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IRC: #techbytes @ FreeNode: August 11th, 2012

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schestowitz 11 18:21
TechBytesBotNot a Diaspora post?Aug 11 18:21
schestowitz"The destruction of the world's largest cell phone maker by Microsoft is obviously evil, Annie. Ask the Maemo, Meego and QT people if they would rather be selling first rate Nokia phones or sold off to smaller companies while Nokia goes bankrupt pushing Windows phones."Aug 11 18:21
schestowitz"Is this good or bad? Any suggestions?"Aug 11 18:22
schestowitz"Aug 11 18:22
schestowitzYeah, I have followed that closely and predicted that from day one of the alliance (1) when most official KDE people where reluctant to judge the situation. I understand why they were, but Qt being sold was very likely back then imho already. My question was if Digia is a good or bad owner of Qt. Do you have some background, more infos?Aug 11 18:22
schestowitz(1) 11 18:22
schestowitzp.s. its Qt, not QT, i have just checked again, because i have made that mistake often as well.Aug 11 18:22
TechBytesBotTitle: LULZ, M$ p0wns Nokia | whilo's blogsite .::. Size~: 64.13 KBAug 11 18:22
schestowitz"Aug 11 18:22

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