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schestowitzBeing busy is sometimes a good thing. I have just woken up; I went to sleep at 2AM. Today I'll use the time to research and prepare article.Jul 08 08:30
schestowitz 08 08:47 FSF and #FSFE Both Speak Out Against UEFI; #Ubuntu Drifts Away From FSF, Whereas #Debian Comes Closer to #FSF #drmJul 08 08:47
TechrightsSocial-> Title: FSF and FSFE Both Speak Out Against UEFI; Ubuntu Drifts Away From FSF, Whereas Debian Comes Closer to FSF | Techrights .::. Size~: 91 KBJul 08 08:47
schestowitz"Would Coreboot work as workaround"Jul 08 08:47
schestowitz 08 08:49 The futuristic design of all Gnome Apps! #gnome #gnuJul 08 08:49
TechrightsSocial-> Title: The futuristic design of all Gnome Apps!  |  woGue .::. Size~: 56.31 KBJul 08 08:49
schestowitz"nice designs! they will look nice even on non-touchscreen devices."Jul 08 08:49
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XFaCE[09:27] <schestowitz> "Would Coreboot work as workaround" {07/08/12 [03:47:36 AM]}Jul 08 15:45
XFaCEschestowitz: what article is this from?Jul 08 15:46
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schestowitzReligions are all basically stupid and inane in my opinion. Sooner or later they will hopefully all perish, taking away senseless wars and pointless confrontations with them. Only in religious countries can tax breaks for religions and other privileges be granted, all at the expense of producing members of society, most of whom are secular (depending on the country).Jul 08 16:37
schestowitzCheck out this new one:Jul 08 16:37
schestowitz 08 16:37
TechrightsSocialTitle: Richard Dawkins on BBC Radio debating with creationists.       - YouTube .::. Size~: 135.72 KBJul 08 16:37
schestowitzour wedding ceremony will thankfully be secularJul 08 16:38
schestowitzshe bought her 2 dresses todayJul 08 16:38
schestowitzwe each will have two outfits in the wedding, unlike those in religious ceremony that impede freedomJul 08 16:38
schestowitzAnd two rings, tooJul 08 16:38
schestowitzmore like a legal contract and commitment than anything involving the "G" wordJul 08 16:39
schestowitzthe war on marriages that are different are run by religious folksJul 08 16:39
schestowitzThe use to exploit matrimony to pretend all are religious and that two people loving is something to do with a "God"Jul 08 16:40
schestowitzHijacking and claiming a monopoly on loveJul 08 16:40
schestowitz 08 16:41
TechrightsSocial@Alexandre Oliva (lxoliva)'s status on Sunday, 08-Jul-12 13:46:58 UTC - @schestowitz I'm pretty sure “open source intel” predates OSS, and was brought up as an argument against the OSS term when it was suggestedJul 08 16:41
schestowitzinterestingJul 08 16:41
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: in some countries, the churches muscle in on secular ceremonies like graduation.Jul 08 17:10
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: have you seen that?Jul 08 17:10
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: you can't even graduate without the church's blessing.Jul 08 17:10
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: it's easy to see what religions are threatened by-- just look at what they interfere in.Jul 08 17:10
FurnaceBoyyour genitals. your education. etc.Jul 08 17:10
schestowitz 08 17:10 Jono Bacon looks like a member of #Anonymous even without putting a mask on, right?  ![photo: ]( compare to  ![photo: ]( Britain's got talent!Jul 08 17:11
TechrightsSocial-> Title:  .::. Size~: 19.76 KBJul 08 17:11
FurnaceBoyyour marriage.Jul 08 17:11
TechrightsSocialMissing content type. Ignoring.Jul 08 17:11
schestowitzFurnaceBoy: in Manchester, the ceremony for graduation is held at a religious hallJul 08 17:11
schestowitzThey also play the organJul 08 17:11
schestowitzAnd they have the gown and ceremony looking like some ritualJul 08 17:11
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: right. i went to brazil for a friend's graduation. TWO different churches were involved.Jul 08 17:11
schestowitzall grad ceremonies are made like thisJul 08 17:11
schestowitz"<h4>ikr</h4>"Jul 08 17:11
FurnaceBoyyes. the churches know that education is a big threat, so they keep an eye on it.Jul 08 17:12
schestowitzFurnaceBoy: ok, brazil is very religiousJul 08 17:12
schestowitzbut the UK is supposed to be secularJul 08 17:12
FurnaceBoylulzJul 08 17:12
FurnaceBoyJUDEO-CHRISTIAN tradition, schestowitzJul 08 17:12
schestowitzit's secular but dressed up in religious atmosphereJul 08 17:12
FurnaceBoyrightJul 08 17:12
FurnaceBoyhelps sell war tooJul 08 17:12
schestowitzyeahJul 08 17:12
schestowitzthat term is stupidJul 08 17:12
schestowitzbut you know thatJul 08 17:12
schestowitz"JUDEO-CHRISTIAN"Jul 08 17:12
schestowitzOne propaganda termJul 08 17:12
FurnaceBoyyes almost as dumb as SEMITICJul 08 17:12
schestowitzheheJul 08 17:13
schestowitzeven "Racist" became a dogwhistleJul 08 17:13
FurnaceBoy'Between the 1940s and 1980s, unmarried women in Canada were targeted for their offspring and coerced by social workers, medical staff and churches into adopting out their babies, simply because they were unmarried.Jul 08 17:13
schestowitzand white guilt tactics extended to include more studdJul 08 17:13
FurnaceBoy'Because of the social and cultural taboo against premarital sex, unwed parenthood was viewed as an extremely scandalous and shameful event. Churches and government institutions employed any means necessary - duplicity, shaming, fraud, even abduction in a systemic bid to secure unwed mothers' babies for adoption.Jul 08 17:13
FurnaceBoyWhen asked to launch a federal probe into the scandal, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said only that adoption is a provincial issue. But because these 350,000 mothers are all over Canada, it is now essentially a national issue.Jul 08 17:13
schestowitzwhite violence, islamophobia etc.Jul 08 17:13
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: the term 'racist' has jumped the shark in north america. it's now used by white people to describe blacks.Jul 08 17:14
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: no doubt DaemonFC does this.Jul 08 17:14
schestowitzI hear it here tooJul 08 17:14
schestowitznot oftenJul 08 17:14
schestowitzand in a lunch with friend I have this about PakistanisJul 08 17:14
FurnaceBoywowJul 08 17:14
schestowitzbutJul 08 17:14
schestowitzit means "patronise"Jul 08 17:15
schestowitznot racistJul 08 17:15
schestowitzit's all wordsJul 08 17:15
schestowitzjust synonyms and propagandaJul 08 17:15
schestowitzdissent -- terrorists -- activismJul 08 17:15
schestowitzjust don't call the FBI racistJul 08 17:15
schestowitzits fight against races is not racistJul 08 17:15
schestowitzit's anti-terroristJul 08 17:16
schestowitzand the FBI is not terroristJul 08 17:16
schestowitzand don't even compare it to KGB :-)Jul 08 17:16
schestowitz 08 17:28 Many people say they use #facebook because "everyone is on there", but sometimes less=more. Using similar logic, you should be Bieber fan?Jul 08 17:28
schestowitz"Millions of flies like to eat shit. They can't be wrong, can they? :P"Jul 08 17:28
FurnaceBoy:)Jul 08 17:33
schestowitz"one of the reason i move away from FB is because they keep changing the security of the "everyone" group :)"Jul 08 17:39
schestowitz 08 18:21 If you think you are free, you probably don't understand what freedom means. In all likelihood, your ISP logs you reading this, too.Jul 08 18:21
schestowitz"the problem i have is with my IP address, years ago i had reasonable expectation that my ISP would not provide my personal info when given my IP, but government has changed the law and now anything i do with my IP can be traced to my personal info without to much trouble, just by making request from my ISP :) olololol....."Jul 08 18:21
schestowitz 08 18:32 If you think you are free, you probably don't understand what freedom means. In all likelihood, your ISP logs you reading this, too.Jul 08 18:32
schestowitz"Jul 08 18:32
schestowitzI only look at the things my ISP cannot dislike ... CATS ..... and the World is ok now ......Jul 08 18:32
schestowitzNo more bad things can now exist in my life .... or on the INTERNET ...Jul 08 18:32
schestowitzClouds are FREE I think ..... or does cloud seeding and HAARP really control those too probably not ..... somethings have to be free to do as they want ..... CATS ..... the only things that are FREE .....Jul 08 18:32
schestowitzI wonder why ....... how do you control a CAT when it really does have a mind of its own.Jul 08 18:32
schestowitzJust surveying the CLOUDS ...... give me $250 million I will look at the clouds all day long.Jul 08 18:32
schestowitz"Jul 08 18:32
schestowitz 08 19:08 If you think you are free, you probably don't understand what freedom means. In all likelihood, your ISP logs you reading this, too.Jul 08 19:08
schestowitz"as far as i can tell (just a humble degree in physics and math), HAARP is a type of global radar system, in layman term, something similar to the low frequency sonar that is being used under the sea :) by lighting up the ionosphere they can collect bounces from all over the globe, and effectively have radar contact with everything on earth :)"Jul 08 19:08
schestowitzFurnaceBoy: 08 19:25 Why does Bill Gates smile so much? Because he is always screwing someone... many someones. 08 19:25
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Gates Foundation Critique - Techrights .::. Size~: 100.82 KBJul 08 19:25
schestowitz"he is an opportunist, and a very successful one :) but i do wish he did not been successive because i think the alternatives would have been better in the end :) but you know... it's not over yet :) the bigger they are the harder they fall :)"Jul 08 19:25
FurnaceBoyyaJul 08 19:26
FurnaceBoy 08 19:29
TechrightsSocial@NBTWT: Monsanto Launches Massive Campaign to Stop GMO Labeling 08 19:29
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Monsanto Launches Massive Campaign to Stop GMO Labeling - .::. Size~: 28.98 KBJul 08 19:29
schestowitzomgJul 08 19:30
FurnaceBoyMonsanto -- earning money for Bill.Jul 08 19:30
schestowitzsome docu I watch right now , a well funded now, lies about Einstein, saying that he was "a scientist who believed in God"Jul 08 19:30
schestowitzPissing on a dead man's graveJul 08 19:31
schestowitz 08 20:23 If you think you are free, you probably don't understand what freedom means. In all likelihood, your ISP logs you reading this, too.Jul 08 20:23
schestowitz"... as long as ya dont git dat there's nuthin to loose ya gonna have some [really unnecessary] fears ... truck on ..."Jul 08 20:23
FurnaceBoy...Jul 08 20:50
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schestowitz> Hi, Roy,Jul 08 22:06
schestowitz> Jul 08 22:06
schestowitz> As I shutdown I notice that I was the last Op on the #techrightsJul 08 22:06
schestowitz> channel.  Which people should be granted op on such an occasion?Jul 08 22:06
schestowitzSome people can self-op, so in case of trouble - like spam - they can rise up.Jul 08 22:06
schestowitz 08 22:06 If you think you are free, you probably don't understand what freedom means. In all likelihood, your ISP logs you reading this, too.Jul 08 22:06
schestowitz"freedom just another word :) problem is i still have a few things to loose :)"Jul 08 22:06
schestowitz"yes i use SSL for everything :) why not :) but the problem is not with data being intercepted, the problem is with data being provided :)"Jul 08 22:07
schestowitz"The security of Diaspora is completely dependent on who is running the pod."Jul 08 22:07
schestowitz 08 22:17 When the US uses software it can control (FOSS), then it's g"great". When other nations do this (for autonomy), it's "anti-American"Jul 08 22:17
schestowitz"Jul 08 22:18
schestowitzWell, it's not 'American' if it's in another national context and this would seem to have the same arrogant assumption about it, with regard that 'The New World Order' is required to be 'American' controlled/owned/governed that the British Empire assumed. That's not global governance, that's American governance assumed globally. What a totally new definition of arrogance!Jul 08 22:18
schestowitzThe 'Manufactured Consent' factor comes in where the term 'Anti-American' is employed to denigrate and subjugate.Jul 08 22:18
schestowitz"Jul 08 22:18
schestowitz 08 23:02 If you think you are free, you probably don't understand what freedom means. In all likelihood, your ISP logs you reading this, too.Jul 08 23:02
schestowitz"Do what I do: provide somebody for them to watch that is innocuous and insipid, then live your real life under the radar."Jul 08 23:02
schestowitz"I also employ a tunnel-accessible gateway machine. So much for IP address."Jul 08 23:03
schestowitz 08 23:04 If you think you are free, you probably don't understand what freedom means. In all likelihood, your ISP logs you reading this, too.Jul 08 23:04
schestowitz"@aj - Just about everything is being recorded by the NSA's new base, in Idaho iirc. Given enough time and compute power all encryption, including ssl, can be cracked. They figure that if they just record anything now, they can always crack whatever they want, when they decide they want it. The amount of computer power that's gone into that place is mind boggling. They have their own nuclear reactor to power it, if that tells Jul 08 23:04
schestowitzyou anything."Jul 08 23:04
FurnaceBoysickJul 08 23:06
schestowitz 08 23:22 "Despite being still in the testing stages, Diaspora* is arguably the most well-known distributed social network" 08 23:22
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Rethinking the social network: 3 open-source alternatives to Facebook - Forbes .::. Size~: 68.83 KBJul 08 23:22
schestowitz"Jul 08 23:22
schestowitzI'm inclined to agree. One of the prerequisites of a successful meme is ease and convenience. People value these above price, value and quality again and again. I've installed many webapps in my time, but installing Diaspora was a nightmare.Jul 08 23:22
schestowitzIf the central idea is privacy through many decentralized nodes, then we need many nodes, which means making the barrier to entry as low as possible.Jul 08 23:23
schestowitz"Jul 08 23:23
schestowitz 08 23:25
TechrightsSocialTitle: Beliefs and Misbeliefs about Open Source Software - Forbes : opensource .::. Size~: 43.5 KBJul 08 23:25
schestowitz"Jul 08 23:25
schestowitzYes they can. Red Hat, for example, isn't just selling the support and infrastructure, they're selling a complete build of Linux.Jul 08 23:25
schestowitzOf course, you have to address the question of why the customer doesn't just go somewhere else and pick it up for free (or build it themselves, but that question can answer itself, depending on the market), but I think that's a different issue.Jul 08 23:25
schestowitz"Jul 08 23:25
schestowitz 08 23:25
TechrightsSocialTitle: France awards €2 million open source support tender : opensource .::. Size~: 45.32 KBJul 08 23:25
schestowitz"between 3 companies supporting 350 applications... good luck with that!"Jul 08 23:25
schestowitz"Jul 08 23:25
schestowitzDoes that include military institutions? One could argue that releasing the source of your guiding systems into the public isn't always the best of ideas.Jul 08 23:25
schestowitzEdit: Ah, no, I see. They support already existing projects, so it's probably highly office related.Jul 08 23:25
schestowitz"Jul 08 23:25
schestowitz 08 23:45 "former British Foreign Secretary... told the House of Commons that "Al Qaeda" is not really a terrorist group but a database " 08 23:45
schestowitz"yup"Jul 08 23:45
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Al Qaeda: The Database. .::. Size~: 50.63 KBJul 08 23:45

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