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schestowitz 04 01:48
schestowitz"Jan 04 01:48 #cnn continues to show #linux hostility 04 01:48
TechrightsBot-> Title: Ubuntu is coming to smartphones, but will anyone use it? - Jan. 2, 2013 .::. Size~: 42.92 KBJan 04 01:48
schestowitzI went over the CNN article and they're just being skeptic. I would be to, because Mr. #Shuttleworth has a big task ahead of him.Jan 04 01:48
schestowitzMy 2 cents.Jan 04 01:48
schestowitzCanonical needs to concentrate in getting acceptance to the new Operating System. There are already two incumbent operating systems that contain most of the market share as of today: Android and iOS. It is a tough market. For example:Jan 04 01:48
schestowitzWe still have Microsoft struggling to get a larger piece of the pie.Jan 04 01:48
schestowitzRIM's Blackberry being less relevant in the industry because of their missteps.Jan 04 01:48
schestowitzLet's not forget those who are not longer with us and bona fide phone Operating SystemsJan 04 01:48
schestowitzHP Web OSJan 04 01:48
schestowitzDomocoJan 04 01:48
schestowitzWindows CE based phonesJan 04 01:48
schestowitzThey might have morphed into something else, but you cannot go to a store and get them.Jan 04 01:48
schestowitzEven though Canonical has pushed Linux Desktop further than Red Hat did (they gave up and moved to servers) they do not have the clout that Google and Apple has. Hence Canonical has their work cutout for them.Jan 04 01:48
schestowitzWhat would Canonical should do IMHO:Jan 04 01:48
schestowitzStart home, in Africa. He will have a better acceptance on those units in the large African markets, like South Africa, Namibia, Egypt or Nigeria. The important thing is to get units certified on networks. Operators will not allow units that pose a risk to the network. These certifications should be first in their task list.Jan 04 01:48
schestowitzMove to Europe, European market would be more receptive to an Ubuntu phone than North America. Getting these units certified in Europe will provide easier access to other markets.Jan 04 01:48
schestowitzMove to South America. Brazil is a market in which they have already accepted Linux as a viable operating environment.Jan 04 01:48
schestowitzCanonical has to accept the fact that cracking into the North America market is going to be hard, considering that the two major contenders are based there. APAC is hard because of their culture, but it would have less resistance than North America.Jan 04 01:48
schestowitzThe CNN article also puts down the duality of the operating system, comparing it to "failed" Motorola Atrix line. I'm writing this from my Atrix, and the problem was not the concept, but the execution.Jan 04 01:48
schestowitzMotorola installed a half baked version of Ubuntu to make it customer friendly and probably not to alienate their partners. However, by doing that, they limited the functionality of the units and in the process, making them unattractive.Jan 04 01:48
schestowitzThe only reason I used it is because I had root my phone to get the functionality I wanted.Jan 04 01:48
schestowitzThe press knocked down on the performance on the units, and rightly so. The largest problem with these units is that the process are fighting for memory resources. Also, comparing performance on browser performance it is not an accurate picture on what these units can really do. But considering that it was the only thing that you could have done in a stock unit, it was a self fulfilling prophecy.Jan 04 01:48
schestowitzI wish Canonical good luck on their device, it would be nice to have another alternative to the ones that are available, however the task at hand will be hard and the road ahead, it's difficult indeed.Jan 04 01:48
schestowitz#20130103 #linux #canonical #mobilityJan 04 01:48
schestowitz"Jan 04 01:48
schestowitz 04 01:48 It remains to be seen how free/open Ubuntu phones will be (its success will depend on that) and how the community benefits from itJan 04 01:49
schestowitz"Do you happen to know how it compares to B2G?"Jan 04 01:49
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schestowitz 04 15:49 #tizen phones months away no longer seems like a rumour #linuxJan 04 15:49
TechrightsBot-> Title: Samsung to Release Tizen Linux-Based Smartphone in Early 2013 : Mobile : Latinos Post .::. Size~: 66.13 KBJan 04 15:49
TechrightsBot-> Title: Samsung Working On Tizen Phone? | Muktware .::. Size~: 71.91 KBJan 04 15:49
schestowitz"i'm going with firefox os i think"Jan 04 15:49
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