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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: January 5th, 2013

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schestowitzwriting some manuals today..Jan 05 23:35
schestowitz"Jan 05 23:35
schestowitzThis is not intended to be a complete guide to puppet, but it introduces the key concepts a user is required to grasp and provides links for further reading.Jan 05 23:35
schestowitzPuppet is a tool that allows machines to be configured automatically, allowing rapid deployment and recovery after failure. At the most basic form, it delivers pre-written configuration files into appropriate locations, depending on the given purpose of the machine. Those configuration files can be managed centrally and altered in unison. Jan 05 23:35
schestowitz"Jan 05 23:35
schestowitz"Jan 05 23:37
schestowitz    PuppetDefinitions tries to define some of the concepts and terminology which puppet uses.Jan 05 23:37
schestowitz    PuppetResource - How to do one off jobs via the command lineJan 05 23:37
schestowitz    PuppetManifest - Short summary of how to write and apply puppet programsJan 05 23:37
schestowitz    HowtoPuppetCoding has information on the basic coding principles required to understand puppet configuration.Jan 05 23:37
schestowitz    UsefulThings to know about when working with puppet.Jan 05 23:37
schestowitz"Jan 05 23:37
schestowitzAs puppet uses some rather familiar words in an unfamiliar way, here is a list of definitions:Jan 05 23:43
schestowitz    Resource = Any part of a system; for example, a file, an account, a package...Jan 05 23:43
schestowitz    Type = A type groups similar Resources. Examples: file, service, package... (to get command line help for a particular type use puppet describe -s typename)Jan 05 23:43
schestowitz    RAL = Resource abstraction layer "The RAL splits resources into types (high-level models) and Providers (platform-specific implementations)..."Jan 05 23:43
schestowitz    Provider = A platform-specific implementation of a ResourceJan 05 23:43
schestowitz    Manifest = A file containing a puppet program (ending in .pp)Jan 05 23:43
schestowitz    Resource declaration (the core concept of puppet language) = represents the desired state of a Resource. Jan 05 23:43
schestowitz"Jan 05 23:43

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