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qu1j0t3schestowitz: 10 13:44
TechrightsSocial@JLLLOW: US Supreme Court refuses to hear case on warrantless wiretapping. *Transition to totalitarian state complete* 10 13:44
TechrightsSocial-> Title: The Supreme Court Isn't Bothered By the NSA’s Warrantless Wiretapping - Politics - The Atlantic Wire .::. Size~: 64.38 KBOct 10 13:44
schestowitzqu1j0t3: I like thw twiter background photo. Real?Oct 10 14:39
schestowitz*twiterOct 10 14:39
schestowitz*>twitterOct 10 14:39
schestowitz"We also know what things to avoid -- potential sources of tension of friction, especially external ones. People are often made naive enough to believe that their surroundings are all looking for their benefit, forgetting that jealousy is rampant, that many people have total disregard for other people's feelings (even when they say "I'm happy for you" to be polite), that companies try to just sell us lots of stuff we don't Oct 10 14:50
schestowitzneed and cannot afford (they spin that as offering a service or social status elevation), and that the route to happiness is more complex a thing than enjoying one's moment, day, life." Oct 10 14:50
schestowitz(me in a chat)Oct 10 14:51
schestowitzthat last part is wrong. I meant, "is NOT more complex a thing"Oct 10 14:52
qu1j0t3schestowitz: don't know. crossed my mind to ask as well. :)Oct 10 15:14
qu1j0t3wonder*Oct 10 15:14
schestowitz[15:16] [Notice] -TRIdentica to #techrights- [glynmoody/@glynmoody] #Facebook Stock Falls Back Below $20 - how are the mighty fallen #ipoOct 10 15:19
TechrightsSocialTitle: Facebook Stock Falls Back Below $20 .::. Size~: 114.46 KBOct 10 15:19
schestowitzway to got ZUckOct 10 15:21
schestowitzOver a billion spam accounts?Oct 10 15:21
schestowitzMany people no longer log in to the siteOct 10 15:21
schestowitzsome deactivateOct 10 15:21
XFaCEschestowitz: I was smartOct 10 15:36
XFaCEI deactivated back in 2008Oct 10 15:37
XFaCEI was on it for less than a dayOct 10 15:37
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roy__XFaCE: but wait, did you actually remove your account? Deactiviation is just flagging the account as preferring to temporarily making it not visible to anyone but you and Mark Zuckerberg. Moreover, even if you somehow manage to find the option to really delete the account -- an option whivch they shredly hide from you -- than they doin't delete that for two weeksOct 10 15:43
roy__After account deletion facebook retains all your data including personal files and this data remains available to government which using warrant and court subpoena can still get to all your personal data which you assume to have been deleted by facebook upon your demand.Oct 10 15:44
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XFaCEroy__: Let's put it this wayOct 10 15:47
XFaCEI put my name on it, that's itOct 10 15:47
XFaCEI deleted the account, never used it whatsoever :)Oct 10 15:47
XFaCEPlus this was back in the early early days of facebook (relatively) :)Oct 10 15:48
XFaCEroy__: Would they actually keep such a useless account from 2008? :POct 10 15:49
XFaCEroy__: I never thought of itOct 10 15:50
roy__why would they not? They just flag it deleted, then they keep it for backup, advertising, data-mining, etc. I think the EULA and US low totally allow them to do this,.Oct 10 15:51
XFaCECould I even remove it for real now?Oct 10 15:53
XFaCEson of a bitchOct 10 15:55
XFaCEit's just an email, but it's still thereOct 10 15:55
XFaCElolOct 10 15:55
roy__"Yes, and since we're brought up in relatively good homes and not broken homes, it is hard for us to grasp how wrecked homes can come about, or how children (now adults) raised in a broken home can seek to avenge by toppling those more fortunate in their civilisation, often under disguise of being civil. Some people try to substitute lack of love (that they didn't receive at home) with monetary accomplishment in their adult life Oct 10 15:55
roy__and some turn the other way to Goth/heavy metal as a form of symbolism of anger or non-conformism (to distinguish themselves). The source of much hurt though it poor upbringing."Oct 10 15:55
qu1j0t3'broken homes'?Oct 10 15:57
qu1j0t3the phrase itself is propagandisticOct 10 15:58
roy__-meOct 10 15:58
qu1j0t3nucleo-normativeOct 10 15:58
roy__qu1j0t3: ohOct 10 15:58
qu1j0t3and, well, screw that.Oct 10 15:58
roy__I never realised itOct 10 15:58
qu1j0t3right:)Oct 10 15:58
roy__is it daemonisation of single-parent familiesOct 10 15:58
roy__"As human beings, insecurity, jealousy and other negative behavior does exist or inevitable but it depends on individual behavior. Each and everyone has its own character, attitude, personality..." -my sister in lawOct 10 15:58
qu1j0t3it's explicitly demonising any non-traditional familyOct 10 15:58
*roy__ is now known as schestowitzOct 10 15:58
qu1j0t3including divorced onesOct 10 15:58
schestowitzahOct 10 15:58
qu1j0t3which is unacceptableOct 10 15:58
schestowitzI will refrain from using the term thenOct 10 15:59
qu1j0t3especially from my own experienceOct 10 15:59
XFaCEschestowitz: I "permanently" deleted it as you saidOct 10 15:59
XFaCEschestowitz: as you suspected, the account was just deactivatedOct 10 15:59
schestowitz!google give me ma belt judgeOct 10 15:59
TechrightsSocial[1] - Marianne Curan: Stop Calling Me 'Ma'am' | 10 15:59
TechrightsSocial[2] - Quick & Flupke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | 10 15:59
TechrightsSocial[3] - Interview with Anna Mitchael, author of 'Just Don't Call Me Ma'am' | 10 15:59
TechrightsSocial[4] - Lake Placid (1999) - Memorable quotes | 10 15:59
XFaCEschestowitz: fortunately, as I said, I didn't use it whatsoeverOct 10 15:59
qu1j0t3schestowitz: the availability of stigma-free, no-fault divorce is social progress.Oct 10 15:59
schestowitzXFaCE: Mark counts you as one among the billionOct 10 15:59
schestowitzheklps him sell adsOct 10 16:00
XFaCEschestowitz: He can tryOct 10 16:00
XFaCEI'll block all of his malicious crapOct 10 16:00
XFaCEif I have toOct 10 16:00
XFaCEschestowitz: In any case, the account was using an obsolete email address, and I last accessed it from a computer that is no longer usedOct 10 16:02
schestowitz"It's inevitable, as people strive to be individuals and it's their only way to surpass another in the race to "alpha [fe]male" or whatever. But telling apart the foe and the friend is essential. Poisonous people around oneself can make the different in one's self esteem, quality of life, etc."Oct 10 16:02
XFaCEschestowitz: I think I'm safe enough considering the circumstancesOct 10 16:02
schestowitza lot of people no longer access FBOct 10 16:02
schestowitzsome access but don't read, only writeOct 10 16:02
schestowitzothers log in and contribute nothing, only readOct 10 16:02
schestowitzI notice there's more spam there now, all sorts of "invites"Oct 10 16:03
schestowitzTo give illusion of continued activityOct 10 16:03
XFaCEMr. Lotta Boner wants to be your friend!Oct 10 16:03
schestowitz"It's tough of course, we need to be strong. But children raise with full love and support in any ways can withstand the trials."Oct 10 16:03
XFaCEschestowitz: how's your marriage?Oct 10 16:04
XFaCEI haven't talked to you in awhile and I'm very behind in current going ons :$Oct 10 16:04
qu1j0t3"children raise with full love and support" ?????????Oct 10 16:04
qu1j0t3what the ever-lovin' fuq?Oct 10 16:05
qu1j0t3you ever see how much children like to be raised by 2 people who can't stand each other?Oct 10 16:05
qu1j0t3fuq thatOct 10 16:05
qu1j0t3honestly get into the 20th CenturyOct 10 16:05
qu1j0t3'sacred marriage' has a lot to do with unmarried women not having rights Oct 10 16:05
qu1j0t3neanderthal shitOct 10 16:06
qu1j0t3no offence to neanderthals. some of my best friends are cavemen.Oct 10 16:07
XFaCEschestowitz: We have a new signal in case #techrights is in troubleOct 10 16:12
XFaCE       _==/          i     i          \==_Oct 10 16:12
XFaCE     /XX/            |\___/|            \XX\Oct 10 16:12
XFaCE   /XXXX\            |XXXXX|            /XXXX\Oct 10 16:12
XFaCE  |XXXXXX\_         _XXXXXXX_         _/XXXXXX|Oct 10 16:12
XFaCE  |XXX|       \XXX/^^\XXXXX/^^\XXX/       |XXX|Oct 10 16:12
XFaCE    \XX\       \X/    \XXX/    \X/       /XX/Oct 10 16:12
XFaCE       "\       "      \X/      "      /"Oct 10 16:12
schestowitzwhoa!Oct 10 16:13
schestowitz"Just avoid those negative people, as an adult we can tell who is true and not."Oct 10 16:13
qu1j0t3Haha.Oct 10 16:15
schestowitz"I'd challenge that premise, not just for the sake of argument or disagreement. I've come across people who are very unskilled at choosing their friends and those whom they hang out with. I think it's a real quote from Freud who said something along the lines of, "maybe the problem is not you, you just surround yourself with jerks." People often have a problem in their lives because they want to associate with people who don'Oct 10 16:15
schestowitzt respect them and they therefore compete based on some criteria they can't keep up with (beauty, wealth, sports) and end up burned out."Oct 10 16:15
schestowitz(me)Oct 10 16:15
schestowitzqu1j0t3: neanderthals are our extict cousinsOct 10 16:16
schestowitzI like it when people say we came from themOct 10 16:16
schestowitzor that we came "from monkeys"Oct 10 16:17
XFaCEschestowitz: We didn't come from them specificallyOct 10 16:17
XFaCEbut prurigro showed me an articleOct 10 16:17
schestowitzwe have a common ancestorOct 10 16:17
schestowitzwe as in the broad brush of homo  sapientsOct 10 16:17
XFaCEschestowitz: Indicated that people with autism/ADD/etc. may have inherited neanderthal genesOct 10 16:17
XFaCEschestowitz: So there was interbreedingOct 10 16:17
XFaCESo we did "come" from neanderthals partiallyOct 10 16:18
XFaCEat least some of us :POct 10 16:18
schestowitzwell, not quite, I reckonOct 10 16:18
schestowitzthey could not breed with 'us'Oct 10 16:18
schestowitzonly our ancestorsOct 10 16:18
XFaCEyesOct 10 16:18
schestowitzwho were more like neanderthalsOct 10 16:18
XFaCEYeah, except neanderthals were more intelligent and less socialOct 10 16:19
XFaCEsound familiar? :)Oct 10 16:19
schestowitzthe neanderthals didn't get a chance to evolve like we do, e.g. become blonde and blue-eyed in places where we need fire to survive the coldOct 10 16:19
XFaCEtrueOct 10 16:19
XFaCEBut then didn't completely die out eitherOct 10 16:19
schestowitzand our ancestors from back in the days were not all that bright eitherOct 10 16:19
schestowitzI sometimes argue with creationsist who diss monkeysOct 10 16:19
schestowitzpretending that only we can make toolsOct 10 16:19
schestowitzor that monkeys have no emotions or social structuresOct 10 16:19
XFaCEcreationsists on the ass of humanity :DOct 10 16:20
schestowitzdolphins can talk like humans doOct 10 16:20
schestowitzbased on patterns we can parse and classifyOct 10 16:20
XFaCEschestowitz: crows can make tools FFSOct 10 16:20
schestowitzwhat makes us advance so fast is the ability to educateOct 10 16:20
schestowitzexperiement on a child by depreviving him/her education, literary skills etc. and you'd end up seeing something not so different from a chimpOct 10 16:21
schestowitznot to diss chimps...Oct 10 16:21
XFaCEschestowitz: Actually, I believe it was our ability to walk upright that was the first evolutionary edgeOct 10 16:21
schestowitzhey, wouldn't it be funny if dissing chimps was to be called "racist"?Oct 10 16:21
schestowitzI can go to a zoo and diss their appearance all their wantOct 10 16:22
schestowitzThey can't lobby over itOct 10 16:22
schestowitz /s/their/I/Oct 10 16:22
schestowitzPC is for humans onlyOct 10 16:22
schestowitzanimals can't get easily offended by words they cannot understand, so..Oct 10 16:22
schestowitz"Yes, agree with you again and so with Freud. People can be a blessing or a lesson to you. You will know a true friend if even in your darkest hour he or she is there. Been with you in your ups and down life."Oct 10 16:24
schestowitz"I actually found that, some who were competitive and at times jealous over it were trying to create a really strong bond to overcome that tension and become more united with that whom they envy; I had some people really jumping to my rescue when I least expected it. But that's probably coming to show that people can change."Oct 10 16:24
XFaCEschestowitz: so all private message go to #boycottnovell? :POct 10 16:37
XFaCEschestowitz: Forgot about that :POct 10 16:41
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schestowitz"Yes, people do change, that's why sometimes you will be surprised because you never expect them to be there when you needed them."Oct 10 16:57
MinceRmake tools or use preexisting objects unmodified as tools? :>Oct 10 17:05
schestowitzthe decline of twiter 10 17:18
TechrightsSocialTitle: Site Info .::. Size~: 154.21 KBOct 10 17:18
schestowitzor stagnation at leastOct 10 17:18
schestowitzmore users, not more visitors, probably lessOct 10 17:19
schestowitzFB is nextOct 10 17:19
schestowitzsame trend to followOct 10 17:19
schestowitzPlateauing 10 17:19
TechrightsSocialTitle: Site Info .::. Size~: 160.42 KBOct 10 17:19
schestowitzwhile Mark Fuckerberg says they increase # of membersOct 10 17:20
*schestowitz checks about the option of relocating to .sgOct 10 20:13
qu1j0t3not for me Oct 10 20:17
qu1j0t3i wouldn't like the climate:)Oct 10 20:17
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schestowitzyes, that's the downside everyone inc. my parents speaks aboutOct 10 20:51
MinceRisn't that an overly ordered state?Oct 10 20:52
MinceRand also not quite democratic?Oct 10 20:52
qu1j0t3heheOct 10 20:55
qu1j0t3joins a select bunch under that criterionOct 10 20:55
MinceR:>Oct 10 20:56
schestowitzno, MinceR, I was not talking about the UK :-)Oct 10 21:02
MinceR:DOct 10 21:02
MinceRi was talking about singapore :>Oct 10 21:02
schestowitz:-pOct 10 21:02
schestowitzyes, it isOct 10 21:03
schestowitzlike Dubai in some senseOct 10 21:03
MinceRdubai is pretty horrible afaikOct 10 21:03
schestowitzmany foreign workers, very ordered, very hotOct 10 21:03
schestowitzdubai is also bankrupt, I thinkOct 10 21:03
schestowitzor somethingOct 10 21:03
MinceR<nathan7> assuming homeopathy worksOct 10 21:13
MinceR<nathan7> would you be doing best by picking the smallest homeopathic doctor?Oct 10 21:13
MinceR<nathan7> with the largest officeOct 10 21:13
schestowitzlolOct 10 21:14
schestowitzdentedOct 10 21:14
qu1j0t3Dubai? last place on earth i'd want to go nearOct 10 21:25
schestowitzOut of curiousity I decided to research a little further into .sg and here;s some stuff from Wikipedia that I found interesting.Oct 10 21:27
schestowitzqu1j0t3: yeahOct 10 21:27
schestowitzsame here, I know some Brits who went there to work, didn't like itOct 10 21:27
schestowitzpeople jump off buildings thereOct 10 21:27
schestowitzand citizens are PAID by the government not to leave the nationOct 10 21:27
schestowitz"The country is highly urbanised with very little primary rainforest remaining, although more land is being created for development through land reclamation."Oct 10 21:28
schestowitz"Part of various local empires since being inhabited in the 2nd century AD, Singapore hosted a trading post of the East India Company in 1819 with permission from the Sultanate of Johor. The British obtained sovereignty over the island in 1824 and Singapore became one of the British Straits Settlements in 1826."Oct 10 21:29
schestowitz"Singapore is the world's fourth leading financial centre, and its port is one of the five busiest ports in the world. The economy depends heavily on exports and refining imported goods, especially in manufacturing, which constituted 26% of Singapore's GDP in 2005."Oct 10 21:30
schestowitzSimilar regime to the UKOct 10 21:31
schestowitz"Singapore is a unitary multiparty parliamentary republic with a Westminster system of unicameral parliamentary government. The People's Action Party has won every election since self-government in 1959, and governs on the basis of a strong state and prioritising collective welfare over individual rights such as freedom of speech."Oct 10 21:31
schestowitzSounds like the UK to me..Oct 10 21:31
qu1j0t3 People's Action Party has won every election since self-government in 1959 ........ hm.Oct 10 21:31
schestowitzIn terms of purchasing power parity, Singapore has the third highest per capita income in the world. Oct 10 21:31
schestowitzDriving on the left, still, like other coloniesOct 10 21:33
schestowitzOnly half the population was born there. Sounds like Birmingham...Oct 10 21:35
qu1j0t3:<>Oct 10 21:40
*qu1j0t3 is now known as punryeOct 10 21:52
*punrye is now known as FurnaceBoyOct 10 22:01
MinceRFurnaceBoy: still not as bad as budapestOct 10 22:02
schestowitzthat's an absurd!(istian)Oct 10 23:08
schestowitzanyway, I'm currently checking about relocation thereOct 10 23:09
schestowitzseems quite future-proof a moveOct 10 23:09
schestowitzmy mom's friend left Zurich to go work in .sg and never looked back, he loves itOct 10 23:09
FurnaceBoyhehOct 10 23:09
schestowitzmy dad's friend also, he worked in USBOct 10 23:09
FurnaceBoycan't imagine thatOct 10 23:09
schestowitzUBSOct 10 23:09
FurnaceBoyi'd love to live in Zürich.Oct 10 23:10
schestowitzI hear bad thingsOct 10 23:10
schestowitza friend of mine has two mates thereOct 10 23:10
FurnaceBoynot likely to happen thoughOct 10 23:10
schestowitzone in geneva and loves itOct 10 23:10
schestowitzthe other in zurich and can't wait to leaveOct 10 23:10
FurnaceBoywe're moving to South America in medium termOct 10 23:10
FurnaceBoy(not the tropical parts)Oct 10 23:10
schestowitzI have been in zurich about 6 times, it's usually grey there when I goOct 10 23:10
FurnaceBoyi've been a couple of times. i still like it.Oct 10 23:10
schestowitzmoving permanently?Oct 10 23:11
FurnaceBoyyaOct 10 23:11
schestowitz!google spain youth move to south america jobsOct 10 23:11
TechrightsSocial[1] - Spain sees exodus as crisis deepens - | 10 23:11
TechrightsSocial[2] - Spain's lost generation: youth unemployment surges above 50 per ... | 10 23:11
TechrightsSocial[3] - The Spanish brain-drain | Presseurop (English) | 10 23:11
TechrightsSocial[4] - Introduction - Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International ... | 10 23:11
schestowitzI know some spaiards who fled to the UK for jobs. I helped one...Oct 10 23:11
schestowitzjust to think that Spain used to be a huge international empire... not escaping to its coloniesOct 10 23:12
schestowitz*nowOct 10 23:12
FurnaceBoynot a spanish colony :)Oct 10 23:12
schestowitzwasn'\t brasil at some stage dominated by spain rather than portugal?Oct 10 23:13
FurnaceBoyprobablyOct 10 23:14
FurnaceBoyi forgetOct 10 23:14
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