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schestowitz 28 05:37 reshared: things are looking up ![things are looking up]( #13 #666 #fortunecookieNov 28 05:37
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schestowitz"What? that's his phone number XD"Nov 28 05:37
schestowitz 28 05:38 "nothing but Android/Linux on dozens of choices." 28 05:38
TechrightsBot-> Title: M$ is a Dropout at  Robert Pogson .::. Size~: 43.01 KBNov 28 05:38
schestowitz"Nov 28 05:38
schestowitzThe large number of Android phones and tablets is a step forward for Linux and FOSS in general, but it's important to remember that the vast majority of these devices are still closed-source.Nov 28 05:38
schestowitzPeople aren't buying these things because they run Linux or because they are "better". It's because they're cheaper. Which is the same reason Microsoft had a majority of the PC market for so long.Nov 28 05:38
schestowitz"Nov 28 05:38
schestowitzAndroid works for OEMs/smartphone makers not just because it's better/best.Nov 28 05:39
schestowitz"You are making this up as you go along, aren't you?"Nov 28 05:40
schestowitz 28 05:40 Swedish envoy bashes Aussie press on #Assange Swedish politicians for #obama republic?Nov 28 05:40
TechrightsBot-> Title: Swedish envoy bashes Aussie press on Assange - The Local .::. Size~: 109.91 KBNov 28 05:40
schestowitz 28 05:41 How they do in in #be #protest #milkNov 28 05:41
TechrightsBot-> Title: Dairy of Mad Men: Angry farmers spray milk on riot police in Brussels - YouTube .::. Size~: 206.19 KBNov 28 05:41
schestowitz"I understand their frustration, but this is just pure waste. People are starving in various places in the world, and these guys are just wasting that milk. Very, very unwise."Nov 28 05:41
schestowitzThe only way left to get press attention, which they did...Nov 28 05:41
schestowitz 28 05:43 reshared: ### Belgian police attacked with... #milk Sadly, they peppersprayed the farmers back... :( #farmers #brussels #pepperspray #protest #activismNov 28 05:43
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schestowitz"Dairy cuts the sting a bit"Nov 28 05:43
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schestowitz 28 11:54 - ![Alt text]( ### FRONTLINE explores what poverty means to children and to the country’s future. #news, #television, #TV, #PBS, #frontline, #publictelevision, #image, #picture, #statistics, #poverty, #US, #future, #hunger, #malnutrition, #disease, #injustice, #inequality, #documentary, #reportNov 28 11:54
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schestowitz"Or read blogs that are independent of the major media/publishing companies."Nov 28 11:54
TechrightsBot-> Title: Poor Kids | FRONTLINE | PBS .::. Size~: 29.35 KBNov 28 11:54
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schestowitz> Good Day Dr. Schestowitz,Nov 28 14:11
schestowitz> Nov 28 14:11
schestowitz> During a “Google Search” I found this guest post on today:Nov 28 14:11
schestowitz> Nov 28 14:11
schestowitz> 28 14:11
schestowitz> Nov 28 14:11
TechrightsBotTitle: Guest Post on Patent Collusion | Techrights .::. Size~: 94.62 KBNov 28 14:11
schestowitz> I have been looking for others who suspect what I do, although I mustNov 28 14:11
schestowitz> admit that this was a different element from what I have been watchingNov 28 14:11
schestowitz> altogether.  Nonetheless, I found it to be fascinating.  I read in theNov 28 14:11
schestowitz> ‘about’ pages that there are other people who see danger on the horizonNov 28 14:11
schestowitz> for open-source, and I kept clicking through until I found your v-cardNov 28 14:11
schestowitz> so I could send you this email.  I will do my best to be brief.Nov 28 14:11
schestowitz> Nov 28 14:11
schestowitz> I have worked in the mobile phone industry in the US, for bothNov 28 14:11
schestowitz> Sprint-Nextel and T-Mobile USA, and also have run my own business, for aNov 28 14:11
schestowitz> grand total of about four years now, but my primary educationalNov 28 14:11
schestowitz> background has always been in physics and mathematics… due to pastNov 28 14:11
schestowitz> health and financial conditions (the financial one never goes away,Nov 28 14:11
schestowitz> though), I am unable to continue my education at this time, though INov 28 14:11
schestowitz> intend to return once I am no longer restricted.  Hopefully, Penn StateNov 28 14:11
schestowitz> University will still be accredited by then (lol…), but until then, asNov 28 14:11
schestowitz> employment has been so scarce that I cannot seem to obtain work from anyNov 28 14:11
schestowitz> employer, I have re-opened my old business in mobile phone consulting… INov 28 14:12
schestowitz> am making my own job.  I decided soon after re-launching and updating myNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> business website that I should write about my latest thoughts of theNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> past year or so in my old blog… I have been watching a situationNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> involving Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Sony over the past year or soNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> that troubles me, and I have offered a hypothetical model thatNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> substantiates evidence of collusionary behavior aimed at strippingNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> Android from Google for the benefit of the rest of the players. Nov 28 14:12
schestowitz> Nov 28 14:12
schestowitz> I have noticed that many purchasers of Android phones in my area areNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> just trying to buy a smartphone for cheap, so that they can have aNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> ‘cool’ phone and internet terminal, and do not care at all that it isNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> open-source, or try to do anything with it that it CAN do as a LinuxNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> derivative.  As I am now watching many of those second- or third-upgradeNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> buyers switch to iPhones, and watching the behaviors of those who remainNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> with Android, I fear that the average consumer has no real clue ofNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> exactly what they have, and this plays into the allegations discussed inNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> my post.  By stacking the Android/Linux user community with anNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> overabundance of mobile consumers who do not care how it works as longNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> as they can get it for cheap, is there an effort to squelch a potentialNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> outcry by open-source community members by simply burying them within aNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> mountain of even more people who could care less?  I was wondering ifNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> you would not mind taking some time, maybe 15 minutes, to read this postNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> (and maybe the one before it as well) and let me know what you think? Nov 28 14:12
schestowitz> Here is the link:Nov 28 14:12
schestowitz> Nov 28 14:12
schestowitz> 28 14:12
TechrightsBotTitle: Free Markets Favor Google, Regulation Favors Apple, Microsoft… and Sony? « Walters Mobile Office Consulting .::. Size~: 62.04 KBNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> Nov 28 14:12
schestowitz> and the one previous, if you have a few extra minutes:Nov 28 14:12
schestowitz> Nov 28 14:12
schestowitz> 28 14:12
TechrightsBotTitle: Google May Look Invincible, but Is Apple About to Strangle Their US Marketshare? « Walters Mobile Office Consulting .::. Size~: 54.53 KBNov 28 14:12
schestowitzI can't quite see how Sony fits a Microsoft/Apple agenda. Sony is just trying to stay relevant after struggling with Clio/Palm OS, Symbian, and some other endeavours. Sony is unable to compete with the Koreans right now, same issue as HTC's. As for Apple in the US, well, the US-based company, Apple, has some loyal fanbase there, but it's not enough to keep it relevant. iPhone 5 was recently released, so there is a temporary upswing; Nov 28 14:12
schestowitzApple has been trying to spin some of the latest figures by looking only at US shipments; the mobile market is far larger than the US.Nov 28 14:12
schestowitz> Thank you for your time, and I look forward to any response, critique,Nov 28 14:12
schestowitz> recommendations, or further input that you may be able to offer.  ThankNov 28 14:12
schestowitz> you again.Nov 28 14:12
schestowitzI've subscribed to the blog.Nov 28 14:12
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schestowitz> Thank you so much for the prompt reply, Dr. Schestowitz,Nov 28 15:41
schestowitzNo problem, thanks for sending me something to cite later on this week.Nov 28 15:41
schestowitz> I do see your point on Sony and Apple.  Apple is a force to be reckoned withNov 28 15:41
schestowitz> in the US, but not so much elsewhere.  Nov 28 15:41
schestowitzExcept the UK, maybe Japan to a certain degree.Nov 28 15:41
schestowitz> And yes, Sony is struggling to catchNov 28 15:41
schestowitz> up from being so far behind for so long.  However, does that not give Sony aNov 28 15:41
schestowitz> greater incentive to buy into a Microsoft/Apple collusion?  With the DRMNov 28 15:41
schestowitz> patents held by Sony, which Apple and Microsoft have had to license forNov 28 15:41
schestowitz> years at negotiated cheap rates that have remained fixed for a long timeNov 28 15:41
schestowitz> (and hence allowing iTunes and competitors to offer $0.99 music tracks andNov 28 15:41
schestowitz> $9.99 movie titles for the last fifteen years or more, and also allowing forNov 28 15:41
schestowitz> Windows Media Player to be built into every Microsoft-based PC by default),Nov 28 15:41
schestowitzSamsung is actually another DRM company that helped Microsoft with DRM. Sony is a "content" company, DRM patents are not all that essential. Many people want nothing to do with DRM.Nov 28 15:41
schestowitz> does not Sony have a weapon that they could wield to their advantage,Nov 28 15:42
schestowitz> leveraging their option to buy in?  Microsoft and Apple may be beholden toNov 28 15:42
schestowitz> Sony for keeping the DRM royalty rates down, and, after all, Sony is an epicNov 28 15:42
schestowitz> entertainment giant (and entertainment is HUGE and GROWING) even if they areNov 28 15:42
schestowitz> not such a giant in the mobile space.  What better way is there to get SonyNov 28 15:42
schestowitz> into a better spot in mobile, and what better way is there for Apple andNov 28 15:42
schestowitz> Microsoft to keep their end of a bargain in garnering added strength toNov 28 15:42
schestowitz> manipulate the market?Nov 28 15:42
schestowitzSony actually spoke about its mobile patents a few months ago. Microsoft and Apple won't sue because they have little incentive in doing so. Sony has lots of patents and little market share in mobile, for now...Nov 28 15:42
schestowitz> If consumers were faced with just two choices, thenNov 28 15:42
schestowitz> they would probably suspect fishy business immediately; however, what of aNov 28 15:42
schestowitz> three-choice hegemony?  Would consumers baulk so quickly at a three-choiceNov 28 15:42
schestowitz> space?  With all the talk of the "third ecosystem", it is already as if theNov 28 15:42
schestowitz> market-talk is buttering us up for just such a tri-polar solution.  PerhapsNov 28 15:42
schestowitz> Microsoft and Apple have as much reason to scratch Sony's back as Sony hasNov 28 15:42
schestowitz> to scratch theirs...Nov 28 15:42
schestowitzMicrosoft and Sony are no friends; they compete on hardware (consoles). The same goes for Apple, Sony hardly produces anything for Apple.Nov 28 15:42
schestowitz> Perhaps there are reasonable answers to these concerns that I am simply notNov 28 15:42
schestowitz> aware of yet.  Either way, I very much appreciate your response andNov 28 15:42
schestowitz> thoughts.  Are there any sources of mobile market information that youNov 28 15:42
schestowitz> prefer over others?  If so, I would be interested to know so that I can lookNov 28 15:42
schestowitz> at them more earnestly.  Thank you for subscribing as well.  I appreciateNov 28 15:42
schestowitz> the support and interest immensely.Nov 28 15:42
schestowitzThere are no good sites for mobile news that I can think of. There is a big brands war. As for Techrights, we focus on patents aspects for the most part.Nov 28 15:42
schestowitz 28 19:05 The comms system -- not just #internet -- is under massive attack. People like #murdoch shoot messengers by intercepting comms.Nov 28 19:05
schestowitz"Instead of wasting their money on new 'phones, they should be buying themselves freedomboxes - with a much better os - debian!"Nov 28 19:05
schestowitz"dnu - debian is not ubuntu :-)"Nov 28 19:06
MinceRcan freedomboxes connect to GSM/UMTS/LTE? :>Nov 28 19:24
schestowitzIs it not still a bit of vapourware?Nov 28 19:46
schestowitzThey never released a finished product, did they (yet)?Nov 28 19:46
MinceRwhich one?Nov 28 19:46
MinceRoh, that oneNov 28 19:47
MinceRwell, it did reach the kickstarter goalNov 28 19:48
MinceRso it has funding at leastNov 28 19:48
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