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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: March 14th, 2013

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schestowitz> Dr. Schestowitz,Mar 14 16:25
schestowitz> Mar 14 16:25
schestowitz> Thank you so much for making yourself readily available to write.   WeMar 14 16:25
schestowitz> do appreciate having your participation.Mar 14 16:25
schestowitz> Mar 14 16:25
schestowitz> Would you consider becoming a 'Contributor' to Linux Advocates?Mar 14 16:25
schestowitzYes, I plan to write posts that are advocate-themed every now and then.Mar 14 16:25
schestowitz> There isn't a financial consideration and as such writing is strictlyMar 14 16:25
schestowitz> voluntary.  You may come and go as you see fit, setting your own paceMar 14 16:25
schestowitz> and schedule for stories.Mar 14 16:25
schestowitz> Mar 14 16:25
schestowitz> I will not edit your stories other than to correct typos and optimizeMar 14 16:25
schestowitz> content for SEO purposes.Mar 14 16:25
schestowitz> Mar 14 16:25
schestowitz> I hope you will accept our contributor invitation.Mar 14 16:25
schestowitzSure, make it so.Mar 14 16:25
schestowitz> Sincerely,Mar 14 16:25
schestowitz> Mar 14 16:25
schestowitz> Dietrich & KatherineMar 14 16:25
schestowitz> Hello,Mar 14 16:31
schestowitz> Mar 14 16:31
schestowitz> I was not sanded links for some time but I am contacting you to ask someMar 14 16:31
schestowitz> questions which are very important for you and for all freedom activistsMar 14 16:31
schestowitz> and I think that we need to start put big attention on changes whichMar 14 16:31
schestowitz> this world need.Mar 14 16:31
schestowitz> I am asking you if we can collect all problems and then find way how toMar 14 16:31
schestowitz> find solutions to free this world from patents, closed source and otherMar 14 16:31
schestowitz> bad things for freedom?Mar 14 16:31
schestowitzThere are too many lobbyists and special interests in government. They try to keep the status quo, i.e. a corrupt and discriminatory regime that further serves those who are already rich and treats the rest like dirt. It would take a long time to reform or change, if ever.Mar 14 16:31
schestowitz> I will be glad that you can help and participate here. Any your comment?Mar 14 16:31
schestowitz> Can we open source advocates, evangelists can find strong solutions toMar 14 16:31
schestowitz> put freedom in this world?Mar 14 16:32
schestowitzWe need to expose those who are behind criminal activity, bribery, etc. This helps recruit more people to the cause of Change.Mar 14 16:32
schestowitz> I can collect because I have strong ideas in mind and know how to doMar 14 16:32
schestowitz> this but there is need developers and want to give you to know thatMar 14 16:32
schestowitz> there is need some help from you too!Mar 14 16:32
schestowitzThere's need for code and also for mental work, spreading the word.Mar 14 16:32
schestowitz> Best Regards,Mar 14 16:32
schestowitz> Open Source/Freedom evangelist, advocate, enthusiast.Mar 14 16:32
schestowitz> Mar 14 16:32
schestowitz> GOD give as freedom and this world, universe is part of nature openMar 14 16:32
schestowitz> source system.Mar 14 16:32
schestowitzFreedom exists in nature. We're urbanised now; it comes at freedom's expense.Mar 14 16:32
schestowitz> Hi, Roy,Mar 14 17:08
schestowitz> Mar 14 17:08
schestowitz> I'm not sure how the class is going but I am studying hard.  The verbsMar 14 17:08
schestowitz> have 9 conjugations, 18 if you count the difference betweenMar 14 17:09
schestowitz> affirmative and negative.  Here's one example:Mar 14 17:09
schestowitz> Mar 14 17:09
schestowitz> 14 17:09
TechrightsBotTitle: Liite:Verbitaivutus/suomi/odottaa – Wikisanakirja .::. Size~: 28.4 KBMar 14 17:09
schestowitz> Mar 14 17:09
schestowitz> Note especially the change between single and double letters.Mar 14 17:09
schestowitz> Mar 14 17:09
schestowitz> Then the nouns and adjectives themselves have 16 declinations whichMar 14 17:09
schestowitz> are about as complex.  Even so, it's not such a compact, directMar 14 17:09
schestowitz> language.  It has tons of not just exceptions, but also idiomaticMar 14 17:09
schestowitz> expressions.Mar 14 17:09
schestowitzSome languages have even more conjugations, well over 20. It maks every single word more expressive, but it can complicate writing and make learning hard. In Chinese characters you don't even need to scribble much to say a lot.Mar 14 17:09
schestowitz 14 18:10
TechrightsBot@Glyn Moody (glynmoody)'s status on Wednesday, 13-Mar-13 10:18:18 UTC - Indian states to splurge on proprietary software over open source - why are they wasting money here? (v @schestowitz)Mar 14 18:10
schestowitz 14 18:11
TechrightsBot@silner (silner)'s status on Tuesday, 12-Mar-13 21:27:25 UTC - @schestowitz I reckon the people still on XP are there until their boxes break, if they haven't moved on by nowMar 14 18:11
TechrightsBot@silner (silner)'s status on Tuesday, 12-Mar-13 21:26:28 UTC - @schestowitz made me think: is it time the EU had tax avoidance laws -- like Australia -- instead of just tax evasion laws, re 14 18:11
schestowitzTax laws are written by lobbyists of the richMar 14 18:11

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