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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: November 24th, 2012

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schestowitz 24 11:54 AMD's New #Catalyst #Linux Driver Isn't Too Good not a way of turnaround for #amdNov 24 11:54
TechrightsBot-> Title: [Phoronix] AMD's New Catalyst Linux Driver Isn't Too Good .::. Size~: 19.83 KBNov 24 11:54
schestowitz"I'm tired of "supporting" AMD as if they were poorer than I am. Bad Linux support and lap burning processors. It's a wrap, NVidia + Intel for the time coming."Nov 24 11:54
schestowitz 24 12:18 Varsity, the student newspaper for the University of Cambridge, continues to smear #assange bad reportingNov 24 12:18
schestowitz"Nov 24 12:18
TechrightsBot-> Title: Breaking News: Assange snubs the Union | Varsity Online .::. Size~: 28.5 KBNov 24 12:18
schestowitzPiffle. UC has been stupid and dishonest in their handling of this affair - and looks like that's continuing.Nov 24 12:18
schestowitzAnd Assange has clearly been economical with the truth too, once he changed his mind about working with UC. I suspect he hadn't reckoned on the level of resistance; he assumed that ALL students were under his spell! Wrong!!Nov 24 12:18
schestowitzBut there's no smear of the coward Assange.Nov 24 12:18
schestowitzThe story is strong enough as it is - why do you need to add a paranoid twist to everything?Nov 24 12:18
schestowitz"Nov 24 12:18
schestowitz 24 12:20 ### #Religion has sent more souls into #damnation, as all #plagues, #famines and natural #disasters together ... ![religion]( #fail #god #believing #warNov 24 12:20
TechrightsBotMissing content type. Ignoring.Nov 24 12:20
schestowitz"There's a new movement among the more "liberal" Christian theologians who want to remove the whole "original sin" idea and the subsequent need for substitutional (according to my dictionary, I just made up a new word!) punishment (or whatever the appropriate term is) of Christ on the cross. First of all, because "original sin" is a terrible idea, and is the source for all that is wrong with Christianity. Go into any evangelical Nov 24 12:21
schestowitzchurch—or Catholic church, for that matter—and you'll hear a consistent theme of how we're all sinners and all inherently evil and that we all deserve death and hell—because of what Adam and Eve did (well, it was really Eve's fault, of course!). Which amounts to a cruel practical joke on God's part, with eternal, irreversible consequences: Here, I'm putting in the middle of this Garden, the most beautiful tree, but don't eat Nov 24 12:21
schestowitzthe fruit, for if you do, ALL of humanity will fall and be condemned for all eternity. Oh, and Eve, all women will be vilified and degraded and will struggle for many many centuries just to be regarded as equal human beings to men—if you eat that fruit. The beautiful, delicious fruit. That I placed in the middle of the Garden. Within easy reach. Remove "original sin", you free up the burden placed on Adam & Eve (but mostly Eve, Nov 24 12:21
schestowitzsince it was really her fault!), and you remove the necessity of the second major issue, which is the need for Christ's death on the cross (ruthlessly depicted in Mel Gibson's violence-porn masterpiece The Passion of the Christ) as atonement for the sins of humanity (except for Eve, of course). It then ceases to be a grand salvific act and becomes the culmination of a life of political defiance against oppressive powers. Thus Nov 24 12:21
schestowitzChristians (and anyone who wants to, really) can focus less on the whole death and resurrection thing and more on the life of a man who said and did some pretty groovy things."Nov 24 12:21
schestowitz 24 21:16 *"We recently announced some proposed updates to our Data Use Policy, which explains how we collect and use data when people use #Facebook, and our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (SRR), which explains the terms governing use of our services.  The updates provide you with more detailed information about our practices and reflect changes to our products, including:  New tools for managing your Facebook Messages; ChanNov 24 21:16
TechrightsBot-> Title: Facebook Site Governance | Facebook .::. Size~: 220.52 KBNov 24 21:16
schestowitz"Damon, I am also on diasp. Not sure what you mean. You cant see the post?"Nov 24 21:16
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schestowitz 24 23:37 Tackle #tax #avoidance this Christmas:  -> #Buylocal, avoid big chains ->Boycott @amazon @google @StarbucksNov 24 23:37
schestowitz"Nov 24 23:37
schestowitzGreat to hear so much positive reaction :-).Nov 24 23:37
schestowitzBugs - now you're cookin'  I've always found buying presents a trial, so a few years ago I told everyone I wan't buying them anything. It was hard also, but gradually I re-invented how I do this... anyway, what I mean is "I'm not buying anything Christams presents for anyone, I'd rather we just got together without the pressure of giving and receiving presents" is a real possibility. I do buy Nov 24 23:37
schestowitzpresents again, but don't force it, and am more relaxed about getting something that is good enough. Still stresses me, but nothing like it once did!Nov 24 23:37
schestowitz"Nov 24 23:37
schestowitz"I really love the idea of having a #buynothing Christmas, where the only things you exchange are things that you all make yourself, with a focus on having experiences and other non-tangibles with the people you love rather than just getting each other stuff. I think it would force everyone to really think about each other far more than a "person x == brand y material goods" approach."Nov 24 23:37

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