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schestowitzRMS:Aug 01 06:26
schestowitz> Please show me the text of the next part BEFORE you post itAug 01 06:26
schestowitz> so I can fix the errors first.Aug 01 06:26
schestowitzThanks. I have corrected those errors.Aug 01 06:26
schestowitzBefore I spread this link perhaps you want to check/see the text of the new episode:Aug 01 06:26
schestowitz 01 06:26
TechrightsSocialTitle: Bytes Media - RMS on Reliability of a News Sources, GPL, and Patents .::. Size~: 46.96 KBAug 01 06:26
schestowitz 01 09:21 reshared: **Meanwhile at the merry-go-round**<BR> must be somewhere in Wyoming or something ...<BR> ![]( <BR> #gif #fun #funnt #lolAug 01 09:21
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/gif typeAug 01 09:21
schestowitz"poor bull :-D"Aug 01 09:21
schestowitzI see "" on your profile page. While mine is 01 12:01
schestowitzDose it mean that we two are on different server or pod?Aug 01 12:01
schestowitzDoes it mean people from other server would appear in my stream if i subscribe to more tags?Aug 01 12:01
schestowitzThank you.Aug 01 12:01
schestowitz^ quoteAug 01 12:01
schestowitzI think the domain depends on where one registers, or maybe they silently made more podsAug 01 12:01
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XFaCEFurnaceBoy: don't blame youAug 01 13:02
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schestowitz 01 13:20 Someone has got to work on comprehension skills - contradictory headlines 01 13:20
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Richard M Stallman: Steam Is Good For GNU/Linux - Muktware .::. Size~: 33.23 KBAug 01 13:20
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Richard Stallman pours cold water on Steam - Proprietary software running on Linux, humbug! | TechEye .::. Size~: 20.09 KBAug 01 13:20
TechrightsSocial-> Title: GNU founder Stallman calls DRM’d Steam for Linux games “unethical” | Ars Technica .::. Size~: 35.19 KBAug 01 13:20
schestowitz""My guess is that the direct good effect will be bigger than the direct harm." It's hard to miss that overall opinion. #fail techeye and arstechnica"Aug 01 13:20
schestowitz "video is not there"Aug 01 13:21 New: Software versus farming (with #GMO patent monopoly) #monopolyAug 01 13:21
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Alan Cooper: Maker Farmer       - YouTube .::. Size~: 125.29 KBAug 01 13:21
schestowitzWorks OK for me. Maybe thw browser doesn't convert strings corectly, like in rekonqAug 01 13:21
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FurnaceBoyXFaCE: well, since you asked, the Olympics is one long sick outrage. A symbol of how far wrong we are.Aug 01 13:27
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schestowitz 01 15:01
TechrightsSocialTitle: Skepchick go approval seeking from ‘White Male Privilege’ « Thunderf00t .::. Size~: 165.78 KBAug 01 15:01
schestowitz 01 15:11 KLANG: A New# Linux Audio System For The #Kernel 01 15:11
TechrightsSocial-> Title: [Phoronix] KLANG: A New Linux Audio System For The Kernel .::. Size~: 17.98 KBAug 01 15:11
schestowitz"Aug 01 15:11
schestowitzI think they are trying to replace JACK by a kernel module offering similar features but more latency-oriented.Aug 01 15:11
schestowitzDon't forget:Aug 01 15:11
schestowitz`Today I got aware that Reddit found KLANG, and now it spreads all over the Linux news. This was totally unprecedented and unplanned.Aug 01 15:11
schestowitzFirst and foremost: KLANG has not been officially announced yet!Aug 01 15:11
schestowitzPlease keep this in mind when discussing potential outcome of the project. So far this homepage was meant merely as a placeholder that people, who I was discussiong this project with, could bookmark. Since this project has now got some unplanned exposure I'll see, that I get a preliminary design document up ASAP. `Aug 01 15:11
schestowitz 01 15:11
TechrightsSocialTitle: Homepage of the KLANG project - News .::. Size~: 0.8 KBAug 01 15:11
schestowitz"Aug 01 15:11
schestowitz 01 15:28 5 Reasons to Consider Ubuntu for Your Small Business #ubuntu #linuxAug 01 15:28
TechrightsSocial-> Title: 5 Reasons to Consider Ubuntu for Your Small Business | Practical eCommerce .::. Size~: 58.51 KBAug 01 15:28
schestowitz"Red Hat is a better choice for a company imo"Aug 01 15:28
schestowitz"Sure, Red Hat is more serious for enterprise solutions."Aug 01 15:29
schestowitz"Everyone sais that Red Hat is better for companies but what is the actual difference between RHEL and Ubuntu?"Aug 01 15:29
FurnaceBoyCentosAug 01 15:29
schestowitz" For one, Red Hat doesn't completely change the UX every six months."Aug 01 15:29
schestowitz"Florian Klemt: Big difference - Red Hat actually works on enterprise technologies and contributes a lot to the core components like system kernel, filesystems and so on. Canonical does not. I.e. Red Hat is serious about enterprise, Canonical is more casual oriented."Aug 01 15:29
schestowitz"I was primarily talking about using Linux servers wise in some business."Aug 01 15:29
schestowitzFurnaceBoy: tHAT'S WHAT we run..Aug 01 15:29
schestowitzoops, capsAug 01 15:29
schestowitz"Desktop wise - any good supported Linux distro will do, no doubt including Ubuntu. Red Hat is slow paced for the desktop.Aug 01 15:30
schestowitz"@Shmerl: Ubuntu Server (market share) has surpassed the server product from the company that wears hats :)"Aug 01 15:30
FurnaceBoyi happen to run it on my vpsAug 01 15:30
schestowitz"Randall Ross: I strongly doubt it ever will. Red Hat is involved in big scale computing, distributed file systems and industrial grade support. Canonical never really tried to go into that area. At least so far."Aug 01 15:30
schestowitz"Not only does RH continue to dominate the server market, I also suspect there are more Debian servers than Ubuntu servers, French police nonwithstanding."Aug 01 15:30
schestowitz"#ubuntu's server share for websites:  "Aug 01 15:30
TechrightsSocialTitle: Usage Statistics and Market Share of Linux for Websites, August 2012 .::. Size~: 20.68 KBAug 01 15:30
schestowitz"Webservers are more or less traceable. I wonder if there are statistics on general (non web) servers usage. That one is probably hard to evaluate, since most data is not public.Aug 01 15:31
schestowitz"Webservers are a tiny fraction of servers. Most enterprise servers (RH's domain) are not webservers."Aug 01 15:31
schestowitz"@jargon Webservers are a tiny fraction!? could you please define tiny in this context?"Aug 01 15:31
schestowitz"Aug 01 15:31
schestowitz@Francisco Given that in any enterprise webservers are almost always a minority? You still have application servers, database servers, network servers etc. Also, I very much doubt Ubuntu will ever be able to even touch RH's market share in providing enterprise server support.Aug 01 15:31
schestowitzAs you can see from Randall's link even CentOS has a larger market share than Ubuntu on webservers, and as I previously suspected, Debian leads the pack and always will, simply because it is the most stable .deb distro for servers, and stability is a crucial factor for servers. An stability, LTS or not, has never been Ubuntu's strong point, with their monkey-patched repackaging of .debs. Hardly the primary choice for most, is Aug 01 15:31
schestowitzit?Aug 01 15:31
schestowitz"Aug 01 15:31
schestowitz"And if you go to notice how Ubuntu has long been surpassed by Linux Mint on the desktop, Ubuntu's traditional area of focus. So, celebrating an alleged usurping of RHEL market share is ludicrous, given Canonical's decline on all fronts. How many CTOs/CEOs have they cycled through now? Yeah. Not any type of threat for RHEL from that outfit."Aug 01 15:31
TechrightsSocialTitle: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD. .::. Size~: 139.76 KBAug 01 15:32
schestowitz"@jargon Mint is Ubuntu based which is Debian based (no RH anywhere)Aug 01 15:32
schestowitz"Well, if you want to attribute everything back to Debian, why do you mention Ubuntu in this discussion at all? Or is Mint only Debian when it surpasses Ubuntu? ;-)"Aug 01 15:32
schestowitz"@Francisco And FYI Mint is moving away from Ubuntu. There is already LMDE. The future of Mint will be direct Debian-based. Already they're dropping Kubuntu as a base for Mint KDE. So, not only has Linux Mint overtaken Ubuntu, it is also in the process of shedding the Ubuntu mess from it's distro. Good for them. :-)"Aug 01 15:32
schestowitz"sure sure... Ubuntu is soooo unpopular. Do you want a cookie? ;)"Aug 01 15:32
schestowitz"Oh, I mention Ubuntu because it is what the OP is about. And anyway... Debian will always be heart, still no love for RH.Aug 01 15:32
schestowitz^^UBUNTU warsAug 01 15:32
schestowitz"By your own admission, Ubuntu is irrelevant to this discussion, then? And your RH hate is misguided, when RH is the one distro that stands between MS monopolizing the enterprise market. Fanboys like to chirp about how Ubuntu brought Linux to the "mainstream" desktop users and now Canonical should be worshipped for it. By the same reasoning, RH brought enterprise users to Linux way before Canonical even existed ....... so why Aug 01 15:33
schestowitzthe hate? Why not frothy fluffy fanboyism here too?. ;-)"Aug 01 15:33
schestowitz"Aug 01 15:33
schestowitzadmission!? irrelevant!? LOL Oh my God and fanboy! OK... :DAug 01 15:33
schestowitzLook, I don't know if you are just mere Ubuntu hater or simply a troll, if it is the first case, really, get over it; you being a hater does not make everybody else a fanboy, and if it is the second case I am sorry I fed you...Aug 01 15:33
schestowitzAnd in any case bye bye, my last post.Aug 01 15:33
schestowitz"Aug 01 15:33
schestowitz"Aug 01 15:33
schestowitz@jargon my admission!? irrelevant!? LOL Oh my God and a fanboy! OK... :DAug 01 15:33
schestowitzLook, I don't know if you are just mere Ubuntu hater or simply a troll, if it is the first case, really, get over it; you being a hater does not make everybody else a fanboy, and if it is the second case I am sorry I fed you...Aug 01 15:33
schestowitzAnd in any case bye bye, my last post.Aug 01 15:33
schestowitz"Aug 01 15:33
FurnaceBoywow, why do you participateAug 01 15:39
FurnaceBoythis is all heat, no light, as usualAug 01 15:40
schestowitzyeah\Aug 01 15:53
schestowitzI only posted one comment in thereAug 01 15:53
FurnaceBoyseems like a waste of energyAug 01 15:54
schestowitz 01 15:55 Will #Vista8 really push more people towards Linux?  #gnu #linux #valve #metroAug 01 15:55
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Will Windows 8 really push more people towards Linux? - Linux News - Linux Install Network .::. Size~: 49.92 KBAug 01 15:55
schestowitz"I sure hope so. :P"Aug 01 15:55
schestowitz"Only a few at most, most people hate change and will continue to use what they are using right now. Just like Vista didn't push a huge number of people. I hope i'm wrong, but i think it will depend more on the OEM's."Aug 01 15:56
schestowitz"Windows still has more than 80% of the marketplace after all those "mishaps", so you can hardly call it fleeing. And what will happen in the best possible future? Ubuntu taking Windows's place? What will change? Ubuntu is already getting a lot of hate comments. Like Archlinux, i know people who changed because they felt Arch is getting too popular. Some people will always complain."Aug 01 15:56
FurnaceBoyof courseAug 01 15:56
FurnaceBoyintertiaAug 01 15:56
FurnaceBoyinertia*Aug 01 15:56
FurnaceBoyand well-defended criminal infrastructureAug 01 15:56
schestowitz"PS: i'm not trying to attack anyone here, i'm just thinking out loud. so excuse me if i offended anyone with my last comment."Aug 01 15:56
schestowitzFurnaceBoy: with edgiAug 01 15:56
schestowitz!google edgiAug 01 15:57
TechrightsSocial[1] - Start - International Desktop Grid Federation | 01 15:57
TechrightsSocial[2] - EDGI 6.01mm Precision Inner Barrel for M4 ( 363mm ) by: EDGI ... | 01 15:57
TechrightsSocial[3] - EDGI - Techrights | 01 15:57
TechrightsSocial[4] - Edgi TECH | 01 15:57
schestowitzsee [3]Aug 01 15:57
schestowitz 01 16:00 #Canonical Promotes #Microsoft Spyware #ubuntuAug 01 16:00
schestowitz"#Canonical and #Ubuntu are not synonymous. If you'd like to make a difference in #ubuntu, you too can join the project."Aug 01 16:00
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Canonical Promotes Microsoft Spyware | Techrights .::. Size~: 85.65 KBAug 01 16:00
schestowitz 01 16:01 #canonical aids #microsoft #proprietary #malware and #spyware #ubuntuAug 01 16:01
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Skype 4 Now Available In Ubuntu Software Center - Muktware .::. Size~: 29.16 KBAug 01 16:01
schestowitz"It's easy to not install it :)"Aug 01 16:01
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schestowitz 01 16:06 What Is Ubuntu's Target Audience? #ubuntu #gnu #linuxAug 01 16:06
TechrightsSocial-> Title: What Is Ubuntu's Target Audience? - Muktware .::. Size~: 35.03 KBAug 01 16:06
schestowitz"Everybody in the world, without prejudice. #Ubuntu is not just software."Aug 01 16:06
schestowitz 01 16:06 Ubuntu 12.10 Unity Concept Mockup Video #ubuntu #gnu #linuxAug 01 16:06
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Ubuntu 12.10 Unity Concept Mockup Video - Softpedia .::. Size~: 51.17 KBAug 01 16:06
schestowitz"|NIce except what does this have to do with kernels?"Aug 01 16:07
schestowitzUnity runs on LinuxAug 01 16:07
schestowitz 01 16:10 reshared: #ideas #objects #fake #cc found here: 01 16:10
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 01 16:10
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeAug 01 16:10
schestowitz"Supercool! I love it."Aug 01 16:10
schestowitz"I will never understand fellow human beings. Well, not all of them."Aug 01 16:10
schestowitz 01 16:18 Could this be the year of the Linux desktop? #gnu #linuxAug 01 16:18
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Could this be the year of the Linux desktop? | ExtremeTech .::. Size~: 95.88 KBAug 01 16:18
schestowitz"I think so. It would be nice to see a pay off in such a way for those who have helped develop the GNU/Linux desktop. Anyone who has ever reported a bug, fixed a bug, etc has helped it grow. :)"Aug 01 16:18
schestowitz"Been on the year of Linux on my desktop since 1993. ;)"Aug 01 16:18
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schestowitz 01 18:36
TechrightsSocial@newspyre: New Complaint Filed in the #EC Over #Microsoft’s Extortion of #GNU/Linux | 01 18:36
TechrightsSocial-> Title: New Complaint Filed in the European Commission Over Microsoft’s Extortion of GNU/Linux | Techrights .::. Size~: 95.97 KBAug 01 18:36
TechrightsSocial@newspyre: #OpenSUSE has lost its edge, and to make matters worse, it became an extension of #Microsoft.  #openmalware #malware8Aug 01 18:36
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Home of S.u.S.E., Germany, is Relying on Red Hat and Avoiding Microsoft Extortion Tax | Techrights .::. Size~: 95.11 KBAug 01 18:36
schestowitz 01 18:37
TechrightsSocial@mfioretti_en: It's every citizen's duty to stick a finger in Big Brother's eye #cellphones #control #nsa #privacy #rmsAug 01 18:37
TechrightsSocial-> Title: TechBytes Episode 71: Richard Stallman on Surveillance, the NSA, and Mobile Phones | Techrights .::. Size~: 99.63 KBAug 01 18:37
TechrightsSocial@newspyre: #Canonical Promotes #Microsoft Spyware #ubuntu #linux | techrights 01 18:37
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Canonical Promotes Microsoft Spyware | Techrights .::. Size~: 87.33 KBAug 01 18:37
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XFaCEschestowitz: nice!Aug 01 19:42
XFaCEyou finally got RMS, good job :)Aug 01 19:42
schestowitzhe mails me daily as of lateAug 01 19:46
FurnaceBoylolAug 01 19:56
FurnaceBoy  "The open cloud is no longer a concept or a vision sketched on a whiteboard—it's a reality. Because today, Rackspace is officially launching its open cloud, powered by OpenStack®. As a founder of OpenStack, the open source cloud operating system, Rackspace understands the importance of faster innovation and flexibility in the cloud.Aug 01 21:10
FurnaceBoyWhat does "open" mean for you?Aug 01 21:10
FurnaceBoyIt means that you have the power to control your own destiny. No lock in, more scalability and the power of choice. In a nutshell, it's the freedoAug 01 21:10
FurnaceBoyXFaCE: 01 21:11
TechrightsSocialTitle: Scientists Stage Funerals To Protest Against Cuts — a New Trend? - Slashdot .::. Size~: 64.09 KBAug 01 21:11
schestowitz> In almost every country of the world a man's great success is stillAug 01 21:32
schestowitz> measured by moneyAug 01 21:32
schestowitzWhich is wrong. The corporate media amplifies this nonsense by interchangeably using the word rich and successful as though they are synonymous. I resent that. It's a bit like calling war "spreading democracy" and war on drug addicts "war on drugs". :-)Aug 01 21:32
schestowitz> and it seems that the first niche on the path isAug 01 21:32
schestowitz> when a man has accumulated 1 million dollars.Aug 01 21:32
schestowitzThose numbers are only symbolic and they are no guarantee of happiness. Often they accompany jealousy from one's peers, which actually only leads to sadness and tension. As my mate Mike said the other day, people believe that by getting a bigger house they will make more friends; sadly for them, as they ultimately find out, it does not work that way.Aug 01 21:32
schestowitz> Today there are manyAug 01 21:32
schestowitz> billionaires worldwide, but it is my opinion that entry to theAug 01 21:32
schestowitz> "success club" begins at 1 million.Aug 01 21:32
schestowitzWell, it's not a "success club" but a "greed club"; many in this club are also sociopaths who made their life's goal to use ruthlessness and exploitation to make up for love they never received from parents and respect they couldn't gain from school mates. Those who are complacent with who they are pursue simpler things and enjoy life, not playing the money game where wealth is pseudo-score.Aug 01 21:32
schestowitz> Are you familiar with American baseball; we have 4 bases...1st, 2nd,Aug 01 21:32
schestowitz> third and home. The first three bases are square in shape but home isAug 01 21:32
schestowitz> a pentagon and known as home plate.Aug 01 21:32
schestowitzSport analogies are insulting to one's intelligence. Sometimes the "base" terminology is used to refer to one's love life, as if all one can judge a score by is sexual intercourse. This is why we end up in a promiscuous society where guys count # of girls they slept with as though it's some universal count of their appeal or worth. In reality, all it is should be some measure of "assholeness"; they're "players", not gentlemen.Aug 01 21:32
schestowitz Aug 01 21:32
schestowitz> Using baseball as a metaphor, are you on second, third or have youAug 01 21:32
schestowitz> crossed home plate.Aug 01 21:32
schestowitzI don't think in these terms. I judge how HAPPY I am AND how happy those whom I love are. That's all. We live once, we must enjoy it and make it enjoyable for others. The billionaires often make it a misery for billions of people, who are the externality.Aug 01 21:32
schestowitz> Knowing you to be blunt and not embarrassed by personal questionsAug 01 21:32
schestowitz> because you are not embarrassed to tell someone that what they ask isAug 01 21:32
schestowitz> a bit too personal, I would not take offense if you told be to bugAug 01 21:32
schestowitz> off.Aug 01 21:32
schestowitzI am happy, very happy. With my Other Half, I am the happiest I've ever been. I don't need to keep track of "score" or "base" or whatever.Aug 01 21:32
schestowitz> But I will add that I feel like I am the leader of your personalAug 01 21:32
schestowitz> cheering section and would like nothing better than to lead aAug 01 21:32
schestowitz> British...Hip, Hip, Hurrah...or even an American "Attaboy, Roy! Way toAug 01 21:32
schestowitz> go"!Aug 01 21:32
schestowitzA rich man is one who is happy and sustainably so (no fluctuation).Aug 01 21:32
schestowitz[sent to my uncle in Florida]Aug 01 21:32
schestowitz 01 21:33 reshared: #gnu #linux #foss #freesoftware #softwarelibre "Not everyone knows how to write code and should not have to learn how to program/write in order too use their own PC, In fact most people don't even know how how to fully use their PC's, I repair people PC's for living and 90% of them have virus's and easy to solve and problems such as a disabled WiFi adapter paying 4 repairs This is why Linux don'tAug 01 21:33
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 01 21:33
schestowitz"Uhm, wut?"Aug 01 21:33
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: good points you make above.Aug 01 21:35
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: you actually sound sane. the person who wrote to you .. a bit druggedAug 01 21:35
FurnaceBoybut it's commonAug 01 21:36
schestowitzhe is  surrounded by the wrong peopleAug 01 21:36
schestowitzinc. his kidsAug 01 21:37
schestowitzmoney-hoarding onesAug 01 21:37
schestowitz 01 21:37 reshared: ![]( 01 21:37
TechrightsSocialMissing content type. Ignoring.Aug 01 21:37
schestowitz"The old bottles are pretty cool looking"Aug 01 21:37
schestowitzBut the white guy is pretty cool too: 01 21:38
TechrightsSocialTitle: Peter Norman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 46.39 KBAug 01 21:38
schestowitz 01 21:39 reshared: ![]( 01 21:39
TechrightsSocial-> Title: 404 Not Found .::. Size~: 0.16 KBAug 01 21:39
schestowitz"video: "Aug 01 21:39
TechrightsSocialTitle: Police Militarization in Anaheim, CA       - YouTube .::. Size~: 141.15 KBAug 01 21:39
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schestowitz!google how evangelists sound to atheistsAug 01 22:45
TechrightsSocial[1] - How Evangelists Sound to Atheists (The Atheist Experience - YouTube | 01 22:45
TechrightsSocial[2] - How Evangelists Sound to Atheists (The Atheist Experience #505 ... | 01 22:45
TechrightsSocial[3] - How Evangelists Sound to Athiests • Non-Gaming • Humour ... | 01 22:45
TechrightsSocial[4] - So you don't think atheists are discriminated against? | 01 22:45
schestowitzMinceR: 01 23:00 consent ![consent]( #consent #concept #sex #christiancultAug 01 23:00
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting application/xml typeAug 01 23:00
FurnaceBoy 01 23:05
TechrightsSocial@SarahPaIinUSA: I'll be showing my support for @CHlCKFlLA today by handing out Old Testaments & stoning kids with tattoos. #ChickfilA #tcot #LGBT #p2Aug 01 23:05
schestowitzFurnaceBoy: 01 23:08
TechrightsSocialTitle: Extremism normalized - .::. Size~: 78.46 KBAug 01 23:08
FurnaceBoyyesAug 01 23:18
FurnaceBoyhe's right. we've been watching this occur for many years nowAug 01 23:18

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