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schestowitz 16 01:03
TechrightsSocial@simonthemplar: (X_X) #apple #trolls STUPID APPLE “We’ve always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” –Steve Jobs 16 01:03
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Apple Sued by Trolls, Sues Practising Companies Rather Than Trolls, Blocks Android Sales | Techrights .::. Size~: 91.19 KBJul 16 01:03
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MinceR 16 06:37
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeJul 16 06:37
MinceR 16 07:03
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeJul 16 07:03
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schestowitz"Jul 16 17:23
schestowitz> still struggling to appreciate your viagra versus contact lensesJul 16 17:23
schestowitz> analogy, i've put it to a few mates and they dont get it either can youJul 16 17:24
schestowitz> explain again please matey:) Jul 16 17:24
schestowitzHehe. Well, basically, viagra improves a particular function (no, I never tried viagra), but it is not a natural thing, it's an external enhancement. As a child, my dad sort of forbade (very gently) it when I took up his eyeglasses to try them. He said I was getting my eyes accustomed for dependence. WHile contact lenses or glasses can improve my somewhat impaired long-range sight, it also trains my eyes to stop struggling Jul 16 17:24
schestowitzfor independence from external factors. Although I cannot prove it, I reckon that people who use viagra suppress or weaken their natural ability to get an erection. Sometimes the body needs to work hard on its own, e.g. natural birth vs. c-section and pain killers. We're becoming overly dependent on enhancements. Back in the days I was taking protein shakes too; I stopped that when I was 20.Jul 16 17:24
schestowitz"Jul 16 17:24
schestowitzI've just conducted a one-hour phone interview with Richard Stallman. It finished 15 minutes ago.Jul 16 17:32
schestowitzoopsJul 16 17:32
schestowitzwrong channelJul 16 17:32
schestowitzyeah, well, I spoke to Stallman before (so less excitement), this one addressed some more timely mattersJul 16 17:49
schestowitzRe: Latest newsJul 16 17:51
schestowitz> 16 17:51
schestowitzThanks, I wrote about it on Sunday. See front page of techrights.Jul 16 17:51
TechrightsSocialTitle: Microsoft loses key Windows Phone personnel to Amazon | .::. Size~: 42.23 KBJul 16 17:51
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schestowitz> contacts are not meant to correct your sight just to make your eyesightJul 16 18:01
schestowitz> better whilst wearing them, and my eye prescription has not changed inJul 16 18:01
schestowitz> the ten years i have been wearing them so no deterioration, if anythingJul 16 18:01
schestowitz> they have probably stopped the deterioration as my eyes arent constantlyJul 16 18:01
schestowitz> straining to see far away objects.Jul 16 18:01
schestowitz(friend)Jul 16 18:01
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schestowitz> So what you're saying is you would deny yourself any form of externalJul 16 18:13
schestowitz> aid to alleviate a condition, so why wear clothes has your body notJul 16 18:13
schestowitz> become too dependent on them? Why take medicine of any sort if youJul 16 18:13
schestowitz> believe this to be a form of external aid? What you are saying is youJul 16 18:13
schestowitz> would deny yourself Cancer treatment on the basis that it increases theJul 16 18:13
schestowitz> body's dependency?Jul 16 18:13
schestowitz>  Jul 16 18:13
schestowitz> Your argument doesn't really add up, your eyes are not miraculouslyJul 16 18:13
schestowitz> going to get better simply because you refuse to wear contact lenses orJul 16 18:13
schestowitz> glasses, your body will not become 'dependent' on them (gibberish), allJul 16 18:13
schestowitz> it means is you will find it easier to see the world around you in moreJul 16 18:13
schestowitz> detail, simple were it not for you being in denial about your failingJul 16 18:13
schestowitz> eyesight.Jul 16 18:13
schestowitz>  Jul 16 18:13
schestowitz> Take the blue pill Roy:)Jul 16 18:13
schestowitzFriday in Chorlton :-)Jul 16 18:13
schestowitzHealth conditions are not the same and there is also inconvenience associated with particular things.Jul 16 18:13
schestowitz> Hi, Roy,Jul 16 19:07
schestowitz> Jul 16 19:07
schestowitz> Your short post about BSD got picked up by the OpenBSD Misc list:Jul 16 19:07
schestowitz> 16 19:07
schestowitz"Weaver", who seems to be very involved in Debian, might have its facts wrong. But another option is, the BSD folks might not say the whole truth about the magazine.Jul 16 19:07
TechrightsSocialTitle: 'Microsoft is Propping Up BSD' thread - MARC .::. Size~: 2.85 KBJul 16 19:07
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