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qu1j0t3hm, WaPo.... 29 07:42
TechrightsSocial@FreedomofPress: Washington Post's Christmas editorial denouncing the US secrecy system, which classifies *petabytes* of info each year: 29 07:42
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Too many government documents are kept secret - The Washington Post .::. Size~: 191.3 KBDec 29 07:42
qu1j0t3XFaCE: back in TO as of now.Dec 29 07:42
schestowitz usually masks misconduct, e.g. torture, assassination, spyingDec 29 07:46
qu1j0t3rightDec 29 07:47
qu1j0t3so why is the WaPo complaining? They're all about fascism.Dec 29 07:47
schestowitzmy server is down :/Dec 29 07:47
schestowitzhttp://iuron.comDec 29 07:48
schestowitzqu1j0t3: maybe a xmas message to earn the minds of readersDec 29 07:48
qu1j0t3some token Woodward & Bernstein brandâ„¢Dec 29 07:49
qu1j0t3schestowitz: Merry xmas to you and the mrs, btw.Dec 29 07:49
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qu1j0t3 29 08:00
qu1j0t3damn, bot left.Dec 29 08:00
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TechrightsSocialHello World! I'm TechrightsSocial running phIRCe v0.58Dec 29 08:03
TechrightsSocialTitle: Main Page - Techrights .::. Size~: 39.36 KBDec 29 08:03
schestowitzthanks, to you tooDec 29 08:03
qu1j0t3TechrightsSocial: wbDec 29 08:05
qu1j0t3 29 08:05
TechrightsSocial@Mozi_N: When corporate profits hit a record high while worker wages hit a record low,there is something very,very wrong  #My2KDec 29 08:05
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Corporate Profits Hit Record High While Worker Wages Hit Record Low | ThinkProgress .::. Size~: 35.32 KBDec 29 08:05
qu1j0t3 29 08:24
TechrightsSocialTitle: What Could Have Been: The Most Important Bills Blocked By Republicans In 2012 | ThinkProgress .::. Size~: 39.57 KBDec 29 08:24
schestowitzwhich republicans?Dec 29 08:34
schestowitzThe centriist ones (Dems)?Dec 29 08:34
qu1j0t3these are mostly Dem billsDec 29 08:36
qu1j0t3centre-right Dems enable a viciously fascist GOP agendaDec 29 08:36
qu1j0t3 29 08:36
TechrightsSocialTitle: The NRA Myth of Arming the Good Guys | Mother Jones .::. Size~: 85.27 KBDec 29 08:36
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schestowitz 29 13:15 Murmur campaign around #chavez is reminiscent of the witchhunt against #assange with the so-called "chronic flu".Self-fulfilling prophecies?Dec 29 13:15
schestowitz"As a Venezuelan, all I can say is that I don't believe in anything, not the good rumors, not the small information the government leaks out to the people. As any human living being, I wish him the best, but I wouldn't account for the so perfect recuperation the government seems to present, neither I will believe news about his degraded health. This has been and ofn/off thing regarding personalities like Chavez (i.e. Fidel Dec 29 13:15
schestowitzCastro) and their health."Dec 29 13:15
schestowitz 29 13:15 The #us press seems to be celebrating #cancer when it affects a leader of a country headed by non-puppet (of the US). Very mean.Dec 29 13:15
schestowitz"Dec 29 13:16
schestowitzI won't be defending the USoNA (United States of North America as they should call themselves), but neither will I defend our current government, that lacks serious transparency, anti-corruption solutions, and is clearly more given to make trades with the likes of Irak or China, anti-freedom countries.Dec 29 13:16
schestowitzTo support Chavez just 'cause he is anti-north-american is as bad as supporting the current North American politics.Dec 29 13:16
schestowitz"Dec 29 13:16
schestowitz"Dec 29 14:56
schestowitz> I remember two extra strong (career/money)  motivators from  my youngerDec 29 14:56
schestowitz> days:Dec 29 14:56
schestowitz> Dec 29 14:56
schestowitz> 1. When  I got married.Dec 29 14:56
schestowitz> 2. When Scott (our first child) was born.Dec 29 14:56
schestowitz> Dec 29 14:56
schestowitz> So...what has you cranked up right  now? What do you find the most excitingDec 29 14:56
schestowitz> of  your myriad projects?Dec 29 14:56
schestowitzHappiness.Dec 29 14:56
schestowitzWithout happiness, neither marriage nor a good upbringing for children can be assured.Dec 29 14:56
schestowitzHaving said that, money does not necessitate lack of happiness throughout its making (known as work). The secret is, finding a way to make one's interest or hobby profitable in levels that are sustainable. Too much money leads to distraction from its real value -- the reason why many ultra-rich people get depressed.Dec 29 14:56
schestowitz"Dec 29 14:57
schestowitz 29 14:57 John got killed. John was a brother in law of Jane, who was killed by a foreign secret service without trial. Oh, that makes it OK then.Dec 29 14:57
schestowitz""Guilt by association" is [always] all about unproven things. It's a logical fallacy, so it obviously doesn't make any sense. Individual doesn't have to be guilty, it is sufficient to associate her with someone else to "prove" her "guilty". So it doesn't matter whether she's guilty or not for those who think in this way."Dec 29 14:57
schestowitz 29 15:09 Ppl of military age (>18 or lower) said to be "militants" if they live in particular nations. Definitions altered for political purporses.Dec 29 15:09
schestowitz"Best join the heavy metal milicia!"Dec 29 15:09
schestowitz"Dec 29 16:40
schestowitzToo much money leads to distraction from its real value -- the reasonDec 29 16:40
schestowitzwhy many ultra-rich people get depressed.Dec 29 16:40
schestowitzThat's a great line! But to continue the thought I am presuming you agreeDec 29 16:40
schestowitzthat it follows... that there are basic comforts that we must have to becomeDec 29 16:40
schestowitzentry level happy. Individuals have different opinions about what is inDec 29 16:40
schestowitzbetween  entry-level and top mid-level. Dec 29 16:40
schestowitzWealthy people look at their money and try to convince themselves that beingDec 29 16:40
schestowitzrich is reason  enough to be happy and other people help confirm this canardDec 29 16:41
schestowitzby envy. But deep inside the rich have doubts, fears, insecurities,Dec 29 16:41
schestowitzinadequacies, just like everyone else.Dec 29 16:41
schestowitz"Dec 29 16:41
schestowitz 29 17:00
schestowitz"Dec 29 17:00 reshared: ![]( 29 17:00
schestowitz@Roy, of course. Like sex, if profit involves force or fraud there is a problem.Dec 29 17:00
schestowitz@Will I don't know enough about Ballmer to want to defend him.Dec 29 17:00
TechrightsSocial-> Title: 503 Service Unavailable .::. Size~: 0.41 KBDec 29 17:00
schestowitzI like to make sure I understand arguments.You are saying that because it is hard to live on a low wage we should impose penalties on employers that negotiate agreements with workers at a rate less then some minimum wage. Is that right?Dec 29 17:00
schestowitz"Dec 29 17:00
schestowitzMinimum wage is a form of regulation and those who violate these rules need penalties as deterrents.Dec 29 17:02
qu1j0t3...Dec 29 20:03
qu1j0t3minimum wage laws are "force" now?Dec 29 20:03
qu1j0t3what about crappy contracts?Dec 29 20:03
schestowitz 29 20:43
TechrightsSocial@candtalan: @schestowitz @evan The radicals invented it and kept it alive since  1983 against all odds. Perhaps they know something? #difficultDec 29 20:43
schestowitz 29 20:43
TechrightsSocial@candtalan: @schestowitz @evan Indeed. A slightly naive approach to marketing can be an adverse factorDec 29 20:43
schestowitzFSFDec 29 20:43
schestowitz 29 20:44
TechrightsSocial@jmcest: [2/2] RT @schestowitz Warrants are needed, except when they're not.Dec 29 20:45
schestowitzuser://jmcestDec 29 20:45
schestowitz 29 20:45
TechrightsSocial@jmcest: [1/2] RT @schestowitz: Life is precious, except when we use drones. Due process is cool, except when we torture.Dec 29 20:45
schestowitz 29 21:15
TechrightsSocial@MiddleClassPoli: @schestowitz Thanks for the tweet! Following you!Dec 29 21:15
MinceR 29 21:39
TechrightsSocialTitle: transubstantiation. .::. Size~: 6.08 KBDec 29 21:39
schestowitz 29 22:06 The Coming Gnome #gnu #gnomeDec 29 22:06
schestowitz"Dec 29 22:06
TechrightsSocial-> Title: The Coming Gnome - Linux Magazine Online .::. Size~: 47.79 KBDec 29 22:06
schestowitz> In particular, she notes the success of the Gnome Outreach Program for Women as an important source of new project members. The project has been so successful that in its next round, it will expand to 11 other projects.Dec 29 22:06
schestowitzAwesome news - it'd be extremely interesting to see what'd happen to Gnome if technical leadership was predominantly female.Dec 29 22:06
schestowitz"Dec 29 22:06
schestowitz 29 22:06 #uk #Channel4 is a #troll and proud of it 29 22:06
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Julian Assange meets Inigo Gilmore - YouTube .::. Size~: 137.74 KBDec 29 22:06
schestowitz"Embarrassing."Dec 29 22:06
schestowitzMinceR: LO< good articleDec 29 22:23
qu1j0t3schestowitz: 29 23:06
TechrightsSocialTitle: "Yes, Randi Zuckerberg, Please Lecture Us About... - Posts - Quora .::. Size~: 72.27 KBDec 29 23:06
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schestowitz"Interwebs drama of the day: Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Mark Zuckerberg, threw a fit when someone tweeted a copy of a Zuckerberg family photo (see above) that Randi herself had posted to Facebook, the confusing-to-use social Web site created by her strange, reclusive brother. Randi was furious because she wanted the photo to be seen only by her friends, but someone who is friends with Randi's sister saw the photo on Facebook,Dec 29 23:28
schestowitz assumed it was public, and spread it on Twitter."Dec 29 23:28
schestowitzI read that articlr earlier and dented itDec 29 23:28

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