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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: March 23rd, 2013

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schestowitz 23 09:12 reshared: ![o2]( #oxygen #o2 #trees #plants #environment #earth #breath #climate #natureMar 23 09:12
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schestowitz"Increased CO2 is actually making more vegetation grow! The Sahara is slowly shrinking."Mar 23 09:12
schestowitz 23 09:12 reshared: When the salmon are gone, we will miss them. Maybe we should do something about that while they are still here. I can pretty much guarantee that suppressing research isn't the way to go.  Learn more here: #salmon, #science, #virus, #health, #fishfarming, #wildfish, #fishstocks, #government, #policy, #canada, #muzzlingscientistsMar 23 09:12
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TechrightsBot-> Title: Salmon Confidential- the Documentary .::. Size~: 18.74 KBMar 23 09:12
schestowitz"So they made fishing illegal, and now they complain about fish farming. There are tons of contradictions in this very professional video. I have long suspected a larger conspiracy to control wild fishing, which is one of the last unregulated food sources on the planet."Mar 23 09:12
schestowitzFish is running out based on the increase in prices and what some ocean scientists are saying.Mar 23 09:13
schestowitz> On 23.03.2013 02:22, Roy Schestowitz wrote:Mar 23 09:29
schestowitz>> finally got SIP working with video and vp8 and all both ways fromMar 23 09:29
schestowitz>> two android devices, nexus 7 and Galaxy s2 (tablet and phone)Mar 23 09:29
schestowitz> Mar 23 09:29
schestowitz> Cool.  Which apps did you finally settle on and did you have to doMar 23 09:29
schestowitz> anything to get around uncooperative ISPs?Mar 23 09:29
schestowitzIt's linphone on both devices, I notice it's being downloaded a lot.Mar 23 09:29
schestowitz> PS.  The messages that you send are unencrypted.  Is that ok / on purpose?Mar 23 09:29
schestowitzNo, but there's nothing too sensitive here like passwords.Mar 23 09:29
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schestowitzI am starting to prepare my next shopping basket. Fish food is enough for about a year. I noticed that it's more expensive at Sainsbury's than at the local shop that specialises in fishMar 23 18:17
schestowitz"Product information for Aquarian Tropical Fish Food, Flakes 50gMar 23 18:17
schestowitzMar 23 18:17
schestowitzAquarian Tropical Fish Food, Flakes 50gMar 23 18:17
schestowitzMar 23 18:17
schestowitz£5.49/unitMar 23 18:17
schestowitz£109.80/kg"Mar 23 18:17
schestowitz 23 19:06
TechrightsBot@ralpost: @candtalan @schestowitz Not really, I'm fine with calling it GNU/Linux as the formal name, but in ordinary convo people are going to shortenMar 23 19:06
schestowitz 23 19:06
TechrightsBot@ralpost: @candtalan @schestowitz Contractions & truncations are the stuff of language. IMO policing people's language is counter-productiveMar 23 19:06
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