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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: August 17th, 2012

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schestowitz[14:10] <qu1j0t3> needs upvote. Read the comment thread, omg.Aug 17 18:28
schestowitz[18:28] <schestowitz> "I hate the term " rockstar developer; developers are scientists, not celebrities or wannabes as such."Aug 17 18:28
TechrightsBotTitle: Toby Thain's answer to Computer Programming: Why are people on Quora so upset with terms like "rockstar/ninja programmer"? - Quora .::. Size~: 54.37 KBAug 17 18:28
schestowitz[18:30] <schestowitz> "Bill Gates is the world's biggest criminal and also a person who bought the press; Zuckerberg is the world's biggst enemy of privacy; Jobs is a megalomanic ripoff artist; Zuckerberg is the only one among them who is at least a programmer."Aug 17 18:30
schestowitz[18:34] <qu1j0t3> +1Aug 17 20:05
schestowitz[18:34] <qu1j0t3> but zuck is notAug 17 20:05
schestowitz[18:34] <qu1j0t3> eitherAug 17 20:05
schestowitz[18:34] <qu1j0t3> zuck is a con artistAug 17 20:05

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