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schestowitz 20 17:40 reshared: #drone strikes do not help prevent civil wars; they create  such wars w/ a rift between those who welcome invaders and those who don'tJan 20 17:41
schestowitz"Jan 20 17:41
schestowitzMy problem is more about the morality of the situation itself. Imagine a battle between an army of these robotic drones, and some alleged "terrorists" in some third-world country that the US has vested interests in (read: oil, plutonium, political leverage). The US can keep building these drones faster than any opposing force can produce people, and the necessity of even having soldiers fight our wars for us will be made obsolete.Jan 20 17:41
schestowitzIf our government cannot remain accountable with this amount of power over a country that is trying to legally get rid of personally-owned guns, we have our own uphill battle.Jan 20 17:41
schestowitzThe trend will favor robotic soldiers We will have these kinds of machines performing surveillance on our own countries, and no way to fight back against them if the government abuses that responsibility.Jan 20 17:41
schestowitz"Jan 20 17:41
schestowitz"Sean, I share many of your thoughts in respect to drones. I also find the open embracing of video games eg America's Army, CoD franchise, et al for recruitment purposes especially egregious. The fact that US military strategy is experiencing a conscious shifting of the experience of US military personnel to that of a video game speaks volumes."Jan 20 17:42
TechrightsBot-> Title: Shocking Video: Man Jumps Onstage & Points Gun at Bulgaria Party Leader | Video | .::. Size~: 182.56 KBJan 20 17:42
schestowitz"The whole room full of people is lucky the guards did not pull a Huey Long assassination and shoot everyone."Jan 20 17:42
schestowitz 20 17:43
TechrightsBotTitle: Huey Long - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 211.14 KBJan 20 17:43
schestowitz> Lucky.  I hope you can keep it that way.  Debt, for most practicalJan 20 17:52
schestowitz> purposes, killed me off.  I got through undergraduate studies withoutJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> debt but picked too much up during the tail end of grad school.  IJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> made it worse by moving to Sweden where, despite a relativelyJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> (locally) high salary, I was not making more than the minimum to liveJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> and pay off the loan.  I got by through living in rented rooms becauseJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> I could not afford my own place.  I left then for about double theJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> salary in Denmark but the job was high stress.  Even though I pickedJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> up knowledge of Linux and FOSS, there were a lot of other problemsJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> including a consultant playing people and departments off each otherJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> for more work.  I did an expansive job search and found a really good,Jan 20 17:53
schestowitz> fun, easy job in Norway, but that only lasted a year and afterward IJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> had to fall back onto web development.  By then I was too physicallyJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> sick to do much though I did finally pay off my loan.  I moved toJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> Finland then but that precluded starting a family but by then I wasJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> too ill to care.Jan 20 17:53
schestowitz> Jan 20 17:53
schestowitz> I taught for a while at a polytechnic here, that was fun.  But theJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> softers were all high school friends and or cousins to everyoneJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> (pretty much everyone here are cousins to each other) so eventuallyJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> they were able to gang up and prove how small, mean and petty theyJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> could be.Jan 20 17:53
schestowitz> Jan 20 17:53
schestowitz> Without the debt, I probably could have stayed in Sweden where I wasJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> familiar with the language and culture.  And despite the very severeJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> problems that the university was experiencing, I probably could haveJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> built the great job into a career of sorts.Jan 20 17:53
schestowitz> Jan 20 17:53
schestowitz> I'm slowly exploring new options.  A few weeks ago I started volunteerJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> English tutoring.  It is interesting, but it is more like teachingJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> than tutoring.Jan 20 17:53
schestowitz> Jan 20 17:53
schestowitz> I like the dark winter, but the spring-winter is nice too and it isJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> starting.  Just yesterday, the sun showed over the top of the hill andJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> shone through the trees for a few minutes.  It was visible longerJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> today around midday.  I look forward to the warmer air, so I can doJan 20 17:53
schestowitz> more skiing.Jan 20 17:53
schestowitzI had seen your resume but only now did I see a more personal, less embellished life story.Jan 20 17:53
schestowitzFor me, well... the most rewarding thing is activism, BY FAR. A job just gets me by. About kids, maybe we'll have 1 or two, maybe none. It's not that important to me.Jan 20 17:53
schestowitzPeople leave their mark by impacting society, not businesses, outliving their career phase. Wikileaks has been inspirational in recent years; their angle is different from the FSF's.Jan 20 17:53
schestowitz 20 18:00 Aaron Swartz: cannon fodder in the war against internet freedom #internet #copyright v. @glynmoodyJan 20 18:00
schestowitz"I just noticed that his name is in the "About" menu for HTTPS Everywhere."Jan 20 18:00
TechrightsBot-> Title: Aaron Swartz: cannon fodder in the war on internet freedom | Technology | The Observer .::. Size~: 142.94 KBJan 20 18:00
schestowitz 20 18:00 reshared: #Science #Space - Sounds completely contradictory doesn't it? Gliese 436b is 33 light-years from the Sun, and it orbits the red dwarf star Gliese 436.  Gliese 436b orbits its star so closely that the temperature on the surface stays at a constant 800°F (425°C). In spite of this, it is completely covered in solid water. How is this possible? The gravity on the planet is so incredibly strong that all of thJan 20 18:00
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schestowitz"Burning Ice? Fuck Logic."Jan 20 18:00
schestowitz 20 18:01 "American Federation of Teachers" a misnomer. Not for Americans or for teachers, it's Gates-funded front group. #billgates #lobbyingJan 20 18:01
schestowitz"They are also mentioned here, "Jan 20 18:01
TechrightsBotTitle: The Lines of Influence in Education Reform | Seattle Education .::. Size~: 627.23 KBJan 20 18:01
schestowitz 20 19:11 Chávez and #FOSS 20 19:11
TechrightsBot-> Title: Chávez, un defensor del software libre - Software Libre .::. Size~: 42.83 KBJan 20 19:11
schestowitz"Jan 20 19:12
schestowitzAmong some of the positive things the current government in power has brought to table. sadly is badly and hardly implemented even in governmental offices, where they should be using GNU+Linux by law. All in all, the Canaima Os ( and the Canaimita project) has come a long way, pumped and cared by a thriving and hopeful open-source/software libre supporting community that has to fight against the all well know weight that is to fight Jan 20 19:12
schestowitzagainst privative/proprietary software implementation in our lives.Jan 20 19:12
schestowitzYes I expect and hope for more support to FOSS in my country by current, or any coming government in the future. But it is hard to believe their dedication to the project, when CANTV (the government-owned Telecommunications service provider) spent 12,505,000$ on Microsoft Windows licenses, and the subway stations of the capital city of our country are filled with Internet Explorer publicity.Jan 20 19:12
schestowitz"Jan 20 19:12
schestowitz 20 20:25 Five notable new features in #Fedora #Linux 18 'Spherical Cow' "leading-edge distribution" and *not* hardwareJan 20 20:25
schestowitz"Jan 20 20:25
TechrightsBot-> Title: Five notable new features in Fedora Linux 18 'Spherical Cow'  | PCWorld .::. Size~: 56.9 KBJan 20 20:25
schestowitz@Roy:Jan 20 20:25
schestowitzWho do you work for?Jan 20 20:25
schestowitz"Jan 20 20:25
schestowitzSiriusJan 20 20:26
schestowitz 20 20:27 reshared: #TOC #OCDJan 20 20:27
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schestowitz"Fix it! FIX IT!!!!!"Jan 20 20:27
schestowitz 20 21:13
TechrightsBot@davidgerard: @schestowitz oh roy, please link that I revised over the holidays and would like more eyes on it. thanks :-)Jan 20 21:13
TechrightsBot-> Title: OpenOffice - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 333.76 KBJan 20 21:13
schestowitz 20 21:50 10 Year Old #KDE Bug Finally Gets Fixed #gnu #linuxJan 20 21:50
TechrightsBot-> Title: [Phoronix] 10 Year Old KDE Bug Finally Gets Fixed .::. Size~: 17.53 KBJan 20 21:50
schestowitz"I suppose it's the age-old conundrum of "too many improvements" and "not enough fixing what you already have.""Jan 20 21:50
*ChanServ gives channel operator status to MinceRJan 20 21:50
schestowitz"All bugs are shallow, right?'"Jan 20 21:50
MinceRnot enough eyeballs, obviously :>Jan 20 21:50
schestowitzneed MOAR eyes!Jan 20 22:26

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