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schestowitz[22:08] <qu1j0t3> 14:02:11          qu1j0t3 | XFaCE:   Nov 28 00:10
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schestowitzHe has gone all ghettoNov 28 00:11
schestowitzNext thing you know he'll be "Banging sum bichas"Nov 28 00:11
schestowitzXFaCE: not time to cov er CETA, we have FRAND and Unitary Patent in the EU, then there's UEFI, USPTO, Apple lawsuits vs Android..Nov 28 00:12
XFaCEschestowitz: shitNov 28 00:12
XFaCEmaybe I should cover it :PNov 28 00:12
XFaCEduring holidays :DNov 28 00:12
schestowitzstill canNov 28 00:12
schestowitzyiou have login credsNov 28 00:12
schestowitzdiaspora has been weighing me downNov 28 00:13
schestowitzI got used to reading all my timeline and I get about 1000 emails a week from D*, some with commentsNov 28 00:14
XFaCEdamnNov 28 00:14
XFaCEschestowitz: oh, that picture is embarassingNov 28 00:16
XFaCEbut 100% appropriate for harperNov 28 00:17
XFaCEschestowitz: Tagline: "Tool Time"Nov 28 00:17
XFaCEqu1j0t3: schestowitz: Also, I can't think of anything more stupid to dress up inNov 28 00:18
XFaCEqu1j0t3:  he looks like he's going to go to a small town Home Hardware to buy nailsNov 28 00:18
schestowitzI added two CETA links to the links summaryNov 28 00:20
schestowitzbieber pwmned harperNov 28 00:21
schestowitzthey said, "harper, go looking sharp"Nov 28 00:21
schestowitzThe best Bieber could do was show up naked or in a thongNov 28 00:21
schestowitzit would have made Harper blush and spread rumours about Harper hanging out with young boysNov 28 00:21
XFaCElolNov 28 00:21
schestowitzthe picture shows his shaking biever like he surrenders to himNov 28 00:22
schestowitzand bieber is all ghettoNov 28 00:22
schestowitznow all you have to do to disredit harper is post a url to this image\Nov 28 00:22
schestowitzinsta-pwnageNov 28 00:22
schestowitzanother is him and Gates, whom he thinks is good while in fact he's being taken for a ride at the behest of filthy businessmenNov 28 00:23
XFaCEschestowitz: thx for the favouritesNov 28 00:29
XFaCEschestowitz: I should get more active with disapora/identi againNov 28 00:29
schestowitz:->Nov 28 00:38
schestowitz> It's nice to hear from you.  Work and family have kept me busy lately, but Nov 28 00:57
schestowitz> I've been reading and sharing your great work over at g+.  The restricted boot Nov 28 00:57
schestowitz> and Windows 8 mess is scary and exciting.  I also enjoyed reading about your Nov 28 00:57
schestowitz> wedding and other personal matters you shared on Diaspora.  Nov 28 00:57
schestowitz> Nov 28 00:57
schestowitz> This is a nice article that should give readers some perspective about that Nov 28 00:57
schestowitz> Forbes article which will otherwise come out of the blue.  The first thing to Nov 28 00:57
schestowitz> note is that the title has been changed to, "Is Microsoft On The Verge Of A Nov 28 00:57
schestowitz> Sudden Collapse Or Just A Long, Slow Decline?" Nov 28 00:57
schestowitz> 28 00:57
schestowitz> Nov 28 00:57
TechrightsSocialTitle: James Cain - Google+ - Is Microsoft On The Verge Of A Sudden Collapse Predicted By… .::. Size~: 155.57 KBNov 28 00:57
schestowitz> Another thing to note is that some Windows 8 software is itself adware.  See,Nov 28 00:57
schestowitz> 28 00:57
schestowitz> andNov 28 00:57
TechrightsSocialTitle: Andre Sobotovych - Google+ - Yet, another nail into M$ Windows 8 (W8) coffin - adware is… .::. Size~: 148.14 KBNov 28 00:57
schestowitz> 28 00:58
schestowitz> laptops-7000007557/Nov 28 00:58
TechrightsSocialTitle: ZDNet | Technology News, Analysis, Comments and Product Reviews for IT Professionals .::. Size~: 75.91 KBNov 28 00:58
schestowitz> Nov 28 00:58
schestowitz> Thanks for all the great writing.  Nov 28 00:58
schestowitz> Nov 28 00:58
schestowitz> On Tuesday, November 27, 2012, you wrote:Nov 28 00:58
schestowitz>> 28 00:58
TechrightsSocialTitle: Vista 8 Signals the End of Windows Domination; Microsoft Starts Lying (Fake Numbers), Block GNU/Linux | Techrights .::. Size~: 101.21 KBNov 28 00:58
schestowitz 28 01:00
TechrightsSocialTitle: Andre Sobotovych - Google+ - Yet, another nail into M$ Windows 8 (W8) coffin - adware is… .::. Size~: 148.15 KBNov 28 01:00
schestowitz""Good job", Microsoft, I guess? Linux might get another change to become mainstream OS. :)"Nov 28 01:00
schestowitz 28 01:51 reshared: French multiplane ![french multiplanle]( #french #multiplaneNov 28 01:51
schestowitz"Nov 28 01:51
schestowitzHardly any strength in it ........ no triangles to its structure ...... that will end in tears.Nov 28 01:51
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schestowitzBut love the oval and all the surfaces ..... lots of drag .... but maybe lots of lift too ... ;)Nov 28 01:51
schestowitz"Nov 28 01:51
*schestowitz has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Nov 28 03:02
*schestowitz (~schestowi@unaffiliated/schestowitz) has joined #boycottnovell-socialNov 28 03:03
schestowitz 28 04:19 reshared: ![]( Sure would like to learn how to wake up tied to a #cliff. #climbingNov 28 04:19
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schestowitz"You better not have any nightmares up there ..."Nov 28 04:19
schestowitz 28 04:19 - ![Alt text]( ### FRONTLINE explores what poverty means to children and to the country’s future. #news, #television, #TV, #PBS, #frontline, #publictelevision, #image, #picture, #statistics, #poverty, #US, #future, #hunger, #malnutrition, #disease, #injustice, #inequality, #documentary, #reportNov 28 04:19
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TechrightsSocial-> Title: Poor Kids | FRONTLINE | PBS .::. Size~: 29.35 KBNov 28 04:19
schestowitz"getting funding exclusively from the government also presents obvious problems."Nov 28 04:19
schestowitz"I think Link TV survives only on donations from viewers. Mfaybe it's just Democracy Now!."Nov 28 04:19
schestowitzand more people should view such channels, gravitate towards the likes of Democracy Now or The Real News NetworkNov 28 04:20
schestowitz 28 04:22 The spread of the #Drones Industrial Complex (hundreds of billions at stake) is very fast. Already, UK, Congo, China and Libya adopt them.Nov 28 04:22
schestowitz"Nov 28 04:23
schestowitzI don't know why, but I suddenly started thinking about the robot taxis on Mars in Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Nov 28 04:23
schestowitzThat was a film about an artificial scarcity - the air. The big secret was that (ancient martian) technology could produce free air. It would have been a nice twist to the film if the technology had been withheld through patent-rights. Nov 28 04:23
schestowitzNevertheless, that film was really important - or at least the story is. The capitalists dream - Privatised Air. Nov 28 04:23
schestowitzWe're not so far from the future - the nightmare future. Nov 28 04:23
schestowitzI think they'll skip cyborgs and bionic man and go for drone cops. Nov 28 04:23
schestowitzThis is what we need - do you think we'll need a licence to have one? Nov 28 04:23
schestowitz Nov 28 04:23
schestowitzFIM-92 Stinger Nov 28 04:23
schestowitzJust for sport, of course, like clay-pidgeon shooting, or shooting grouse. ;)Nov 28 04:23
schestowitz"Nov 28 04:23
schestowitz"Nov 28 04:24
schestowitz 28 04:24
TechrightsSocialTitle: china drones - Google Search .::. Size~: 453.45 KBNov 28 04:24
schestowitzIts not that at some point one country was not going to develop this ........Nov 28 04:24
schestowitzIts the fact that there are no proper rules ......Nov 28 04:24
schestowitzTherefore at some point in the future ..... the airspace looks to be a killing space.Nov 28 04:24
schestowitzThere are no forms of protection in place - so therefore as soon as other countries want to fly these to other countries to bomb people.Nov 28 04:24
schestowitzThen not one country can turn around and say that is not right ....... as the USA sets the STAGE for a future where guns are not needed ......Nov 28 04:24
schestowitzCitizens with get a radio controlled plane with a release device and a weapon on it and drop it onto people and who will be stopping them ......Nov 28 04:24
schestowitzIts a killing machine that has no direct contact with the person ......Nov 28 04:24
schestowitzNo way I want to be on this penal colony called Earth once they have them in every country and they will ....... at some point normal people will be flying smaller versions of these.Nov 28 04:24
schestowitzThat is when it gets out of hand ............Nov 28 04:25
schestowitzUSA is setting the stage - gunfights and honour are the last thing that I see here.Nov 28 04:25
schestowitzNo attachment to them ......... no feelings ....... and nobody will know who's is who's flying killing machine.Nov 28 04:25
schestowitzSounds like a disaster ........... time will tell how this pans out .........Nov 28 04:25
schestowitzIsrael has already used them - the USA is using them and as you posted they are in the UK in Wales ......Nov 28 04:25
schestowitzChina has them ........Nov 28 04:25
schestowitzSo what future do people see coming from this ........ or can people ignore the way these are now starting to appear more and more ......... in places around the World.Nov 28 04:25
schestowitzThe real worry is when people have these that have less morals than the USA government ........... and that to me takes some working out - have they lost the plot.Nov 28 04:25
schestowitz"Nov 28 04:25
schestowitz"Nov 28 04:25
schestowitzThe real worry is when people have these that have less morals than the USA government Nov 28 04:25
schestowitzWell, if that is all you are worried about, you really have little to worry about.Nov 28 04:25
schestowitz"Nov 28 04:25
schestowitz"Nov 28 04:25
schestowitzI meant by that psychopaths - but as you say .......Nov 28 04:25
schestowitzWhy worry which one has the controls .....Nov 28 04:25
schestowitzAnyone willing to kill another human with one of these things has to have been brought up on computerised war games where life and animated characters almost look the same.Nov 28 04:25
schestowitzTeaching people to be normal will repetitive games that show them one thing ......Nov 28 04:25
schestowitzReality meets the video game kids .......Nov 28 04:25
schestowitzWe made them ....... so we get to see how they think now .Nov 28 04:25
schestowitz"Nov 28 04:25
schestowitz"Nov 28 04:26
schestowitzThis is has nothing whatsoever to do with kids on video games. This is about business and politicians who think no differently than business and politicians of previous generations. Indeed, they are downright medieval or feudal. Nov 28 04:26
schestowitzDon't blame the people for the ones who rules us. Let's not hear the crap about people getting their rulers they deserve - another myth fed to us by our rulers servants. Nov 28 04:26
schestowitzAll this has been predicted decades ago. Nov 28 04:26
schestowitzWe have to stop thinking the way their media tells us to. We need real, direct communal democracy and another way of living our lives - the way we decide, not the way our rulers condescend to allow us to have.Nov 28 04:26
schestowitz"Nov 28 04:26
schestowitz"Nov 28 04:26
schestowitzThe ones flying the drones are not the rulers.Nov 28 04:26
schestowitzor did I miss something ........Nov 28 04:26
schestowitz"Nov 28 04:26
schestowitz"Nov 28 04:26
schestowitzulers have always had soldiers and it has been donkeys years since pilots have aimed rockets via instrumentation rather line of site. The joystick comes from aviation, so it isn't the military imitating video games, but vice versa. Nov 28 04:26
schestowitzDon't alienate the soldiers, that's what the military try to do - to separate them from the people. It was soldiers, such as Manning who gave us the photos, videos and the info about what was going on in Iraq and elsewhere. We wouldn't have the proof about torture and other things without these people. Nov 28 04:26
schestowitz"Nov 28 04:26
schestowitzLet's support manning and carry on exposing drones for their ethical dangersNov 28 04:27
schestowitz 28 04:28 Obama's new notion of "ethical assassinations"( with a rules book) reminds me of notions like "humane gas"Nov 28 04:28
schestowitz"It reminds me of a british war criminals "ethical foreign policy"."Nov 28 04:28
schestowitz 28 04:28 Prosecution of #Anonymous activists highlights war for Internet control 28 04:28
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Prosecution of Anonymous activists highlights war for Internet control | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | .::. Size~: 334.94 KBNov 28 04:28
schestowitz"I am simultaneously disturbed by the story and captivated by Greenwald's telling of it."Nov 28 04:28
schestowitz 28 05:27
TechrightsSocial@PeerlessPower: @schestowitz: It's a good thing all the intelligence services are losing their technological edge over the rest of us.Nov 28 05:27
TechrightsSocial@PeerlessPower: @schestowitz: The over-representation of Feminists and gays in the CIA and Pentagon is one of the reasons they won't quit droning Muslims.Nov 28 05:27
schestowitz 28 05:27
TechrightsSocial@PeerlessPower: @schestowitz: The Nazi spies had the best intelligence on the USSR. It was pragmatic. The CIA loves Feminists and gays too much nowadays.Nov 28 05:27
schestowitz 28 05:32 Oh, the irony. #Iran files complaint with #UN over U.S. Navy’s illegal acts in Persian Gulf 28 05:32
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Iran files complaint with UN over U.S. Navy’s illegal acts in Persian Gulf - Tehran Times .::. Size~: 20.79 KBNov 28 05:32
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Iran accuses U.S. of airspace violations .::. Size~: 16.47 KBNov 28 05:32
schestowitz"Nov 28 05:33
schestowitzCIA and military have carried out more than 2,500 killings with drones since President Obama took officeNov 28 05:33
schestowitzHas anyone gone through the list of the 2,500 people ...... to ensure that they have some form of crime associated to them ....Nov 28 05:33
schestowitzPeople cannot go to another country and kill 2,500 people ........ without there is a good reason.Nov 28 05:33
schestowitzSo this needs confirming ....... and if they find one person that was totally innocent in among that 2,500 ......... then they should be trying someone for MURDER.Nov 28 05:33
schestowitzThis is not acceptable after 12 Years ...... and no apparent WAR .......Nov 28 05:33
schestowitzThey ended the WAR ....... when BIN LADEN died .........Nov 28 05:33
schestowitzThere are none of the original TERROR suspects left ........Nov 28 05:33
schestowitz"Nov 28 05:33
schestowitzThey create more new enemies than they eliminate, manifesting a cycle that makes genocide seem acceptable ("they're all terrorists now!"). See what happened in Gaza - it got radicalised by the occupation and endless war.Nov 28 05:34
schestowitz 28 05:36 The largest gang of domestic thugs (poilice) are not there to protect justice. They are there to protest those in power (from you).Nov 28 05:36
schestowitz"Nov 28 05:36
schestowitzIf all the CEOs, politicans, billionaries, police, judges wore wide brimmed hats, double breasted suits with padded shoulders and baggy trousers, our situation would be quite clear. Nov 28 05:36
schestowitzThe embarrassing thing about the mafia was that they imitated the the structures of government, business and taxation on the other side of the law. Nov 28 05:36
schestowitzThey bribed judges and police, they even worked together with the U.S. government. Nov 28 05:36
schestowitzAnd they made Batista rich in pre-Castro Cuba. Nov 28 05:36
schestowitzGovernment, crime and big business are just one happy family. Nov 28 05:36
schestowitzAnd the police are the bully boys that hold it together.Nov 28 05:36
schestowitz"Nov 28 05:36
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schestowitz 28 11:49 Fedora GNU/Linux 18 BETA a fost lansată ! #gnu #linux #fedora #redhat #software #computerNov 28 11:49
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 28 11:49
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Fedora Linux 18 beta finally released | ZDNet .::. Size~: 75.9 KBNov 28 11:49
schestowitz"@Mario it does. The screenshot shows the GNOME 2 fork MATE. Furthermore, the wallpaper seen in the OP is from F17."Nov 28 11:49
schestowitz"@Dr. Roy Schestowitz I've never understood why Red Hat does not invest more in the DESIGN team, especially for the desktop segment - as Canonical does..."Nov 28 11:49
schestowitz"I though that Fedora would use GNOME 3 with GNOME Shell, with adwaita as default theme."Nov 28 11:49
schestowitzThey actually have mairin for designNov 28 11:49
schestowitz "Who is dumb enough to buy it..."Nov 28 11:50 In the first week after release #Vista8 is reported to have "sold" (rented) just 4 million copies. #Android does ~9 million in one week.Nov 28 11:50
schestowitz 28 11:52 How they do in in #be #protest #milkNov 28 11:52
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Dairy of Mad Men: Angry farmers spray milk on riot police in Brussels - YouTube .::. Size~: 200.11 KBNov 28 11:52
schestowitz"Press attention and money is not everything, as you probobly know ... This example clearly shows we have problem in EU and USA [western world in general] with having too much [thgus obesity, etc]. People in other parts of the world often times have nothing. It's a problem with redistribution of food and - as it is being shown by these "milky" guys - wasting it."Nov 28 11:53
schestowitzThe target audience is not hungry-ridden countriesNov 28 11:53
oiaohmReally the envormental risk is a bigger one.Nov 28 11:54
oiaohmMilk can cause fish kills and other bad things.Nov 28 11:54
schestowitzfish killls?Nov 28 11:55
schestowitz!google fish killlsNov 28 11:55
TechrightsSocial[1] - Fish kill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | 28 11:55
TechrightsSocial[2] - Fish Kills in Maryland | 28 11:55
TechrightsSocial[3] - MassWildlife - Seasonal Fish Kills | 28 11:55
TechrightsSocial[4] - Fish Kills | 28 11:55
oiaohmschestowitz: ` 28 12:00
TechrightsSocialTitle: German farmers kill thousands of fish with milk over EU quotas | World | RIA Novosti .::. Size~: 57.63 KBNov 28 12:00
oiaohmschestowitz: 28 12:01
oiaohmschestowitz: milk in water course should not happen unless you want to do evormental damage of course.Nov 28 12:02
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting application/pdf typeNov 28 12:02
oiaohmschestowitz: There is another by product of cattle farms could have used without the nasty envormental risk.Nov 28 12:03
MinceR 28 12:21
TechrightsSocialTitle: English is a Scandinavian language? .::. Size~: 37.71 KBNov 28 12:21
*oiaohm has quit (Quit: by all)Nov 28 12:53
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MinceR 28 14:23
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abeNd-orgawww kitty!Nov 28 14:27
schestowitzqu1j0t3: 28 14:42 ![]( Toronto men walked "a mile in her shoes" to help end violence towards women. This picture says it all. #male #female #men #women #gender #misogyny #violence #rape #equality #justice #loveNov 28 14:42
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeNov 28 14:42
schestowitzMinceR: lolNov 28 14:43
schestowitzbut is it the fault of his fans?Nov 28 14:43
qu1j0t3schestowitz: :)Nov 28 14:45
MinceRif he was universally ignored, he wouldn't be such a nuisanceNov 28 14:45
qu1j0t3  schestowitz | CIA and military have carried out more than 2,500 killings with drones since President Obama took office      Nov 28 14:49
qu1j0t3>> trying someone for MURDER.Nov 28 14:49
qu1j0t3yepNov 28 14:49
qu1j0t3the problem isNov 28 14:49
qu1j0t3you can't stop at oneNov 28 14:49
qu1j0t3you have to try the illegitimate systemNov 28 14:49
abeNd-orgbutbutbut its obama, he is nearly the second coming, he will pay for everything for everyone, no one will have to work ever!Nov 28 14:50
schestowitzqu1j0t3: new 28 14:53 "Sweden, where consensual sex without a condom can - for reasons I'll never understand - count as rape" #assangeNov 28 14:53
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Ambassador's rage doesn't dispel facts .::. Size~: 116.21 KBNov 28 14:53
qu1j0t3schestowitz: a non-Murdoch paper. News Ltd would never have printed it.Nov 28 14:55
qu1j0t3 28 15:02
TechrightsSocial@charlesfrith: As Gaza is savaged again, understanding the BBC's historical role is vital 28 15:02
TechrightsSocial-> Title: As Gaza is savaged again, understanding the BBC's historical role is vital .::. Size~: 19.64 KBNov 28 15:02
qu1j0t3schestowitz: thx rt'dNov 28 15:02
qu1j0t3 28 15:02
TechrightsSocial@CANARYorg: “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major #media.” William Colby, Former CIA director #presstitutesNov 28 15:02
XFaCEqu1j0t3: 28 16:02
TechrightsSocialTitle: Michael Geist - Why Liability Is Limited: A Primer on New Copyright Damages as File Sharing Lawsuits Head To Canada .::. Size~: 65.35 KBNov 28 16:02
XFaCEqu1j0t3: basically, everything I said yesterday :DNov 28 16:04
schestowitz 28 16:26 "Sweden, where consensual sex without a condom can - for reasons I'll never understand - count as rape" #assangeNov 28 16:26
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Ambassador's rage doesn't dispel facts .::. Size~: 116.09 KBNov 28 16:26
schestowitz"Nov 28 16:26
schestowitzHe has won a Walkley, the Sydney Peace Foundation Gold Medal, and the Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism. He came second in the Huffington Post's next head of the BBC poll (after Jeremy Paxman) and is regarded by many as the century's greatest journalist, with supporters including Mary Kostakidis, Julian Burnside, Geoffrey Robertson and Jemima Khan.Nov 28 16:26
schestowitzBut even if Assange were, as some say, a zionist, cultist, narcissist, misogynist or Marxist - even all of these - he'd still be entitled to a fair and open trial.Nov 28 16:26
schestowitzQuote from the link above ........Nov 28 16:26
schestowitzAlso they are still after Assange ..... not that it ever gets away from the facts and memos that he published that showed the true situation in a country that many now seem to ignore.Nov 28 16:26
schestowitzAssange has become almost ineffective - as who could seriously run a business .....Nov 28 16:26
schestowitzWhen the money for his business was stopped ....... no real reason to this day given.Nov 28 16:26
schestowitzWhen he has to hide in a Embassy to stop being arrested for the reason of wanting a fair trial in London ...... not in Sweden ........ unless of course they give one thing ........Nov 28 16:26
schestowitzA confirmation that he will not be sent to the USA to meet with a fate that seems to have been pre-determined .......Nov 28 16:27
schestowitzThe way it looks now - they wait until they can get a puppet in Ecuador to kick Assange out onto the street ...... where the POLICE will arrest him for not wanting to end up in solitary confinement for the rest of his LIFE .......Nov 28 16:27
schestowitzWhat a case ..... all through a split condom .......Nov 28 16:27
schestowitzBest advice I can give ... to anyone that goes to Sweden ...... do not even look at a woman there ......Nov 28 16:27
schestowitzFeel tempted ....... then wonder about what the consequences are if your condom splits ....... you too could end up in the Ecuador Embassy ...... and there is not a lot of room now ...... how many others have done what Julian did ...... and how many others have they spent more than one hour on before throwing it out for lack of evidence.Nov 28 16:27
schestowitzThey even have the condoms ...... so that to me proves he wore them ...... the one that split .... well from what I read ....... there was none of his DNA on it .........Nov 28 16:27
schestowitzSo what sort of case do they have against him .....Nov 28 16:27
schestowitzA waste of money keeping the POLICE guarding the Embassy or not ?Nov 28 16:27
schestowitzCan anyone really believe that it is for any other reason than the Memos that showed up the Politicians ........ is that the reason .......Nov 28 16:27
schestowitzWhat sort of LAW stops a person showing the TRUTH to the people and shuts down money going to his business .......Nov 28 16:27
schestowitzOther people doing proper rapes where its non consensual and the people involved have a known background for this activity ....... never search on Billionaires doing this ......Nov 28 16:27
schestowitzThe one thing you will not find ...... is them being tracked down tagged and followed for 2 years .......Nov 28 16:27
schestowitzSo what is the big thing here with Assange ..... USA influence ?Nov 28 16:27
schestowitzshow moreNov 28 16:27
schestowitz27 minutes agoNov 28 16:27
schestowitz"Nov 28 16:27
schestowitzre "[16:26] <schestowitz> A confirmation that he will not be sent to the USA to meet with a fate that seems to have been pre-determined ......." - yes, they even passed new laws to convict him and weeks ago it was leaked that they have a trial and extradition waiting for him. It's all a big setup. Like a drone without the killing. The condom plot runs deeper actually, if you learn who the women are 28 16:29
TechrightsSocialTitle: Slated | You can run, but you can't hide .::. Size~: 26.32 KBNov 28 16:29
schestowitzphoto_may_prove_assange_innocentNov 28 16:29
schestowitz 28 16:30
TechrightsSocialTitle: Photo May Prove Assange Innocent | Slated .::. Size~: 26.69 KBNov 28 16:30
MinceR 28 16:47
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeNov 28 16:47
schestowitzqu1j0t3: 28 16:56
TechrightsSocialTitle: Environmental activists 'being killed at rate of one a week' | Environment | .::. Size~: 127.25 KBNov 28 16:56
XFaCEdamnNov 28 16:59
qu1j0t3well thaat's a long tradition in BrazilNov 28 17:04
qu1j0t3i think even in Mato Grosso alone it must be higher than thatNov 28 17:04
schestowitz 28 17:09
TechrightsSocial@Sander (sandersch)'s status on Wednesday, 28-Nov-12 16:52:36 UTC - @schestowitz niceNov 28 17:09
TechrightsSocial@Sander (sandersch)'s status on Wednesday, 28-Nov-12 17:03:59 UTC - @schestowitz that's why I buy Dell. You can also get other laptops with Ubuntu if you really try.Nov 28 17:09
schestowitz 28 17:12 When I use SMTP/POP3 servers without SSL, can the ISP apply DPI to read contents? I post to localhost. #bt #uk #dpi #privacyNov 28 17:12
schestowitz"Nov 28 17:12
schestowitzas far as i know (not too much) PGP is secure, it is supposed to be only the recipient that can decodeNov 28 17:12
schestowitzwhen using a web mail interface for access that is another encryption layer, use https and should be safe :)Nov 28 17:12
schestowitz"Nov 28 17:12
qu1j0t3yes and noNov 28 17:13
qu1j0t3still subject to ssl mitmNov 28 17:13
qu1j0t3and...Nov 28 17:13
qu1j0t3you have to trust the serverNov 28 17:13
qu1j0t3and you can'tNov 28 17:14
qu1j0t3all the major brands are compromisedNov 28 17:14
qu1j0t3pgp is still necessaryNov 28 17:14
schestowitz 28 17:16 The inquisition is *so* overrated. All they did was "enhanced interrogation" and "rendition". They fought terrorism.Nov 28 17:16
schestowitz"Nov 28 17:17
schestowitz 28 17:17
TechrightsSocialTitle: Inquisition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 144.7 KBNov 28 17:17
schestowitzWas only the same as today ..... except today it is more refined ......Nov 28 17:17
schestowitzSame thing thoughNov 28 17:17
schestowitzGet a confession ...... as long as its the one that you wanted to hear ,,,,,,Nov 28 17:17
schestowitzNot sure anyone survived in those days though .... once they had the confession - that is all they really wanted ..... the person then was of no use - the last thing they would want is someone going and telling the people it was all done under duress ......Nov 28 17:17
schestowitzBut as we now know the signed piece of paper meant more to them than anything.Nov 28 17:17
schestowitzThey can document it for all to see ..........Nov 28 17:17
schestowitz"Nov 28 17:17
schestowitz 28 17:19 Dell Laptop is $70 Cheaper with Ubuntu Linux #ubuntu #gnu #linuxNov 28 17:19
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schestowitz"Think of all the time and mental sanity you save."Nov 28 17:19
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schestowitz 28 21:25 #privacy matters to all of us, even if we do nothing illegal. When we start becoming influential, people look for angles of personal attacksNov 28 21:25
schestowitz"words and actions taken out of context can be very damaging, when maliciously or paranoically interpreted."Nov 28 21:26
schestowitz 28 21:26 #Dell Offers Low-Cost #Ubuntu Notebook, But You Can Get Costs Lower #gnu #linuxNov 28 21:26
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