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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: December 15th, 2012

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schestowitzsilverlight is dyingDec 15 00:23
schestowitztaking down moonlight to the bin bucketDec 15 00:23
schestowitz 15 00:23 Silverlight Rumoured to be Taking Silverlight-based Sites Down With It #Silverlight #Microsoft #wwwDec 15 00:23
schestowitzSomeone pointed out to me that a particular combination of Silverlight and Windows 7 is one of the hoops Microsoft makes people jump to get a cert for restricted boot.Dec 15 00:23
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schestowitz 15 00:23
TechrightsBotTitle: Will Hill - Google+ - You built your web site with what???? I wonder what this… .::. Size~: 159.09 KBDec 15 00:23
schestowitzWe know Microsoft can lock people out at any time for any reason, but I have to wonder if they have just made the process technically impossible.Dec 15 00:23
schestowitz"Dec 15 00:23
schestowitzand windows tooDec 15 00:23
schestowitzcrapped outDec 15 00:23
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schestowitz 15 10:29 reshared: aiming for the head ![aiming for the head]( #head #soccer #refereeDec 15 10:29
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schestowitz"What is to cheer?"Dec 15 10:29
schestowitz 15 10:30 Canonical's response to users angry over privacy: call them "Trolls". To EFF: ignore. To FSF: ignore. #ubuntu -- all about listening.Dec 15 10:30
schestowitz""What is to cheer?"@CryptoGirl ACK!"Dec 15 10:30
schestowitz> I downloaded the free PDF for Keith Curtis' book "After the SoftwareDec 15 10:58
schestowitz> Wars" and skimmed through it yesterday and today.  I don't recommendDec 15 10:58
schestowitz> it to anyone.  In the first half it is spot on in the times is pointsDec 15 10:59
schestowitz> out where M$ is weak and where GPL / Free Software has the advantage.Dec 15 10:59
schestowitz>  However, he is completely unapologetic about all the harm he did as aDec 15 10:59
schestowitz> part of M$ during his time there.  As the book progresses he alsoDec 15 10:59
schestowitz> increasingly engages in revisionism, for example in regards to NovellDec 15 10:59
schestowitz> v M$, M$ desktop marketshare, java v c#, M4 v Netscape, M$ vDec 15 10:59
schestowitz> standards, and so on.  In his favor, he does see the advantage of ODFDec 15 10:59
schestowitz> and the disadvantage of MOOX, but by the end of the book has descendedDec 15 10:59
schestowitz> into some kind of Ayn Randian whine about government.  From what IDec 15 10:59
schestowitz> gather from other sources, even Ayn Rand herself recanted at the endDec 15 10:59
schestowitz> of her life for having been flat out wrong.Dec 15 10:59
schestowitz> Dec 15 10:59
schestowitz> He is unlike Black Duck in that he does hit the strengths of FOSS andDec 15 10:59
schestowitz> the weaknesses of M$ correctly, but he is still strongly a MicrosofterDec 15 10:59
schestowitz> and seems to push for their agenda.Dec 15 10:59
schestowitzIn Twitter he keeps heckling me every time I tell off the GOP. He seems to be very much in line with the neocon agenda -- a term he denounces by calling it "antisemetic" or whatever. This one is an odd duck to me, certainly not in the same mindset as the vast majority of FOSSers. Very pro-war, too.Dec 15 10:59
schestowitz> Dec 15 11:30
schestowitz> I had avoided posting in IRC so as to prevent publicity for his book.Dec 15 11:30
schestowitz>  The book is almost a troll, except that he might actually be sincereDec 15 11:30
schestowitz> about the FOSS part.Dec 15 11:30
schestowitz> It's too bad in a way.  I was hoping that he would show that it isDec 15 11:32
schestowitz> possible for a Microsofter to reform.  However, todate it seems thatDec 15 11:32
schestowitz> once individuals go bad in that way, there is no recovery.Dec 15 11:32
schestowitzA revioionism of one's career track to remove guilt.Dec 15 11:32
schestowitz 15 11:33 #US politics - unlike others' - matter a lot to everyone bc only one country can conceivably captures and torture innocent citizens overseas.Dec 15 11:33
schestowitz"Of course they do. That's just sad."Dec 15 11:33
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schestowitz>>> Happy Christmas Roy ... and to your good lady wife .. :)Dec 15 18:28
schestowitz> Dec 15 18:28
schestowitz>> Thanks, I will pass it on to her, that's very kind of you.Dec 15 18:28
schestowitz> Dec 15 18:28
schestowitz> I was born on the twenty second, that means I only got the oneDec 15 18:28
schestowitz> present, or so my parents explained it to me, I figure they wereDec 15 18:28
schestowitz> cheating ..Dec 15 18:28
schestowitzPeople who are born on Xmas day (like my Ph.D. supervisor) hardly get a "happy birthday", let alone a present, so we're still better off.Dec 15 18:28
schestowitz> I just got me a high(er) spec machine, it's been almost a year sinceDec 15 18:29
schestowitz> I've been totally Microsoft free, at least at home ...Dec 15 18:29
schestowitzMicrosoft is like a wrench in the works. It uses other 'standards'.Dec 15 18:29
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