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IRC: #techbytes @ FreeNode: November 28th, 2012

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*schestowitz (~schestowi@unaffiliated/schestowitz) has joined #techbytesNov 28 03:03
schestowitz 28 05:37 Software patents and monopoly proponents like #ibm do not like to publicly acknolwedge their dependence on GNU. So they say OSS. !fsfNov 28 05:37
schestowitz"People should really credit GNU better than they do."Nov 28 05:37
schestowitzthe corporate press won't facilitate thisNov 28 05:37
schestowitz 28 05:44 **Unity Technologies releases 4.0 including game export for Ubuntu « Canonical Blog** - [link]( - #Games #Canonical #UbuntuNov 28 05:44
TechBytesBot-> Title: Page not found «  Canonical Blog .::. Size~: 15.83 KBNov 28 05:44
schestowitz"Nov 28 05:44
schestowitzInteresting...Nov 28 05:44
schestowitzI believe this could be the beginning of ubuntu-based canonical cybermarket/appcenter. The danger behind this will be a centralisation of personal and cultural information, such as proprietary social networks...Nov 28 05:44
schestowitzWe already have the mozilla foundation going the same way with their new OS, but it seems to be only for the ease-to-use of users. However that kind of idea is quite opposite to the original idea of linux I think.Nov 28 05:44
schestowitz"Nov 28 05:44
schestowitz 28 18:11 **Ever close a browser tab by mistake?** Re-open it using Shift-Ctr-T Repeat to open the one before, and before that... #computertips #webbrowserNov 28 18:11
schestowitz"Works on Chrome, Firefox and I think IE"Nov 28 18:12

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