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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: December 16th, 2012

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schestowitz 16 14:27 After three years, Slax Linux is reborn with version 7.0 #slax #gnu #linuxDec 16 14:27
TechrightsBot-> Title: After three years, Slax Linux is reborn with version 7.0 | PCWorld .::. Size~: 49.74 KBDec 16 14:27
schestowitz"This is cool. Unfortunately, extensions are not there yet."Dec 16 14:27
schestowitz 16 14:27 #ownCloud #KDE Client Coming Soon web-accessible FOSS-based space 16 14:28
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schestowitz"I really love self-hosted OC, but it's not ready yet, IMHO. It still lacks some stability and performance."Dec 16 14:28
schestowitz 16 14:30 Raw stats 16 14:30
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schestowitz"Summarised and classified - not raw."Dec 16 14:30
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schestowitz 16 19:30 reshared: Have you ever wondered what a hero looks like? Well here's one, Vicki Soto age 27 a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary. When the shooting started she hid her 1st graders in closets and cabinets. When the shooter came to her room there was no place for her to hide, she told him that her kids were in the gym. She was killed but none of her kids were injured. We salute you Ms. Soto, as there is a special place Dec 16 19:30
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schestowitz"Dec 16 19:33
schestowitzI am sorry that facts disturb you. Dec 16 19:33
schestowitzIn case you hadn't noticed, there have recently been quite a few people killed by bombs - at Oklahoma, in the London tube etc. etc. But don't worry about facts. Dec 16 19:33
schestowitzWhat I said what factually true. Those kids survived because he used a guns, and didn't use a bomb. Dec 16 19:33
schestowitzNow - if you really do care, you'll find a post talking about mental care here - or should I say the almost total lack of it. Dec 16 19:33
schestowitzIn reply to your "over the top" remark about atom bombs - what else do you want to ban - knives, forks, wed killer, sugar etc etc.??? Dec 16 19:33
schestowitzNo, you pull yourself together and try and read that post and get back into the real world of cause and effect - instead of being obssessed by means. You'll find there's no correlation between the strictness of gun laws and massacres - In the UK, where we have strict laws, we had a massacre. The laws were tightened - then we had another massacre. Dec 16 19:33
schestowitzPeople are getting a wee bit hysterical and are confusing the deaths in fights and robberies in which firearms were used and the cause of massacres. Dec 16 19:33
schestowitzGuess what - robberies, fights and massacres are differnet things with quite different causes. Shit - yet another easy, silver bullet solution doesn't work. Dec 16 19:33
schestowitzWhen the fuck are you people going to learn that you cannot legislate problems away? Dec 16 19:33
schestowitzWhen are you people going to grow up and realise you are dealing with human beings and not machines or trained animals? Dec 16 19:33
schestowitzIf you don't think that the cause for the massacre was in that guy's head and not in the gun shop - then you are living in hollywood and tv land - and you probably need mental care as well. Dec 16 19:33
schestowitzThere - one good rant deserves another :)Dec 16 19:33
schestowitz"Dec 16 19:33
schestowitz"Dec 16 19:34
schestowitzIt is obvious that the problem lies in individuals, but these individuals are just not ready to take such serious responsibility, are they? do you really believe that giving everyone a weapon will solve the problem of gun use? come on ...chronologically: the root cause is the individual who doesn't cope with its own emotions. Being able to get a gun in such mental state is something you would rather avoid, than provoke. Keeping long Dec 16 19:34
schestowitzthings short: we need both better mental care and guns regulations. But again: why should society be hurt just because some freak can't cope with itself? do you really want to make guns available for such people? this is just not wise. And why would you even need a gun in the first place? to defend yourself? then why would you even need police? government? let's introduce chaotic anarchy, give everyone guns, give guns to the Dec 16 19:34
schestowitzchildren, pregnant mothers, old people who can't even see the target. Let's prepare everyone to one, big f$#$%@ war. That will really help us introducing peace. Man, that is a flawed logic.Dec 16 19:34
schestowitzAnd please, don't tell me about hunting and sport shooting. That'd be just silly considering popularity of such things. Besides, for such things there are already regulations in place.Dec 16 19:34
schestowitz"Dec 16 19:34
schestowitz 16 23:28 #Assange to make #embassy appearance addressing the financial blockage imposed by the #usDec 16 23:28
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schestowitz"You need to check your facts (as usual) the US has not imposed anything. I dunno .... two years of a 3 year PhD and you're still telling porky pies  ;o)"Dec 16 23:28
schestowitznot lies at allDec 16 23:28
schestowitzhe said so himself :-)Dec 16 23:28

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