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*Topic for #boycottnovell-social is: | Channel #boycottnovell-social for | Communication about anything, including Microsoft, Novell, and Free software :: please also join channels #techrights and #boycottnovellDec 28 00:22
*Topic for #boycottnovell-social set by schestowitz!~schestowi@unaffiliated/schestowitz at Fri May 7 00:20:14 2010Dec 28 00:22
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schestowitz> Richard Stallman <> wrote:Dec 28 01:14
schestowitz> Dec 28 01:14
schestowitz>>    > I know there is a fake facebook page.  I've stated in stallman.orgDec 28 01:14
schestowitz>>    > that it is fake.Dec 28 01:14
schestowitz>>Dec 28 01:14
schestowitz>>    That might not help inform many of those who subscribe to that page.Dec 28 01:14
schestowitz>>Dec 28 01:14
schestowitz>> I could report the impostor to Facebook, but I am not sure I ought toDec 28 01:14
schestowitz>> do that.Dec 28 01:14
schestowitz>>Dec 28 01:14
schestowitz>> What do you suggest I do?Dec 28 01:14
schestowitz> Facebook has a poor track record removing fake or satirical accounts, esp. the latter. Trying to remove those leads to "Streisand Effect". But no publicity is bad publicity. When libel is spread, then it's another matter.Dec 28 01:14
schestowitz> Is "my" phony page satirical, or does it try to be serious?Dec 28 01:21
schestowitzI am not familiar with the Web page. I am not on Facebook and I actively oppose it.Dec 28 01:21
schestowitz 28 01:21
TechrightsSocialTitle: Facebook - Techrights .::. Size~: 18.29 KBDec 28 01:21
schestowitz 28 02:12
TechrightsSocial@Eschersand: Bill Gates Foundation Philanthropy Scam ~ | #AskRichard #PhilanthropyDec 28 02:13
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Gates Foundation Critique - Techrights .::. Size~: 103.63 KBDec 28 02:13
schestowitz 28 02:26 RT @bkuhn #Microsoft once called my work "Unamerican cancer". !Canonical calls it "McCarthyism" Wealthy people..Dec 28 02:26
schestowitz"I believe in both. Everyone has the right and should have the right to profit from their inventions. They also should have the right to choose who can use them and if they want to give it away for free. Its called Liberty and Freedom. Something a lot of people do not understand these days."Dec 28 02:26
schestowitz31st Birthday 28 03:34
TechrightsSocialTitle:  » Blog Archive   » 31st Birthday .::. Size~: 35.09 KBDec 28 03:34
schestowitz 28 03:36 #Netrunner 12.12 released #gnu #linux distro that dislikes #monoDec 28 03:36
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Netrunner 12.12 released .::. Size~: 34.29 KBDec 28 03:36
schestowitz"Good to see you back Roy :) Hope you had a good vacation !"Dec 28 03:36
schestowitzI might post some photos soonDec 28 03:37
schestowitz 28 03:37 reshared: ![]( 28 03:37
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schestowitz"The connection between work, employment, and desires is an important insight, and it has important implications, but vilifying profit doesn't have to be one of them. It doesn't follow necessarily."Dec 28 03:37
schestowitz"The connection between work, employment, and desires is an important insight, and it has important implications, but vilifying profit doesn't have to be one of them. It doesn't follow necessarily. in fact I don't think it follows at all. The break comes from government's forceful intervention in the the form of minimum wage and occupational licensure, among others."Dec 28 03:38
schestowitzProfit is fine, but it depends how it's made.Dec 28 03:38
qu1j0t3exactlyDec 28 06:04
qu1j0t3the ends don't justify the means.Dec 28 06:04
schestowitz 28 07:21 Certain sites that reject KDE browsers drive #firefox berserk and there is no warning. I've lost count of how many times this happened.Dec 28 07:21
schestowitz"Spoofing the UA hinders our cause, letting them believe that nobody actually uses anything else than the "famous" browsers."Dec 28 07:21
schestowitz"I didn't say I'm spoofing it to look like a "Windows' platform ;)"Dec 28 07:22
schestowitz"Neither did I. But if I use Konqueror (not famous), and spoof the UA to make it look like Chrome or Firefox... I'm reinforcing their stupid idea that everyone should use one of the "big browsers"."Dec 28 07:22
schestowitz"I get your point perfectly and I'm aware of all of it. However, there are many schools of IT sec, like: security through obscurity, security through conformity, security through uniqueness, etc. I don't think that UAString spoofing has that much of influence on sites anyway. Not today, maybe earlier. Now we have enough ways to connect to the internet, even from the fridge, microwave oven, smartphones, tablets ... website Dec 28 07:23
schestowitzcreators make their sites in 2 variants anyway: regular and mobile. You get the point and I'm pretty sure it sounds reasonable to you, too ;)"Dec 28 07:23
schestowitz"Yes, it sounds reasonable. But still, most modern and "unfamous" browsers out there use WebKit, so they are treated as if they were Chrome or Safari, both famous enough and specifically supported enough. If your browser doesn't have "webkit" or "firefox" in the UA, ridiculous (and artificial) problems begin.Dec 28 07:23
schestowitz"So, what UA string to spoof do you suggest? ;)"Dec 28 07:23
schestowitzqu1j0t3: he facebook profit comes from selling people's private data (profile and more)Dec 28 07:23
schestowitz 28 07:25 #obama talks on #tv today about how precious children's lives are. I doubt he too views "brown" blood as less valuable, unlike #cia .Dec 28 07:25
schestowitz" "Dec 28 07:25
TechrightsSocialTitle: Connecticut Massacre Blamed On Son Of Top CIA Analyst .::. Size~: 24.59 KBDec 28 07:25
schestowitz"Oh, come on ... DARPA experiment? killing people? that sounds ridiculous. Everyone who would have create such ridiculous experiment would be morally banned for his life, and for few another lives, if he believes in reincarnation.. That would require a huge doze of insanity and stupidity at the same time. American government may not consist of the most intelligent people on Earth, but they're not THAT stupid, either."Dec 28 07:26
schestowitz"did someone fart?"Dec 28 07:26
schestowitzWhy is this story still in the news headlines? Right now they just make the killer famous, or infamous? This only motivates more to follow suit, have their bio printed in newspapers. The govt. has been dreaming about diarming citizens amid this looting of the public (aka "financial crisis"), so now they squeeze the juice out of a news stor, using the deaths of white children for policy laundering.Dec 28 07:28
schestowitz"It turned out to be a good talk."Dec 28 07:30
schestowitz"Well, he seemed to talk about need to undertake some actions. Let's see if it's really gonna change for once. I give him a gren light, even though I don't expect anything to change, because I generally don't believe that US society can understand the root of the problem right away."Dec 28 07:30
schestowitz"He did not give specifics, other than setting up a team to study, but there were hints of good things to come. When he talked about making sure that everyone's kids were safe and had opportunities to lead productive and satisfying lives, he's promising to do more than ban guns and help mentally ill people."Dec 28 07:31
schestowitz 28 07:31 European bankers arrested for #fraud just a start...Dec 28 07:31
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Three arrested in Libor manipulation investigation | Business | The Guardian .::. Size~: 126.32 KBDec 28 07:31
schestowitz" "Dec 28 07:31
TechrightsSocialTitle: Libor Scandal Grows As The Fathers Of Two Mass Murderers Were To Testify  National Finance Examiner | | Alternative .::. Size~: 75.78 KBDec 28 07:31
schestowitz 28 13:00
TechrightsSocial@Jose R Rodriguez (metztli)'s status on Friday, 28-Dec-12 12:34:29 UTC - ♺ @schestowitz The !GNU/ !Linux Setup - Paul Tagliamonte, Software Engineer/ !Debian Developer #DesktopDec 28 13:00
TechrightsSocial-> Title: The Linux Setup - Paul Tagliamonte, Software Engineer/Debian Developer - My Linux Rig .::. Size~: 54.13 KBDec 28 13:00
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schestowitz 28 21:27 #apple and #microsoft cannot compete with the price of #android tablets 28 21:27
TechrightsSocial-> Title: DeviceGuru   » Costco slashes Galaxy Tab 2 prices .::. Size~: 44.36 KBDec 28 21:27
schestowitz"Sorry, where's the trap in "to sell products to gain money"? #apple"Dec 28 21:27
schestowitz> Dec 28 21:31
schestowitz> Does Glyn know about Keith's background and agenda?Dec 28 21:31
schestowitz> Dec 28 21:32
schestowitz> [18:08] [Notice] -TRIdentica to #techrights- [glynmoody/@glynmoody]Dec 28 21:32
schestowitz> Software Wars - crowdsourcing a film aboutDec 28 21:32
schestowitz> #freesw; released under #cc-sa, possibly with delay...Dec 28 21:32
TechrightsSocialTitle: Software Wars | Indiegogo .::. Size~: 48.35 KBDec 28 21:32
schestowitz> Dec 28 21:32
schestowitz> Glyn used to be a strong FOSS supporter and he is fairly clever.  IDec 28 21:32
schestowitz> would figure he should be too clever to fall for a  Softer's tricks.Dec 28 21:32
schestowitzThe Softer probably mails him for promotion, as he did me (he contacted me years ago for smootching). Dec 28 21:32
schestowitz 28 21:37
TechrightsSocial@codemaverik: @glynmoody @schestowitz come back after a decade and we will see where GOI is on this one.Dec 28 21:37
schestowitz> I skimmed the Softer's book and looked over his site.  He's quiteDec 28 21:54
schestowitz> unrepentant.Dec 28 21:54
schestowitz> Dec 28 21:54
schestowitz> Glyn got tricked once before back in 2000 or so when he wrote "RebelDec 28 21:54
schestowitz> Code"  He mistook deIcaza for a FOSS fellow.  But in Glyn's defenseDec 28 21:54
schestowitz> few if any were on to deIcaza back then.  Two in 15 years or so is notDec 28 21:54
schestowitz> a bad record.Dec 28 21:54
schestowitz 28 21:58 Greg was working on #Microsoft projects with paychecks that came through Microsoft. 28 21:58
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Greg Kroah-Hartman - Google+ - It would be good to see this film finished.  I might not… .::. Size~: 175.1 KBDec 28 21:58
schestowitz"Dec 28 21:58
schestowitzHijacking the community voice? I wonder if that applies to the movie too. Someone has commented,Dec 28 21:58
schestowitz/********** The war theme won't dominate the movie. We just tried to build a trailer that was dramatic to grab attention even of people who don't care about FOSS. A movie titled: "The Software Philosophical Disagreements" wouldn't do as well ********/Dec 28 21:58
schestowitzI noted that the trailer does not play on Wheezy and that Microsoft is always at war with someone.Dec 28 21:58
schestowitz"Dec 28 21:58
schestowitz 28 21:59 #Netrunner 12.12 released #gnu #linux distro that dislikes #monoDec 28 21:59
schestowitzWelcome back and thanks for lighting up my feed.Dec 28 21:59
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Netrunner 12.12 released .::. Size~: 34.96 KBDec 28 21:59
schestowitzPhotos would be nice. Here are some of what my family did for Christmas,Dec 28 21:59
schestowitzhttp:// 28 21:59
schestowitz"Dec 28 21:59
schestowitz 28 22:16 Craig Mundie to Leave #Microsoft as More Products Die, Future Uncertain #windows #vista8Dec 28 22:16
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Craig Mundie to Leave Microsoft as More Products Die, Future Uncertain | Techrights .::. Size~: 92.1 KBDec 28 22:16
schestowitz"imagine of they got so desperate they released the code for the OS to the open community! he!~ i'm a dreamer! :)"Dec 28 22:16

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