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schestowitz> I am full of disgust for the Ubuntu community. They way some membersAug 02 15:13
schestowitz> attack every time I write something non-positive. I mean we haveAug 02 15:13
schestowitz> 'wasted' so many hours in assisting Canonical in educating people aboutAug 02 15:13
schestowitz> Ubuntu, writing how-tos etc and then we are attacked as Troll justAug 02 15:13
schestowitz> because of a random post.Aug 02 15:13
schestowitz> This was the last straw on camel's back. I am totally disappointed withAug 02 15:13
schestowitz> the hypocrisy of the Linux/Open Source world. Every one out there isAug 02 15:13
schestowitz> using iPad/iPhone and yet want everyone else to use Fedora and Ubuntu.Aug 02 15:13
schestowitz> Aug 02 15:13
schestowitz> I am very much disappointed. Personal and insulting attacks is notAug 02 15:13
schestowitz> something I was expecting in return by being an open source advocate.Aug 02 15:13
schestowitz> Aug 02 15:13
schestowitz> What do you say. I am disheartened and planning to quit Ubuntu or Linux.Aug 02 15:13
schestowitzyeahAug 02 15:13
schestowitzThat's what Ubuntu has done, eh?Aug 02 15:13
schestowitzHerding Linux users is like herding cats. The same goes for atheists, free thinkers, humanists, intellectuals, etc. They are very bright people, but it also means that they are outspoken and living among them requires thick skin. But that's fine; what they don't do in terms of aggression and unethical or corrupt business practices they do with their mouths.Aug 02 15:17
schestowitzThe privilege of advocating freedom has a cost. Just look at the huge number of personal attacks RMS receives every day. He has his mailbox full of them. But he would just call it "bullshit" and "idiots", then move on. People like myself value the work (and words) or RMS and you; if someone calls you "troll", then clearly it was never your target audience. For sure, corporations are not our friends. But it doesn't mean we should Aug 02 15:17
schestowitzstop pursuing freedom. Those two things are largely orthogonal.Aug 02 15:18
schestowitzSpeaking for myself, the posts most worthy of time are those that rebut lie, spin, etc. I don't spend much time reciting news or writing howtos for projects or companies that seek to make a buck. I just want to educate people and to quote or paraphrase Assange, I want to be a pain to real bastards.Aug 02 15:18
schestowitzThe investigative posts, the negative and at times critical ones, get you flames and also drive progress. Groklaw does that; we do them too. The rest can be expandable dross with a shelf life of 6 months (distro release).Aug 02 15:19
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