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IRC: #boycottnovell-social @ FreeNode: March 20th, 2013

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qu1j0t3XFaCE: "Stephen Harper's government is planning to spend $1 billion on a fleet of attack drones for Canada." 20 01:34
TechrightsSocialTitle:  |  Welcome Care2 supporters! .::. Size~: 25.05 KBMar 20 01:34
formic__awesomeMar 20 01:35
formic__drones are sickMar 20 01:36
schestowitzyeahMar 20 01:49
schestowitzpredator UAVs anywayMar 20 01:49
schestowitzsome drones used to be goodMar 20 01:49
schestowitzbut a lot of them are now tools of cntrol by thr richMar 20 01:50
schestowitzlarge drones are expensive, ordinary people can't afford the big dronesMar 20 01:50
qu1j0t3"some drones used to be good"Mar 20 01:50
qu1j0t3what on earth do you mean?Mar 20 01:50
qu1j0t3"some guns used to be good" ?Mar 20 01:51
schestowitz 20 02:05 ***Yesterday:*** **CENTRAL BANK MAFIA STEALS ALMOST 10% OF MONEY DIRECTLY OUT OF ALL ACCOUNTS OF ALL CYPRUS CITIZENS** *Chase Bank Beta-Tests Same 'Shock Therapy' Scheme in US* Yesterday, the Globalist Elite who capture governments through banking fraud stole 10% of the wealth out of the accounts of *all* citizens in the Eurozone nation of Cyprus.   Pause for a moment.  Imagine it. This small country is theMar 20 02:05
TechrightsSocial-> Title: The Great Cyprus Bank Robbery Shows That No Bank Account, No Retirement Fund And No Stock Portfolio Is Safe .::. Size~: 240.98 KBMar 20 02:05
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Chase Bank customers temporarily see '0' balance | .::. Size~: 64.16 KBMar 20 02:05
schestowitzqu1j0t3: before they got armed this frequentlyMar 20 02:05
qu1j0t3schestowitz: huh?Mar 20 02:05
qu1j0t3schestowitz: what are they needed for at all?Mar 20 02:05
schestowitzmostly used to gather footage decades agoMar 20 02:05
qu1j0t3footage of what?Mar 20 02:06
schestowitzmapping, terrain, field forcesMar 20 02:06
schestowitzthe Hellfire-armed drones are quite newMar 20 02:06
schestowitzI first heard of them less than a decade agoMar 20 02:06
schestowitzBush started with them,Mar 20 02:06
schestowitzImprovments in GPS and other stuff makes them more attractive an optionMar 20 02:07
schestowitzBoeing makes some good money off themMar 20 02:07
schestowitz 20 02:09 #Chicago #car elevator #1936 #old #photo #photographyMar 20 02:09
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 20 02:09
qu1j0t3schestowitz: so how do we put the genie back in the bottle?Mar 20 02:09
schestowitzLOL, like we need to waste yet more metal+fuel to accommodate metalMar 20 02:09
schestowitzqu1j0t3: like we do with wars, hardlyMar 20 02:11
schestowitztoo many people watch men dancing like girls on TV, they won't get involved in backlashMar 20 02:11
schestowitz"conducted by the University of Minnesota"Mar 20 02:18
schestowitz 20 02:18
TechrightsSocialTitle: Poll: Majority of Americans Opposed to Being Killed by Drone : The New Yorker .::. Size~: 109.58 KBMar 20 02:18
schestowitzmaybe they need to stage another Dorner et al. to buy consentMar 20 02:18
schestowitzmore "bad apples" inside the USMar 20 02:18
schestowitz /var ran out of space, forcing mysql to shut down. I've compressed and deleted some old http logsMar 20 09:53
schestowitz 20 09:55 Python Software Foundation wins a battle for the #Python name #programmming #trademarkMar 20 09:56
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Python Software Foundation wins a battle for the Python name | Python - InfoWorld .::. Size~: 97.74 KBMar 20 09:56
schestowitz"right....some guy registers a url aprox 10 years after the first release of the language and now the url-holder extorts the python foundation because of the name....."Mar 20 09:56
schestowitzqu1j0t3: 20 09:56 "My son and his friends are quitting Facebook and I don't know how to track his activity anymore!" 20 09:56
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Toby Thain's answer to Teenagers and Teenage Years: My son and his friends are quitting Facebook and I don't know how to track his activity anymore! Help!!!!? - Quora .::. Size~: 45.54 KBMar 20 09:56
schestowitz"Perhaps talking to their kid might make sense? Or are they wanting to stalk them?"Mar 20 09:56
schestowitz> Hi, Roy,Mar 20 09:58
schestowitz> Mar 20 09:58
schestowitz> I took out one of the pcap files, it was 54MB only though.Mar 20 09:58
schestowitz> Mar 20 09:58
schestowitz> Ok, the db being down is probably what caused the "500 Internal ServerMar 20 09:58
schestowitz> Error" messages. Mar 20 09:58
schestowitzNo, it's the DB not available (for almost an hour this morning.Mar 20 09:58
schestowitzToo bad there was nothing useful in any of the vhosts'Mar 20 09:58
schestowitz> httpd error logs.Mar 20 09:58
schestowitzThe error was not related to others.Mar 20 09:58
schestowitz 20 10:01 $1,500,000,000.00 is the estimated cost of #vista8 embedding (aka "advertising") in banners, papers, catalogues, shelf space, TV... #prMar 20 10:01
schestowitz"Holy shit!"Mar 20 10:01
schestowitz> Another error is the script getting run twice, presumably by cron.Mar 20 10:02
schestowitz Mar 20 10:02
schestowitzLot of issues with the site this year. Let's hope it'll be better the rest of the year.Mar 20 10:02
schestowitz 20 10:03 Pope Francis, #CIA and ‘Death Squads’ "30,000 people for torture and murder from 1976 to 1983"Mar 20 10:03
schestowitz"Shut up, conspiracy theorist. Governments are Love."Mar 20 10:03
TechrightsSocial-> Title: PressTV - CIA drones freely kill civilians under pretext of 'war on terror':  Edward Corrigan .::. Size~: 20.9 KBMar 20 10:03
schestowitz"Oh, yeah, so is religion."Mar 20 10:03
schestowitz 20 10:04 The Great #Cyprus Bank Robbery Shows That No Bank Account, No Retirement Fund And No Stock Portfolio Is Safe 20 10:04
schestowitz"Mar 20 10:04
TechrightsSocial-> Title: The Great Cyprus Bank Robbery Shows That No Bank Account, No Retirement Fund And No Stock Portfolio Is Safe .::. Size~: 243.9 KBMar 20 10:04
schestowitzThe Cyprus experiment failed; for now. But they will try to do it again. They will tell you that "They are is no other way" and "If we don't do this there will be an uncontrolled bankruptcy". "There will be total collapse". That's what our politicians told us. Lies! Damn lies!Mar 20 10:04
schestowitzThey already have billions but they want your savings too!Mar 20 10:04
schestowitz"Mar 20 10:04
schestowitz"Mar 20 10:05
schestowitzAfter the strict " NO " of Cyprus MPs I think the collapse of #Cyprus banks now is 'inevitable'. The day banks will reopen lots of money will get transferred to other countries and what is most urgent now is to find a way to protect savings of the normal Cypriots. Due to european laws savings are guaranteed up to 100 K by the government of Cyprus that doesn't have the money when banks collapse. My idea would be to let the Mar 20 10:06
schestowitzbanks crash but use money from ESM to protect ordinary Cypriots savings and help the government of Cyprus to finance the needs.Mar 20 10:06
schestowitzCyprus stock exchange suspends trading too but they as well will reopen and more losses are foreseeable.Mar 20 10:06
schestowitz"Mar 20 10:06
schestowitz"Mar 20 10:06
schestowitzIt was an utmost stupid idea to put the hands on normal peoples savings and deposit insurance. Of course this will result in loosing confidence not only in Cyprus. I wonder how politicians can be that stupid.Mar 20 10:06
schestowitzThe damage isn't even visible in its total.Mar 20 10:06
schestowitz"Mar 20 10:06
schestowitzYes, the effect is global and Cyprus' reputation is ruined; it'll be remembered in coming years for bad things.Mar 20 10:06
schestowitz> Another error is the script getting run twice, presumably by cron.Mar 20 11:47
schestowitz> A rebuild is going to be necessary to get a bigger /var.  I hadn'tMar 20 11:47
schestowitz> been tracking disk capacity.  Do you know how fast it fills?  It looksMar 20 11:47
schestowitz> like right now, every time I check, more /var is being used.Mar 20 11:47
schestowitz> Mar 20 11:48
schestowitz>  for i in ./*;do du -sh "$i";doneMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 12K./accountMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 65M./cacheMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 8,0K./crashMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 8,0K./cvsMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 28K./dbMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 32K./emptyMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 8,0K./gamesMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 2,7G./libMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 8,0K./localMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 152K./lockMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 607M./logMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 16K./lost+foundMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 4,0K./mailMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 8,0K./nisMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 76K./optMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 8,0K./preserveMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 8,0K./racoonMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 552K./runMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 876K./spoolMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 9,0M./tmpMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 2,2M./wwwMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> 8,0K./ypMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> Mar 20 11:48
schestowitz> It seems to be mysql using the most.  There is a little in what looksMar 20 11:48
schestowitz> like puppet and rpm data.Mar 20 11:48
qu1j0t3 20 12:40
TechrightsSocial@mikeloukides: Learn From Iraq? Don't count on it. Must-read. 20 12:40
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Flipboard Landing Page .::. Size~: 2.22 KBMar 20 12:40
qu1j0t3you're using puppet??Mar 20 12:40
qu1j0t3has anybody checked memory use on the server?Mar 20 12:41
qu1j0t3 20 13:00
TechrightsSocial@leppie: NYPD Spent 1 Million Hours In Ten Years On Marijuana Arrests, Analysis Finds 20 13:00
TechrightsSocial-> Title: NYPD Spent 1 Million Hours Over Last Decade On Marijuana Arrests, Analysis Finds | ThinkProgress .::. Size~: 44.19 KBMar 20 13:00
*abeNd-org (~Keith@ has joined #boycottnovell-socialMar 20 13:03
qu1j0t3schestowitz: 20 16:48
TechrightsSocial@allanfriedman: Stranger than fiction: NZ former chief of signals intelligence forced to resign for illegal surveillance of Kim Dotcom wrt web streaming.Mar 20 16:48
MinceR(animated) 20 17:50
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/gif typeMar 20 17:50
qu1j0t3 20 17:56
TechrightsSocial@d6: COINTELPRO was wrong and so is FBI's manufacturing of "terrorists" 20 17:56
TechrightsSocial-> Title: The FBI's anticipatory prosecution of Muslims to criminalize speech | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | .::. Size~: 134.14 KBMar 20 17:56
qu1j0t3XFaCE: 20 18:30
TechrightsSocialTitle: Justin Trudeau declares he can beat Stephen Harper in a federal election: ‘Just watch me,’ he writes in note on airplane  | Toronto Star .::. Size~: 71.33 KBMar 20 18:30
*MinceR watchesMar 20 18:32
XFaCEqu1j0t3: too bad he's already establishmentMar 20 19:56
qu1j0t3quiteMar 20 19:57
qu1j0t3i knowMar 20 19:57
XFaCEqu1j0t3: though I think Michael Harris was right when he said the best he could do as leader is split the voteMar 20 19:57
qu1j0t3but Harper isn't an optionMar 20 19:57
XFaCEneither was romneyMar 20 19:57
qu1j0t3if it takes Trudeau to get rid of Harper then so be itMar 20 19:57
XFaCEit's a broken systemMar 20 19:57
qu1j0t3it isMar 20 19:57
qu1j0t3completely brokenMar 20 19:57
XFaCEyepMar 20 19:57
schestowitz 20 21:11 reshared: ...  [ ![Image]( ]( <br>#greenme <br><sub> - [via Diaspora* Publisher]( -</sub>Mar 20 21:11
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting application/xml typeMar 20 21:11
schestowitz"looks like ogm"Mar 20 21:11
TechrightsSocial-> Title: FriendFeed - Advanced search .::. Size~: 9.13 KBMar 20 21:11
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Chrome Web Store - Diaspora* Publisher .::. Size~: 20.68 KBMar 20 21:11
schestowitz 20 21:15 reshared: ### [Dell's new Ultrabook costs around £120 less with Ubuntu than with Windows]( At the time of writing, #Dell 's UK online shop lists the #XPS 13 #Ubuntu Developer Edition solely under products for SMEs. Users buying for personal use can also buy from here, but will need to add VAT, increasing the priMar 20 21:15
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 20 21:15
TechrightsSocial-> Title: 404 - not found - The H Open: News and Features .::. Size~: 15.88 KBMar 20 21:15
schestowitz"what do you need windows for...?? ;)"Mar 20 21:15
schestowitz"to look outside. Can't we call windows wind OS because it's mostly a lot of hot air."Mar 20 21:15
schestowitz"my hairdryer makes more and better hot air than windumb will ever do ;) ...and i dont even use it ^^"Mar 20 21:16
XFaCEschestowitz: The latest Enterprise uses windows for the bridge, seems dangerousMar 20 21:17
schestowitzhehMar 20 21:18
schestowitz> Hi,Mar 20 21:28
schestowitz> Mar 20 21:28
schestowitz> I have finished editing of some more RMS interview they are in .ogg andMar 20 21:28
schestowitz> .webM format. If you need I can share with you.Mar 20 21:28
schestowitzI would love to have links to Oggs that I can share in techrights little by little to increase exposure of these.Mar 20 21:28
schestowitz 20 21:56 reshared: **Taking a picture**<BR> ![]( <BR> #photoMar 20 21:56
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting application/xml typeMar 20 21:56
schestowitz"Birds are supercool!"Mar 20 21:56
schestowitzSomeone borked the techrights DBMar 20 22:02
schestowitzm:Mar 20 22:02
schestowitz"Mar 20 22:02
schestowitzI now see why I cannot log in anymore.Mar 20 22:02
schestowitz[boycottn@techrights ~]$ ./ Mar 20 22:02
schestowitzmysqldump: Got error: 145: Table './boycottn_wrdp1/wp_usermeta' is marked as crashed and should be repaired when using LOCK TABLESMar 20 22:02
schestowitzI don't have experience running "repair" on MySQL DBs and I don't want to see something incorrect that may lead to unnecessary data loss. Can I get a hand here, please?Mar 20 22:02
schestowitzthe lack of disk space clearly crashes mysql in a way which I hope was not destructive to data. The latest posts (shown in read mode) suggest that the latest posts are in tact, hopefully all comments too. The backup file from the night before (19/03) is likely to be complete, perhaps with the omission of one single post that I can merge in if we recover by reverting to the last backup before the crash.Mar 20 22:02
schestowitz"Mar 20 22:02
schestowitz"Mar 20 22:02
schestowitz/var ran out of space, forcing mysql to shut down this morning (around 8Mar 20 22:03
schestowitzAM). I've compressed and deleted some old http logs, later doing theMar 20 22:03
schestowitzsame, but it appears as though the disk is filling up very fast. TheMar 20 22:03
schestowitzactual files on it are about half the partition, so I don't understandMar 20 22:03
schestowitzwhere the growth comes from. I tried to track it in real time, butMar 20 22:03
schestowitzcouldn't figure out what was eating up space. Meanwhile, I noticed thatMar 20 22:03
schestowitzI can't log into WordPress.  "You do not have sufficient permissions toMar 20 22:03
schestowitzaccess this page," it says. The pages are available to me as long as IMar 20 22:03
schestowitzdon't log in.Mar 20 22:03
schestowitzCould it be some VM awkwardness?Mar 20 22:03
schestowitzNotice how disk space gets used up quickly without the files actuallyMar 20 22:03
schestowitzgrowing much.Mar 20 22:03
schestowitz"Mar 20 22:03
schestowitz"Mar 20 22:03
schestowitzNever mind, I found out what it was. It was tcpdump running, keeping aMar 20 22:03
schestowitzan open file and causing a big mess.Mar 20 22:03
schestowitz"Mar 20 22:03
qu1j0t3har harMar 20 22:04
qu1j0t3tcpdump wasn't even...Mar 20 22:04
qu1j0t3gonna helpMar 20 22:04
schestowitz it became a massive disasterMar 20 22:23
schestowitzand a waste of time all roundMar 20 22:23
schestowitzwe're trying to fix the DB nowMar 20 22:23
qu1j0t3don't use MyISAMMar 20 22:23
schestowitzrestoring from backup nowMar 20 22:40
schestowitzI'll put some info here shortluMar 20 22:40
qu1j0t3seriously: Don't use MyISAM./Mar 20 22:40
schestowitzanyway, we;re lucky it's all recoverable, just massive waste of timeMar 20 22:40
schestowitzwe'll move to centos 6 soon, starting out with a new VM to test onMar 20 22:40
schestowitz[09:52] <schestowitz>  /var ran out of space, forcing mysql to shut down. I've compressed and deleted some old http logsMar 20 23:55
schestowitzMar 20 23:55
schestowitz[20:57] <schestowitz> pingMar 20 23:55
schestowitz[22:20] <tessier> HiMar 20 23:55
schestowitz[22:20] <schestowitz> hi mateMar 20 23:55
schestowitz[22:20] <tessier> Need any further help?Mar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:20] <schestowitz> I've emailed youMar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:20] <tessier> okMar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:21] <schestowitz> a friend had run tdcdump to debug, for weeks we have been trying to find out what was causing httpd hangupsMar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:22] <tessier> I'll try to get a new VM stood up for you soon to migrate to.Mar 20 23:56
schestowitzMar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:22] <schestowitz> thanks, no hurry of course. Do you know how to repair the DB?Mar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:24] <tessier> Yes...let me take a look...Mar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:24] <schestowitz> thanks a lot!Mar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:26] <tessier> mysql> use boycottn_wrdp1Mar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:26] <tessier> mysql> repair table wp_usermeta;Mar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:26] <tessier> That's how to repair it. That's one table fixed...let me see if there are any others...Mar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:27] <schestowitz> cool, I can log in nowMar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:27] <schestowitz> I'll do a DB backup and see if any errors are reported throughout, I will also check the integrity of the latest posts.Mar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:28] <tessier> boycottn_wrdp1.wp_objectcache seems to be missingMar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:28] <tessier> Mysql claims that is corrupt and also missing.Mar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:29] <schestowitz> being cache, I wonder what impact this will haveMar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:29] <tessier> But the actual files are present...Mar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:30] <schestowitz> 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:30] <schestowitz> "WP_Object_Cache is WordPress' class for caching data which may be computationally expensive to regenerate, such as the result of complex database queries."Mar 20 23:56
TechrightsSocialTitle: Class Reference/WP Object Cache « WordPress Codex .::. Size~: 19.72 KBMar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:30] <tessier> /var/lib/mysql/boycottn_wiki/objectcache.MYDMar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:31] <tessier> That exists but objectcache doesn't seem to exist in boycottn_wikiMar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:32] <schestowitz> seems to be part of wordpress, but I see that both the wiki and blog load up without issuesMar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:33] <schestowitz> would you say it's safe to work adding content to the current DB, or maybe safer to restore from pristine DB backup, then add the diffs?Mar 20 23:56
schestowitzMar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:36] <tessier> Do you have a backup of the schema of that missing table?Mar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:36] <tessier> Since it is just a cache it might be a good idea to recreate the table with the schema.Mar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:36] <schestowitz> 230873671 Mar 19 19:43 wordpressdatabase-19032013.dump.gzMar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:37] <schestowitz> this would be a complete backup from before the crashMar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:37] <tessier> Everything else looks good though, shouldn't be a need to reload from pristine backup. That table could have even been missing for quite a while. I did locate objectcache and it doesn't show up. Only the wiki one shows up.Mar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:37] <schestowitz> and the wiki has not changed eitherMar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:37] <schestowitz> for the same dateMar 20 23:56
schestowitz[22:37] <schestowitz> mayeb best to restore from these two, 19th of MarchMar 20 23:56
schestowitz[23:15] <schestowitz> is it being done now or later?Mar 20 23:56
schestowitzMar 20 23:56
schestowitzNeed to fix cron job (if any) to prevent recurrence of this mess:Mar 20 23:56
formic__you're running techrights on centos 5.x ?Mar 20 23:58

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