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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: November 13th, 2012

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schestowitz 13 00:22 "Facebook likes you, but hates the internet!" #FacebookNov 13 00:22
TechrightsBot-> Title: Meet the enemy of the internet! | Mind u Read .::. Size~: 154.19 KBNov 13 00:22
schestowitz"Nov 13 00:24
schestowitzWould it be possible to use multiple accounts to therefore tag together different friendships and then give the resulting feed to the user, so they can in turn post status updates that reach the full 100% of friends? And do we want to? Or invent some new siblings or resurrect some grandparents or local deities within facebook's walls maybe?Nov 13 00:24
schestowitzOr maybe best to switch to something else like hidden mesh network based lorea clients backed up by dead drop usb drives? I'd go for that one!Nov 13 00:24
schestowitzI remember installfests as meeting places in which to gain confidence so as to switch... maybe we can all figure out some kind of new "fest" so people can all figure out security and social web needs and go home with a gpg code, encrypted hard drive, and a full reach for our cat pictures, or maybe actually tune our social networking pods/seeds/whatever to actually help us get things done and foster stronger connections between Nov 13 00:24
schestowitzpeople.Nov 13 00:24
schestowitzGetting people together and organised is much more valuable than making people actually pay to be "in facebook", to be seen in that same insane walled peepshow. This is probably another social purpose of facebook: for all the organising it has allowed, it's done it within the same constraints shown in the article, as well as having made it really easy to identify people in order to persecute or imprison them.Nov 13 00:24
schestowitzI'm thinking this other purpose is to stop us from organising, and somehow separate us from each other, in case we actually become independent of facebook or even google and the other tech companies who start to feel the squeeze...Nov 13 00:24
schestowitz"Nov 13 00:24
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