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schestowitz> Hi, Roy,Aug 13 09:03
schestowitz> Aug 13 09:03
schestowitz> Scroll down to 'Index of Releases' and notice that GNU/Linux is now gone.Aug 13 09:03
schestowitz> 13 09:03
schestowitzThey also support BSD now. And IIRC, HURD too, experimentally.Aug 13 09:03
TechrightsSocialTitle: Debian -- Debian Releases .::. Size~: 11.68 KBAug 13 09:03
schestowitz 13 09:04
TechrightsSocial@gnutelephony: @schestowitz I guess you mean putto :)Aug 13 09:04
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Putto - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 47.16 KBAug 13 09:04
schestowitz 13 09:32
TechrightsSocial@rainmakerfiles: Such a slow death > “@schestowitz: SCO Said to be Dead (Liquidation Bankruptcy) #sco”Aug 13 09:32
TechrightsSocial-> Title: SCO Said to be Dead (Liquidation Bankruptcy) | Techrights .::. Size~: 86.69 KBAug 13 09:32
schestowitz 13 09:48 Why does the #bbc call Mozilla a "proprietary system"? No fact-checking?Aug 13 09:48
schestowitz"@Ibrahim In BBC studios perhaps"Aug 13 09:48
schestowitz 13 09:48 reshared: ![]( #Gatos [Fuente]( 13 09:48
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting application/xml typeAug 13 09:48
TechrightsSocial-> Title: get out of there cat. you are not the seafood... - Cats. Where they do not belong. .::. Size~: 82.47 KBAug 13 09:48
schestowitz"Wrong costume choice. :-("Aug 13 09:48
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schestowitzre Debian:Aug 13 11:13
schestowitz> Yes, that's why there's no Linux mentioned, but aren't the FreeBSD andAug 13 11:13
schestowitz> Hurd kernels using the GNU userspace?Aug 13 11:13
schestowitzI don't know.Aug 13 11:13
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MinceR 13 13:36
TechrightsSocialTitle: Minimumble - #164 – Office .::. Size~: 23.11 KBAug 13 13:36
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: Curious that this is reported in NYT.!/Driveswift/status/234996748089700354Aug 13 14:00
TechrightsSocial@Driveswift: Just great: Israeli PM Asks Nations to Say Iran Talks Have Failed 13 14:00
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Time to Call Diplomatic Effort on Iran a Failure, Israeli Official Says - .::. Size~: 46.08 KBAug 13 14:00
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: There's more to this than meets the eye, if you add the Romney press conference on an aircraft carrier. From which we conclude that the owners of the aircraft carrier are likely behind GOP win.Aug 13 14:00
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: but how could an attack on Iran be played into a GOP landslide?Aug 13 14:00
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: the more interesting possibility is that the military is owned by more than one faction. That is historically common.Aug 13 14:01
FurnaceBoythough, the NYT is pushing the israel line as alwaysAug 13 14:02
FurnaceBoyapparently without ironyAug 13 14:02
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FurnaceBoy 13 15:22
TechrightsSocial@JPBarlow: #Trapwire, the real-time global CCTV surveillance tool, developed w/ #Stratfor, revealed by #WikiLeaks. 13 15:22
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: ^^Aug 13 15:22
TechrightsSocial-> Title: U.S. Government secretly spying on everyone using civilian security cameras, say Wikileaks  | Mail Online .::. Size~: 170.83 KBAug 13 15:22
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schestowitzFurnaceBoy: : I have another article about it comignAug 13 16:33
schestowitzFurnaceBoy: yes, NYC is kind of Jewish-ownedAug 13 16:33
schestowitzand it reports in a very Jewish city, treat the bias accordinglyAug 13 16:34
FurnaceBoyNYT is the plutocratic mouthpieceAug 13 16:44
FurnaceBoylong established factAug 13 16:44
FurnaceBoyused to leak 'sikrit' info like 'israel says diplomacy didn't work'Aug 13 16:44
schestowitzi'll use the murdoch articleAug 13 17:02
schestowitzmail onlineAug 13 17:02
schestowitz"Even the rags of phone hacker Rupert Murdoch <a href="" title="U.S. government is secretly spying on EVERYONE using civilian security cameras, say Wikileaks">covered it</a>."Aug 13 17:03
TechrightsSocialTitle: Sorry we could not find the page you were looking for. .::. Size~: 7.71 KBAug 13 17:03
schestowitz: -)Aug 13 17:03
schestowitzalso see 13 17:04
TechrightsSocialTitle: Skype is Spy Campaign - Techrights .::. Size~: 17.46 KBAug 13 17:04
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schestowitz 13 17:38 #BillGates is Openly Promoting Patent Trolls Which Attack Linux #swpats #android #linux #usptoAug 13 17:38
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Bill Gates is Openly Promoting Patent Trolls Which Attack Linux | Techrights .::. Size~: 90.98 KBAug 13 17:38
schestowitz"In 2008 apparently he retired - sort of ? "Aug 13 17:38
TechrightsSocialTitle: Something's Gone Terribly Wrong .::. Size~: 2.96 KBAug 13 17:38
schestowitzHe just retired to not pay taxes anymore :D Now he is free to kill anything against Microsoft hegemony, minus Apple (but he might also own a lot of shares in Apple, who knows?).Aug 13 17:38
schestowitz"I thought he was retired?"Aug 13 17:39
schestowitzFORBES LOLAug 13 17:39
schestowitz"Aug 13 17:40
schestowitzIts interesting looking - I searched on key words to find his relationship with apple .... and it is hard to find a definite answerAug 13 17:40
schestowitzBut search on a key phrase from Forbes .....Aug 13 17:40
schestowitzhe's given away $28 billion alreadyAug 13 17:40
schestowitz,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=ce106b493fe37127&biw=1189&bih=537Aug 13 17:40
TechrightsSocialTitle: he's given away $28 billion already - Google Search .::. Size~: 170.01 KBAug 13 17:40
schestowitzAnd the same thing comes up over and over again ...... I have done this before on people and articles ..... it is spread word by word numerous times .....Aug 13 17:40
schestowitzThe reason I say this ..... its a little like me spreading the Web saying 23dornot23d had done more for sharing than anyone else on the planet ..........Aug 13 17:40
schestowitzThen posting into numerous Bloggs to try to convince people on that stance ..... whether it be true or false - more people are likely to read it if it appears in numerous bloggs.Aug 13 17:40
schestowitzI am pretty certain that a lot of this type of thing is going on nowadays ..... how you identify it and find its true source is the thing ...... does it all originate from one or 2 IP addresses and if so are they a paid commodity of the rich ?Aug 13 17:40
schestowitz"Aug 13 17:40
schestowitz 13 18:00 #BillGates is Openly Promoting Patent Trolls Which Attack Linux #swpats #android #linux #usptoAug 13 18:00
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Bill Gates is Openly Promoting Patent Trolls Which Attack Linux | Techrights .::. Size~: 90.98 KBAug 13 18:00
schestowitz"A billionaire never retires or she loses her money and power as everybody around them wants to take their place. Do you really follow the PR here and simply believe Gates has become a philanthrop? You must be new to capitalism..."Aug 13 18:00
schestowitzexactlyAug 13 18:00
FurnaceBoylolAug 13 18:08
schestowitz 13 18:29 reshared: I love #ubuntu and #unity. When it works. Which, since 12.04, doesn't happen too often. Maybe someone can suggest a more reliable #linux distribution that works well on #laptops, particularly the #HP8510p?Aug 13 18:29
schestowitz"Please don't switch distributions first. This is somewhat a bit like the Windows reinstallation habit or the reboot solution. If you have problems, which for Ubuntu 12.04 many people have not, then line them out and document them as closely as possible (can be somebody else's docs too). That way people can help you rather than to repeat the distro flame war/wall of text after every individual problem. Having your individual Aug 13 18:30
schestowitzdistro is not exactly the right way to deal with the FOSS stack possibilities. Switching distros is only adequate if you can pinpoint the problem to a distribution specific quality/strategy/tech. Unity in general qualifies for that, but if you have some UI-problem you might very well hit it elsewhere, too."Aug 13 18:30
FurnaceBoyya i haven't 'switched distributions' in 10 yearsAug 13 18:35
FurnaceBoyno needAug 13 18:35
FurnaceBoyit is definitely a twitchy/ADHD/futzing habitAug 13 18:36
FurnaceBoyjust get down to workAug 13 18:36
MinceRyes, if someone finds an issue with a distro and doesn't force himself to live with it, he must suffer from ADHDAug 13 18:43
schestowitzyeahAug 13 18:51
schestowitz 13 18:51 #BillGates is Openly Promoting Patent Trolls Which Attack Linux #swpats #android #linux #usptoAug 13 18:51
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Bill Gates is Openly Promoting Patent Trolls Which Attack Linux | Techrights .::. Size~: 90.98 KBAug 13 18:51
schestowitz"Aug 13 18:52
schestowitzMaybe it is more of a person that can give rather than loose ..... people have given it is honorable and they still have far too much ......... they watch others and value them as less ...... but maybe its a factor - the luck the poor needs can come from the honor of the rich.Aug 13 18:53
schestowitzThey too get older and wonder if they can downsize without the Press Saying they have failed in some way ....... think failure is the thing .......Aug 13 18:53
schestowitzBut it is not to fail to give to the right things ...... that get people into work many millions of people for little money outlay ........ give every person a fruit tree to plant and look after .Aug 13 18:53
schestowitzAt the end of 5 years - you go back to them ..... and the ones that have fruit and have looked after their trees you give a little bonus to ..........Aug 13 18:53
schestowitzThis goes for all types of work ...... the bonus goes to the person that creates the fruit ..... not to the person that just handed out the trees ...... ( he / she ..... gets half of the fruit every year ) and that should be enough !!!Aug 13 18:53
schestowitz"Aug 13 18:53
schestowitzTo avoid what happened with the Rockefeller, Morgan, Rothschild etc. dynasties, maybe nationalisation of otherwise inherited assets would help restore some justice; right now very few robber barons rule the US like they rule Russia (the post-USSR oligarchs)Aug 13 18:54
FurnaceBoy 13 19:02
TechrightsSocialTitle: Gauss Malware Detected Through Unique Palida Narrow Font - Security - News & Reviews  - .::. Size~: 106.18 KBAug 13 19:02
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FurnaceBoy 13 19:12
TechrightsSocialTitle: Jet Skier Breaks Through JFK Airport's $100 Million Security System - Yahoo! News .::. Size~: 415.07 KBAug 13 19:12
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FurnaceBoy 13 19:16
TechrightsSocialTitle: Google, Salesforce were allegedly offered 'TrapWire' spy tool | ZDNet .::. Size~: 49.19 KBAug 13 19:16
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: ^^Aug 13 19:16
schestowitz 13 19:17
TechrightsSocialTitle: Richard Stallman on the latest anti-competitive move of Microsoft, et. al. | Eyes of Faith .::. Size~: 67.4 KBAug 13 19:17
schestowitz"Aug 13 19:17
schestowitzRichard Stallman speaks out on Microsoft's latest effort to destroy Linux as an alternative operating system. See "TechBytes Episode 69: Richard Stallman on Restricted Boot (UEFI), Coreboot, GRUB, and Boot Freedom." The question is, who will take them to court over this latest move, how long will the case be tied up while "SecureBoot" locks out technology alternatives, and what are the chances of eventual legal success?Aug 13 19:17
schestowitzThis is not just about Windows vs. Linux, folks. This is ultimately about government control of your computer. And it's only one of countless issues in that domain.Aug 13 19:18
schestowitz"Aug 13 19:18
schestowitz 13 19:25
TechrightsSocial@fcassia: #Linus Torvalds on why you shojuldn´t use #SUSE ´s #OpenSuse #Linux "no way in hell I can suggest it" cc/@schestowitzAug 13 19:25
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Linux founder Linus Torvalds delivers a smackdown like no other | Attendly .::. Size~: 46.65 KBAug 13 19:25
MinceRexcept his argument sucksAug 13 19:26
MinceRsettings that affect all users require root privileges to change? who would have thought?Aug 13 19:26
schestowitz 13 20:29 #BillGates is Openly Promoting Patent Trolls Which Attack Linux #swpats #android #linux #usptoAug 13 20:29
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Bill Gates is Openly Promoting Patent Trolls Which Attack Linux | Techrights .::. Size~: 90.98 KBAug 13 20:29
schestowitz"Aug 13 20:30
schestowitzQuoteAug 13 20:30
schestowitzNationalisation of otherwise inherited assets would help restore some justiceAug 13 20:30
schestowitzI sort of half agree with that statement ...... ( a 50 50 split would be better to make sure the government does not then hand it as a backhander to a friend - for a favor )Aug 13 20:30
schestowitz50 % ...... to the needy - (the out of work people) - if you trust them ......Aug 13 20:30
schestowitzThey should have a certain amount of say from the people giving it where it is to be best used and then the workers too told they will get proper earnings and a good bonus if it is a success ....... ( and that then creates a sense of both sides knowing what it is being used for and not wasting resources ...... everyone is allowed to help make it successful as they all can then gain from it )Aug 13 20:30
schestowitzOur monetary system is so hidden and behind closed doors too ..... with computers we should be at least be allowed to see the Total money spent each year on things the help normal people and new people starting business's get on their feet . ( The Bankers should reveal this )Aug 13 20:30
schestowitzThe Total amount given by the people to the Government EACH YEAR should be made visible too .......Aug 13 20:30
schestowitz50 % should be going back into the Future a GREEN PARTY that works along side the GOVERNMENT ...... For implementing a Sustainable Future = with new ideas getting a fair chance ....... that can make cities use less Mineral Resources and reduce overall running costs for big cities.Aug 13 20:30
schestowitzThe other 50 % should be then given to the Government to waste on WARS ..... TAX BREAKS FOR THE WEALTHY and PAYING LOBBYISTS .... TROLLING PATENTS ...... then some spent on roads and transport systems. ( doing this means the Government does not have to change too much from what it is doing now ) but it only allows them half of the Money to screw up.Aug 13 20:30
schestowitzThis way we do not have all of our EGGS in one basket ..... as we do nowadays.Aug 13 20:30
schestowitz( I guess this was the original idea - Republicans / Democrats .... shame they take from the same OIL MONEY pot ..... and they got so used to doing this - they are lost without it now.)Aug 13 20:30
schestowitz"Aug 13 20:30
FurnaceBoy schestowitz Aug 13 20:32
TechrightsSocialTitle: Facebook Compiling PHP to Run on the JVM? | Javalobby .::. Size~: 56.26 KBAug 13 20:32
MinceRnative code was too fast? :>Aug 13 20:33
FurnaceBoyso it seemsAug 13 20:34
FurnaceBoywell, jvm is native a lot of the time. they're not going to give up much speed.Aug 13 20:34
schestowitz 13 20:44 reshared: I love #ubuntu and #unity. When it works. Which, since 12.04, doesn't happen too often. Maybe someone can suggest a more reliable #linux distribution that works well on #laptops, particularly the #HP8510p?Aug 13 20:44
schestowitz"Debian stable is also pretty outdated which can bring serious problem if you need a newer version of some software. For servers it is pretty good, but for a desktop it depends on your needs. Imho it is always best to try to fix the problems, even if you find out that you can't. If you reject this philosophy completely (become a consumer/user only), you will have problems to operate FOSS in the best way for you."Aug 13 20:45
schestowitz"Aug 13 20:45
schestowitzI keep wanting to go back to Ubuntu to give it a try on each release but always delete the VM and go back to my good old Arch install. Yes it is a rolling release but that only makes you a bit more aware of what is going on with your install. Before you run the big bad pacman -Syu check out the archlinux website to make sure you are not going to get yourself into a pickle.Aug 13 20:45
schestowitzEach distro has it's own pros and cons and each has its own little way things but it comes down to the users comfort level. I personally like to custom tailor my OS thus Arch is my distro.Aug 13 20:45
schestowitz"Aug 13 20:45
schestowitz"Aug 13 20:46
schestowitzI have run Gentoo, which basically gives you your own distro with setting USE and compile flags. I came to the conclusion that it is a) far worse in terms of stability to have your own distro for a few reductions (USE flags mostly disable features compared to binary distributions) than to share a stack collectively and b) that it is the biggest waste of energy to compile packages without knowledge of the compilation process Aug 13 20:46
schestowitzand the meaning of the flags themselves.Aug 13 20:46
schestowitzDebian is a very solid community effort to give you a stable and bug-free integration in one stack of almost all foss software desirable. This is a far more reasonable and sustainable effort imo. The rise of Debian and the success of Ubuntu (which is somewhat a branch of Debian unstable) are simply based on this slow and stable community free software distribution concept.Aug 13 20:46
schestowitzHaving said that, the best way is still to find out. But if you need an environment for development or something to build upon, a stable set of packages is a bonus not a problem. You can get upstream packages through seperate "backport" repositories called PPAs, which makes Ubuntu very easy to use. I have used Fedora (+KDE) for a year for better SandyBridge support reasons and it is a fine distro so far, but it is not as Aug 13 20:46
schestowitzstable as Kubuntu. Java had many segfaults during development, e.g. It was overall due to the fact of bleeding-edge packaging that many things didn't properly integrate and cause bugs. It all depends what you need from the stack. Bleeding-edge distros can definetly help in fixing these bugs, but only if the users have a community perspective.Aug 13 20:46
schestowitzBut compiling on your own without targeting some larger benefits is a waste of resources and energy imo.Aug 13 20:46
schestowitz"Aug 13 20:46
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FurnaceBoyschestowitz: worth following 13 21:06
TechrightsSocialTitle: Steve Silberman (stevesilberman) on Twitter .::. Size~: 185.42 KBAug 13 21:06
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FurnaceBoyschestowitz: 13 22:05
TechrightsSocialTitle: Leaked Memo from Romney to Ryan : The New Yorker .::. Size~: 109.68 KBAug 13 22:05
schestowitz 13 22:42 reshared: Microsoft-Led Nokia Continues to Feed Patent Trolls #nokia #microsoft #swpats #android #wp7 #VringoAug 13 22:42
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Microsoft-Led Nokia Continues to Feed Patent Trolls | Techrights .::. Size~: 91.48 KBAug 13 22:42
schestowitz"Feed the patent trolls? They are the patent trolls...."Aug 13 22:42
schestowitzFurnaceBoy: Wired?Aug 13 22:43
FurnaceBoywired?Aug 13 22:44
FurnaceBoyhe's at wired?Aug 13 22:44
schestowitzyeahAug 13 22:45
schestowitz""Aug 13 22:45 reshared: Microsoft-Led Nokia Continues to Feed Patent Trolls #nokia #microsoft #swpats #android #wp7 #VringoAug 13 22:45
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Microsoft-Led Nokia Continues to Feed Patent Trolls | Techrights .::. Size~: 91.48 KBAug 13 22:45
schestowitz"Aug 13 22:45
schestowitz3. Good people to quote in speeches: Ronald Reagan, Grover Norquist, Milton Friedman. Names to avoid: Ayn Rand, Marie Antoinette.Aug 13 22:45
schestowitzRead more 13 22:45
TechrightsSocialTitle: Leaked Memo from Romney to Ryan : The New Yorker .::. Size~: 109.68 KBAug 13 22:45
schestowitz"Aug 13 22:45
schestowitz"Aug 13 22:46
schestowitz3. Good people to quote in speeches: Ronald Reagan, Grover Norquist, Milton Friedman. Names to avoid: Ayn Rand, Marie Antoinette.Aug 13 22:46
schestowitzRead more 13 22:46
TechrightsSocialTitle: Leaked Memo from Romney to Ryan : The New Yorker .::. Size~: 109.68 KBAug 13 22:46
schestowitzit syas humpur in the tagsAug 13 22:46
schestowitzand well, the end makes it obviousAug 13 22:46
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: hm...Aug 13 22:47
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: well, krugman's at nyt still?Aug 13 22:47
schestowitzdunnoAug 13 22:47
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: i think that not everybody on staff is part of the agendaAug 13 22:47
schestowitzI don't like him so much]Aug 13 22:47
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: but when we get to PoulsenAug 13 22:47
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: he was part of the scheme that nabbed ManningAug 13 22:47
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: by his own admission, iircAug 13 22:48
FurnaceBoyprobably owned by FBI like LamoAug 13 22:48
FurnaceBoythey can easily blackmail these guysAug 13 22:48
FurnaceBoy'print this or we'll arrest you'Aug 13 22:48
schestowitzwhy arrest? ReardAug 13 23:08
schestowitzPositive incentive, not negativeAug 13 23:08
schestowitzrevolving dopor for exampleAug 13 23:08
schestowitza job in staford waiting...Aug 13 23:08
FurnaceBoywell, it's a brutal cultureAug 13 23:10
FurnaceBoymafia tactics workAug 13 23:10

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