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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: January 10th, 2013

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schestowitz> Hi, Roy,Jan 10 10:37
schestowitz> Jan 10 10:37
schestowitz> I guess that server you rebuilt the other day was 10 10:37
schestowitz>  What distro did you put on it?Jan 10 10:37
schestowitzCentOS/Red Hat. No changes to the site after the work. Yesterday I put up some photos, right after the server was working again:Jan 10 10:37
schestowitz 10 10:37
TechrightsBotTitle: Roy and Rianne's Wedding .::. Size~: 12.74 KBJan 10 10:37
schestowitz> Also, Jono seems more spinmeister than community manager.  There areJan 10 10:37
schestowitz> long periods of silence from him and then when he is heard from it isJan 10 10:37
schestowitz> in disagreement with the community at large and often involvedJan 10 10:37
schestowitz> backpedalling.  One would expect more ongoing outreach from aJan 10 10:37
schestowitz> community manager.Jan 10 10:37
schestowitzJono's role in Canonical is to help as a sort of morale giver, part-time contributor, and damage control person. He has some reputation in the community, so Canonical can use him to seem community-oriented. It's like Cerf at Google, helping them seem Internet-friendly.Jan 10 10:37
schestowitz> If they'd use him more proactively, they would not need as much damageJan 10 10:51
schestowitz> control.  It lowers Jono's worth to them to only use him reactively.Jan 10 10:51
schestowitzJono hangs out in some places which are potentially damaging to Canonical. I think they get their money's worth.Jan 10 10:51
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