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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: July 9th, 2012

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schestowitz 09 06:00
TechrightsBotNot a Diaspora post?Jul 09 06:00
schestowitz"Maybe it just means they won't bother porting it to metro. ;-}"Jul 09 06:00
schestowitz> Dear RoyJul 09 12:58
schestowitz> Jul 09 12:58
schestowitz> My name is Vladimir, I'm a knowledge manager in Rizzoma.Jul 09 12:58
schestowitz> Jul 09 12:58
schestowitz> This is a digital age and education has appropriate improvements.Jul 09 12:58
schestowitz> Recently I have read your article "Cablegate: Lord Mandelson Meets theJul 09 12:58
schestowitz> Qaddafi Family and Dates the Copyright LobbyJul 09 12:58
schestowitz> <>" aboutJul 09 12:58
TechrightsBotTitle: Nothing found for  2011 09 16 Peter-mandelson-in-wikileaks >" .::. Size~: 46.85 KBJul 09 12:58
schestowitz> new technologies in education. I find your point of view very relevantJul 09 12:58
schestowitz> and important to the project our team is working for.Jul 09 12:58
schestowitz> Jul 09 12:58
schestowitz> Allow me to say a couple of words about what we do.Jul 09 12:58
schestowitz> Jul 09 12:58
schestowitz> Our team has created a product — Rizzoma <>thatJul 09 12:58
TechrightsBotTitle: Rizzoma — communicate and collaborate in realtime .::. Size~: 24.44 KBJul 09 12:58
schestowitz> provides a first-rate technology for effective group communication andJul 09 12:58
schestowitz> realtime collaboration. Rizzoma is used in different fields. One of themJul 09 12:59
schestowitz> is Live Wiki for Education. We call it Live because any member of theJul 09 12:59
schestowitz> Rizzoma topic could make changes simultaneously. The main strength ofJul 09 12:59
schestowitz> our project is an opportunity to comment and leave a @mention at anyJul 09 12:59
schestowitz> place of a document.Jul 09 12:59
schestowitz> Jul 09 12:59
schestowitz> Here is one-minute video <>about our service.Jul 09 12:59
TechrightsBotTitle: 404 Not Found .::. Size~: 0.55 KBJul 09 12:59
schestowitz> Jul 09 12:59
schestowitz> From this perspective, we would appreciate to hear your expert opinionJul 09 12:59
schestowitz> about our project as an Wiki service for educators. As I said, we findJul 09 12:59
schestowitz> your thoughts given in the article very usefull. So, we want to discussJul 09 12:59
schestowitz> your article with colleagues in our right up there. Would you mind if weJul 09 12:59
schestowitz> take the text of your article and put it in our service to discuss itJul 09 12:59
schestowitz> (of course, we'll save reference to authorities)? And would you like toJul 09 12:59
schestowitz> join that discussion?Jul 09 12:59
schestowitzWhat does Techrights get from this?Jul 09 12:59
schestowitzubuntu apologists:Jul 09 16:07
schestowitz 09 16:07
TechrightsBotNot a Diaspora post?Jul 09 16:07
*abeNd-org (~KKlenke@ has joined #boycottnovellJul 09 16:47
schestowitz 09 17:29
TechrightsBotTitle: 64-bit ARM support for Linux AArch64 : linux .::. Size~: 44.93 KBJul 09 17:29
schestowitz"Jul 09 17:29
schestowitzSony have been quite immaculate when it comes to Android.. They don't mess up the UI like the other OEMs(they keep the interface changes the minimum).. They actively blog about the development and contributions in their official blog site. Their phones are nothing short of amazing when it comes to build quality, aesthetics and performance to cost ratio. They are doing very well with the Xperia brand (although they are very poor when Jul 09 17:29
schestowitzit comes to marketing the brand).Jul 09 17:29
schestowitzThey just don't seem confident about their high end market. They need an excellent device that can compete with the likes of Galaxy S 3 and One X (in the international market, of course... they do have one in Japan however)Jul 09 17:29
schestowitz"Jul 09 17:29
schestowitz> Roy, can this be true, that all talks about RIM financial problems areJul 09 17:31
schestowitz> due interest to buy it as possible cheap?Jul 09 17:31
schestowitzRIM seems quite irrelevant to the mobile wars over the long term. Even if Microsoft pulled a Yahoo! on it, RIM does not have any serious patents to cause much damage with.Jul 09 17:31
*abeNd-org has quit (Quit: Leaving.)Jul 09 23:40

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