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schestowitz 07 00:23 Why Fedora? #fedora #gnu #linuxAug 07 00:23
TechrightsSocial-> Title: From the mind of a nerd: Why Fedora? .::. Size~: 88.54 KBAug 07 00:23
schestowitz"Fedora is great but in my particular hardware I had to switch back to a Ubuntu-based distro after one year of Fedora daily usage. The desktop was too quirky in my PC and I needed lots of packages easily found in Ubuntu. I still use a Red Hat based distro (CentOS) at server side for stability, although stability is also largely dependent on user behavior."Aug 07 00:23
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MinceRit's great until yum breaks itselfAug 07 07:06
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schestowitz 07 08:17 Why Fedora? #fedora #gnu #linuxAug 07 08:17
TechrightsSocial-> Title: From the mind of a nerd: Why Fedora? .::. Size~: 88.54 KBAug 07 08:17
schestowitz"Fedora for me, although Cinnamon is the first thing to be added once installed."Aug 07 08:17
schestowitzMinceR: never happened to meAug 07 08:30
MinceRhappened to me once, in a VMAug 07 09:06
MinceRreplaced it with CrunchBangAug 07 09:06
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schestowitzi updated entire systems with yum last night, none of the machines suffered and it was working wellAug 07 09:08
MinceRit went for more than 5 months without breaking :>Aug 07 09:09
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msb_  Aug 07 10:17
MinceR Aug 07 10:19
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schestowitz!google top trends must watch comingAug 07 10:39
TechrightsSocial[1] - 2012 top trends--This is a must watch - YouTube | 07 10:39
TechrightsSocial[2] - 2012 top trends - YouTube | 07 10:39
TechrightsSocial[3] - ( 2012 PREDICTIONS, TRENDS & INSIGHTS ) must watch video ... | 07 10:39
TechrightsSocial[4] - MIS-Asia - Six trends CIOs must watch in 2012 | 07 10:39
schestowitz!google occupying our future solutions capitalistAug 07 11:19
TechrightsSocial[1] - Occupying Our Future: Solutions to Capitalist Crisis - YouTube | 07 11:19
TechrightsSocial[2] - Occupying Our Future: Solutions to Capitalist Crisis | Facebook | 07 11:19
TechrightsSocial[3] - ZCommunications | Occupying Our Future: Solutions to Capitalist ... | 07 11:19
TechrightsSocial[4] - Occupying Our Future: Solutions to Capitalist Crisis | Professor ... | 07 11:19
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schestowitzFurnaceBoy: ^ Aug 07 11:32
schestowitzWorth putting in "whatever scares you most"Aug 07 11:33
schestowitzA friend of mine moved to the UK from Afghanistan after his dad, the head of the country's communist party, was bribed by the Brits and offered naturalisation just to drop his political activityAug 07 11:33
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schestowitz 07 12:57 Challenging the system, not the scapegoats interesting talk whether one agrees or notAug 07 12:57
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Occupying Our Future: Solutions to Capitalist Crisis       - YouTube .::. Size~: 157.5 KBAug 07 12:57
schestowitz"Aug 07 12:58
schestowitzShame ........Aug 07 12:58
schestowitz( looking back through history - think this has always happened - even back to small villages fighting one another )Aug 07 12:58
schestowitzStrange ..... the wealthy find it hard to share ....... ( so they would rather fight and loose it that way ...... odd and this continues to happen )Aug 07 12:58
schestowitzSimple solution right from the time we all started out ...... would be for the two sides to come together and share ........Aug 07 12:58
schestowitzNow the only question that needs asking - why is the SYSTEM so against sharing ........Aug 07 12:58
schestowitzBecause the 1 % cannot make anything from it ..........Aug 07 12:58
schestowitz"Aug 07 12:58
schestowitz"Aug 07 12:58
schestowitzWhile only the 1% have any real say in the SYSTEM now ...... they mold it to suit themselves.Aug 07 12:58
schestowitzWhich is why it has to collapse every so often .....Aug 07 12:58
schestowitzWAR then resolves all the hatred caused by it ...... the hate is aimed away from the people that caused it ........ to another Aug 07 12:58
schestowitz"Aug 07 12:58
schestowitz 07 12:59 double #fail ![]( 07 12:59
TechrightsSocial-> Title: 404 Not Found .::. Size~: 0.16 KBAug 07 12:59
schestowitzdouble saveAug 07 12:59
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schestowitz 07 13:10 #UrbanTerror 4.2 Beta Released for #Linux very nice game, enjoyableAug 07 13:10
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Urban Terror 4.2 Beta Released for Linux ~ Ubuntu Vibes | Daily Ubuntu Linux Updates .::. Size~: 224.28 KBAug 07 13:10
schestowitz"I can't open the tarball. Can someone of you try?"Aug 07 13:10
schestowitz"The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), even as a Murdoch project, ought to know and do better than its lead opinion piece on “Tax Fairness” (July 23, 2012, p. A13)." 07 14:21
TechrightsSocialTitle: Economics as Sleaze (Blog) | Professor Richard D. Wolff .::. Size~: 27.86 KBAug 07 14:21
FurnaceBoyyes war is a distractionAug 07 14:25
FurnaceBoybut it's also another form of theftAug 07 14:25
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msb_schestowitz: Roy, I didn't know you were such a socialist!  I forgive you for dumping on the 911 research.  Although you really should read the evidence.  911 was done to distract people (with fear) from changing the failing capitalist system.  It hijacked the new millennium, a time when people think about changes -- new ways of doing things.Aug 07 14:45
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FurnaceBoymsb_: yepAug 07 14:52
FurnaceBoymsb_: a fabricated event to launch the agenda that's played out sinceAug 07 14:52
FurnaceBoymsb_: it was obvious _at the time_Aug 07 14:52
FurnaceBoymsb_: and irrefutable in hindsightAug 07 14:53
msb_FurnaceBoy: Yes, that very afternoon, a couple of people were saying that it was a repeat of the Reichstag Fire.Aug 07 14:53
msb_FurnaceBoy: I have a pretty good page on my website that links to the various research sites, and mentions Chris Brown's findings -- that the explosives were built into the towers, and only the detonators needed to be installed in 2001.Aug 07 14:55
msb_ 07 14:56
TechrightsSocialTitle: The 9-11 Attacks Were Perpetrated By Agents Of The U.S. And Israeli Governments .::. Size~: 21.56 KBAug 07 14:56
FurnaceBoyfurthermore it fits a pattern that is over a century oldAug 07 14:56
FurnaceBoythe only reason people can't see it is watertight media controlAug 07 14:57
msb_Yes. 1. The US is the center of world fascism (e.g., most of Hitler's money for his military buildup came from US businessmen.) 2. Capitalism has used many false-flag operations and claimed attacks by socialist countries that never happened -- e.g., attack by North Korea on South, which happened only after many attacks by South into North with US advisors that were never reported in the press, Gulf of Tonkin incident that did Aug 07 15:03
msb_not happen as US claimed, 1993 attack on WTC actually mostly done by FBI and Mossad, Lockerbie plane bombing done by US, not Libya, attack on Beirut marine barracks done with Israeli explosives, etc.Aug 07 15:03
FurnaceBoyyep.Aug 07 15:04
FurnaceBoyi have been reviewing some of this history lately. never fails to make me sick.Aug 07 15:05
msb_ -- about 55 different countries the US attacked to prevent the people from getting control of their own economy and governmentAug 07 15:09
TechrightsSocialTitle: Human Society That Works For Everyone .::. Size~: 28.29 KBAug 07 15:09
msb_And that was just in the time after WW2 and before the Gulf War (attack on Iraq).Aug 07 15:11
msb_As the economist in this video says, the one thing our media and political parties never talk about is changing the economic system. Aug 07 15:14
TechrightsSocialTitle: Occupying Our Future: Solutions to Capitalist Crisis       - YouTube .::. Size~: 156.24 KBAug 07 15:14
FurnaceBoyright.Aug 07 15:15
msb_Socialism and Social Democracy are never spoken about in the US media.Aug 07 15:15
MinceRactually they often call the policies of their opponents "socialist" :>Aug 07 15:16
FurnaceBoyit's anathemisedAug 07 15:16
FurnaceBoyas MinceR saidAug 07 15:16
msb_The reason why the US wealthy financed Hitler was to kill the socialists and labor union organizers that were sweeping Europe early in the 20th century.  And he did.Aug 07 15:17
msb_Yeah.  The Republicans call Pres. Obomber a socialist!Aug 07 15:18
msb_After he gave 28 Trillion dollars to the banks.Aug 07 15:19
FurnaceBoy:)Aug 07 15:22
FurnaceBoyyep, but again, not everyone was fooled by the hope bullshitAug 07 15:22
FurnaceBoysince it's obvious all parties are frontsAug 07 15:23
MinceRthey only need two parties to be frontsAug 07 15:25
MinceRthe system is rigged against the restAug 07 15:25
msb_The technique of infamy Aug 07 15:31
msb_is to invent two lies Aug 07 15:31
msb_and to get people arguing heatedly Aug 07 15:31
msb_over which one of them is true.Aug 07 15:31
FurnaceBoyMinceR: yesAug 07 15:32
FurnaceBoymsb_: :)Aug 07 15:32
FurnaceBoymsb_: exactlyAug 07 15:32
msb_From Ralph Schoenman -- 07 15:33
TechrightsSocialTitle: Taking Aim with Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone .::. Size~: 6.71 KBAug 07 15:33
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msb_I think he quoted it from Ezra Pound.Aug 07 15:39
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formic_msb_ banks love socialistsAug 07 18:32
formic_msb_ easier to collect from one gov't vs a bunch of pplAug 07 18:32
msb_Socialists who are in control of a government would not deal with banks as the US does.  Would not use them as issuers of currency, tax collectors, etc.Aug 07 18:34
msb_A socialist govt would create its own currency as the US used to do.  It might loan money at very low interest.  It would not deal with private banks, therefore they would not have power to collect anything.Aug 07 18:38
MinceR"creating currency" is what central banks are forAug 07 18:40
MinceRthe Fed should not be a private company having a monopoly, thoughAug 07 18:40
msb_Most especially, the agency that creates currency must not charge interest to the government for it.  So whatever it's called, that agency is part of the government, since no private agency would do it without charging interest.Aug 07 18:43
msb_MinceR: I think we're in agreement here.Aug 07 18:44
MinceRas far as governments' currencies go, yesAug 07 18:44
formic_msb_ explain what obama is doing thenAug 07 18:52
formic_socialist gov'ts all over the world have central banks and borrow from the world bank at high interestAug 07 18:52
formic_they just tax the population to death, and the population cheers because they think the rich get taxed more tooAug 07 18:52
msb_"formic_" aka "ender2070" is actually Brandon Lozza, who believes that the world is controlled by Neanderthals who live 10 miles underground.  He's been following me around since at least May 30, 2011, when he wrote "msb - your site is pure communism".  He has posted lying anti-Linux/pro-Microsoft propaganda to COLA.  I am not going to respond to his questions.  Aug 07 18:59
formic_msb_ dude, you sound like a broken recordAug 07 19:06
formic_when having a disagreement with you, i dont mention all your handles, your full name and a whole paragraph on major disagreements I have with youAug 07 19:06
formic_"msb_" aka "msb" is actually Mark S Bilk, who believes the that the world is controlled by a fascist group of bankers who live in the US. He's been following me around since at least May, he has done whois lookups to gather personal info and called me on a cell phone I never gave him the number for. He has posted lying anti-freedom pro fsf propaganda to COLA. I am not going to respond to his questions.Aug 07 19:09
msb_I never said that all fascist bankers live in the US -- some do, some don't -- nor that they are the only people who control the world.Aug 07 19:12
formic_"msb_" aka "msb" is actually Mark S Bilk, who believes that Novell and Microsoft conspired to make KDE4 work against him due to his inability to adapt to change. He is also a user of openSUSE but believes Novell didn't do anything to that even though they own it. He also cried on skype (owned by microsoft) when talking about contact.Aug 07 19:16
msb_What I said about KDE4 is that I have it on good information, from a source that does not want to be revealed, that the feature set of KDE4 was chosen by focus groups populated by average MS-Windows users.  The multiple-virtual-desktop feature of KDE4 is unusable because the desktop names are not readable in the desktop-pager buttons.  There is no good substitute for that feature that is as quick and easy to use.  KDE4 also Aug 07 19:23
msb_insists on an audio system -- phonon -- that does not work with my audio chip.  Brandon says I should buy a new computer to fix that.Aug 07 19:23
msb_I think the best desktop environment is KDE3 or its fork Trinity: 07 19:25
TechrightsSocialTitle: Trinity Desktop Environment .::. Size~: 9.66 KBAug 07 19:25
formic_yeah you're obsoleteAug 07 19:25
formic_you're actually causing global warming by running old hardwareAug 07 19:26
formic_if you were serious about saving the planet you would upgrade often because newer stuff uses less power, and give your old hardware away to the HeliOS project so kids without computers have somethingAug 07 19:27
formic_HeliOS teaches kids that proprietary OS's are a bad thing, hes on your sideAug 07 19:29
formic_do you want them to save up for some bargain basement acer with windows?Aug 07 19:29
formic_note: info from a good un-named source is anecdotal and is not evidenceAug 07 19:33
formic_its called 'hearsay'Aug 07 19:34
formic_there are people I talk to on the darknet with no ID either and somesay there are reptilians running the world and that the queen is a shapeshifter.Aug 07 19:35
formic_does that mean its true?Aug 07 19:35
formic_you're not alone on that theory, theres millions of david icke supporters and a lot of them are anonymousAug 07 19:35
MinceRbut are they legion?Aug 07 19:36
formic_LOLAug 07 19:36
formic_anyways msb_, it would be nice to have a rational arguement without you doing ad hominem attacks against me. I'm done with you for now.Aug 07 19:37
formic_feel free to post this on your nutty websiteAug 07 19:38
formic_it would be easier to do that and link it vs spamming the same paragraph every time I argue with you.Aug 07 19:38
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formic_schestowitz-andr: hows the android?Aug 07 19:43
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MinceR 07 20:49
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeAug 07 20:49
formic_ROFLAug 07 21:04
formic_ill vote OdinAug 07 21:05
msb_I just noticed that Brandon Lozza ("formic_") said that I believe the theory that "there are reptilians running the world and that the queen is a shapeshifter."  I have never said that.  I link to a good David Icke video about the NWO, but he doesn't mention reptilians in it.  I don't think he's said that he's ever seen one, only talked to people who say they have.  The most I've said is that it's not physically impossible, Aug 07 21:19
msb_like, e.g., people living 10 miles below ground.Aug 07 21:19
formic_msb_ we all know who I amAug 07 21:24
formic_you're doing that to mess up google results with my nameAug 07 21:24
msb_I'm doing it so that a person who is lying about me in public can't hide behind a pseudonym.Aug 07 21:25
formic_I just noticed the Mark "Shapeshifter" Bilk ("msb_) claims Cuba is a great place to live due to communism and it's universal health care system. He ignores that cell phones were banned until 2008 and the fact that if he went there he would have the fastest computer of any citizen in Cuba. Yet he also refuses to live there himself.Aug 07 21:27
formic_msb_ why can't I hide behind a pseudonym Mark S Bilk?Aug 07 21:28
formic_maybe I want a little privacyAug 07 21:28
formic_People here know who I am already and other people not from around here won't unless they are stalkers like you.Aug 07 21:29
formic_Do you still make unsolicited calls to people from info gathered from whois?Aug 07 21:29
MinceRalso, internet access requires government approval in cubaAug 07 21:31
MinceRnot that most people could afford it anywayAug 07 21:31
MinceRor afford a computerAug 07 21:31
formic_msb_ based on the many worlds interpretation, what ISN'T possible?Aug 07 21:31
formic_its just as not impossible for bat men to by ruling the worldAug 07 21:32
formic_we haven't found reptilian bones, we have found neanderthal bonesAug 07 21:32
msb_I phoned Brandon more than a year ago, when I thought he shared some of the same interests that I have.  That was before he turned out to be a hostile lunatic.  I have never contacted him again.Aug 07 21:33
formic_Mark S Bilk: Are your agent handlers mad that im chatting it up on the cjdns meshnet?Aug 07 21:33
formic_msb_ I haven't talked to you in months and you bring up my full name along with an attackAug 07 21:34
msb_techrights, 7 hours ago:  "<formic_> msb_"Aug 07 21:37
TechrightsSocialTitle: The Glen Kealey and Alan Watt conspiracy       - YouTube .::. Size~: 147.89 KBAug 07 21:37
formic_7 hours ago, try last week when you accused RRG of being meAug 07 21:38
formic_along with ad hominem attacksAug 07 21:39
formic_someone here told me about itAug 07 21:39
formic_LOLz ppl, I found a picture of Mark "Shapeshifter" Bilk - 07 21:39
TechrightsSocialTitle: imgur: the simple image sharer .::. Size~: 10.6 KBAug 07 21:39
MinceRyes, "found" :>Aug 07 21:40
formic_yeah I found I added a caption to a picture of him shapeshifted into Al BundyAug 07 21:40
MinceRoh, he can really shapeshift? that's kind of neat.Aug 07 21:41
msb_"[08/02/12 16:28] (Pacific time) <formic_> Msb_ stop talking shit"  And many lines following it.Aug 07 21:41
msb_He also used to flood techrights with many pages of garbage and was banned from it several times.Aug 07 21:43
formic_ 07 21:44
TechrightsSocialTitle: imgur: the simple image sharer .::. Size~: 10.6 KBAug 07 21:44
formic_I didn't flood anythingAug 07 21:44
formic_look at DaemonFC for flooding with garbageAug 07 21:44
formic_I couldn't resist, one more pic of Mark: 07 21:49
TechrightsSocialTitle: imgur: the simple image sharer .::. Size~: 10.6 KBAug 07 21:49
formic_This ones the best so farAug 07 21:49

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