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IRC: #boycottnovell-social @ FreeNode: November 5th, 2012

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schestowitzOver the past decade or so I was so busy with studying, working, etc. that I hardly had time to catch up with my distant family's news, including some news reports. I've just spent several hours reading some news and learning about some professional and personal matters I hardly knew about and I also found some very old photos.Nov 05 01:02
qu1j0t3 05 01:52
TechrightsSocial@rsynnott: Awful though Romney is, I don’t see what Mormonism is supposed to be sillier than any other religion.Nov 05 01:52
schestowitzit's Christianity delusion plus more delusion on top of itNov 05 01:57
schestowitzso it's yet more insane, but not by muchNov 05 01:57
schestowitzit's like saying one with a brain tumour also has a lump on the fingerNov 05 01:58
qu1j0t3 05 01:59
TechrightsSocial@KentPitman: Maybe employing many in needless war's part of secret plan for 12M jobs? MT @NittRumney Mitt will give Pentagon $2T for war in Iran. #uppersNov 05 01:59
schestowitz 05 09:57 #facebook is not a #privacy disaster only for those who use it; it is privacy disaster for their relatives, peers, kids, etc.Nov 05 09:57
schestowitz""Nov 05 09:57
schestowitz"word."Nov 05 09:57
schestowitz"Because who can control everyone adding pictures of their relatives and/or friends on a network they themselves aren't on? That's very true."Nov 05 09:58
schestowitz"And as I recall it's not only pictures, there's a whole lot of other information people innocently post about their loved ones."Nov 05 09:58
schestowitzI have met people in their 80s who are furious over this. All people can see of them are their last days, and there is nothing they can do about it, let alone protest online (they don't 'get' tech).Nov 05 09:58
schestowitzFacebook has become a tool by which users (i.e. products) are reporting on one another like spies, and tag people with their names to inform others -- those whom they often don't know -- what non-FB users are doing, where they go, what they look like in private, who they hang out withNov 05 10:00
schestowitz 05 10:01 Google Apps and #Gmail are not just proprietary software. It's software which is tracking your work (eyeing you), and tracks your data.Nov 05 10:01
schestowitz"It also tracks a lot of things people don't even think about, but which in aggregate supply a picture of you worth far more than the sum of it's parts. Eg the device you use, your IP address and geolocation, the times that you tend to do what, your unique language patterns etc."Nov 05 10:02
schestowitz 05 10:02 When the definition of "terrorism" extends to domestic protest (almost there now), maybe then just the mention of protest will be scary.Nov 05 10:02
schestowitz"If you think that would stop them from finding anything on you, you've managed to live a very lucky existence thus far."Nov 05 10:02
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qu1j0t3& that is the whole pointNov 05 14:48
qu1j0t3a certain type of regime wants to be able to round up anyone on any pretextNov 05 14:49
qu1j0t3schestowitz: needs moar upvote. 05 18:58
TechrightsSocialTitle: Toby Thain's answer to What are some great stories about Bill Gates? - Quora .::. Size~: 31.81 KBNov 05 18:58
schestowitzyuckNov 05 19:00
schestowitzafter i had upvoted i clicked to see other answerNov 05 19:00
schestowitzit's like reading a puff pieceNov 05 19:00
schestowitzand see "Related Questions"Nov 05 19:01
schestowitzBlechNov 05 19:01
schestowitzquora is not the place for me, I'd stick with diasporaNov 05 19:01
qu1j0t3schestowitz: 05 19:38
TechrightsSocialTitle: Smoking apps help hook addicts, Australian study finds - .::. Size~: 98.72 KBNov 05 19:38
schestowitz>> Nov 05 22:02
schestowitz>>> PS.  If you're into dogs, search for "anna tassu"Nov 05 22:02
schestowitz>> Nov 05 22:02
schestowitz>> I've only found 05 22:02
schestowitz>> Nov 05 22:02
TechrightsSocialTitle: Anna tassu... - YouTube .::. Size~: 93.77 KBNov 05 22:02
schestowitz>> What's special about this dog?Nov 05 22:02
schestowitz> Nov 05 22:02
schestowitz> I just realized after I sent it that the search results might vary inNov 05 22:02
schestowitz> the UK.  Here it shows lots of picture and movies of dogs "shakingNov 05 22:02
schestowitz> hands"   Translated literally, it means "give your paw"Nov 05 22:02
schestowitz> Nov 05 22:02
schestowitz>> Stallman might be waiting for something before publishing...Nov 05 22:02
schestowitz> Nov 05 22:02
schestowitz> Ok.  I'm looking forward to it.  I'm also glad that Bruce PerensNov 05 22:02
schestowitz> backed him up in the answers to his Q&A.Nov 05 22:02
qu1j0t3  @Hoff | Yeah; it'd be nice if there were a few more folks running NT or derivatives, too.Nov 05 22:18
qu1j0t3  @Hoff | Such a rarely-encountered operating system... Nov 05 22:18
qu1j0t3o.ONov 05 22:18
MinceRlolNov 05 22:19
MinceRi think that's sarcasmNov 05 22:19
MinceRwell, i hopeNov 05 22:19
qu1j0t3i'll askNov 05 22:21
qu1j0t3phewNov 05 22:24
qu1j0t3   @Hoff | Yes, snark; but then I haven't used an NT-based system in years, either.   Nov 05 22:24
MinceRlucky oneNov 05 22:25
schestowitz 05 23:16
TechrightsSocial@candtalan: @schestowitz yes #assholesNov 05 23:16
schestowitz[apple]Nov 05 23:16
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