeley-eyed industrial gumshoes in the east-central Chinese city ofFeb 25 18:25
schestowitz> Wuhan have foiled a nefarious plan by dishonorable appliance punters toFeb 25 18:25
schestowitz> exploit the power of the Apple brand.Feb 25 18:25
schestowitz> Feb 25 18:25
schestowitz> In the Qiaokou district of that riverside city of 10 million souls, aFeb 25 18:25
schestowitz> firm dishonestly identifying themselves as "Apple Limited" had – withoutFeb 25 18:25
schestowitz> legal approval from Cupertino, we can only surmise – used theFeb 25 18:25
schestowitz> trademarked "iPhone" brand and familiar bitten-apple logo to unjustlyFeb 25 18:25
schestowitz> promote their own consumer-tempting shiny-shiny: a gas stove.Feb 25 18:25
schestowitz> [/quote]Feb 25 18:25
schestowitz> Feb 25 18:25
schestowitz> 25 18:25
TechrightsSocialTitle: Chinese cops bust culinary Apple trademark thieves • The Register .::. Size~: 24.21 KBFeb 25 18:25
schestowitz> Feb 25 18:25
schestowitz> Note the shameless stealing of Apple's Rounded Rectangles® too.Feb 25 18:25
schestowitz> Feb 25 18:25
schestowitz> Early reports indicate that anything up to one million Apple cultistsFeb 25 18:25
schestowitz> may have been fooled into believing these were real iPhones, accordingFeb 25 18:25
schestowitz> to our Chinese correspondent, Wang Chung.Feb 25 18:25
schestowitz> Feb 25 18:25
schestowitz> This is more credible than you might imagine, given that apparently theyFeb 25 18:25
schestowitz> can't tell the difference between the words "Apple" and "Samsung"Feb 25 18:25
schestowitz> either.Feb 25 18:25
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qu1j0t3schestowitz: "Every time I hear some Tea Party moron screaming loudly about how he/she shouldn't be paying taxes, I think of California. What's the GDP of the state? It's huge, right? Like 8th or 9th largest in the world, if you think of California as its own county. This is a place that should by rights be a paradise in which to live: good jobs, lots of income, nice weather, beautiful Feb 25 23:21
qu1j0t3parks... But somewhere along the line, some misguided dolts decided that Californians shouldn't pay taxes, they made it insanely difficult for the state government to actually levy taxes, and boom - the whole place has been slowly crumbling ever since. It's a microcosm model of what the Tea Party wants to do to the entire country: keep the rich in charge, protect their income streams, and Feb 25 23:21
qu1j0t3watch in silent acceptance as the way of life made possible by responsible public spending disappears. Watch as they are deluded into actively voting against any measure that might improve their lot, that might make it easier for their children to escape the downward spiral. Saddest thing is that the people making these decisions in the ballot box have zero idea that they are voting away Feb 25 23:21
qu1j0t3thir futures. Feb 25 23:21
qu1j0t3schestowitz: 25 23:21
TechrightsSocialTitle: California Dreamin' | MetaFilter .::. Size~: 272.54 KBFeb 25 23:21

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