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schestowitz 08 00:00 #uk papers cannot criticise plutocrats 08 00:00
TechrightsSocial-> Title: What the papers won’t say » The Spectator .::. Size~: 95.06 KBNov 08 00:00
schestowitz"true: the gaps between the ads are filled with text. True, it is a product. But then: people (mainly not owing the ad companies) buy them ;-)"Nov 08 00:00
schestowitzA lot of people misunderstoof the publication industry (in academia too, e.g. journals). This is intentional, those in charge don't like to disclose who is the client, who is the products (yes, who, not what, they sell privileged audience like FB sells profiles), and who is just being exploited (often guest writers, editors and peer reviewers in journals/conferences)Nov 08 00:01
schestowitzsorry for all the typos, I don't try hard in this sort of forum.Nov 08 00:02
schestowitz 08 00:04 RT @LailaLalami No break, not even for election night: a drone strike in Yemen killed "several individuals." Who were they?Nov 08 00:04
schestowitz"Indeed. They also don't tell you that, on average, drones have a 98% failure rate. As in, they only hit their intended target 2% of the time."Nov 08 00:05
schestowitzI guess 2% is good enough to cover the cost of the fuel for the drone. In US terms, Arab life is equal to -$1 and a hit is worth maybe a thousand.Nov 08 00:05
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schestowitz 08 00:13 Why do super computers use Linux? #linux #gnu #serverNov 08 00:13
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Why do super computers use Linux? | Unixmen .::. Size~: 88.16 KBNov 08 00:13
schestowitz"as far as i can figure, Linux is better designed, it does not consider scale, so in that way it can be scaled as big as you like :) there is not enough hardware in the universe to fill it :)"Nov 08 00:13
schestowitz#billgates press release format: Gates [Foundation]* to invest in <enter medical terms, mention not patents] to [good cause, not monopoly/$]Nov 08 00:48
schestowitz 08 02:30 The West sends confusing signals. It's OK to choose #assassination without trial and build bombs against the "Bad Guys". Who decides?Nov 08 02:30
schestowitz"Nov 08 02:30
schestowitzThat to me is a MUST DO ........ a 24 year old in any country taking the BLAME for a system of CONTROL above him that FAILED.Nov 08 02:30
schestowitzWhich other great leader in HISTORY was known for blaming a boy ......Nov 08 02:30
schestowitzBlame the BOYNov 08 02:30
schestowitzHe let them know ............Nov 08 02:30
schestowitzWhat did he let them know ........Nov 08 02:30
schestowitzHe let everybody know ..........Nov 08 02:30
schestowitzWhat did he let them KNOW ?Nov 08 02:30
schestowitzTHE TRUTHNov 08 02:30
schestowitz"Nov 08 02:30
schestowitz&Nov 08 02:30
schestowitz%manningNov 08 02:30
schestowitzqu1j0t3: manning admits giving the docs to wikileaksNov 08 02:30
qu1j0t3schestowitz: I would too in his shoes, i expect.Nov 08 02:34
qu1j0t3schestowitz: :<Nov 08 02:34
qu1j0t3schestowitz: but he's 1000x braver than meNov 08 02:34
qu1j0t3'The West sends confusing signals' because it is corrupt and out of control.Nov 08 02:35
qu1j0t3it's an irrational, paranoid, psychotic, sick, self destructive morassNov 08 02:35
qu1j0t3a danger to the whole planetNov 08 02:36
schestowitzwell, in a way I was down-toning myselfNov 08 02:36
schestowitzsee my feedNov 08 02:36
schestowitzlots about the dronesNov 08 02:36
qu1j0t3i part company with USA on this Nov 08 02:36
qu1j0t3and other mattersNov 08 02:36
qu1j0t3there's really no room for accommodation or turning a blind eyeNov 08 02:37
qu1j0t3which is why this election cheers me not at all, because it is just a giant excuse to ignore important mattersNov 08 02:37
qu1j0t3"Oh thank goodness Sally we can stop talking about foreign policy for four years..."Nov 08 02:38
qu1j0t3"I never really felt comfortable THINKING about things... I trust Obama to steer us"Nov 08 02:38
abeNd-orgyep, he is going to take all the money from the rich people (who may or may have not earned it through hard work on their own part) & give it to everyone else. then we can all be 45 yr old artists who live at home in mommy's basement smoking (now legal) pot since there is no need to get an actual jobNov 08 02:40
qu1j0t3that's actually a great improvement on the status quo :)Nov 08 02:41
qu1j0t3albeit utter fantasyNov 08 02:41
abeNd-orgwhy bother getting an education or even a job, obama will provide everything for you, so he saysNov 08 02:42
schestowitz 08 02:45
TechrightsSocial@adeybob: @schestowitz : Obama has exercised no trace of guilt...Nobel suffered from it.Nov 08 02:45
abeNd-orgi mean, why bother, when I can live off youNov 08 02:45
abeNd-orgafter years of 60+hr work weeks, living off you sounds awesome to meNov 08 02:48
schestowitzdoesn't workNov 08 02:49
schestowitzwelfare is not a good lifestyleNov 08 02:49
schestowitzdoesn't pay much in the UKNov 08 02:49
schestowitzin Germany it's betterNov 08 02:49
abeNd-orgschestowitz if you have no aspirations in life, who cares what welfare paysNov 08 02:50
abeNd-orgyou just build up creditcard debt buying 72" TVs that you default on & pay pennies on the dollar, not like you care what your credit rating is since you dont care anything about yourselfNov 08 02:50
abeNd-orgmost people on welfare think they deserve to live off you, it is their rightNov 08 02:51
schestowitzi don't live in the US right now, it's not as bad hereNov 08 02:52
schestowitzthe US also has kits of Baby Machines in welfareNov 08 02:52
schestowitzmaking it a multi-person family issueNov 08 02:52
abeNd-orgyep, lots of babies where the parents should never have been allowed to have the childNov 08 02:53
abeNd-orgchildren never cared for, neglected, & they as well become drains on societyNov 08 02:53
abeNd-orgsure, you have a smart few who escape, but that cant be more than a few percentNov 08 02:54
schestowitz 08 02:54
TechrightsSocialTitle: 22% Believe Government Has Consent of Governed - Rasmussen Reports™ .::. Size~: 26.06 KBNov 08 02:55
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qu1j0t3schestowitz: this is a good reference on abortion issue 08 03:08
TechrightsSocialTitle: How I Lost Faith in the “Pro-Life” Movement .::. Size~: 2228.38 KBNov 08 03:08
qu1j0t3 08 03:32
TechrightsSocial@nanexllc: Pretty sure I know why #HFT was so profitable in 2008. Massive. Cheating. Everywhere. Trades appearing many seconds before quotes.Nov 08 03:32
schestowitz 08 09:26 I love it when people tell Michael Moore (re movie on economic fraud), "what are you, a socialist?" As if "socialist" is the new "Nazi"...Nov 08 09:26
schestowitz"More like the new "Jew" (/gay/intellectual/anti-state protestor etc)"Nov 08 09:26
MinceR"nazi" is "national socialist" :>Nov 08 09:48
schestowitz 08 11:49 reshared: Amazing video of a normal person confronted by Vista H8 08 11:49
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Windows 8: Operating Under the Influence - YouTube .::. Size~: 111.39 KBNov 08 11:49
schestowitz"She's drunk. ;)"Nov 08 11:49
schestowitz 08 11:49 reshared: the Tallest and Smallest Men on Earth - WOW - what a Picture #tallest #smallest #man #earth #picture #bild #photo #photography #amazing #lol #fun #fancy #real #reality #life #humanNov 08 11:49
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 08 11:49
schestowitz"Twin Peaks 2."Nov 08 11:49
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schestowitz 08 12:57 RT @thistleweb: #BBC Says it Should be Above Freedom of Information Laws wtf?Nov 08 12:57
schestowitz 08 12:57
TechrightsSocial-> Title: BBC Says it Should be Above Freedom of Information Laws | Gizmodo UK .::. Size~: 45.28 KBNov 08 12:57
TechrightsSocialTitle: 404: Page not found | The Register .::. Size~: 15.37 KBNov 08 12:57
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schestowitz 08 13:23 RT @thistleweb: #BBC Says it Should be Above Freedom of Information Laws wtf?Nov 08 13:23
TechrightsSocial-> Title: BBC Says it Should be Above Freedom of Information Laws | Gizmodo UK .::. Size~: 45.36 KBNov 08 13:23
schestowitz"Nov 08 13:24
schestowitzThe BBC, together with the London Times, censored all nasty news coming out of the Third Reich up until the change in UK policy and completely censored news on the atrocities in Algeria in the 1990's until they were over. Nov 08 13:24
schestowitzIt is notorious for unattributed and unattributal "news". Nov 08 13:24
schestowitzStock phrases are "it is said that", "it is generally believed that" and, of course, "an anonymous source close to xxxx, told the BBC that..". Nov 08 13:24
schestowitzBut its greatest trick, like the other media organisations, is simply to ignore events. (eg Algeria, British occupied zone in Iraq: Basra) and the broadcast of plain jane propaganda. (British soldiers redecorating an Iraqi school - they didn't of course). Nov 08 13:24
schestowitzThe BBC does has a news value as an official source - you can find out from the BBC what you are supposed to think. Nov 08 13:24
schestowitzSomething that was always useful in totalitarian regimes - kept you out of trouble.Nov 08 13:24
schestowitz"Nov 08 13:24
schestowitzthe press, even when owned by gov (which is rare), is essentially the object of a potentially amoral or immoral entity of power (gov.)Nov 08 13:24
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qu1j0t3 08 14:43
TechrightsSocialTitle: Tiny $57 PC is like the Raspberry Pi, but faster and fully open  | PCWorld .::. Size~: 45.91 KBNov 08 14:43
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schestowitzqu1j0t3: 08 20:17 Sending out *machines* to sparingly kill bystanders with a 'target' is an explicit, racist admission that 'white' life is vastly more valuable.Nov 08 20:17
schestowitzqu1j0t3: about 20 tweets from me about drones in the past dayNov 08 20:18
schestowitzI am going aggressively against them, esp. after the electionNov 08 20:18
qu1j0t3i sense people don't want to think about it after the electionNov 08 20:22
qu1j0t3"We voted, now we can sit back and relax"Nov 08 20:22
schestowitzyes, I hope to change thisNov 08 20:24
schestowitzmore daring remark is this 08 20:25 When you fight evil with evil (or terrorism with terrorism) you are still evil (or a terrorist/terror state)Nov 08 20:25
schestowitzdidn't get me any trouble so farNov 08 20:25
schestowitz 08 20:25 We are civilised. We have high-tech methods of bombing houses with machines. They are "primitive". They carry the bomb on a human (suicide).Nov 08 20:25
schestowitz 08 20:25 Judging by Gitmo, not even the US public finding out about drones will result in changed policy. Obama lied about closing Gitmo in 2008.Nov 08 20:25
schestowitz 08 20:25 Self-censorship in Pakistan and Yemen. Don't complain about the West; it will kill you without even day in court, kill many with a machine.Nov 08 20:25
schestowitzand more..Nov 08 20:25
schestowitzImran Kahn *spelling?* has also just complained to Obama about the dronesNov 08 20:26
qu1j0t3i know.Nov 08 20:38
qu1j0t3he was stopped by US immigration in Canada (iirc)Nov 08 20:38
qu1j0t3and questioned over his views.Nov 08 20:38
qu1j0t3on drones.Nov 08 20:38
qu1j0t3which are on public recordNov 08 20:38
qu1j0t3a commenter asked, "Why didn't they just google?"Nov 08 20:38
schestowitz 08 21:46
TechrightsSocialTitle: Money Party Wins US Election | War Is A Crime .org .::. Size~: 36.98 KBNov 08 21:46
schestowitzthey don't like that he's influentialNov 08 21:46
schestowitzand he can help validate in the minds of comrades their anti-US viewsNov 08 21:47
schestowitzErdos was stopped for his communism-sympathetic viewsNov 08 21:47
schestowitzin McCarthy eraNov 08 21:47
schestowitzIsrael blocked ChomskyNov 08 21:47
schestowitzThey just generally don't like celebs or intellectuals spreadingh their ideasNov 08 21:47
schestowitzif they're typical citizens, they can let it slide..Nov 08 21:48
schestowitz 08 21:49
TechrightsSocial@John Abbott (jla)'s status on Thursday, 08-Nov-12 21:34:19 UTC - Rainbowdash Network: @schestowitz Is he still working on that !librefm redesign? /cc @mattlNov 08 21:49
schestowitz 08 21:50 Over Half a Million Dollars Couldn't Stop #Colorado Community From Banning #Fracking polluting the water, killing peopleNov 08 21:50
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Over Half a Million Dollars Couldn't Stop Colorado Community From Banning Fracking | PR Watch .::. Size~: 55.13 KBNov 08 21:50
schestowitz"we're on a bit of a roll here in Colorado. =)"Nov 08 21:50
schestowitz 08 21:51 reshared: search with yacy. if you must use google, consider the firefox add on scroogle. Nov 08 21:51
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Scroogle SSL search :: Add-ons for Firefox .::. Size~: 33.83 KBNov 08 21:51
TechrightsSocial-> Title: YaCy 'yacyportalsearch': Suchseite .::. Size~: 7.64 KBNov 08 21:51
schestowitz"Oh boo hiss"Nov 08 21:51

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