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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: March 11th, 2013

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schestowitz[18:27] <tessier> How has the site been lately? Every so often I get nagios alerts saying it is down but when I check it is up. Are you having to restart it or is it just getting overloaded sometimes?Mar 11 19:06
schestowitz[19:06] <schestowitz> there have been many apache hangups in recent months and now there are some checks running for fixing it as soon as possible, automatically or manually. Not sure what's causing the hangups, sometimes a restart is not enough either, so killall httpd is needed.Mar 11 19:06
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schestowitz[19:50] <tessier> Weird. How about I set you up with an entirely new VM running CentOS 6.4 and we migrate the site over to it? That's probably the easiest way to clean up any cruft and get things stable.Mar 11 23:25
schestowitz[23:25] <schestowitz> Yes, that would be good. I think PHP would be a recent enough version to remain compatible with WordPress and MediaWiki, and also do directory listing where appropriate, in which case it's just a simpler migration with the DBs in place and the files copied overMar 11 23:25
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