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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: August 18th, 2012

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schestowitz 18 11:50
TechrightsBotNot a Diaspora post?Aug 18 11:50
schestowitz"Aug 18 11:50
schestowitzSo now I have to trust a random web-page with cartoons instead the book that Hitler wrote himself? No, really?Aug 18 11:50
schestowitzOK, I guess everyone is entitled to choose its sources when seeking the truth.Aug 18 11:50
schestowitz"Aug 18 11:50
schestowitz"And, in any case, the conflict initiated by Adolf Hitler had nothing to do with religion but with nationalism."Aug 18 11:50
schestowitz"Aug 18 11:50
schestowitzWell, yeah, Hitler didn't do it out of religion...but he didn't do it out of atheism, either.Aug 18 11:50
schestowitzAlso, I hope that Francisco's list has #1 as the lowest, and #4 as the highest...otherwise I'd like to know how he thinks language is more important than politics!Aug 18 11:50
schestowitz"Aug 18 11:50
schestowitzreligions and politics are bound together; sometimes language too. It's a fake, artificial identifier (can defect, not imprinted), unlike race.Aug 18 11:51
schestowitz"Aug 18 11:52
schestowitz@PirateChef The border lines of countries are created by wars (colonies are a different case) and you'll see that every country usually have one dominant language. So language is the root for nationalism, so in that sense you could call it politics, but by politics I have in mind something in the lines Socialist vs Capitalist.Aug 18 11:52
schestowitzYou can check my list in how random prisoners group themselves in the prison yard: Language, Race, Religion, Politics.Aug 18 11:52
schestowitz"Aug 18 11:52
schestowitzRace is the only innate distinguishes; everything else is contextual and often depends on upbringing and indoctrination, which acts to divide.Aug 18 11:53
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schestowitzMy sad agrees with me entirely on the Iran propaganda; it's mostly a distraction; like my dad puts it, the "population gets what it deserves" (propaganda andAug 18 18:49
schestowitzwar) for voting so badly for a fear-mongering bastard. The point is, I guess,people in the US should not worry about all the propaganda in the media. There's no danger or risk, it's just nonsense that they use to distract from financial crisis, protests, etc. Leaders are  trying to deflect criticism, that's all. My dad slams Paul Ryan... saying it just shows how bad things have become and Obama is the only person who can avoid Aug 18 18:49
schestowitzselling out on the war agenda... and actually be el;ected. If GOP wins, it'll be another Bush-like era...Aug 18 18:49
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