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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: November 25th, 2012

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schestowitz"If one is held to be a stereotype that one never followed, sometimes they eventually become that stereotype. Just like a person accused unjustly of a crime sometimes becomes a criminal."Nov 25 18:26
schestowitz 25 18:28 Terror is good for the Military Industrial Complex. We have always been in war with ***Asia.Nov 25 18:28
schestowitz"We have never been at war with ***Asia."Nov 25 18:28
schestowitz 25 18:29 Political thug #putin engages in #astroturf in #us media but the reverse is also true...Nov 25 18:29
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schestowitz"The huge propaganda campaign against him isn't because of human rights, given the blatant failure of the media to protest against abuses in the EU and the U.S., but to get someone into power in the Kremlin who will open the doors of Russia to the multinationals. Russia is on the hit list, as it always has been, and it is positioning itself to defend itself. Yes, the great mafia families prepare for war. Sit back and watch the show."Nov 25 18:29
schestowitz 25 18:47 reshared: #Image #Picture #Science #Space #Universe - The Big Bang Theory [Large Picture]( 25 18:47
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schestowitz"It is a theory not because we don't know what was happening since the big bang, but because we don't know if the big bang was indeed a big bang, or something else."Nov 25 18:47
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