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XFaCE[19:07] <qu1j0t3> the teapot can marry the cat! {05/14/12 [04:04:59 PM]}May 15 00:10
XFaCElolMay 15 00:10
XFaCE"And soon, we'all be marrin' doggs"May 15 00:10
XFaCEschestowitz: you are getting married in court?May 15 00:11
XFaCEThat's awesomeMay 15 00:11
XFaCESave a crapload of money on non-essential crapMay 15 00:11
XFaCEand just cut to the chaseMay 15 00:11
XFaCEIf I do get a married, I wish a civil marriage tooMay 15 00:11
XFaCE*ceremonyMay 15 00:11
qu1j0t3my wife and I did the civil ceremonyMay 15 00:12
XFaCEqu1j0t3: it's the best wayMay 15 00:13
qu1j0t3i think so. the church version would have been unconscionable for me anyway.May 15 00:14
XFaCEqu1j0t3: and expensiveMay 15 00:14
XFaCEI for one, even I was religious, could still not put up with all the minutia bullshitMay 15 00:15
XFaCEYou watch a wedding show on TV, and I miss how many times in my mind that "who gives a shit" pops upMay 15 00:16
*qu1j0t3 bblMay 15 00:16
qu1j0t3XFaCE:!/qu1j0t3/status/202177261716246531May 15 00:23
TechrightsSocial@qu1j0t3: "Harper’s vision of Canada seems to begin and end in the tarsands, & everything else be damned"—Cdn soldier #StopHarperMay 15 00:23
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Bad Request .::. Size~: 0.32 KBMay 15 00:23
XFaCEwowMay 15 00:24
qu1j0t3!/opticaldensity/status/202176831984640000May 15 00:24
TechrightsSocial@opticaldensity: so bitcoin may be used for illicit activity..but the dollar, well thats completely on the up and up isnt it? #terror #drugs #death & #murderMay 15 00:24
XFaCEwhat do the pro-military Connies say about that obvious intelligent guy?May 15 00:24
qu1j0t3they'll denounce him as an extremistMay 15 00:25
qu1j0t3"brain damaged dontchaknow"May 15 00:25
qu1j0t3ok gotta runMay 15 00:25
XFaCE[19:32] <XFaCE> 15 00:37
TechrightsSocialTitle: Microsoft-Funded BitTorrent Disruptor Won't Make Pirates Pay, But Might Break The Law | Techdirt .::. Size~: 137.2 KBMay 15 00:37
schestowitz> *Hi Roy,May 15 01:01
schestowitz> May 15 01:01
schestowitz> Thanks for getting back to me! Here is a link to the research project IMay 15 01:01
schestowitz> was referring to, Online Graduate ProgramsMay 15 01:01
schestowitz> <>.As you can see, it is part of aMay 15 01:01
TechrightsSocialTitle: Nothing found for  > As .::. Size~: 5.87 KBMay 15 01:01
schestowitz> larger project that covers all facets of graduate school, its practicesMay 15 01:01
schestowitz> and applications. Since the education landscape is continuallyMay 15 01:01
schestowitz> transforming and the requirements are evolving, we aim to provide anMay 15 01:01
schestowitz> objective comprehensive overview. So naturally, I was hoping toMay 15 01:01
schestowitz> collaborate with you to find a way to incorporate my project as aMay 15 01:01
schestowitz> resource link on your site as it would be valuable to your readers. LetMay 15 01:01
schestowitz> me know how you think this could work, it would be great to see itMay 15 01:01
schestowitz> listed as a resource for others to refer to!May 15 01:01
schestowitz> May 15 01:01
schestowitz> Thanks for your time, I look forward to working with you!May 15 01:01
schestowitz> Brooke*May 15 01:01
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schestowitz\[@Paul: So, what is the correct solution for the true problem? Are you saying that the State should be forbidden to store data on the sex of their citizens? ^^"May 15 09:10
schestowitz 15 09:10
TechrightsSocialNot a Diaspora post?May 15 09:10
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schestowitz 15 15:13
TechrightsSocialTitle: Passing Away       - YouTube .::. Size~: 148.76 KBMay 15 15:13
qu1j0t3XFaCE:!/justinpjtrudeau/status/202401322639691778May 15 15:15
TechrightsSocial@justinpjtrudeau: #TellVicEverything was a smashing success: Bill C-30 is gone. See, these guys can be stopped if we all stand together. 15 15:15
TechrightsSocial-> Title: How the Toews-sponsored Internet surveillance bill quietly died - The Globe and Mail .::. Size~: 110.65 KBMay 15 15:15
schestowitz 15 15:22
TechrightsSocialTitle: Presupposition: The Last Breath of Apologetics       - YouTube .::. Size~: 171.56 KBMay 15 15:22
XFaCEqu1j0t3: FUCK YEAHMay 15 15:28
qu1j0t3budget remains :|May 15 15:29
qu1j0t3'omnibus'May 15 15:29
qu1j0t3'b 2May 15 15:29
*oiaohm has quit (Quit: by all)May 15 15:32
XFaCEqu1j0t3: dammitMay 15 15:32
XFaCEWell, at least we won't get expensive internet surveillanceMay 15 15:32
XFaCEThank goodness Dick Woes is such an incompetent ministerMay 15 15:33
XFaCEqu1j0t3: C11 is on the way stillMay 15 15:39
qu1j0t3oh, i'm sure they have plenty more fun lined up.May 15 15:39
XFaCEqu1j0t3: Lie TimeMay 15 15:39
qu1j0t3it's not going to stop till they are goneMay 15 15:39
XFaCEJames Moore: With regard to digital locks, the legislation would maintain fidelity within the spirit and intent of the WIPO treaties, which is that the government does not impose digital locks or TPMs on anything. We are respecting the rights of those who wish to protect their own creations with digital measures if they choose to. This is about empowering citizens, creators, those who invest in software, video games, movies and television shMay 15 15:39
XFaCEows. This is about protecting their right to protect themselves from those who would steal from them. This is not about the government imposing anything. This is about respecting international law, respecting WIPO and respecting those who wish to protect themselves from those who would steal from them. It is a pretty simple concept.May 15 15:39
XFaCESock-Puppet MP: "if we do not have locks, it will wipe out the industry."May 15 15:40
XFaCE*facepalm*May 15 15:40
qu1j0t3let the industry be wiped out thenMay 15 15:40
MinceRthere's nothing to respect about the WIPOMay 15 15:40
qu1j0t3it's funny how all these free market idiots don't actually believe in markets.May 15 15:40
MinceRit should be cut off form funding and torn downMay 15 15:40
XFaCEqu1j0t3: It's funny that these people don't remember the 80sMay 15 15:40
XFaCEthe software "industry" did just fine without overwhelming locksMay 15 15:41
XFaCEand digital music sales in Canada are higher than the USMay 15 15:41
XFaCEof course, that would require looking at statistics, and we all know what the Connies think of thatMay 15 15:41
XFaCEqu1j0t3: What's funny is how I will change my life for this billMay 15 15:42
XFaCEqu1j0t3: I won't, not one iota.May 15 15:42
XFaCEqu1j0t3: They want to arrest me for playing a DVD on GNU+Linux with VLC?May 15 15:42
XFaCEThey want to arrest me for rooting a phone?May 15 15:42
XFaCEThey want to arrest me for using DVD footage?May 15 15:43
XFaCEGo right aheadMay 15 15:43
qu1j0t3!/OakBayBoy/status/202408745903456256May 15 15:43
TechrightsSocial@OakBayBoy: My 82 yr old Mum says if there's an anti-government protest on Parliament Hill, she'll fly across the country to be part of it. #cdnpoliMay 15 15:43
XFaCEThey want to arrest the thousands of people who installed OS X on non-Apple computers? Go ahead.May 15 15:44
XFaCEMinceR: They'll only dig themselves further into a hole that is the contempt of the Canadian publicMay 15 15:44
MinceRsure, but they'll still lock you in a dark, damp holeMay 15 15:45
MinceRand take your money awayMay 15 15:45
MinceRand the average citizen might not give a fuckMay 15 15:46
qu1j0t3right.May 15 15:46
qu1j0t3that's the problem that hasn;t sunk in yet, even after G20.May 15 15:46
qu1j0t3i think Byron Sonne's trial is happening right now...May 15 15:46
qu1j0t3show trialMay 15 15:46
XFaCEMinceR: Well, I'll still running Arch and libdvdcssMay 15 15:46
XFaCEand they can run their PowerDVD crapwareMay 15 15:47
schestowitz 15 15:47
TechrightsSocial@Metztli_IT: ♺ @r2articles 5 CEOs Who Should Have Already Been Fired (Cisco, GE, WalMart, Sears, #Microsoft)— #Forbes ☛ @schestowitzMay 15 15:47
schestowitzBallmerMay 15 15:47
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Oops! Five CEOs Who Should Have Already Been Fired (Cisco, GE, WalMart, Sears, Microsoft) - Forbes .::. Size~: 126.77 KBMay 15 15:47
MinceR 15 15:48
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeMay 15 15:48
XFaCEschestowitz: when even Forbes is saying that, you know that 'ole sweaty arms is in troubleMay 15 15:48
XFaCEMinceR: hehMay 15 15:48
XFaCE 15 15:50
TechrightsSocialTitle: Party ends badly for U.S. trade reps, federal agents | Yes Lab .::. Size~: 17.66 KBMay 15 15:50
XFaCEMinceR: I lol'd opn thisMay 15 15:50
XFaCEDozens of rogue "delegates" disrupt Trans-Pacific Partnership gala with "award," "mic check," mass toilet paper replacement, projection"May 15 15:50
qu1j0t3XFaCE: yes. somebody has decided Ballmer needs some heat.May 15 15:52
MinceRin hell?May 15 15:55
XFaCEqu1j0t3: 15 15:56
TechrightsSocialTitle: Police Remove Activists from International Trade Party for Staging Fake Award Ceremony       - YouTube .::. Size~: 133.87 KBMay 15 15:56
XFaCEI think Harper could win an infinite number of Corporate Power Tool awardsMay 15 15:56
schestowitzMinceR: Hell is bad enough as it is, people there do not deserve SweatyBMay 15 16:09
schestowitz[16:08] <schestowitz> In emulation as Android app, image manipulation demo gives me an animated checkerboard, to which I cannot find corresponding source. Is this just default animation for when no camera is available?May 15 16:10
schestowitzdoes anyone here know? Any Android devs?May 15 16:10
schestowitzhmmm.. maybe I should ask for employer to buy me an Android tablet with camera for testing stuffMay 15 16:11
MinceRschestowitz: we don't deserve him either.May 15 16:11
qu1j0t3MinceR: you make a very good pointMay 15 16:22
schestowitzandroid development camera checkerboard is normal..May 15 16:23
schestowitz 15 16:23
TechrightsSocialTitle: Camera/SurfaceView app returns android icon not emulator checkerboard image - Stack Overflow .::. Size~: 35.38 KBMay 15 16:23
qu1j0t3!/serial_consign/status/202421737927868417May 15 16:47
TechrightsSocial@serial_consign: Canadian civil liberties history unfolding at #FreeByron right now. Not familiar w/ Byron Sonne's legal ordeal? See 15 16:47
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Everything you need to know about the Bryon Sonne Trial: A Timeline | OpenFile .::. Size~: 65 KBMay 15 16:47
qu1j0t3!/ivortossell/status/202418652883058690May 15 16:47
TechrightsSocial@ivortossell: (You can get up to speed on the Sonne case with this handy explainer from OpenFile: )May 15 16:47
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Everything you need to know about the Bryon Sonne Trial: A Timeline | OpenFile .::. Size~: 65 KBMay 15 16:47
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schestowitz> Hi, Roy,May 15 18:03
schestowitz> May 15 18:03
schestowitz> I generally try to avoid posting links to New York Times articles forMay 15 18:03
schestowitz> various reasons.  Yet another reason is the new 10-article limit theyMay 15 18:03
schestowitz> have before you hit the paywall.  I noticed that the bot no longer canMay 15 18:03
schestowitz> access NYT articles.  I think it may have hit that limit.  AMay 15 18:03
schestowitz> work-around is to clear the cookies away.May 15 18:03
schestowitz> May 15 18:03
schestowitz> Would killing and reloading the bot clear the cookies?  I logged inMay 15 18:03
schestowitz> and took a look but can't figure out which of the 11 bot process isMay 15 18:03
schestowitz> the one for Techrights.  Making a symlink to the bot with a uniqueMay 15 18:03
schestowitz> name for each channel would clear that up.May 15 18:03
schestowitzOne client of mine does that with glassfish instances, but for a site as small as techrights I never bothered because sometimes I just kill all the processes and restart them.May 15 18:03
qu1j0t3the bot doesn't use cookies, afaik.May 15 18:04
qu1j0t3they probably have some heuristic that blocks it anywayMay 15 18:04
qu1j0t3!/qu1j0t3/status/202447760891453442May 15 18:18
TechrightsSocial@qu1j0t3: Byron Sonne,victim of Harper's bogus authoritarian #g20 witchhunt, found not guilty of all charges #StopHarper #cdnpoliMay 15 18:18
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Bad Request .::. Size~: 0.32 KBMay 15 18:18
qu1j0t3and more good news. 15 18:19
TechrightsSocialTitle: World News: Phone-hacking scandal: Ex-Murdoch editor Rebekah Brooks charged - .::. Size~: 125.99 KBMay 15 18:19
qu1j0t3'Police said “unemployed” Brooks would face three charges of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.May 15 18:19
qu1j0t3“I have concluded ... there is sufficient evidence for there to be a realistic prospect of conviction,” said Alison Levitt, Principal Legal Advisor to Britain's Director of Public Prosecutions in a rare televised statement.May 15 18:19
MinceRyou could link to nytimes through CoralCDN ( 15 18:26
qu1j0t3 15 18:52
TechrightsSocialTitle: Mac Clone Maker Saga Ends As SCOTUS Denies Appeal - Slashdot .::. Size~: 69.96 KBMay 15 18:52
schestowitz> I feel like such a luddite about having to look up glassfish.May 15 18:55
schestowitz> May 15 18:55
schestowitz> What is the way to clear cookies?  I've poked around a little in theMay 15 18:55
schestowitz> bot's source and nothing jumps out.  Are they stored in RAM?  If so,May 15 18:55
schestowitz> it it ok to kill the bots and then restart them now?May 15 18:55
schestowitzThe bot does not use cookies. I've asked the person who developed it. This seems to be IP address-based or something. NYT doesn't like to be cited, I guess...May 15 18:55
schestowitz{my reply ^^}May 15 18:55
qu1j0t3okMay 15 18:55
schestowitz 15 19:06
TechrightsSocial@jasonhiner: @Metztli_IT @schestowitz I've switched both my mother and my mother-in-law to Ubuntu in the past couple years. Works wonders.May 15 19:06
TechrightsSocial@jasonhiner: @Metztli_IT @schestowitz Have you read this? ... "Android's new ally against the iPhone: Ubuntu" 15 19:06
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Android's new ally against the iPhone: Ubuntu | Mobile - CNET News .::. Size~: 93.73 KBMay 15 19:06
schestowitz 15 19:06
TechrightsSocial@PaulJones5627: Gates Foundation Denies Global Warming and Strives for Global DominationMay 15 19:06
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Gates Foundation Denies Global Warming and Strives for Global Domination | Techrights .::. Size~: 118.77 KBMay 15 19:06
schestowitzThe prototype of my Android application now uses edge detection, but there is no Android device for me to hook up to it yet.May 15 19:23
schestowitzI wrote some notes about the Android program and the previous project, too.May 15 19:23
qu1j0t3schestowitz: my friends are doing a little imag eprocessing on android May 15 19:25
schestowitz> I've tested it a little.  If you have cookies turned off, you areMay 15 19:25
schestowitz> automatically redirected to their paywall.  This is new.May 15 19:26
schestowitz> May 15 19:26
schestowitz> "In order to access our Web site, your Web browser mustMay 15 19:26
schestowitz> accept cookies from"May 15 19:26
schestowitz> May 15 19:26
schestowitz> They have a link to some double talk about how cookies are good forMay 15 19:26
schestowitz> you and won't invade privacy etc.May 15 19:26
schestowitz> May 15 19:26
schestowitz> 15 19:26
TechrightsSocialTitle: Cookies - The New York Times .::. Size~: 16.39 KBMay 15 19:26
schestowitz> May 15 19:26
schestowitz> What an annoyance.  I thought paywalls were gone for good many years ago.May 15 19:26
schestowitz> May 15 19:26
schestowitz> FWIW, Google does the same if you are using Tor and trying to searchMay 15 19:26
schestowitz> Google News.  I've tried regular Firefox with cookies turned off andMay 15 19:26
schestowitz> can search no problem.  With TorBrowser (Firefox) Google won'tMay 15 19:26
schestowitz> complete the search unless cookies are active.May 15 19:26
schestowitzqu1j0t3: of what nature (the images)?May 15 19:26
qu1j0t3schestowitz: recognising images... but i think they may end up offloading to a 3rd party serviceMay 15 19:28
qu1j0t3[14:26:16]  schestowitz | > What an annoyance.  I thought paywalls were gone for good many years ago. // wow, someone hasn't been paying attention.May 15 19:29
schestowitzqu1j0t3: has that not been done before?May 15 19:30
schestowitzClassification of objects?May 15 19:30
schestowitzThey can just take existing java code and adapt it for dalvikMay 15 19:30
qu1j0t3probably it hasMay 15 19:50
qu1j0t3i'm not actually working on that partMay 15 19:50
schestowitz 15 20:34
TechrightsSocialTitle: The Art of PROFESSIONAL stupidity! (Eric Hovind)       - YouTube .::. Size~: 143.09 KBMay 15 20:34

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