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TechrightsBotTitle: Twitter sued £32m for refusing to reveal anti-semites (Wired UK) .::. Size~: 116.87 KBMar 27 17:51
schestowitz"[PJ: It does seem to be really hard for the world to comprehend the US Constitution, and it's even harder to figure out where jurisdiction begins and where it ends. If Iraq tells the French governement to remove material from its websites, will it comply if an Iraqi court says it has to, for example? No? But a French court has authority to tell a US company what it must do? Here's what jurisdiction means, legally, if you are Mar 27 17:51
schestowitzinterested in digging into the subject a bit.]"Mar 27 17:51
schestowitzADL and other idiotsMar 27 17:51
schestowitz 27 18:01
TechrightsBotTitle: Apple buys indoor-GPS startup WifiSlam for $20M | VentureBeat .::. Size~: 100.57 KBMar 27 18:01
schestowitz 27 19:54 Debate Continues Over Whether #FBI Should Monitor Cloud Conversations "It could be that Stallman has a point."Mar 27 19:54
TechrightsBot-> Title: Debate Continues Over Whether FBI Should Monitor Cloud Conversations .::. Size~: 40.09 KBMar 27 19:54
schestowitz"What is demanded to be protected is what shouldn't be shared among the minoriy, I guess * thundering sound of frenetic facepalm * but then: Why think for themselves when they are told what to think? Because it might confuse them and this brings fear. Sigh. Nope. Short for: No[h]ope from here on."Mar 27 19:54
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