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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: March 18th, 2013

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schestowitz> Hi, Roy,Mar 18 17:42
schestowitz> Mar 18 17:42
schestowitz> I have the packet capture file for the session below inMar 18 17:42
schestowitz> /var/tmp/tcpdump.2013-03-17.2254.pcap  6 minutes worth was 54MB  TheMar 18 17:42
schestowitz> script producing the output below was run at 23:00:02 UTC, but theMar 18 17:42
schestowitz> packet capture shows the web server still serving web pages at 22:59.9Mar 18 17:42
schestowitz> So it looks like there was nothing wrong with httpd or the proxy at thatMar 18 17:42
schestowitz> time.  You can look at it with tcpdump -r without being root, but IMar 18 17:43
schestowitz> couldn't find anything noteworthy.Mar 18 17:43
schestowitz> Mar 18 17:43
schestowitz> I will set tonight's to capture an extra minute to see if we can captureMar 18 17:43
schestowitz> the network activity at the moment httpd stops working.Mar 18 17:43
schestowitz> Mar 18 17:43
schestowitz> About the 3 hours outage the other day, it is puzzling why the scriptMar 18 17:43
schestowitz> was not catching that.  One thing that packet capture does show is thatMar 18 17:43
schestowitz> the curl request is going through the proxy and not hitting httpdMar 18 17:43
schestowitz> itself.  There weren't any messages about restart attempts for that period.Mar 18 17:43
schestowitzThanks for helping debug this. Last night I thought there would be downtime again, but I was glad to wake up with no message in my downtimes alerts folder. THe PHP URL grabbers seem to work fine during httpd downtime (ish). Could it be a varnish proxy issue?Mar 18 17:43
schestowitz> I think it becomes unavailable in at least two ways, one of the waysMar 18 18:19
schestowitz> looks like a proxy issue.  That would be on the occasions when curl isMar 18 18:19
schestowitz> not able to retrieve a web page, but /etc/init.d/httpd status showsMar 18 18:19
schestowitz> the web server running.  Most sites are not forthcoming with theirMar 18 18:19
schestowitz> proxy topology, for whatever reasons.  But here www.techrights.orgMar 18 18:19
schestowitz> points to, but then requests are forwarded fromMar 18 18:19
schestowitz>, so that's at least two links where things could break.Mar 18 18:19
schestowitz> Mar 18 18:19
schestowitz> The downtime at 23:00 UTC is special in that httpd goes down hardMar 18 18:19
schestowitz> without leaving even a goodbye in the logs.  Could be PHP or somethingMar 18 18:19
schestowitz> wrong with WordPress or MediaWiki.Mar 18 18:19
schestowitz> Mar 18 18:19
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