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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: January 9th, 2013

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schestowitz"It's said that people even need such warnings. Isn't it obvious? humanity is dumb in the most part, unfortunately. That's why big things are rarely a team-work result. Usually they're accomplished by individuals."Jan 09 13:45
schestowitz"Jan 09 13:46
schestowitzhumanity is dumb in the most part, unfortunately Jan 09 13:46
schestowitzNo, it is fortunate. It is the so-called "clever" ones who are responsible for all our problems and the destruction of our world. peace, way of life and values. Jan 09 13:46
schestowitzIn the example above, what is horrific is not that "dumb" people don't realise that octupus are sensitive to flash - how should they know?Jan 09 13:46
schestowitzWhat is horrific - and really dumb - is that "clever" people take wild animals out of their natural habitat and keep them prisoner so that they can make money out of them by showing them to the public.Jan 09 13:46
schestowitzBTW - Marc - your elitist attitude continues to shock me. :)Jan 09 13:46
schestowitz"Jan 09 13:46
schestowitz"Jan 09 13:46
schestowitzNot really. "Dumb" people tend to go to see wild animals being presented to them in such way. They also "have" dogs, cats and other animals, just because they want and need it. They eat meat because they like it. They generally don't THINK, they FEEL, but in a very simple and unproductive way - they feel and care only for themselves and their own needs. Compassion and empathy - on the other hand - is the result of the feeling Jan 09 13:47
schestowitzextended by thinking. You simply need not only to put yourself in your own position [which comes to you without any effort], but to put yourself in someone else's shoes. And I wouldn't call people who put wild animals in such conditions CLEVER. They're as dumb as the ones who go watch it. In that sense I'ts obvious that putting any animal in some sort of a cage is cruel and horrific. The result is just slightly different - they get Jan 09 13:47
schestowitzmoney, which - in turn - giver THEM pleasure, but they still think only about themselves. Who's being excluded from this equasion of profits and losess? go figure. I think it's that poor octopus. What we need is de-antropocentrization of the world. This place - as a whole - is NOT "OUR OWN" place. It doesn't belong to anyone. It is the place where everyone lives. And everyone means EVERY-SINGLE-ONE, no matter what specie, genre, etc.Jan 09 13:47
schestowitz It's really simple, yet so little people get is. And you still think I'm elitist? Is it the elitism to care for everything, and not only for oneself? is it the elitism to think of the world as of the whole? That's not elitist. That's reasonable. But if calling it "elitism" helps you in anything then call it that way. That only proves my point - individuals change the world. The rest - unfortunately - don't get it. I'm not for Jan 09 13:47
schestowitzcreating elites of any sort. I'm for understanding for everyone. My judgment can be harsh and straightforward, but it is not something one could easily deny by its very essence.Jan 09 13:47
schestowitzBest regards, Harry.Jan 09 13:47
schestowitz"Jan 09 13:47
schestowitz"EDIT: of course, octopus is being excluded from the equasion of profits, not losess."Jan 09 13:47
schestowitz"Jan 09 13:47
schestowitzI don't think you are addessing the issues. You blame everyone else around you and call them "dumb". Just like the aristocracy did and their successors - this is the sort of thinking that has justified dictatorships, the class and caste system and finally the crimes against the human rights and genocides. Jan 09 13:47
schestowitzYou blame the victims, not the criminals. Jan 09 13:47
schestowitzBest regards, Marc.Jan 09 13:47
schestowitz"Jan 09 13:47
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schestowitzI've just listed you all of the issuess I see and you're telling me I'm not addressing them? wow. Oook ...Jan 09 13:48
schestowitzI see a very strange fear of "control" in many people these days. They tend to call others "dictators" just because those others are willing to describe things as they are. I think it's an excuse to avoid responsiblity. It's an excuse to push out the real problem out of the comfort zone. It's easier to accuse someone else of being elitist, dictator or anything else than to admit that there is a problem and we are not doing anything Jan 09 13:48
schestowitzto solve it. We are not trying to change our sick cultures, we are not trying to change our sick attitude toward the world, we are not doing anything to provide real equality of all life. We only think and care for ourselves - as a specie. And yes - in some cases the ones who hurt others without any thinking - whether it's cultural or emotional - are the victims of their own emotions and culture as a whole. But who's to be blamed? I Jan 09 13:48
schestowitzthink you can blame people who do it, because they create culture, these are their own emotions. And about being elitist - once again - I can see that you're doing the thing you're accusing me of doiing. You divide people to victims and the criminals. To me people are generally good, but too many time not wise, not thinking and not caring. And this works in a pretty simple way, limiting their development: they don't care because Jan 09 13:48
schestowitzthey don't think, and they don't think because they don't care. That is the true problem, if you want to find it. Also - I am not saying that people who are "dumb" are "worse". I feel for them and I sincerely want them to understand the problem. I do not intend to change them using force and I didn't ever even think about it.Jan 09 13:48
schestowitzAnyway, I enjoy our conversation and I am considering your words very carefully. I just can't see a gun in my hand and a golden throne underneath me. What I see [and want to talk about] are the unsolved problems.Jan 09 13:48
schestowitz"Jan 09 13:48
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schestowitz 09 14:01 reshared: Stand up for your freedom to install free software - I signed this today. #Debian is there. See if your favorite distro is missing from the list. Get them to sign up as well. #securebootJan 09 14:01
TechrightsBot-> Title: Stand up for your freedom to install free software — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software .::. Size~: 54.19 KBJan 09 14:01
schestowitzUbuntu, Suse, Feodora, RedHat are all part of the UEFI cartel.Jan 09 14:01
schestowitzAnyone using any of the above distros should change to another one. It really doesn't surprise me that Ubuntu is part of this - it is the Cuckoo among the distros.Jan 09 14:01
schestowitz 09 19:13 A company created by a billionaire continues to paint itself as a "helping poor nations" company, inc. the name #Ubuntu 09 19:13
TechrightsBot-> Title: Ubuntu Smartphone Aims for Success in Developing Economies | MIT Technology Review .::. Size~: 65.49 KBJan 09 19:13
schestowitz"Ubuntu cannot sign up for anything. It's not a company."Jan 09 19:13
schestowitz 09 19:13
schestowitz"Keep off U.S. based websites and services if you don't want to end up on a CIA database."Jan 09 19:13 U.S. Spy Law Authorizes Mass Surveillance of European Citizens: Report #us policy affects worldJan 09 19:13
TechrightsBot-> Title: FISA renewal: Report suggests spy law allows mass surveillance of European citizens. .::. Size~: 87.09 KBJan 09 19:13
schestowitz 09 23:11 Ubuntu phone all Linux but open like Android why "but"?Jan 09 23:11
TechrightsBot-> Title: Ubuntu phone all Linux but open like Android » Phone Reviews .::. Size~: 31.46 KBJan 09 23:11
schestowitz'No the Dalvik-jvm and the apps are not released under a open source licence accepted by the eff"Jan 09 23:11
schestowitz 09 23:39 ![alien]( #alien #humanity #conspiracy #theoryJan 09 23:39
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schestowitz"Jan 09 23:39
schestowitzwe invent tools, and we become dependent on these tools. Tools also have been enabling the division of labor, specialization, and higher efficiency.Jan 09 23:39
schestowitzFor example, we lost our furs, we need warm clothes. We traded the Garden of Eden for farming, shelters and houses, which eventually developed into towns, cities, and what we call "culture" (and the need for protection, of course, and we all know what follows from that).Jan 09 23:39
schestowitzThis process has proven to be evolutionary beneficial. But today we encounter the problem (besides all corruption and inequality) that too much efficiency (as in homo oeconomicus) is estranging us from nature, causing the depression and restlessness @Billy Bangdouglas mentioned.Jan 09 23:39
schestowitzIf we choose pills and other means to suppress those, then we're about to become self-similar to the tools and machinery we've invented. Literally, see #transhumanism.Jan 09 23:39
schestowitzThe alternative is to go back to our roots for a simpler, more decentralized, more resilient, more self-sufficient, more organically structured society again. I hope there will always be the possibility to choose this path.Jan 09 23:39
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