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MinceR 26 00:24
TechrightsSocialTitle: Tim Minchin - The Good Book (Live)       - YouTube .::. Size~: 145.81 KBFeb 26 00:24
MinceR 26 00:40
TechrightsSocialTitle: Tim Minchin - Pope Song       - YouTube .::. Size~: 138.49 KBFeb 26 00:40
MinceR(lyrics: )Feb 26 00:40
TechrightsSocialTitle: Tim Minchin:The Pope Song Lyrics - Lyric Wiki - song lyrics, music lyrics .::. Size~: 81.76 KBFeb 26 00:40
scientes_pope SONGFeb 26 00:40
scientes_wtfFeb 26 00:40
MinceRit's greatFeb 26 00:41
qu1j0t3'Middle-aged, white Forbes contributing writer Gene Marks, in his recent piece, "If I Were a Poor Black Kid," presented some now-infamous ideas for how he would personally rise to success if he suddenly found himself young, African American and poverty-stricken.Feb 26 00:52
qu1j0t3Marks would "get technical," learn software," "learn how to write code," "figure out where to learn more online," "become an expert at Google Scholar" and regularly peruse the CIA World Factbook. He would then get himself into a top school, and he would "succeed." The end.Feb 26 00:52
qu1j0t3 26 00:53
TechrightsSocialTitle: If I Were a Poor Black Kid Responses .::. Size~: 72.77 KBFeb 26 00:53
qu1j0t3schestowitz: 26 01:03
TechrightsSocialTitle: If I Were a Poor Black Kid: Forbes Column Crosses the Line .::. Size~: 77.48 KBFeb 26 01:03
MinceR 26 01:13
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeFeb 26 01:13
qu1j0t3schestowitz: In depth on 'education reform' (billionaires' take-over of public ed) 26 01:21
TechrightsSocialTitle: Dissent Magazine - Winter 2011 Issue - Got Dough? How Billion... .::. Size~: 46.94 KBFeb 26 01:21
qu1j0t3'Now the Gates Foundation is set to expand its involvement and spend more money on influencing popular culture through a deal with Viacom….It could be called “message placement”: the social or philanthropic corollary to product placement deals in which marketers pay to feature products in shows and movies. Instead of selling Coca-Cola or G.M. cars, they promote education and healthy Feb 26 01:22
qu1j0t3living….Their goal is to weave education-theme story lines into existing shows or to create new shows centered on education.Feb 26 01:22
qu1j0t3"three funders—the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Eli and Edythe Broad (rhymes with road) Foundation, and the Walton Family Foundation—working in sync, command the field. Whatever nuances differentiate the motivations of the Big Three, their market-based goals for overhauling public education coincide: choice, competition, deregulation, accountability, and data-based Feb 26 01:29
qu1j0t3decision-making. And they fund the same vehicles to achieve their goals: charter schools, high-stakes standardized testing for students, merit pay for teachers whose students improve their test scores, firing teachers and closing schools when scores don’t rise adequately, and longitudinal data collection on the performance of every student and teacher. Feb 26 01:29
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qu1j0t3!/ioerror/status/173597244283559937Feb 26 02:41
TechrightsSocial@ioerror: A Simple and Convenient Synthesis of Pseudoephedrine From N-Methylamphetamine by O. Hai and I. B. Hakkenshit: #lulzFeb 26 02:41
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting application/pdf typeFeb 26 02:41
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*Now talking on #boycottnovell-socialFeb 26 10:26
*Topic for #boycottnovell-social is: | Channel #boycottnovell-social for | Communication about anything, including Microsoft, Novell, and Free software :: please also join channels #techrights and #boycottnovellFeb 26 10:26
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schestowitzqu1j0t3: thanks for the quotes. Fits my next post about GatesFeb 26 10:56
schestowitz 26 11:54
TechrightsSocialTitle: Why Does Kubuntu Suck? - Digg .::. Size~: 37.12 KBFeb 26 11:54
schestowitz"IFeb 26 11:54
schestowitzn a word bloat.Feb 26 11:54
schestowitzI put together computers for people who can't afford new ones. What is the point in giving them something almost as slow as Windows... They are just changing one set pf problems for another.Feb 26 11:54
schestowitzKDE 3.5 was good in its day. I even installed the current 3.5 fork (called Trinity) on a couple of machines. It works but has a coupl of things which bother me but are not serious enough to be called show stoppers.Feb 26 11:54
schestowitzBefore anyone asks... Yes I have tried a number of light weight desktops and distros. I'm still on Mint 10.Feb 26 11:54
schestowitz"Feb 26 11:54
schestowitz 26 11:56
TechrightsSocialTitle: Microsoft Spies on All Windows/Internet Explorer Users, But Chooses Google as FUD Target - Digg .::. Size~: 37.3 KBFeb 26 11:56
schestowitz"Is this a surprise any more..."Feb 26 11:56
schestowitznew 26 13:57
TechrightsSocialTitle: Darwin's Perennial Weed of Life       - YouTube .::. Size~: 142.31 KBFeb 26 13:57
schestowitz 26 15:20
TechrightsSocial@Захария Стургин (redxine)'s status on Sunday, 26-Feb-12 15:01:06 UTC - Not sure I can fully agree with the "made-in-Canada software" comment. Linux is after all a much larger world-wide collaboration.Feb 26 15:20
schestowitz 26 15:20
TechrightsSocial@Захария Стургин (redxine)'s status on Sunday, 26-Feb-12 15:03:01 UTC - "They don't run the same kind of code as regular PCs," == meaning it won't run windows.... >.> journalists sometimes....Feb 26 15:20
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schestowitzQuentin Tarantino behaves so strangely 26 16:06
TechrightsSocialTitle: Quentin Tarantino: Keeping Morality Out of the Question       - YouTube .::. Size~: 136.02 KBFeb 26 16:06
schestowitz!Feb 26 16:17
TechrightsSocialTitle: Quentin Tarantino talks about Jackie Brown on Charlie Rose Pt. 2       - YouTube .::. Size~: 116.75 KBFeb 26 16:17
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schestowitzI think that last night I had the longest conversation I've ever had on phone: 5.5 hours.Feb 26 19:08
schestowitz> It looks like Linux developers have it made in the current job market.Feb 26 19:09
schestowitz> Feb 26 19:09
schestowitz> 26 19:09
TechrightsSocialTitle: Linux Developers in High Demand - Careers - News & Reviews - .::. Size~: 59.97 KBFeb 26 19:09
schestowitz> Feb 26 19:09
schestowitz> IanFeb 26 19:09
schestowitzLinux is so great, makes it possible to have very easy jobsFeb 26 19:12
schestowitzas long as the servers act as they should, it's left to them when it comes to automationFeb 26 19:12
schestowitzmeaning you get more free time, or, if you choose to use up all the time, you can make a lot of money (I choose to have more free time)Feb 26 19:13
schestowitzSo,. one reason many people are thankful to unix and linux is that it makes life easier for them, IMHOFeb 26 19:13
schestowitzThat's how I got into Linux advocacyFeb 26 19:13
schestowitzlots of spare time, satisfaction with the OSFeb 26 19:14
schestowitzAs a side note, I am feeling very healthy today in the sense that for the same time in a long while I don't really have sore muscles or anything like this. The competition was the cause for some injuries, especially practice.Feb 26 19:14
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qu1j0t3'Private foundations are not allowed to lobby government directly, but they can, and all do, “share the lessons of their work” with lawmakers and their staffs. As the RTTT story shows, the Big Three also intervene more directly in policy and politics in ways available only to the mega-rich. Feb 26 19:28
qu1j0t3schestowitz: this is EXCELLENT reading - the whole thing. 26 19:28
TechrightsSocialTitle: Dissent Magazine - Winter 2011 Issue - Got Dough? How Billion... .::. Size~: 46.94 KBFeb 26 19:28
qu1j0t3it exposes all the mechanismsFeb 26 19:28
qu1j0t3or, many of them :)Feb 26 19:29
qu1j0t3"States were desperate for funds (in the end, thirty-four applied in the two rounds of the contest). When necessary, some rewrote their laws to qualify: they loosened or repealed limits on the number of charter schools allowed; they permitted teacher and principal evaluations based on test scores. But they still faced the immense tasks of designing a proposal that touched on all aspects of Feb 26 19:29
qu1j0t3K–12 education and then writing an application, which the DOE requested (but did not require) be limited to 350 pages. What state has resources to gamble on such a venture? Enter the Gates Foundation. It reviewed the prospects for reform in every state, picked fifteen favorites, and, in July 2009, offered each up to $250,000 to hire consultants to write the application.Feb 26 19:29
qu1j0t3...After some weeks of reflection, Gates offered the application money to any state that met the foundation’s eight criteria. Here, for example, is number five: “Does the state grant teacher tenure in fewer than three years? (Answer must be “no” or the state should be able to demonstrate a plan to set a higher bar for tenure).”Feb 26 19:29
qu1j0t3'On the question of who controls public schools, the Big Three much prefer mayoral control to independent school boards: a mayor with full powers can push through a reform agenda faster, often with less concern about the opposition. On August 18, 2009, the New York Post quoted Bill Gates on mayoral control: “The cities where our foundation has put the most money is where there is a singleFeb 26 19:30
qu1j0t3 person responsible.”Feb 26 19:30
schestowitzI linked to this article todayFeb 26 19:33
schestowitzIn 26 19:33
TechrightsSocialTitle: Microsoft Accused of Promoting Global Warming Denial | Techrights .::. Size~: 91.56 KBFeb 26 19:33
schestowitzqu1j0t3: ghostwriting for GatesFeb 26 19:49
schestowitz "Here is an interview with the man who acted as a parent by standing behind Bill Gates when he wrote his recent report to the G20 in Cannes. Do people really believe that Bill wrote the report by himself? Does Sarkozy?"Feb 26 19:49
TechrightsSocialTitle: Gates Keepers :: The man behind Bill Gates' recent report to the G20 .::. Size~: 24.7 KBFeb 26 19:49
schestowitzthey use the Gates)(R) brandFeb 26 19:50
schestowitzfor lobbyingFeb 26 19:50
schestowitz 26 19:53
schestowitz"Feb 26 19:53
schestowitzPat Robertson | December 10, 2011 at 1:55 PM | ReplyFeb 26 19:53
schestowitzThanks for posting this again! It’s amazing to me how many people don’t seem to “get it” about motivation. I love the use of Linux and Steve Jobs as examples. Note that he never once mentions Microsoft or Bill Gates. I wonder what Gates thinks motivates people. Hmmm…Feb 26 19:53
schestowitz"Feb 26 19:53
TechrightsSocialTitle: Video: How Motivation is Driven by Purpose – and Not Monetary Incentives  | Seattle Education .::. Size~: 503.92 KBFeb 26 19:53
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schestowitz 26 20:44
TechrightsSocialTitle: Youtube starts banning 'religiously offensive' videos       - YouTube .::. Size~: 135.9 KBFeb 26 20:44
MinceRwell, time to stop hosting stuff at google, thenFeb 26 20:59
MinceRi'm sure they don't take down stuff from bible-humpers & coFeb 26 21:00
abeNd-orgmincer im sure they dont take down videos of people pissing on the cross eitherFeb 26 21:03
MinceRwhy do you think so?Feb 26 21:03
abeNd-org"but OMGZ You mention allah & OMGZ you in troubleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"Feb 26 21:04
abeNd-orgmincer people who piss on the cross say it is art, not religiously offensiveFeb 26 21:04
MinceRi'm not sure if usian biblehumpers will care what you say it isFeb 26 21:05
abeNd-orgbut take the same person, put a video of them up pissing on the quoran, well, you made the nightly news worldwideFeb 26 21:05
MinceRthey'll be too busy frothing at the mouthFeb 26 21:05
abeNd-orgits not ok for them to piss on the quoran, but it is "perfectly fine" for them to piss in the cross/bible/whatever else from any other religion Feb 26 21:06
MinceRwell, muslims tend to be more overtly militant nowadays, at least the louder onesFeb 26 21:07
MinceRthey keep calling for the murder of specific individualsFeb 26 21:07
MinceRover things like caricaturesFeb 26 21:07
MinceRthen you have the president of the international pedophile party agreeing with them...Feb 26 21:08
abeNd-orgeven western liberals take the same stance "piss in the bible all you want, but dont piss in a quoran!"Feb 26 21:08
MinceRmaybe there are specific rules in the quran regarding such things, i don't knowFeb 26 21:09
abeNd-orgi would consider pissing on either the bible or quoran a little wrong, i dont see where the "art" is in doing that to either *shrug*Feb 26 21:11
MinceRso would iFeb 26 21:12
schestowitzpissing in urine is sillyFeb 26 21:12
MinceRlolFeb 26 21:12
schestowitzit's like the joke goes, women in saudi arabia won't go to hell, they can't to to hell twice :-)Feb 26 21:12
qu1j0t3i hear a lot of christians calling for murder. worse, they carry out murder.Feb 26 21:12
qu1j0t3and nobody seems to mindFeb 26 21:12
qu1j0t3schestowitz: women get a raw deal under any religion.Feb 26 21:13
qu1j0t3schestowitz: it's kinda what religion is for.Feb 26 21:13
schestowitzthey don't behead, they use modern weaponsFeb 26 21:13
schestowitzthey also have better PRFeb 26 21:13
schestowitzSame for Jews/IsraelFeb 26 21:13
schestowitzJustifying when you kill en masse, e.g. from planesFeb 26 21:13
schestowitzno swords and stuffFeb 26 21:13
schestowitzbut it's still murderFeb 26 21:13
qu1j0t3furthermore, there's the Israeli assassination program, which is in full swing and is apparently compatible with their religion...Feb 26 21:13
schestowitz[21:13] <qu1j0t3> schestowitz: it's kinda what religion is for.Feb 26 21:13
schestowitzcontrolFeb 26 21:14
MinceR221118 < qu1j0t3> schestowitz: women get a raw deal under any religion.Feb 26 21:14
MinceRnot just the abrahamic ones?Feb 26 21:14
qu1j0t3i'm not an expert on whatever jews believe, but based on the evidence, murder is ok.Feb 26 21:14
abeNd-orgoh im sure there are plenty of people who mind the bombings of abortion clinics, those are religious & non-religious extremists that obviously take it too farFeb 26 21:14
qu1j0t3MinceR: they get a shit deal under Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, pretty much all the major ones.Feb 26 21:14
qu1j0t3BrahminismFeb 26 21:14
qu1j0t3abeNd-org: those are a small number of murders.Feb 26 21:15
qu1j0t3abeNd-org: so-called Christians are involved in much more significant murder statistics -- wars and drone attacks, for example.Feb 26 21:15
MinceRqu1j0t3: what about Buddhism?Feb 26 21:16
qu1j0t3depends what flavour, probably. there are flavours that do not subjugate women.Feb 26 21:16
qu1j0t3many forms of buddhism don't serve the same purpose as other religions -- control, tribalism.Feb 26 21:17
qu1j0t3it's not in its definitionFeb 26 21:17
schestowitzsome religions are not based around deities, e.g. AppleFeb 26 21:26
schestowitzBut I have not seen murder committed over Apple religionFeb 26 21:26
MinceRcrApple is based around deitiesFeb 26 21:27
MinceReven if one of them is already deadFeb 26 21:27
schestowitzDear leader Jobs started a "thermonuclear" war over his religion thoughFeb 26 21:27
abeNd-orgthats ok, when china takes over the world & doesnt allow anyone to do anything "subversive" the people left should be happy about it ;)Feb 26 21:32
MinceRthat might be, but i won't be happy about itFeb 26 21:37
MinceR(long) 26 21:56
TechrightsSocialTitle: Az Obama-csalás -- Magyar Felirattal       - YouTube .::. Size~: 130.75 KBFeb 26 21:56
abeNd-orgmincer no worries, you would be "gone"Feb 26 21:57
MinceRthanks :>Feb 26 21:57
MinceR 26 22:55
TechrightsSocialTitle: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal .::. Size~: 21.03 KBFeb 26 22:55
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